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Out of the Night

Story Orphan: Original idea by Ratgirl

Original pot bunny:  The UFO Murdock saw in Vietnam comes back for him.

Adopted by:  Murdock’s Therapist

Rating: G

Warnings: None.

Note:  This is an A-Team and X-Files Cross over story. 

Disclaimer:  The X-Files and the Lone Gunmen belong to Chris Carter and Fox Network; The A-Team belongs to Stephan Cannell.  I am not making any money from this story.


Out of the Night


Chapter One


“This is red leader to red team,” Murdock said into his helmet mike. His squadron was flying one of his favorite fighter jets, F-15’s.  “Enemy target in five minutes.” “Roger, Cap’t, We are ready,” said Murdock’s right wingman.  Lt. Thomason was feeling twitchy.  This would be his first combat mission. That was why Murdock made him his wingman, so he could keep an eye on this kid in the event he froze.   The other pilots checked in with Murdock, “Red three, ready.” “Red four, ready.” “Red five, ready.”  “Stay in tight formation.” Murdock ordered.  Suddenly, Murdock saw a bright white and blue light at his ten o’clock position.  “Red four to red leader, we have a boogey at 10:00 high, sir!”  Lieutenant Water’s voice always sounded high-pitched when he got excited. “I have it in my sights, guys, it may be the enemy.  They may have detected our approach.”


Suddenly, the bright light shot up in a vertical maneuver.  “I can’t believe it, sir!” Thomason exclaimed.  “The boogey just shot straight up! I’m guessing of a speed at least Mach 5!  No known aircraft can fly that maneuver or speed!”  “Well, unless it returns, we have an enemy target in one minute.  Everyone focus on the mission!”  Murdock sternly reminded his squadron. Murdock felt a little disoriented after he saw the light. Maybe it is combat stress, Murdock thought.  Captain HM Murdock was the commanding officer for this mission, and it was his job to keep them on task. “I am just going to classify what we saw as a UFO.”  “You think that was a UFO, sir?” Waters question.  “Unless we get more Intel on the craft, that will have to do for now, Waters,” Murdock stated firmly. Suddenly, Murdock had a moment of disorientation.  That was a weird feeling, he thought.  Murdock shook off the disorientation, and decided that it was due to aircraft acceleration.   This was not the time for him to be distracted.  After all, he had a mission to accomplish!   


 Murdock spoke into his mike, “Focus men, focus!  Murdock was concerned about Thomason.  Come on kid, Murdock mused, show me that you were worth the money Uncle Sam spent for your training!  Murdock did not need a team member to freeze up.  This was an important mission because they were going after an enemy ammo and supply dump.  “Okay guys, let’s fly low and fast. Hit ‘em hard!” “Last one home, buys the first round at the officer’s club.” “Yes sir!” his team said in unison.  Murdock went in low, “Fox one, fox two,” Murdock said into his microphone. The missiles were direct hits! True to his nickname, Captain  “Howling Mad”  Murdock howled after he fired his missiles, “Yeeeeeehaaaaaaw!”  He pulled up hard on the stick just in time before he hit the tree line.  Murdock smiled and let loose another howl as his squadron followed his lead.


Back at the base, Murdock and his squad had a great celebration at the Officer’s club.  Their mission was a great success and they dealt a big blow to the enemy.  That was a rather large supply and ammo dumb that they destroyed.  When he wasn’t flying for the A-Team, Murdock did air reconnaissance and medical flight missions.  Although he was Army, he would fly with the Air Force boys on occasion.  He loved to fly, and any reason to get into the air was okay with him.  Hannibal did not mind lending Murdock out for other missions.  Murdock often was in command of these missions because of his outstanding flight record. While at the officer’s club, the base CO, Colonel Morrison handed him orders involving the A-Team. He told Murdock to meet with Hannibal and the rest of his friends once they returned from their current mission. Murdock had no idea that his next assignment to Hanoi would bond them together forever!


Chapter 2


Murdock stirred and the lights in his room at the VA came into focus.  He shook off the dream state that he was still experiencing.  He had not dreamed about that particular mission in a long time.  That was the last time he flew a fighter jet.  His next mission was when he flew the chopper for the A-Team for the bank of Hanoi mission. He wondered why he dreamed about this particular mission.  He thought about the UFO he saw on occasion.  Murdock just chalked it up to experimental aircraft.  He never gave it a moments thought until now.  He was getting better about handling the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder flashbacks associated with combat stress.  At least, this one was a good one for a change.


