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“You own a what

The Club

By Jullian Gray


Rating NC-17

Warning: Slash H/F strong sexual content, language, torture, anguish, mention of slavery, bondage. ITS PRETTY STRONG SO BE WARNED!!

Summary: The team is hired to try and find out what is happening to a clubs missing clients.

Disclaimer:  The usual standard stuff.

Special thanks to Jes for all her help!!!!! 

Note: This takes place shortly after the team escaped from Ft. Bragg, although they know where Murdock is, they are not very sure of his mental stability, and so he is not on this case.






"You own a what?" Hannibal stared at his potential client in disbelief.


"I own a gay, S&M, sex club Mr. Smith," stated Shawn Fulmar without even blinking an eye.


Hannibal continued to stare at the other man. He didn't know what to say. For the first time in a long time, he was speechless.


"Look Mr. Smith, I know that a gentleman of your age, may not understand this type of lifestyle, but I assure you everyone who comes to my club is a willing participant.  No one is forced to do anything against his or her will," Fulmar stopped to take a drink of his coffee before he continued, "I have worked very hard to make my club a safe place for people with the same interests to come and have fun. Now someone is kidnapping them right out of my club."


Hannibal sat back in the booth and looked the younger man over.


"Someone my age," he snorted. "Pal, my age has nothing to do with it.  What I can't understand is how one human being can treat another like a slave. I've seen enough crap forced onto people; I can't even begin to understand why someone would voluntarily be treated that way."


"So you're not going to help me."


"How do you know that these people just haven't gotten tired of your club and have just moved on?"


"Because their friends have come looking for them, and just last night, my slave and partner, Matt, disappeared."


"Maybe he got tired of you too," Hannibal sneered as he stood up to leave.


"Colonel Smith, please, your team is my only hope; I can't loose Matt."


Hannibal turned to look back at the other man.  He could see the desperation in the younger man's eyes, but he didn't like the way the other man didn't bother to mention his partner until he was sure he was going to say no.


"I'll talk it over with my team, if we decide to take the case, I'll be in touch," with that, Hannibal turned and left the all night café. He was just about to climb into his car, when he felt a hand on his shoulder.


Acting on pure reflex and years of training, he grabbed a hold of the offending appendage, wrapping it around Shawn Fulmer's back, before slamming the man up against the hood of his car.


"Don't touch me Mr. Fulmer," he growled as he stepped back to release the younger man. "It could cost you a few teeth!"


Fulmer rubbed his wrist as he stared up at the older man in complete disbelief.


"I'm sorry Mr. Smith, but you have to help.  I…I can't lose Matt.  Please, come to the club with me; see what it's like. Then if you decide not to help, I can at least tell myself that I tried."


"I already told you I would consult with my team…"


"Please Mr. Smith, come down to the club, it's only a few blocks away."


"I won't make any decisions without them."


"That's fine, I can respect that, just come and see if you can help me."


"I must have lost my mind," Hannibal mumbled under his breath as he walked over to the driver's side of the Oldsmobile.  "Come on Mr. Fulmer, you're wasting my night."


"Thank you Mr. Smith." Fulmer smiled at Hannibal as he climbed into the passenger's seat of the car.


When they pulled up in front of the club, Hannibal was surprised to find it in a tastefully decorated building, located just outside a posh residential neighborhood of LA.


"What were you expecting Mr. Smith, some rundown building off the wharf in the seediest part of town?" Fulmer smiled over at Hannibal.


Hannibal frowned as he climbed out of the car and walked around to stand beside his potential client.


"You're wasting my time, Mr. Fulmer."


Shawn Fulmer looked over at the white headed man who was now standing beside him. He could tell that his was a man of power, action; a man who automatically took charge of every situation, a true master in his world.


"If you will follow me." Fulmer walked up the steps to enter the building.  Once in the lobby, he pulled out a pass card to open the elevator.


"Every member has a pass card, it's the only way to get up to the club."


"How many ways are there in and out of the club?" Hannibal asked, before stepping onto the elevator.


"There are three ways out, but only one way in. Once you have gained access to the club, you can leave by the main elevator, which is this one.  There is a service elevator that can be accessed from the back of the club, and a back fire escape."


Reassured that there was more than one way out of the building, Hannibal stepped into the open elevator with Fulmer.


"You have five minutes Mr. Fulmer."


They rode to the top floor in silence.  As soon as the elevator doors opened, Hannibal's senses were attacked by an overload of sight and sound.


Strobe lights flashed on and off to the rhythm of the blaring techno music that was playing.  Men, clad in leathers, harnesses, and chaps, filled the room.  Some of them wore collars around their necks with chains fastened to them; chains that were in the hands of other men as they lead them around the room like animals, while others wore hooded masks completely covering their faces, except for their eyes.


All around him were couches and lounge areas where men were having sex or masturbating.


"The bar is this way Mr. Smith." Fulmer motioned Hannibal towards the back of the club.


Once at the back of the club, Hannibal had a seat at the bar, while Fulmer sat down beside him. 


"Jack, get Mr. Smith anything he wants."


"What's your poison handsome?" Jack leaned over the bar to wink at Hannibal.


"Scotch, straight."


"Oh my, a real man," the bartender cooed as he turned to pour the drink. "You need anything else sweetheart, just ask for Jack."  The bartender winked at Hannibal as he set the drink down in front of him.


"What type of security does this place have?" Hannibal turned his back to the bartender as he began to scan the room. He was trying his hardest to look past the men, and get his mind on business.


"You have to have a pass card to get into the club.  We have several bouncers to help enforce the clubs rules, but we don't have too many problems due to the fact that this is a members only establishment." 


"You mentioned that this place had two other exits; where are they?"


"The service elevator is over there on the other side of the dance floor."  Fulmer pointed across the room.


"And the fire escape?"


"Over there, behind the pit."  The club owner pointed over toward a large bank of mattress on the floor.


Hannibal turned to look at the exit; then froze as he watched four men drag a smaller brown haired man toward the 'pit'.


The brown haired man was bound by the wrists with chains; his body stripped naked of all clothing except for a black dog collar wrapped around his throat. As they drug him across the room, he struggled in their grip.  The four men laughed as they secured the man's chains to sliver rings that were screwed to the mattresses on the pit floor.


