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Some Guys Have All The Luck

Some Guys Have All The Luck

By  Murdock's Therapist


Rating:  PG

Warnings:  Some references to a sexual encounter  between M/F.  Specific sex acts are not mentioned, but are left up to the imagination! 

Disclaimer:  The Ateam belongs to Stephen C. Cannell.  The names Kathy Smith or Katherine Anne Smith and Nurse Carolyn Sanders, and Becca Johnson are copywrited to me.  I am not making any profit off of this story. 

Synopsis:   Did you ever wonder why Decker replaced Lynch?  This story tells how the A-Team destroyed Lynch's career!    This story takes place between after Tawnia joined the team and before Decker took over for Lynch during the  beginning episode of season two.

I would appreciate comments and suggestions for improving my writing!




Chapter One


Kathy Smith was driving in her new VW Beetle while her roommate was shooting a video for her film production class. It was a college gift from her dad, Doctor Andrew Smith.  She waved at Becca Johnson as she drove by.  The video was about how a college freshman survives their first year of college dorm life.  Her roommate Becca was majoring in film production and she studying pre-law student at UCLA.  Her goal was to become a lawyer and specialize in military law.  She was interested in helping her uncle, Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith, prove that he was obeying orders, and not acting criminally by robbing the Bank of Hanoi at the end of the Viet Nam war.


Although she understood and even admired Uncle John for breaking out of a military stockade, Kathy was concerned about his chances of being innocent was slim because of this action. Although only being in pre-law and in her first semester, her grasp of the law and the court was instantaneous. Her law professor said she had the potential of becoming a gifted lawyer.  Since her dad died in a traffic accident, and Uncle John was legally her guardian. That incident heightened Kathy's concern for her uncle's potential pardon.   After all, she was only nineteen, and she needed him.   Her mother had died when she was a little girl from cancer.  Kathy's dad and Uncle John raised her.  Both men greatly influenced her life. Without her uncle, Kathy would be all alone.


When her Uncle John left for Vietnam, Kathy's heart broke. She was old enough to understand about the war.   Her dad told her about the possibly of him not making it back alive.  However, he volunteered to go, and Uncle John told her it was his duty to go fight for his country.  Her dad would have gone too being a doctor.  Since he was her sole guardian and there was no other relative left alive to watch her, the army did not draft her father.  Instead, Kathy's dad became a civilian doctor at a local Veterans Administration hospital in the Los Angles area to help the soldiers that came home through their rehabilitation.  Kathy's father was an orthopedic doctor so his specialty was in great demand at the VA hospital.


She wrote her uncle once a week.  She never missed a week while he was in Vietnam.  She told him once that he was her hero, and that was looking forward to seeing him when he came home.   Hannibal always cherished the letters he received from his niece. However, he loved her as if she was his own daughter. That was because she was his daughter.   Unknown to Kathy and her 'father',  John and her mother had a daughter together. Her mother Elizabeth and  John decided it was best not to tell anyone.  It broke John's heart that he could not acknowledge her as his daughter.  Therefore, Andrew raised and loved Kathy as his own never knowing the secret of his wife's brief betrayal with his brother.  Hannibal never intended it to happen, it just did… 


While Andrew was gone for some additional medical training, the car broke down in the driveway.   Elizabeth called Hannibal and asked him to look at the car. The carburetor needed to be replaced.  John went to the auto parts store to purchase another one.   After he was done replacing the carburetor, Hannibal asked Elizabeth if he could catch a shower at the house, and she said certainly.  While Hannibal was in the shower, Elizabeth joined him in the shower also completely naked.   Hannibal was alarmed at her overtures since she was his brother's wife.  However, like any normal man, he could not resist her beauty. He admired her from far away. They spent the day and night in each other's arms. Unknown to them, their lovemaking created a beautiful, little daughter.  Later, both John and Elizabeth felt repentant about giving in to their temptation.  They agreed it was best to let Andrew think that Kathy was his in order to keep peace in the family. Therefore, when Katherine Anne Smith was born, Andrew Ian Smith's name was entered on the birth certificate as the father.