Murdock woke up with a sinus headache.  His head was pounding like crazy.  He showered before breakfast hoping that the hot steam would help, but to no avail.  He asked the nurse for some sinus medication.  Dr. Richter approved the medication request, and the nurse gave him some sinus medications.  Finally, he felt better once the meds took affect, but there still was low-grade pain in the nose cavity.  He asked for additional meds.  The pain finally went away later that day. Murdock never gave the headache a second thought. Murdock went about his day of private sessions with Dr. Richter and group therapy. The VA had other activities available for their patients.  Murdock thought he would do the art therapy today.  It was a way to relieve stress and a good emotional outlet.  He loved drawing pictures of the different planes and choppers that he has flown.


Chapter 3


Later that evening, he was in his room watching TV when Face and BA knocked on his window.  “Hey, what’s up guys?” Murdock was always glad to see his friends.  “We have a job,” said Face stated.   “We do not have time to break you out properly.”  “It must be important,” said Murdock. “Yeah fool, it is.” BA said while scanning the area for hospital personnel. “Hannibal is waiting for us in the van, and we will brief you on the way.”   A company named Jones Aerospace had hired the A-Team to rescue a corporate executive.  While this man was hunting, a radical militant group captured the corporate executive.  They were asking for $1,000,000 for the ransom. A representative of the group would pick up the ransom demand.   They must deliver the money within the 72-hour deadline or else they would kill the man. Hannibal gave BA driving directions.  “Make a right, BA,” Hannibal ordered.   Hannibal turned in his chair to glace at Face.  He wanted Face and Murdock to be ready for the tirade that would soon follow.  BA slammed on the breaks of his van.  “Hannibal, this is the way to the airport!” He growled.  “You never said we were flying!”  “Actually, we are going to South America,” Hannibal said after removing his cigar.   “I thought we were going to Tennessee or some place in the south!” BA assumed.  “Hannibal… You lied again!  You know that I do not like being lied too!” BA seethed.  Hannibal worried that BA would hyperventilate!


In a ranting mood, BA bellowed, “I am sick and tired of you guys drugging me and waking up in strange places.  I refuse to fly with that fool Murdock at the controls!”  “What about a commercial jet, BA?” Face asked.  “You said as long as Murdock wasn’t flying you were okay with that!” “I am not fond of any airplane.  Why can’t we take a bus or a train or even drive down for a change?”  “BA,” Hannibal said while puffing on his cigar, “We do not have that kind of time.  We have a delivery to make remember?” Hannibal patted the briefcase he had in his hand for emphasis.  “Those fools just want the money!” BA countered. “A man’s life is at stake.  If we bring him back alive, we get $100,000 for the job!” “BA, we could use the money!” Hannibal said.  He gave Face that ‘look.’  Face nodded to indicate to the Colonel that he had the injection already prepared for BA. “I do not care how much we get,” BA argued. Hannibal cued Murdock to the task.  It was time for Murdock to do his thing.  “BA, I am upset that you do not want to fly with me!” Murdock put on his best ‘hurt’ face. BA looked into the mirror at Murdock, “You are always doing crazy stuff with the plane, Fool.  You like flying upside down.  What kind of pilot would do that?  Only you, sucka, only you!”  Hannibal nodded to Face to take action.  Face administered the shot to BA.  BA was in mid-rant when the shot took over and he lost consciousness, “I am not flying with you, fo… He never finished his last word before he slumped over in his seat.  Murdock and Hannibal moved BA to a back seat.  “Murdock, you will drive,” Colonel Smith ordered. 