Once he was secured to the floor, another man stepped forward to gag the man, while the others began to run their hands over his naked body, touching, caressing, and probing with their fingers.


Hannibal closed his eyes against the memories that rushed him. His lieutenant being pulled from the cage by the Viet Cong, laughing as they dragged him across the compound; then they would return him to the cage, broken and bleeding.


Hannibal was on his feet before he knew it, heading over to the pit to stop the atrocity that was going on before him.


"Mr. Smith, Mr. Smith, stop."


Hannibal stopped, and turned to glare at Fulmer.


"Mr. Smith, you have to understand that my customers are here of their own free will. They have all agreed to take part in this lifestyle, and they come here to practice it free from the prejudices of the outside world."


"How can anyone agree to that?" Hannibal pointed to the 'pit' where the brown haired man was now giving one of his captors a blowjob, while another was taking him from behind.  Another man was now jacking off over the top of him, while the other was beating the man's buttocks and thighs with a riding crop.


"That is what he is into."  Fulmer shrugged as he turned to face the Colonel. "Some like to be spanked, some like to be controlled, while others like group sex; some like it all rolled into one. Different strokes for different folks." Fulmer laughed. 


"Then find one of your folks to help you," Hannibal growled as he headed toward the elevator.


"Mr. Smith, you've got to help me find my partner," Fulmer pleaded as he followed the colonel toward the elevator door.


"I don't have to do anything pal."


"Mr. Smith, I need your team."


"Call the police."


"I can't call them, they won't help me, " Fulmer begged as he followed Hannibal toward the elevator. "Please Mr. Smith, you're team is my only hope of finding Matt."


Hannibal sighed deeply as he stepped into the elevator.


"I'll talk it over with my team, if they agree, I'll call you, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you," he added as the elevator doors closed.



Hannibal Smith drove several miles through the city to make sure he wasn't being tailed, before he headed back toward his apartment. He was almost there, when an overwhelming need overtook him. Turning the car around, he pressed down hard on the accelerator, speeding through the night toward his hearts desire.


Forty- five minutes later, he let himself into the beach house. Quietly, he slipped into the bedroom.  There, lying asleep in the bed, was the beautiful body of his lover.


Slowly, Hannibal's eyes traveled down Face's half naked body, taking in the sight of the blonde hair covering his eyes, his lean arms, his smooth muscular chest, and slim waist. His long legs were covered by a pair of gray silk pajama bottoms, which clung to his rear and legs.


Making his way over to the bed, Hannibal knelt down in front of the other man. Carefully, he reached over to take Face's wrists into his hands. As soon he touched the smaller man, his body became taught and his eyes flew open.  The colonel tightened his grip as Face tried to grab his throat.


"Easy Tem," he whispered softly.


"Hannibal?"  Face asked as he tried to focus his sleep-filled brain.


"Just me kid."  He smiled as he moved both of Face's wrists into one hand before reaching up to stroke the blonde hair from the sleep-filled blue-green eyes.


"What time is it?" Face tried to sit up, but was forced back down by the older man.


"About 2:30."


"Is something wrong?  Murdock, BA are they all right?  Hannibal what 's going on?"


Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, he thought as he looked into the confused face of his lover.


"Everyone is fine."


"Not that I don't love you, but, why are you here?"


Hannibal looked into the younger man's face and decided that honesty was the best policy, or at least as much as he was willing to tell.


"I saw something tonight that upset me," pausing to take a deep breath, he looked Face in the eyes, as he reached out to stroke Face's cheek. " I had to make sure you were alright."


Face took in this information as he looked at his lover; he could see that Hannibal was upset about something, and he was also sure that the Colonel was not going to tell him anymore.


"Since you're here, you might as well come to bed."  He motioned toward the empty side of the bed with his head since his wrists were still in the Colonel's grip.


"Thanks, kid." He smiled as he touched the younger man's face again before letting go of him.


Once Hannibal was undressed, he slid into the bed behind Face. Wrapping his arms around the slim waist, he pulled the younger man close to him.


Turning in the Colonel's arms, Face rested his head on Hannibal's shoulder, before laying his hand on his broad chest, his fingers playing with the silver hair between the Colonel's nipples.


"You're not going to tell me what upset you, are you?"




"Did it have anything to do with the client you meet tonight?"


Hannibal took a deep breath before answering.  "I don't want to talk about it, not tonight." Reaching out, he placed his hand over the top of Face's. "Tonight, I just want to hold you, I just need to know that you're safe."


"Just hold me?" Face turned his head so he could look up at the pair of bright blue eyes looking down at him.


"Just hold you." Hannibal confirmed as he kissed Face's forehead, before he began to run his fingers through the silky blonde hair.



It was some time before Hannibal was able to drift off to sleep. Every time he would close his eyes, he would see the brown haired man being forced down to the mattresses.


From there, the brown hair would turn blonde, and he would hear Face calling out his name, begging him for help, pleading for him to stop the men who were abusing him.


He would have to open his eyes to make sure that Face was still asleep, safe in his arms. Each time, he had to fight back the urge to wake the younger man so he could see his eyes, to make sure that there was no pain or fear in them.


"Colonel, don't let them take me; I can't go through it again, please Hannibal," Face was screaming as four men drug him from the cage that held the team.


His beautiful face and body already bruised and battered from his pervious interrogation sessions with the NVA.


The men laughed as they wrapped a collar around Face's throat, before chaining his arms and legs with shackles, making sure that they cut into already torn flesh.


As they began to drag his lover across the compound, it changed into the club he was at last night. Instead of being dragged to the interrogation hut, Face was now being taken to the 'pit', where more men were waiting. Each of these men held whips, bamboo canes, and sex toys, all waiting to hurt and humiliate Face.


"You can't help him Smith, he belongs to us now," Fulmer whispered in his ear


"Face!" Hannibal sat bolt upright in the bed, his body covered with sweat. When he looked over, he found space next to him empty.  With the dream still fresh in his mind, he jumped out of the bed to search for his lover.


When he heard water running, he went to the bathroom and opened the door to find Face standing in the shower. Letting out a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding, the Colonel entered the bathroom and closed the door behind him.


Through the stream filled room, he could make out Face's tan body behind the frosted shower doors. Seeing that he was okay, Hannibal was just about to leave, when another thought crossed his mind.


Slipping out of his underwear, he opened the shower door and entered the shower stall.