When Kathy was eight years old, her mother died from a rare form of ovarian cancer.  Her uncle John moved into the house to help Andrew raise his little daughter.  Andrew needed the extra help since he was on-call at the hospital quit often.  Having Hannibal watching over her while he was gone was a relief to Andrew.  When the Viet Nam war started, that security changed.  Kathy was only eleven years old when her uncle John felt the call to war.  She cried so hard he told her and her daddy that he had to leave and fight in the war.  He had just graduated from UCLA ROTC, and he volunteered for active duty. He was handed orders to report as soon as the war started.   At that moment, John realized why he could not claim her as his daughter.  His destiny lied elsewhere…


Chapter 2


While Kathy and her roomy where busy shooting a video, a military police car suddenly plowed into the side of her VW bug. The MP car ran a light at an intersection on campus.  The ROTC program was still going strong at UCLA, and Kathy thought that one of those crazy cadets hit her.  She was bleeding from her eyebrow where her head hit against the steering wheel.  Since she was not going fast, she was driving without her seatbelt because Becca said it interfered with the shot.  Behind the MP car was a military ambulance. The ambulance flipped on their lights when they saw the crash.  The EMT examined Kathy's cut and declared that she at needed stitches. Kathy said she could get herself to a med center on the campus.  However, the EMT insisted that Kathy go to the hospital.  


The emergency medical technician helped Kathy by placing her on a backboard and a neck collar around her neck.  Her roomy started to get into the ambulance with her, but the EMT told her that she needed to get Kathy's vehicle out of the way.  When Becca asked the EMT where they were taking her, he just ignored her while he yelled at the driver to get the patient to the hospital while slamming the ambulance door shut.   Behind the ambulance, the military police followed with lights and sirens blaring.  Becca was upset over Kathy's accident. She blamed herself for her roommates' injury because she insisted on her not wearing the seatbelt during this particular part of the filming.   After thinking it through while she drove Kathy's car back to their dorm, she was beginning to be more and more convinced that the accident was staged.   Her alarm grew when she called the closest hospital to the UCLA campus.  Kathy had not been admitted to the emergency room.  She called several other local hospitals, and got the same song and dance. Kathy Smith had not been admitted to any hospital in town! Where was she? Becca started to fear that it the accident was a ruse.  A ruse designed to draw Kathy's uncle John and the rest of his friends out of hiding…


Chapter 3


Colonel Lynch had discovered the obituary due to the diligence of one his aspiring young officers who spotted the article in the local paper about Dr. Andrew Smith's accidental death.  Lynch had his men peruse the papers for articles about the A-team.  Of course, the paper listed the survivors of the deceased doctor.   The LA Courier published a brief article about the doctor's groundbreaking work in orthopedics with the Veterans Administration. The reporter documented what would happen to the doctor's poor, distraught daughter.  Until she was 21, Colonel  John Smith would now be her legal guardian according to his brother's will.  Colonel Lynch concocted a plan to get Smith's niece into military custody. Lynch knew that the colonel would involve the entire A-team to help his niece.


As the accident continued to set off some sirens in Becca, she remembered what Kathy told her about contacting her uncle John in case of an emergency.   Kathy explained the reason behind the  security precautions  and that he was a fugitive from the military.  Since Kathy and Becca had known each other since they were in sixth grade, she trusted her friend enough to tell her how to locate her uncle.  Becca knew that it was time to skip classes.  She cringed at that thought since she had a 4.0 g.p.a.  However, her alarm grew with each passing hour when she could not locate her friend at any of the local hospitals close to the campus.  This was no ROTC prank.  She had to make her way to  Mr. Lee's laundry in China Town in order to contact Kathy's uncle.   Despite the possibility this was a trap, this was still a job for… the A-team.


After locating Mr. Lee's laundry, Becca finally got a very busy Mr. Lee to slow down enough to talk to her.   She also showed him the video of the accident. She told Mr. Lee that she could not find her roommate in any of the local hospital emergency rooms.  Mr. Lee told her he would try to contact Hannibal Smith, but could not guarantee results. Becca got into his face and said," Mr. Lee, you have to contact the A-team even though I feel it might be at great risk to them." Mr. Lee pressed her for more information.  "Call it woman's intuition, Mr. Lee, but my intuition tells me that this situation came about to draw them out of hiding."  Mr. Lee stated  that since the girl was Hannibal's niece, he would do everything within his power to contact the A-team.  Mr. Lee asked Becca for the room phone number. " I will contact you with a meeting place if I am able to reach Colonel Smith."  Kathy's roomy glared into Mr. Lee eyes and said,  "No maybe's  Mr. Lee, you MUST contact him! Something is wrong. I feel it!"  Hannibal knew at that point that Becca was telling the truth. Hannibal trusted her because Becca and Kathy had been best friends since the sixth grade.


Chapter 4


After getting 20 stitches for a deep gash over her eyebrow, Kathy woke up in a Veterans Administration psychiatric hospital. She banged the steering wheel hard.   She must have passed out in the ambulance, Kathy reasoned.  She woke up with a huge headache. She had no idea how bad she was hurt until the nurse told her about the stitches.   However, that was a wrong assumption on her part.  The military EMT had knocked her out with a sedative.  The nurse told her that she was in the Veterans Administration facility for a 72-hour observation after ramming her car into the side of a military police vehicle. Her mouth dropped, and she told the nurse that she was the one who was hit!  She had proof if the hospital would allow her to contact her roommate at UCLA.  However, she was denied the opportunity to contact anyone.  However, Kathy had no idea that a member of her uncle's team was at the same facility she was. Colonel Lynch knew that Smith would resort to his usual tactics of snatch and grab in order to break out his only niece. 