“Let’s get to the airport guys and in the air!” Hannibal said to the rest of the team. “I have transportation already waiting for us.  This is a medical flight.  I am BA’s doctor. Hannibal, you are the nurse, and of course Murdock you are the pilot.” “I have a great aircraft lined up for us, a corporate jet, and best of all its free.”  “How did you manage that, Face?” Hannibal queried. “Actually, the company that hired us is allowing us to use one their jets that they often use for volunteer medical flights.  I convinced them to allow us to use their corporate jet.  It would provide us an excellent cover for getting us into South America.  Medical flights are easy to obtain clearance with the Brazilian government.  This had to be my best con yet!” Face seemed quite pleased with himself.  Hannibal could not help but smile.  While Face signed the papers for the plane, Hannibal and Murdock got BA ready for the flight.  Face had a wheelchair in the back of the van for the ‘patient.’  Face put on a white jacket like the one that physicians use. He handed a white jacket to Hannibal for him to use as well.  He and Hannibal put BA into the wheelchair and wheeled him to the plane. “The patient has a fear of flying,” Face was explaining to the pilot of the jet. Hannibal whispered to Face, “Who is he?”  “He is  the pilot,” Face said quietly.  “I am already prepared, Hannibal, just gave the word,” Face said as he showed Hannibal the shot he had hidden inside his suit coat.  “Administer the shot once we are on board, Face!” Hannibal smiled. While the team settled in, Hannibal nodded at Face and Murdock.  They went up to the cockpit.  “We are all ready to go,” Murdock told the pilot.  “What is that?” Murdock asked as he pointed to an instrument.  “That’s the auto…”The pilot slumped over after Face gave him the shot.  “Good work, Facey,” Murdock smiled to his friend.  They placed the pilot on one of the couches in the rear of the plane.   “Thanks to Jones Aerospace, we have full use of their corporate jet!” “Shall we go, Dr. Faceman?”  Murdock asked.  “Let’s get a move on, we are on a tight schedule,” Face reminded his companion.  “We have tower clearance for takeoff. Let Hannibal know.” Murdock informed Face.


Chapter Four


The flight from LAX to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport was uneventful.  The A-Team landed at Dallas-Fort Worth to refuel before heading down to Sao Paulo.  Hannibal told Murdock to use the same flight plan that the corporation’s pilot had filled. He decided that it was best to avoid raising any suspicion that something had gone wrong by deviating from the original flight plan.  Murdock announced that they were cruising of an altitude of 25,000 feet.  Hannibal wondered what BA would think if he knew, they were flying. He pictured the big guy in full catatonic mode.  Hannibal never understood BA’s aviophobia.  He was one of the bravest men that he had ever served with during the war in Viet Nam.


It was late night and Face was sleeping. Hannibal was reading a newspaper he had brought along with him to pass the time away. He was also working on a plan to get the corporate executive away from his captors.  Before he could finalize his plan, a recon mission was necessary in order to put together a plan to rescue the CEO, Dr. Anthony Jones.  In the cockpit, Murdock was having a ball flying the corporate jet.  He wished he could fly her upside down.  Hannibal said no fancy stuff at least for now.  Murdock was munching on a sandwich that Face had given him.   Flying with his friends and a great bird made Murdock feel content, almost peaceful.   Suddenly, he developed another pounding headache.  That’s weird, Murdock thought.  He rarely had sinus problems associated with flying!  The pain got worse and he took some of the sinus medication that he had from the VA hospital. 


Hannibal was getting bored with the paper so he thought he would go up to the cabin to see what their ETA was and to keep Murdock company.  Hannibal poked his head through the cockpit door, “Mind if I join you, Captain?”  Murdock smiled, “Of course not, Hannibal.  I could use the conversation!”  “You aren’t getting tired, are you Murdock?”  “A little, perhaps,” Murdock was at least honest.  “I thought you could use a caffeine pick me up.”  Thanks, Colonel.”  Murdock put the jet on autopilot and started to reach for his coffee.  At that exact moment, a bright light filled the cabin.




Chapter Five


Hannibal blinded by the light, shielded his eyes with his hand. He sat down the coffee cup that was still in his hand to keep from spilling it on the aircraft instruments.  “Murdock what on earth was that…” Hannibal’s voice trailed off when he realized that Murdock was no longer in the pilot’s seat.  He was stunned at first, but then he figured the pilot just got up to use the latrine.  That did not make sense, Hannibal thought.  Murdock would never leave his post, and not without informing the Colonel.  “Murdock!  Murrrddddooccckkk!!!!”  Hannibal called out for his pilot.  Face woke with a start from his nap.  “Hannibal?” Face finally focused on the Colonel.  “Face, help me find Murdock!” Hannibal said concern. “Murdock,” Face groggily repeated.  “How in the world do you loose someone on a jet at 25,000 feet? He has to be in the latrine!”  Face was not as concerned as Hannibal.  “He was just here in the cockpit.  Now, he has vanished!” Hannibal anguished. “I will check the latrines.”  Face said as he rose a little unsteadily from his comfortable chair.  “Murdock, are you in there? “ Face asked as he knocked on the door. The door opened easily to reveal an empty toilet. Face tried the next stall, “Murdock?”  He opened the door, and again, no one was there.  The third and final restroom was empty as well.  “Who is flying the plane?” Face asked Hannibal.  “Right now, it’s the autopilot. However, we can stay on autopilot forever!”  Hannibal stated the obvious. “Let’s just wake the Jones Aerospace pilot.”   Face thought the problem was solved soon enough.  However, Hannibal shook his head.  “I gave him the same narcotics as we gave BA.  He will not wake up until after we land in San Paulo!”  Face stated the apparent, “Then, we have to get him up and awake!”  “We can try,” Hannibal sounded doubtful.