"Mind if I join you?" he asked softly as he pulled Face to him, wrapping his arms around the soap-covered man, pulling him in close.


"Never," Face whispered as he leaned back into Hannibal's broad chest, enjoying the sensation on his lover's hand on him.  Hands that were surprisingly soft for a man's, but Face had always figured it was due to the fact Hannibal always wore those damned black leather gloves.


Tightening his grip around Face's waist, he put his other hand to the smaller man's throat so his thumb and fingers were resting on Face's jaw. Gently, he forced the younger man's head back so the blonde head was resting against his neck. Slowly, he ran his hand from the jaw, down the throat, and across the muscular chest.


Hannibal grinned when he heard the soft moan that escaped Face's lips as his fingers brushed one of the erect nipples.


"Want you Hannibal," Face moaned again as the Colonel began to kiss his neck.


In response, Hannibal tightened his arm around his lover's chest, preventing Face from moving away from him, as he ran his other hand down to the younger man's sex, gently fondling and stroking the now hard penis.


"Please Hannibal, want you in me," Face panted as Hannibal continued to kiss his neck.


Using his knee, Hannibal nudged Face's legs apart, so he would have better access to the smaller man's entrance. Still keeping Face pinned to his own chest, he ran his hand across the soapy thighs, and around to the perfectly shaped buttocks, before running his finger between his cheeks. Slowly, he slid his finger into his lover's tight entrance. Carefully, he withdrew and inserted the digit, brushing Face's prostate each time.


Face moaned loudly when he felt the second finger enter his body. He wanted Hannibal in him so bad that he physically ached with need.  He was willing to take some pain to have his lover in him sooner.


Determined to speed the older man along, Face pushed his hips back into his lover's hand.  To his surprise, Hannibal tightened his hold on his chest, and stepped closer to him, preventing him from moving back again.


"Templeton let me do this my way," Hannibal whispered in his ear, his voice almost pleading.


Face froze, his heart leaping into his throat at the sound of the other man's voice.  Hannibal sounded desperate, almost scared. He had not heard this tone of voice since after their time in the camps.


It was a time when Hannibal had been almost terrified that he was going to hurt him when they made love. It had taken Face a long time to make Hannibal realize that he still wanted a physical relationship with him. That he was not afraid of the Colonel hurting him. That he still needed the sexual contact in their relationship. That he was not some fragile object that would be broken if touched.




"I need to know I'm not hurting you."


Face shuddered as Hannibal kissed his ear; there it was, words he had not heard in since they had escaped the POW camp.


He was about to ask his lover what exactly had happened last night, but was stopped when Hannibal began to scissor his fingers inside of him, causing him to moan again as a wave of pleasure overtook him


Once he was sure Face was stretched, Hannibal ran his now soapy fingers over his own member, getting it well lubricated before he penetrated his lover.


Bending Face over, he slowly and carefully inserted his penis into the man he loved. Once he was buried deep in the younger man's hot flesh, he pulled him back upright, wrapping his free hand around Face's member, stroking it, while still holding him tightly against his own chest.


If Face had any coherent thoughts left in his head, they all went out the door when Hannibal brushed against his prostate. He moaned again as he laid his head back against the older man's shoulder.


Taking the opportunity, Hannibal captured the Face's lips, kissing him as deeply as he could, considering the position he was in.


Face couldn't take anymore.   The feeling of Hannibal wedged deep inside of him, filling him completely; the soft yet masculine hands rubbing, stroking, and caressing him, Hannibal's mouth covering his, probing every part of it, was driving him over the edge with need. 


When he felt the younger man's body begin to tremble, Hannibal increased his pace, pushing Face over the edge, causing him to orgasm.


In response to his lover's reaction, Hannibal came inside of Face, shooting his seed deep into the blonde's body.  As Face collapsed against him, Hannibal wrapped his arm around his waist, supporting both their weight.


"Love you John," Face gasped as he leaned his head back against Hannibal's shoulder.


"Not half as much as I love you." Hannibal kissed him again, feeling at ease for the first time since last nights meeting.


They stayed it this position for several minutes before Face finally spoke.


"Hannibal, what happened last night?"


"I don't want to talk about it, not just yet."


"Alright, I can accept that for now," Face sighed. "So, as much as I would love to spend the rest of the day right here with you, the hot water heater is going to run dry, and I really don't want a cold shower after what we've just done."


"Good point, kid."


Slowly, Hannibal shifted his body so his now soft member came out of his lover. Turning Face around to face him, he ran his fingers through the wet, blonde hair.


"Get cleaned up, and I'll take us out for breakfast," with that, he kissed Face one more time.


He was just about to step out of the shower, when Face stopped him by putting his hands on each side of his face, forcing him to look into his lover's blue-green eyes.


Looking at Hannibal closely, he could now see the blood shot eyes, and the tired look in the older man's face.


"Your robe is in the closet next to mine, you have a clean change of underwear in the second drawer down."


"Face, I'm going to take us out…"


"You're going to go get in your robe. I'll fix us breakfast, you make the coffee."


"Yes sir, lieutenant sir." Hannibal laughed as he kissed the younger man again.


Shaking his head, Face slid back under the showerhead; he was just beginning to rinse off, when he noticed the temperature drop in the water.  Cursing softly to himself, he began to rinse off even quicker.


When he came out of the bathroom, he noticed that Hannibal had laid his robe and a clean pair of briefs on the bed for him. Sliding the underwear on and slipping into his robe, he headed into the kitchen.


He found Hannibal sitting in the kitchen, his back to the doorway, his head in his hands, and his broad shoulders hunched in defeat. His body language screamed fatigue.  Face had not seen his Colonel like this in a long time and it scared him.


The team relied heavily on the older man; they all counted on him to be strong and in control, to always have a plan. Sometimes, he felt that they all forgot that despite everything he said and did, Colonel John Smith was a human who had needs, feelings, and emotions of his own to deal with.


"You want to tell me what's the matter, before it eats you alive?" he asked softly, before putting his hands on the older man's shoulders. Making sure Hannibal knew it was him before he touched him.


"Nothing," Hannibal replied as he set up straight in his chair. "I was just thinking."


"Uh huh."  Face squeezed the shoulders under his hands, feeling the tension in them.


After several minutes, Face tried again.




"Sit down kid."