Murdock was in the gaming room enjoying his free time. He was bored with the game in his room. He had beaten it too many times.  While the pinball machine was racking up more points, he heard a woman patient demanding to use the phone to contact her roommate or her uncle, John Smith.  Murdock is curious by nature.  When he heard Hannibal's name, he had to check it out. Once when the colonel was severely wounded in Nam, Hannibal had told the team about his niece, and that he is really her father. Hannibal thought he was going to die that day.  He was hit by a 50-caliber machine gun in his arm severing a major artery. Their position was overrun by enemy troops.   He was loosing blood fast. BA and Face managed to get him to the chopper that was waiting for them in their fallback position.  Murdock's daredevil flying abilities saved Hannibal and the team that day from 'Charlie.'


Murdock wondered down the hall whistling for his 'invisible dog' Billy. He come down the hall calling, "Here boy, here boy."  "Have you seen my dog, Billy?" he asked the nurse.  "No  Murdock, I have not.  You are suppose to keep him in your room."  The nurse played along with his delusion.  It was standing orders from Murdock's psychiatrist, Dr. Richter.  She reminded Murdock that he was not allowed on the women's ward.   "I want to contact my uncle or my roommate!" The pretty, young female patient insisted.  "I have patient rights! I am a pre-law student at UCLA! Do not try to pull anything on me!"  Murdock asked the nurse why the patient was not allowed to use the phone, and the nurse insisted that Murdock stay out of this and return to his room or back to the gaming room. Murdock said, "By the way who was your uncle? Did he serve in Nam?" The young woman said that her uncle's name was Colonel John Smith and confirmed he served in Nam.  Murdock mused, "Hmmm, Colonel John Smith, hmmm, sorry never heard of the man!"  Suddenly, Murdock turned around without another word  and went back to down the hall toward his room.  He was muttering to himself.  "Hi there, Colonel Smith. My name is Captain H. M. Murdock.  Please to make your acquaintance.  By the way, have you seen my dog, Billy?"  Kathy asked the nurse "Does he always talk to himself like that?"  The nurse shook her head in the affirmative.  "Poor guy," Kathy empathized.  "He was one of the best pilots in  the Army," the ward nurse stated.  "He flew with the Thunderbirds before Nam.  The nurse continued in  a clinical tone, "He just could not deal with what he saw. As the saying goes, war is hell."


Chapter 5


Back in his room, wheels were turning in Murdock's head.  Murdock's own gut instinct was telling him that this new patient was Hannibal's daughter, and she was nothing more than a pawn in one of Lynches' schemes to try to capture the A-team! Why else would a civilian be in a Veteran Administration's psychiatric facility?  When Murdock got back to his room, he used his telephone to contact Tawnia Baker at the LA Currier.  He needed her help in order to contact the rest of the team.  However, Tawnia was not available.  She was out in the field on a story.  This was the system the team currently used to throw Lynch from the team's trail.  Unknown to Murdock, Hannibal was already aware of the situation involving his daughter.  Hannibal had already concluded that it was possibly a trap set by Lynch. However, Hannibal did not know which hospital she was in.  Murdock decided it was worth the risk and called the number to BA's van. Murdock only called the van as a last resort in case Lynch was bugging his telephone.  While he spoke to Hannibal, Murdock's information put all the pieces of the puzzle together for the colonel.  He had to come up with a plan that will help get his daughter out of the VA hospital and avoid being captured by Colonel Lynch! 


After a quick strategic decision, Smith decided to go in alone.  He could not risk the rest the capture of the A-team to rescue his own daughter. He told BA and Face to get the weapons he would need.   However, when BA and Face found out Hannibal was leaving them out of this operation, BA was indignant.  "We do this as a team or not at all," said BA  Face said, while adjusting his tie, "Must we? I am not ready to spend the rest of my life in a stockade just yet. Besides, I have a hot date tonight!"   Hannibal said, "I couldn't risk you two getting caught because of my daughter.  Especially, since this is an obvious trap set by Lynch."  "Look here, sucka," BA said in a gruff voice, "We're like the three musketeers plus one crazy named Murdock. It's all for one and one for all!"  Murdock sniffed over the phone, and said, "Aw shucks BA you really do care!"  BA glared at the phone.  It was a good thing Murdock was at the VA hospital.  Murdock was always pressing his luck with BA in their usual banter.  "Be quiet, fool," BA barked at Murdock after snatching the phone from the colonel. BA pounded his right hand into his left palm after he gave the phone back to Hannibal.  Hannibal knew better to argue with BA when he was in one of his moods.