 Face got a hold of the man, and set him up.  His name was on the badge he wore on his pilot’s uniform, Leroy Jones.  Hannibal and Face got him up off the couch and tried to ‘walk’ him around the cabin.  “Come on, Jones, wake up or we are going to crash!”  Somehow, Face’s urgency reached the man.  “Crash?” He mumbled.  “Yes, Crash!”  Face reiterated.  “Good,” the man said and lay back down on the couch.  Face gave Hannibal an exasperated look.   Hannibal disappeared into the galley and poured a cup of coffee, black and strong, with nothing else in it.  “Drink this,” Hannibal told the pilot, “Or else we are going to die.”  “Die?”  Mr. Jones said.  “Yeah, die and we will not be able to rescue your CEO.”  “Oh, yeah we are rescuing my father,” Leroy said. “Father?” Face and Hannibal said simultaneously.  “I was sent to watch you guys.”  Leroy mumbled.


“Drink some more.”  Face said urgently. “Or else, we will not be able to rescue your father!” “We’d figured you would try to commandeer this plane.”   Leroy mumbled.  “What happened to your pilot?” He managed to get out. “A bright light! That is what happened to Murdock,” answered a concerned Hannibal.  “How did you know he was a pilot?” Face beat Hannibal to the question. “We are a Fortune 500 company, it’s called money!” Leroy slurred. “We researched the A-Team. We knew you broke Murdock out of the VA on occasion, and that he was your pilot in Nam. Maybe, I can fly after all.” Leroy smiled at Face and Hannibal, but he still sounded like he was drunk.  Hannibal and Face half-carried, half-walked the pilot to the cockpit.  “So, who’s flying the plane?”  Leroy asked.  “The autopilot!”  Face and Hannibal both said frustrated.


Chapter Six


Murdock woke up to bright lights glaring down at him, “Hannibal?  Face?  BA? Where are you guys?”  “It’s alright, Murdock.”  A voice said in his head.  “Where am I?  Murdock asked. “Guys?”  “It’s okay.  Do not be afraid.”  The voice continued talking to him in his head.  He tried to sit up, but the pilot realized that there were restraints.  “Am I back at the VA hospital?”  Murdock asked. “You are on board our ship,” the voice continued.  “Ship?” Echoed a scared and confused Murdock.  “We came back for you. We have been monitoring you since the war in Viet Nam,” the voice was persistent.  “What do you want with me?”  Murdock whimpered.  Hang on, he thought.  Now is not the time to loose it! “Billy, where are you?” He called, “Here, boy!”  “Your dog is not here.  We want to retrieve our implant.  It has been monitoring and recording your life on earth,” the voice was becoming infuriating. “Implant?” What implant!?!” Murdock drew in a sharp breath, the pain in his nose!   The voice verified his thought, “The one in your nose cavity, of course.” “The UFO in Viet Nam!” Murdock exclaimed triumphantly. He was able to piece together the puzzle.  “Yes, we suspended time, and brought you aboard our ship.  We have been monitoring ever since,” the alien informed Murdock. “I have no memory of that incident.  Who is the owner of that voice?!” Murdock said aloud. The alien moved within Murdock’s line of sight.  There was not one, but several gathered around him.  They were small like children, and grey. The aliens had large heads with their oval black eyes being the dominate feature.  They looked like the extraterrestrials most often described by other people during alien abductions.