Moving a chair around, Face sat down directly in front of his lover; he was a little surprised when the Colonel took a hold of his hands. They sat this way for several minutes before the Hannibal finally spoke.


"There are times that I feel like I failed you."




"Please Tem, let me finish." Hannibal squeezed his hands.


As Face looked into the bright blue eyes, he could see the pain in the other man's face. Nodding his head, he waited for his lover to continue.


"There were times in the camp that I prayed to God that they would take someone, anyone else, but you.  I didn't give a damn who, as long as they left you alone.  I tried Tem, God how I tried to protect you…" Hannibal paused for a moment, afraid that his voice would break if he continued. "Then they would take you, and I could hear your screams.  I thought I would go insane waiting for them to bring you back."


Face stared at Hannibal in complete shock, he knew that the older man was upset, but he had not expected this.


"There was nothing you could have done. The enemy captured us, it was war, if it hadn't been for you, none of us would have made it out of that hellhole..."


"I should have kept you safe…"


"You kept me alive, you kept me sane."




"I was a grown man, I knew what I was getting into…"


"You were a child, and you had no idea what was going on. Hell kid, I knew you weren't twenty when I first saw you, and after the first night we spent together, I sure as hell knew you weren't even eighteen."


Face blushed as Hannibal's blue eyes bore into him.


"I should have sent your ass back to the states where you would have been safe, but I was selfish and kept you with me."


"I would have been dead by now if you had sent me back," Face stated, his voice flat, devoid of emotion. 


"Don't say that." Hannibal pulled Face to him so that the younger man was kneeling in front of him, eye-to-eye.


"Why?  It's true; if the streets didn't take my life, I would have done it myself.  I had nothing Hannibal, and I sure as hell didn't have anything to live for." Pulling his hands out of the older man's grip, Face placed them on each side of his lover's head, intertwining his fingers in the short silver hair.


"You saved my life John Smith, you gave me a home, a family." Leaning forward, he kissed Hannibal tenderly. "You gave me your love, and your heart. That is something that no one has ever given to me."


Tightening his grip in the silver hair, Face pulled Hannibal forward until their foreheads touched.


"And if you don't tell me what started this horrible little walk down memory lane, I'm going to kick your ass."


Smiling for the first time that morning, Hannibal pulled Face's hands from his hair and into a tight embrace.


"You can try kid."


They stayed like that for a few minutes before Face pulled out of his lover's grip. Standing up, he went to the coffee maker and poured each of them a cup, before taking his place back in the chair.


"All right Colonel, give."


Realizing that Face wasn't going to let it go, and not having the energy to fight him, Hannibal began.


"I met with Fuller last night. He owns a club and believes that some of his customers are being abducted. He believes that his partner was also abducted from the club."


"Sounds pretty straight forward."


"He owns a gay S&M sex club."


"What?"  Face sputtered, almost dropping his coffee.


"I went to the club last night to check it out," Hannibal paused to take a drink of his coffee. "I have never seen shit like I saw in that place. It wasn't right Tem. People treating each other that way." He shook his head as the image of the brown haired man reappeared in his minds eye.




Opening his eyes, he looked directly into a pair of concerned blue-green ones.  Taking a deep breath, he smiled at the younger man.


"Just thinking." He smiled, though it didn't reach his eyes.


"Care to share?"


"I'm thinking Fuller can take his case and shove it up his ass sideways."


"Hannibal, if the guy needs our help…"


"Let him go to the cops."


"Do you really think they would help him?"


"You know kid, I really don't give a crap; I don't want my team messed up in this."


"You don't want the team, or you don't want me in this?" Face asked, looking directly at him.


Hannibal sat back in his chair and looked away.


'Well, the cat is out of the bag now, isn't it,' Face thought as he continued to look at his lover, his anger suddenly flaring up. He was tired of being treated like some fragile object that would break at the slightest touch.


"I'm not a helpless child, Colonel."


Hannibal turned to look at the younger man, who was now giving him a hard stare.


"I didn't say you were Face."


"Then stop treating me like one, I can take care of myself."


"Look, I just don't want the team…" he stopped for a moment when Face cleared his throat. "I don't want you exposed to that type of environment."


"I know what sex is about Hannibal.  I seem to recall having it a few times during my life," he stated flatly.


Leaning farther back in his chair, Hannibal scrubbed his face with his hands.


"Why can't you just do what your told for once?" he asked as he looked back down at Face.


"Just what is that suppose to mean?" Face narrowed his eyes, his anger rising again.


"I asked you to drop this, and you still keep on going. When I tell you I don't want to talk about something, why can't you just leave it be?"


"Oh now that's rich coming from you.  Face, we need to talk; Face, don't shut me out; Face, tell me what you're feeling; Face …"


"I get your point," Hannibal growled.


"No, I don't think you do. Every time I have some small emotional problem, you want to have a therapy session. But you come to my house in the middle of the God forsaken night with some uncontrollable urge to hold me, and I'm just suppose to drop it."


"I'm sorry I troubled you, Lieutenant," Hannibal snapped as he rose from his chair.


"So now you're going to go all commander on me?" Face rose and moved to block the doorway.




"No." Face crossed his arms over his chest.


"I said move it, Lieutenant."




"Face, I'm warning you."


"Make me."


To Face's surprise, Hannibal shoved him hard, causing him to loose his balance and crash to the ground, hitting his head on the tiled kitchen floor. Stars danced across his field of vision as he tried to sit up, but before he could move, the older man was on top of him, pinning him to the ground.


Hannibal was suddenly livid. He had asked Face to let it go and leave him alone, but he just kept pushing him. Now he had the nerve to defy him, and tell him he wasn't going to move out of the way.


He shoved Face as hard as he could.  Before the younger man even hit the ground, he was on him, straddling his chest, his knees pinning Face's arms to the ground so he could grab hold of the blonde mane with one hand, and Face's jaw with the other, forcing the younger man to look up at him.


"You want to know what is the matter with me, you still want to know what is wrong!" Hannibal yelled in his face, anger filling his blue eyes. "I watched a man get gang raped. I sat back and watched as four men dragged him across a room, chained him to the floor, and raped him! And to top it all off, I didn't do a damn thing about it because Fulmer said that was what he liked."




"That bastard Fulmer cares more about his damn club than he does his own partner, yet I'm the prick!"




