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Close Call

Close Call

By: Junkfoodmonkey


Rated: PG13

Summary: Face has a close call.

Disclaimer: The A-Team doesn’t belong to me, I'm not making any money from this.




"Isn't that Lisa Sanchez?"


Face peered across the sun-drenched park to where Murdock was pointing at a young woman sitting on a bench.


"I think so."


"How long is it since we helped her folks out with those creeps who were trying to put their restaurant out of business?"


"'bout five years."


"Didn't you stick around afterwards for a few days to..." Murdock grinned, "...tidy up the loose ends."


Face blushed. "Yeah, I..."


"And came back with a really big smile on your face."




"Let's say hi," Murdock went bounding over to Lisa before Face could protest and in a moment was hugging the pretty, dark haired young woman.


"Templeton!" She said as Face caught up. He hugged her too, good memories coming back, of summer nights, dark eyes and velvety soft skin.


"How's your folks?" Murdock asked.


"Great, the restaurant is..."


"Mommy!" A small girl ran up to Lisa, who scooped the child up in her arms. "Mommy, there was a dog!"


"Did it scare you, honey?"


"No. I wasn't scared."


"Good." Lisa stroked the girl's light blonde hair. "This is my daughter, Vanessa. Say hello, Vanessa."


"Hello, mister." Vanessa said. "I've got new shoes." She stuck out one foot to show off the red sneakers she wore. Her blue eyes beamed with pride in her footwear.


"They're great," Murdock said, smiling. "And, um," he glanced at Face, who was staring wide-eyed at the girl. Murdock could see him counting in his head. "And how old are you, Vanessa?"


"Daddy!" Vanessa cried suddenly and Face started violently. But Murdock realised she was looking past them and turned to see a man approaching, carrying a picnic basket and a cooler. He was tall and blonde, and rather red faced and sweating in the heat. He reached them, put down the basket and cooler, and removed his sunglasses to reveal bright blue eyes.


"My husband, Mark." Lisa said.


"Pleased to meet you." Mark said politely.


"Pleased to meet you!" Face said, much more enthusiastically, grabbed Mark's hand and shook it. "Really, really pleased!"


"Mark, you remember the men I told you about, who helped my parents when they were having that trouble? Actually, that's how we met. Mark was the builder who came to do the repairs after it was all over." She smiled at the memories. "It was all sort of a whirlwind. Before I knew it we were married and Vanessa was on the way."


In that order? Murdock wondered, remembering the Sanchez's as being quite old-fashioned folks. Face was still chattering, possibly babbling. Murdock gave him a few more minutes, and then with fond farewells they left the family to their picnic and strolled off.


"Well, that was nice." Murdock said.


"Yeah." Face said, distractedly.


"Cute kid."




There was silence for a while.


"So..." Murdock said. "You got a date tonight?"


"What?" Face looked at him, startled. "Oh, yes. Um, yeah. That reminds me, I really need to make sure I get to the drug store."






Close Call by Junkfoodmonkey



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