Murdock managed to look down and realize that he was on some sort of diagnostic table. “I am the owner of the voice,” the alien projected his thoughts into Murdock’s head.  “Like I said, we suspended time.  That was why you have no memory of that event,” the alien’s statement sounded like suspending time was something that every race can accomplish.  “Do you have a name?” Murdock asked.  “Not one that you can pronounce,” the alien replied, “however, I will allow you to pick a name so that you can feel more comfortable with me.”  “May I call you Billy?” Murdock was too upset to make his brain work any harder.  “Is that not your dog’s name?” the alien confirmed.  “It’s the only thing I could come up with at the moment,” Murdock offered.  “Billy, it is,” the alien agreed.  “Good night, Murdock.”  The alien told the frightened pilot, “Do not be afraid, we are just putting you to sleep so we can remove the implant.” “Okay, Billy…” Murdock nodded off. 


“Drink some more coffee, Leroy!”   Hannibal ordered the Jones Aerospace pilot.  “I’m awake, I’m awake!”  Leroy protested.  He started to fall asleep again. “Wake up, Leroy or your father is dead!”  Hannibal nearly screamed it at him.  “Hannibal, calm down.” Face tired to reign in his commander.  “Calm down?!?!  He is our only pilot, and you tell me to calm down!” Face ventured, “I know you are upset about Murdock. So am I.  BA will be too once he finds out he’s missing.” “Who’s missing?” Leroy asked still in a stupor from the drugs. “We will all be missing if you do not wake up and fly this plane, Leroy!  Don’t you get it?” Hannibal was starting to loose it.  Face had never seen him this angry or upset in a long time. “Hannibal ...” The Colonel gave Face a look that stopped him in mid-sentence.  Face knew when to back off.  “Leroy, your company hired us for this mission, and you guys provided us with this plane.  If you want your father back, then you must help us.” “Dad!” Leroy cried in grief.  “I think you may have gotten through to him, Hannibal.” Face observed.  “Please, get me some more coffee, Colonel Smith,” Leroy looked a little more awake, “Let’s go find my dad.”  “You have coffee detail, Lieutenant!”  Hannibal smiled wanly at Face. “I am going to sit here to make sure he stays awake.”  “You get the easy job Hannibal,” Face complied as he disappeared into the galley to make sure there was plenty of coffee.


Chapter Seven


Special Agent Fox Mulder was on vacation.  He was busy snapping pictures of the damage done the crops due to the construction of the crop circles that were found in Laguna Canyon, California.  He remembered how his partner, Special Agent Dana Scully, rolled her eyes at him when he told her what he was doing for his vacation.  “Take a real vacation, Mulder!”  Scully exclaimed. “Checking out crop circles is not a vacation!” “It is for me!” Mulder quipped.  He smiled because his partner thought he should be off fishing somewhere. “This is fun, Scully!” Mulder said in mock protest.  “Besides, the Lone Gunmen are going with me!”  “That is just another example, Mulder.”  “You need to go camping, hiking, fishing, whatever you want to do. But, checking out chop circles?!?”  “You have a lot of vacation time, Scully.  Let’s close up shop and make this a real adventure!”  “Yeah right,” Scully scoured.  “I would rather go somewhere, say for example, Maine.”


 “What’s in Maine, Scully?  It is just maple syrup, lighthouses, covered bridges, and lots of water and woods.”  Mulder liked to get her going.  “Well, I’m out of here!” Mulder said after finishing his last report and emailing it to Assistant Deputy Director Walter Skinner. “See you in a week, Scully.”  Scully let out a sigh, “Have a good time, Mulder.” “I will bring you back a souvenir, Scully.  “What kind of souvenir, Mulder, an alien?” His partner said sarcastically. “You never know, Scully, you never know!”  Scully returned his smile, and said, “Get out of here, go.  I have a report to finish up.”  “What report?”  Mulder asked.  “My field report from our last case, Mulder.”  Scully replied.  “See you in a week, slave.” Mulder said, grinning.  Scully threw her pencil at him as he walked out of the door.  Mulder ducked just in time to keep from being whacked in the head.