 "I came here to make sure you're safe, and I get grief from you because I don't want to expose you to that type of element," he continued to yell at Face as he tightened his grip on the younger man's jaw. "I'm the asshole for trying to keep you safe, for giving a damn about you…"


"John, you're hurting me."


Hannibal stopped dead, his words freezing in his throat as Face's words cut through his enraged mind.  He truly looked at Face since he knocked him to the floor. The blue-green eyes were wide with fear; a bruise was already beginning to form where he was clutching the younger man's jaw.


"Jesus," he whispered as he quickly let go of Face, before moving to get off of him.


How in the hell was he going to fix this, he thought as he looked into Face's wide eyes. All he had wanted to do was protect his lover, and now he had hurt him just because the kid had wanted to know what was wrong.


He wanted to pull Face into his arms, but he was not sure how he would react to his touch.


"You need to cut back on your One-A-Day for seniors," Face croaked out as he sat up, rubbing the back of his head where it had impacted with the floor, wincing when he came to the knot that was starting to rise. 


"I'm sorry kid."


"You better be."


Tentatively, he reached out to touch Face's cheek, feeling relieved when the blonde leaned into his touch, instead of flinching away.


"Would you feel better if I let you take a shot at me?"


"Sure, let me call BA." He tried to smile, but grimaced as pain streaked through his now bruised jaw.


Hannibal stood, reaching back for Face, pulling him to his feet.


"Come here so I can see what damage I've caused."  He sighed as he touched the bump on the back of Face's head.


"Oww stop." Face slapped his hand away as he made his way to the couch.


Five minutes later, Face was laying on the couch with his head in Hannibal's lap, the Colonel holding one ice pack on the back of his head, and another on his jaw where his lover's fingers had bruised his skin.




"You still want to take this case." Hannibal sighed knowing what Face was going to say, before it came out of his mouth.


"I know I wasn't there, but if people are disappearing and the cops won't help, then we need to do something."


"If we do this, we do things my way, no arguments from you."


"If I think you have a horrible plan, I will tell you about it."


"When have I ever had a horrible plan?" Hannibal chuckled when Face rolled his eyes. "Alright kid, I'll call BA in the morning, we'll go to the club together tomorrow night."


"Do you really think it would be wise to take BA to a place like that. If it's as bad as you say it is, I don't think he will be too happy to be there."


"I don't care if he likes it or not, I'm not taking you in that hell hole without him."


"What about Murdock? You want me to call him?"


"No, I don't want him involved in this case at all."



"No Face, not this time. Hell, I don't even want you involved, but I know if I don't, you'll just go on your own."


Face looked up at Hannibal, who only shook his head as he looked into the blue-green eyes.


"Don't give me that innocent look, I know you better than you think kid."


"Who me?"


"Yeah you." The older man laughed as he ruffled Face's hair.




"You want to go where?" BA looked at Hannibal in surprise.


"Look BA, I'm not happy about this either, but your Lieutenant wants to look into this."


"How can Face even think about going to a place like that?" BA asked quietly as he looked past the Colonel's shoulder to the bedroom door. 


Hannibal sighed deeply as he too glanced at their bedroom door where his lover was getting ready.


"The kid feels that if people are truly disappearing, then we need to help find them.  I agree with him."


"But?" BA looked his CO in the eyes.


"There was stuff going on in that place that I don't want him exposed to, but he's got his mind made up that we need to help."


"What about the fool, he going to meet us here?"


"I've talked to Face about this, and we've agreed that he's not going to be involved with this case."


"Hannibal, do you really think it's smart to go in a man down?"


"It's bad enough that Face is going to be exposed; I don't want Murdock to go through it too."


"He's going to be upset if he finds out."


"So lets not let him find out."


"Let who not find out what?" Face asked as he emerged from the bedroom.


"Look at you." BA whistled as he saw Face emerge from the couple's bedroom.


"Nice." Hannibal smiled as his lover walked toward him dressed in a black t-shirt and a pair of tight black leather pants. Reaching out, he wrapped his arms around Face's waist, and pulled him closer. "You know I don't remember ever seeing these before."


"This is what I got when I went out this afternoon. You like?"


"You can say that." Hannibal reached down to run his hand over Face's leather clad buttocks before gently squeezing them.


"You think that I'll fit in at the night club?"


"From what I saw, you're going to be overdressed." As Face tried to step back, Hannibal tightened his grip on him. "And I want you to stay that way. You stick close to me or BA."




"I'm not playing with you Face. I think you're in any physical danger, we pull out."


"We put ourselves in danger all the time…"


"Damn it Tem, listen to me, I worry about your physical well-being on every case we go on, but this… this is different. I don't want you having nightmares again."


Hannibal let go of Face's backside and cupped the blonde's face in his hands.


"I don't want you to relive things that you've been through in the past." Hannibal pulled Face to his chest so he could whisper into Face's ear. "Not while I can do something to prevent it."


Face tried to pull away, but Hannibal only tightened his grip, keeping him pinned to his chest. "I won't let it happen, Templeton," he growled in the blonde's ear.




Realizing what he was doing, Hannibal loosened his grip and pulled the blonde into a tight hug, forcing his head to his shoulder as he intertwined his fingers in the blonde hair. 


"I love you Tem."


Slowly Face wrapped his arms around his lover, and returned the embrace.


"And I love you John," he whispered into the Colonel's ear.


Face allowed Hannibal to hold him without protest. He knew his lover was hurting, and if he had to stand there all day to make him feel better, then so be it. After several minutes, Hannibal loosened his grip on Face's hair, but still held him to his body.


Hannibal took several deep breaths, taking in the smell of sunshine and expensive cologne that made up Face's unique scent.


"All right kid, lets do this."




Face thought he was prepared for The Club by all of Hannibal's warnings, but he was completely shocked when the elevator doors opened and he saw the depravity laid before him. Leather clad men leading naked men on leashes around the room, naked men tied to walls being whipped, men having sex on couches.


"We can leave right now Face, it won't bother me in the least," Hannibal's voice broke over the music.


"I can do this." Face smiled at him.


BA put his hand on Face's shoulder "I'm right behind you little brother."


Face nodded his head and smiled up at the big man.


"I think I'll go and check out the dance floor." Face flashed a quick smile at his lover, before stepping out of the elevator. Hannibal allowed Face to get a few feet away before he turned to BA.


"Don't let him out of your sight."