Smith removed a cigar from his pocket, and lit it.  Hannibal was smiling as he puffed on the cigar.  Hannibal spoke into the phone, "Murdock, we are coming over to pick you up!  Be ready!" Hannibal said.  As Hannibal hung up the phone and started puffing on his cigar, Face and BA exchanged glances. "He is already on the "jazz," Templeton said shaking his head.   The colonel had already come up a plan to outsmart Lynch and vindicate his daughter from any wrongdoing. BA and Face were already nervous about Hannibal's plan. He was always wild and crazy while he was on the "jazz!" As  Amy use to say, "Hannibal's plans may not always go right. However, they just work!" Hannibal told Face to arrange to break Murdock out of the VA.   Hannibal always liked having Murdock around just in case the pilot's skills were needed for the mission.  He also had other skills that contributed to the team besides his flying abilities. Besides, it would not be the A-Team without Murdock.


Chapter 6


After Face left to pick up Murdock in a car he had scammed from a rental agency.  Hannibal  told him not to use the vette or the van because Lynch would be on the lookout for the A-team Van and Face's vette.   After Face left, Hannibal called  Tawnia and ask her to contact Kathy's roommate, Becca Johnson.  Hannibal told Tawnia to make sure that Becca  brought  the tape with her.  Hannibal knew they could not do a snatch and grab to get Kathy out of the psyche hospital.  Instead, the A-team had to find a way to exonerate her and  frustrate Lynch.  The colonel loved the thought of giving Lynch an ulcer. Tawnia contacted Becca immediately, and she was instructed to meet them at a popular Chinese restaurant in China Town.  Tawnia greeted her at the door of the restaurant wearing a kimono.  She showed her to a table where three men waited.  Tawnia sat down next to Becca.  The black man was wearing a jewelry store.  Becca was fascinated with the different types of chains he was styling.   One of the men had a smile that would melt any woman's heart.  Becca went weak in the knees when Templeton flashed her that million-dollar smile of his. Becca wished she was a few years older.  Tawnia smiled when she saw Becca's reaction to Templeton. I cannot blame her, thought Tawnia. If I was not dating Brian Leftcourt…  While a dashing Templeton Peck introduced her to the members of the team, Becca sat in silence.  She was stunned.  The rumors of the A-team were true, and Kathy's uncle was a member of this so-called A-Team.  However, he was nowhere to be seen.


After Mr. Peck made the introductions, Kathy's roomy stated, "Mr. Peck, I thought I was meeting Kathy's uncle."  Templeton smiled and said, "Please call me Face, and he will be here."  An older Chinese waiter came by to take their orders.  "I will have some ice tea, please." Becca stated as the waiter offered the guests water and ice tea. "The sweet and sour chicken is fresh and hot," the waiter said in broken English with a thick accent.  "Thank you."  Becca said. "But, I am too upset to eat at the moment."  "Awww, you  poor miss, why?" asked the kindly waiter as he pushed his slipping glasses back up his nose. "I was suppose to met with my friend's uncle.  These are his friends, but I really need to talk to her uncle!" Becca brushed back a tear.  "Well, Becca, it looks like you just hired the A-team!" said the waiter as he sat down to the table removing his wig, glasses, and teeth.  Becca's jaw dropped.  The waiter was Kathy's uncle.  She knew because she had seen pictures Kathy had of her uncle John in her family album,. Becca had met him once.  Captain Smith was visiting at Kathy's house when they were kids when he was home on furlough before heading to Nam..


Hannibal said, "Let's get down to business. Did you bring the video?"  "Yes, Mr. Smith," Becca stated pulling it out of her book bag. " However, it is for a class project that I am working on."  "I can copy your tape for you and give it back minus the traffic accident," Hannibal  stated as a matter of fact.  "I need the original, and I want to protect Kathy's reputation on campus!" " Of course, Mr. Smith, but how will that tape help Kathy?" "What do you have in mind, Colonel?" Murdock asked.   "We are going to make Lynch into the next John Wayne."  Face, BA, Tawnia, and Murdock, all looked at each other and was a little bewildered.  However, Becca caught on to what Hannibal was planning and grinned from ear-to-ear.  Hannibal smiled back at Becca in approval and pulled out his ever-present cigar.  BA,  Templeton, and Murdock replied  in unison,  "Oh no.  He's on the Jazz!" 






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