The alien that Murdock had named Billy was standing next to his “guest”.   “I want to go home,” whimpered Murdock.  “Where is home?”  Billy the alien asked.  “I want to go to the hospital.”  Murdock hoped that his was just another bad dream. “Why are you in the hospital,” Billy asked. “Combat stress,” Murdock said to his host. “Combat stress. That is interesting.”  “If you have been monitoring me since Viet Nam, then you know that.”  “Yes, we know about your war. That was such a tragic loss of life and destruction for your planet.” “Could you have stopped it?” Murdock asked the alien.  “Yes, we could have.” Billy projected to the pilot. “Then, why didn’t you?”  Murdock anguished.  “We have a non-interference policy.”  Billy told him.  The alien projected what would have been humor for a human.  “Yes Murdock. It is just like in the television show your people call Star Trek.”   The alien projected a picture of BA’s van into Murdock’s mind. “I thought this was home.”  Billy asked the captain.  “That is our transportation.”  Murdock stated simply.  “We have slept in the van overnight, but it is not home.”  “Your people use vehicles as homes?” The alien questioned.  “Sometimes,” Murdock replied.  “Do you use your ship as homes?”  Murdock thought if the alien could be curious then so could he.  “Just as your use your van occasionally, we only use the ships as homes when we are traveling through space.”   The question and answer session between Murdock and the alien continued for quite some time.  Murdock had no sense of how long he was on board the ship.  However, at this point, he was no longer afraid of the alien.  After what seemed an eternity, the alien told Murdock that they were taking him back to his planet.   “We will put you to sleep one more time.  When you wake up, you will be back on your world.” Billy told Murdock. “Goodbye, Billy.  It was interesting meeting you and your people.” Murdock told the alien.  He sincerely meant it.  Then, he was out cold


Chapter Eight


Byers, Frohicke, and Langley, were busy collecting samples of the crops within the crop circles from different locations.  Mulder wanted plenty of samples for the guys to take back to their lab for analysis.  “Too bad Scully did not join us,” Frohicke smirked.  “She’s so hot.”  “Shut up, Frohicke.”  Mulder ordered, “I thought I heard something.”  “It’s just your active imagination at work!” Byers said shaking his head.  “No, I definitely heard something.” Mulder reiterated.   Suddenly, a bright light appeared out of nowhere.  All four men were blinded by it. Mulder was doing his best to see what the cause of the light despite being blinded.  “What is that?” Langley yelled. “What do you think it is?” Frohicke continued,    “It’s a spaceship!”  Byers started hollering, “There is a man over there!”  “I can see a body!”  Once the bright lights went dim, all four men could see the silhouette of a spaceship.  The Lone Gunmen started running toward the body that Byers spotted.  Mulder joined them once the ship left the vicinity in nothing more than a quite whisper.  The ship moved silently back into the starlight night sky while it blended in with the stars. 


Byers reached the body first.  It was clearly a man.  He knelt down to feel for a pulse.  “He is still alive!” Byers yelled at his companions.  Mulder knelt down next to the man.  “There seems to be no injuries,” Mulder stated the obvious as Frohicke shined his light on the man’s body.  “He’s coming around!”  Frohicke announced.  “Hannibal, is that you?”  Murdock said groggily. “The name is Frohicke,” he informed the stranger. “Face, BA? Where are you guys?”  Murdock was slowly coming around. “He must be asking for his friends,” Langley stated.  “Get the man some water,” Mulder said to Langley. Murdock slowly opened his eyes.  “Where am I?”  He said groggily while looking at Mulder.  “Drink this water first,” Mulder offered the stranger.  “Then, we will talk.”  “I am thirsty,” the confused pilot said. Murdock guzzled down the entire bottle of water.  He was thirsty.  “More please,” he asked the friendly men that surrounded him. Langley had brought two bottles just in case. Murdock greedily guzzled the second bottle.  He felt like he had not had water in days! “I am Special Agent Fox Mulder of the FBI.”  Mulder said introducing himself. He showed Murdock his identification.  “These are my associates, Byers, Frohicke, and Langley. We are here to investigate crop circles.”  He told Murdock.  “Captain H.M. Murdock.”  He introduced himself to the four men that helped him.  “I’ve got to find my unit.”  Murdock said without thinking.  “Your unit?”  Mulder asked the Captain.  “Yeah, my friends.”   “What was the last thing you remember, Captain?”  Mulder asked.  “I was flying a jet on my way to South America, and then here.”  Byers said, “When we found you, you asked for three men, Hannibal, Face, and BA.  Those were the names you had mentioned.”  “Yes, they are my friends. I was with them on the jet.”  “Do you think you could walk back to our car?” “Yes,” a shaky and disoriented Murdock said.



Out of the Night 1-8 by Murdock's Therapist



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