"No problem man."


Carefully, Face picked his way through the mass of men as he walked toward the dance floor. He had no intention on going out on the floor itself, but figured it was a safe place to take in his surroundings without being directly involved with what was going on around him.


Unfortunately, it didn't take long for him to be picked out by the predators.


"Hey sweetie, I don't think I've seen you here before." A tall red headed man strolled up to Face, wrapping his arm around Face's waist.


"No, this is my first time at this club." Face smiled as he tried to remove the other man's hands from his waist.


"See no one has claimed you yet." The man tightened his grip on Face.


"If you mean am I with someone, then yes, he's over there." Face nodded to Hannibal, who was now sitting at the bar scanning the room, hopefully looking for him.


"Well, he must not care too much about you if he doesn't claim you." Another man with brown hair grabbed Face from behind; wrapping his arms the back of him so that he was now pinned between the two of them.


"Look guys, I really should get over there to him, he's kind of the jealous type." 


"If he wants you, then he shouldn't have let you come out here on your own. Out here, you're free game sweetie." The man behind Face purred as he slid one of his hands down the front of Face's pants and began to grope him, while the redhead squeezed Face's buttocks.


"Let him go," a deep voice growled from behind Face.


"You want to join in, all you have to do is ask." The redhead stared up at the man who was standing just behind the brown haired man.


"Ain't joining you in nothing, man done told you he was with someone, now let him go."


"I suppose you're the someone he's here with," the brown-haired man sneered, knowing the blonde had already picked out the silver-haired man at the bar.


"No, I'm here to keep him out of trouble; now you suckers aren't trying to make my job harder are you?" BA asked as he laid his hand on the brown-headed man's shoulder, and squeezed.


"No, we were just going to see if he wanted to dance that's all; right Mike?"


Mike, the redheaded man, looked at the large black man standing behind his friend, and decided that maybe the blonde, no matter how good looking, wasn't worth the fight.


"Yeah, we were just going to see if he wanted to dance, but seeing how he doesn't want to, we'll just go find someone else."


"Good idea," BA growled as he moved to put his hand on Face's shoulder, while the two men moved off.  He was not at all surprised to feel the slight tremor under his hands.


"Come on little bro, lets go sit with the Colonel."


"Thanks BA." Face smiled at the big man.


"That's what I'm here for man."


Carefully, the two picked their way through the hordes of men as they headed toward the bar, BA's hand never once leaving Face's shoulder.


Once the two were seated at the bar, Hannibal looked Face over.


"You alright kid?"


"Could use a drink." Face smiled, though Hannibal noticed it did not reach his eyes.


"Drinks are on me." Hannibal reached over and squeezed Face's knee; he too noticed that Face was shaking.


Letting go of Face, the Colonel signaled the bartender over to them.


"Hey Mr. Smith, how you doing sweetie?  Oh God, and just look at this sweet thing you brought in with you. You are going to share this with me, aren't you?"


Jack smiled as he reached out and caressed Face arm; as soon as he touch the Lieutenant, BA grabbed the bartender's wrist.


"Don't touch," BA growled. 


"Jack, I need to talk to Fulmar."


"He's in his office.  I'll get him for you."


"You do that Jack." Hannibal smiled at him, a smile that was not friendly, but hinted of danger and violence.


"Sure Mr. Smith."


Jack rubbed his wrist where BA had squeezed it.


A few minutes later, Fulmar appeared behind the bar with Jack, the bartender, right behind him.


"I don't appreciate you hurting my employee Mr. Smith." Fulmar motioned toward Jack, who was still holding wrist.


"And I don't appreciate your employee touching my Lieutenant."


"Would you follow me to my office?" Fulmar motioned to the door at the end of the bar.


Once the group was inside the office and the door closed, Fulmar turned on Hannibal.


"We have certain rules at this club Mr. Smith.  If you don't want your Lieutenant touched, then put a leash on him." Fulmer picked up a leash with a leather collar at the end of it, and threw it to Hannibal. "We have certain guidelines lines here; men without collars, are free game for anyone who wants them.  With a collar and no leash, means that he is owned, but is available to play if his master approves. A collar and leash means that he is owned, and no one is to touch him.


"You've lost your mind, he's not a fucking animal," Hannibal snapped as he glared at the other man.


"If you put him on a leash, then everyone knows he belongs to you. No one will lay a hand on him."


"You sick man," BA growled as he put his hand on Face's shoulder, which he noticed was now visibly shaking. Without thinking twice, he put his other hand on the young blonde's shoulder and gently squeezed, letting Face know he was here for him.


"Hannibal I can't," Face whispered.


Hannibal turned to look at his lover; what he saw scared him. Face was now pale, his eyes wide with shock.


"How you doing kid?" Hannibal asked as he looked into Face's wide blue-green eyes.


"I'm going to have some really crappy dreams tonight." Face turned to look at his lover.


"Well, I suggest that you get use to it, because you're going to be wearing it for a long time."


Hannibal turned to yell at their client, when he noticed he was now holding a gun on him.


"What the hell is going on?" Hannibal snapped.


"It's real easy Mr. Smith. The person who took my partner, saw you're Lieutenant and is willing to give Matt back, if I give him your man. I'm sorry Mr. Smith, but I'll do anything to get him back. Now, if you will be so kind as to put the collar on him."


"Go to hell," Hannibal growled as he stepped in front of Face. "You're not going to touch him."


"Mr. Smith, I'm going to give you three seconds to do as you're told, then I'm going to shoot you."


"Hannibal…" Face reached out and touched his lover's shoulder.


"No, I will not let this happen."


"You don't have much choice Mr. Smith. Now move!"  Fulmar cocked the gun and pointed it at Hannibal's head.


"I'll go, just don't hurt him." Face stepped around Hannibal.


"Like hell you will."  The Colonel grabbed a hold of Face, preventing him from moving forward.


"You don't get it, do you Mr. Smith?  I will kill you if you don't put that collar on him now!" Fulmar snarled at Hannibal as he pushed the gun into the Colonel's face, making his first mistake.


As soon as Fulmar was in striking distance, Face grabbed a hold of the end of the gun's barrel, pointing it toward the ceiling.


Startled, Fulmar squeezed off a round, causing Face to cry out in pain as the hot end of the gun barrel burned his hand. Hannibal quickly moved in to wrestle the gun out of Fulmar's hand, while BA punched him in the side of the ribs, causing him to drop to the ground.


"Let me see your hand." Hannibal reached out for Face, who bit down on his lip and shook his head no.


"That's not a request Lieutenant," Hannibal warned as he grabbed Face's wrist, forcing the hand open.


"Damn," Hannibal swore as he noticed the blisters that were already appearing on Face's palm.


"It'll be alright." Face winced as Hannibal ran his finger across the burn.


"Till you have to use it."


"Mr. Smith, I'm sorry, I just…"

"Shut up sucker!"  BA stepped up to stand over Fulmer, who cringed back, but continued to beg.


"I didn't know what else to do.  He promised if I brought your Lieutenant to him, he would return Matt."


"Well, now I guess you're really screwed," Hannibal snapped as he turned to face the man on the floor. "Because we are out of here."


"Hannibal, we can't just walk out if we can help…"


"Like hell we can't!" Hannibal growled as he continued to stare at Fulmer.


"What would you do if it was me that was missing?" Face asked softly as he put his hand on Hannibal's arm.


Closing his eyes, Hannibal took a deep breath, but did not answer Face; he didn't need to, Face already knew the answer to that question.


"I won't risk you," he said instead.


"What exactly does this guy know about me?" Face asked as he moved so he could look down at the man on the floor.


"He called just before Jack came in to get me.  He said that he saw you on the dance floor, and will trade you for Matt."


"If he called just now, then that means that he is here in the club," Face responded. 


"Then that means when we leave, you stick close to me or BA."  Hannibal grabbed Face by the elbow and turned him toward the door.


"You mean you're not going to help?"




"Hannibal, I can't believe that you're just going to turn your back…"


"And I can't believe that you would want to go through with this after the shit he just pulled."


"I trust you to keep me safe, John." Face looked directly into his lover's beautiful blue eyes.


"Damn it Tem, I still don't like this."


"You don't have to like it; we just have to find the missing people."


"You have a plan kid, because I'm so pissed right now all I want to do is kick this guys ass."


"Yeah, I have a plan, but you're not going to like it."


"Why should it be different from anything else on this case?" Hannibal muttered sarcastically. 


Several minutes later, the three team members were ready.  All three were silently praying that Face's plan would work. If it didn't, they all knew that Face would be in a world of trouble.


"All right Fulmer, call the guy," Hannibal ordered as he put his hand on Face's shoulder.


Carefully, Fulmer called the phone number that the man had given him to call when he had Face under his control.


"Put it on speaker," Hannibal demanded.


On the third ring, a man's voice answered.


"You got what I want Fulmer?"


"If you wanted a gun to his head, then yeah he's got what you want."


"Who is this?" the voice demanded.


"My names Smith, and I don't appreciate people trying to take what is mine."


"I don't think I know you, Mr. Smith."


"I own the blonde you seem to think you can take."


"I'm sorry Mr. Smith, I didn't think he belonged to anyone since he didn't have a collar."


"Well, he does, and I don't share him with anyone, but that's not why I had Fulmer call you.  I want to talk with you about acquiring another pet.  If you're interested in helping me find one, then meet me in Fulmer's office. If not, then we'll call our business done; but let me warn you now, you attempt to take my property again, and I'll kill you," with that, Hannibal cut the phone connection.  


"Your acting skills are improving Hannibal." Face laughed softly as he touched his lover's arm.


"Who said I was acting?" Hannibal looked dead at Face, his eyes cold and hard.


A few minutes later, there was a knock on the office door, and the redheaded man who had pawed Face earlier, stepped in.


As he entered the room, the redhead noticed a large black man standing behind Fulmer. A silver-haired man was sitting in a chair, with the blonde kneeling on the floor beside him. The silver haired man was stroking the blonde's hair as if he were an animal.


"Mr. Smith, I presume."


"And you are?"




"Mike, as I stated, I'm interested in acquiring another pet," Hannibal got right to business as he continued to stroke Face's hair.


"May I ask, Mr. Smith, why you would want another "pet", when you have something as beautiful as that one?" The redhead pointed to Face.


"Because over the years, he has become more of a companion, something special to me." Hannibal smiled down at Face as he stroked his cheek. "However, over the last few months, I have grown interested in doing new things. Things that I do not wish to do to him."


"I don't understand, Mr. Smith."


"As I stated Mike, I have had him for years, since he was a teen to be exact. We had our rough times when I first acquired him." Hannibal cupped Face's chin in his hand and forced him to look up at him. "He was very stubborn and independent, very stubborn," Hannibal sighed, "but we broke you of that problem, didn't we?"


"Yes sir," Face responded weakly before the Colonel let go of him.


"Now, he does as I say, when I say it.  It's taken years to get him trained the way I want him. I cannot just punish him, just because I feel the need to inflict pain on something.  He would never understand why I chose to punish him.  I do not want to lose years of training for a few minutes of pleasure." 


"May I ask why you didn't collar him when you came into the club?  Such a beautiful thing is very tempting to take." The redhead licked his lips as he looked at Face.


"Because he knows who owns him, and what will happen if he does something that displeases me."  Hannibal twisted his fingers in the soft blonde hair, and pulled Face's head up to look at him again.  "Don't you?"


"Yes sir," Face whispered.


"Such a good boy." Hannibal leaned over and kissed Face firmly on the lips.


"There are still others who would take him from you." Mike smiled as he looked at Face, a hungry gleam in his eyes.


"And that would cost them their life."  Hannibal motioned to BA with his head. "You see, his job is to take care of my property, and keep it safe."


Mike took his eyes off of the blonde on his knees; to look up at the big black man, who was now pounding one of his ring covered hands into the other. 


"So you're looking for an untrained slave?"




"So why don't you just pick someone out of the club?  There are plenty of people who would gladly go with you."


"Because I don't like to share with others," Hannibal stated flatly as he ran his hand over Face's cheek. "Now can you help me, or not."


"What about Fulmer's slave?"


"What about him?"


"I just figured that you were going to want to help get Fulmer's slave back."


"I don't give a crap about Fulmer's problems. The only reason that you are here is that you tried to take something that I care about from me. Now, can you help me with what I want, or are you wasting my time?"


"I'm sorry Mr. Smith, but I don't think I can help you."


"Fine." Hannibal rose from the chair; instantly Face came to his feet to stand behind the Colonel. "BA."




"Show Mike here why you don't touch what belongs to me," Hannibal stated flatly as he started toward the door with Face a step behind him.


"Yes sir."


Mike watched in horror as an evil smile crossed the black man's lips. Before he could react, he was grabbed by the front and was staring eye-to-eye with the big man.


"Wait Mr. Smith, maybe I can help you after all!" the redhead shouted as BA drew his fist back to punch him in the face.


Hannibal stopped just before he reached the door.


"I'm not a patient man Mike, so don't waste my time."


"I know a group of people who can get you anything you want, all you have to do is tell them what you're looking for. You just pick out what you want.  They have everything Mr. Smith, and if they don't, all you have to do is point what you want out, and in a few days they'll get it.  I can take you there tonight."


"Is this what you were going to do with my property?" Hannibal snapped, and before Mike knew what was happening, he was being held up against the wall by the silver-haired man. "You were going to take him and sell him? Is that what you're telling me?"


"No sir, no, I saw him in the club and wanted to …" Mike stopped suddenly as he watched the rage build in the blue eyes.


"To what Mike?' the man's voice was so low and dangerous it made Mike shudder.


"To be with him," Mike squeaked out.


The blow that hit him in the face made his head rock back.


"Don't lie to me Mike. I hate a liar just as much as I hate a thief." Hannibal grabbed Mike by the jaw and forced him to look him straight in the eyes.


"What were you going to do to my property?" 


 "I wanted to make love to…"


The next blow that hit him made Mike see stars.


"Last chance, what were you going to do to him?"


Mike swallowed hard, he knew it would piss this man off if he lied again, but he was just as afraid to tell him the truth.


"Tell me Mike!" Hannibal snarled at him.


"I was going to rape him.  I was going to take him back to my place, and rape him."


 To Mike's surprise, the silver-haired man let him go.


"Contact your people Mike."


"You're not going to beat me up?"


"No Mike, I'm not going to beat you."


Mike sighed in relief.


"If you don't come through on you promise for a new slave; I'll make you wish you were dead," Hannibal stated as he took his seat once again in the chair. As soon as he was seated, Face moved to kneel down beside him.


Mike watched as the blonde knelt down beside the older man. As soon as the smaller man was on his knees, the silver-haired man began to run his fingers through the blonde's hair.


"I'm waiting Mike."


"Alright Mr. Smith, I'll take you there."


A few minutes later, the four men walked out of the nightclub and across the street to the parking lot.


"If you like, Mr. Smith, we can take my car." Mike pointed over to the new BMW.


"We will follow you," Hannibal stated as he walked over to stand by the black stretch limousine that Face had scammed earlier that morning.


BA quickly moved to open the door for the Colonel. Once Hannibal was seated, Face moved to sit down on the floor at his feet.


The redhead watched in amazement when Mr. Smith snapped his fingers, and pointed to the space next to him. The blonde quickly scrambled to his feet and moved to sit beside the older man.


"You've been good tonight." Hannibal cupped Face's chin in his hand so that he was looking directly at him. "My gift to you for the things others have tried to force on you." He kissed the blonde softly before turning his attention back to Mike, who was still staring at him in disbelief.


"He's not allowed on furniture, unless I permit it," Hannibal explained. "Now Mike, are we going, or are you going to waste more of my time?"


"No sir."


Before Mike could say another word, BA shut the door, cutting off any more conversation with Hannibal. As Mike tried to step away, BA grabbed a hold of him.


"Don't piss him off man. You piss him off; he'll take it out on me, and that boy in the back. I ain't taken no ass chewing for you." Tightening his grip on the redhead, he pulled the man so that they were eye-to-eye. "And that boy gets a beaten, I'll make you regret it. You understand me sucka?" BA threatened.


"I understand."


BA smiled to himself as he felt the other man tremble in his grip.


"Good," with that, BA shoved the man backwards as he climbed into the limo.


As soon as the redhead was away from the limo, BA dropped the barrier that divided the passenger and driver's compartments.


"Now what Hannibal?"


Hannibal sighed as he looked over at Face.


"I guess that you still want to go through with this?"


"No, I don't want to, but I know that if we don't, I won't be able to look at myself in the mirror. I also know that you won't be able to live with yourself if you don't try and help these people."


Hannibal leaned back in the seat, and scrubbed his face with his hands. God he felt tired, all he wanted to do was go home and hold Face. He couldn't stand treating his lover this way, even if it was just an act. Face was the person he loved more than anything in the world; he was not some object or piece of property.


"I'm afraid that you're going to be hurt," Hannibal whispered. 


"I trust you John." Face reached over to touch the older man's cheek.


"It's not me that I'm worried about kid." 


"You want to drop this case now?"


"Yes, but you're right, if we don't try and help these people, I'll hate myself for it later. All right, if were going to do this, I want some type of code word to abort this. Any ideas gentleman?"


"I say that we just use our own names. Since me and BA are limited to calling you sir, I say that we just call you Hannibal."


"And for the two of you, Face and Bosco?"


"Keeps it simple."




"Good for me man."


 "With that said, I want to keep this neat and clean. We go in and get the evidence we need, then hand it over to the authorities. I want us in and out of there."


"What about Fulmer's lover?"


"If we try and take any of them out, these guys will know something is up and disappear. As much as I'd like to set these people free, it may not be a choice tonight."


"Hannibal, he's stopping," BA pointed out as he watched the BMW pull into an old warehouse parking lot. 


"Alright, everyone back into character"


As soon as the divider went back up, Hannibal pulled Face into a tight embrace, kissing him tenderly on the lips.


"I don't know what I'm going to have to say or do to convince these people that I'm what I say I am, but I want you to know this right now, I love you Templeton Peck, and I would never treat you like this."


"I know John." Face returned the kiss. "I know."


Once the cars pulled to a complete stop, Mike got out of his BMW and made his way back to the limousine.  Before he got to the limo, BA got out and moved to the back to open the limo door.


As the door opened, Hannibal looked up at the redhead, but made no move to get out.


"I take it these people know I am here, and there will be no surprises?"


"Yes Mr. Smith, they know that we are coming. If you will follow me, I'll take you in."


Hannibal climbed out of the limo.  As soon as he was clear of the door, Face moved to stand just behind him.


"Your man and pet can stay here if you like."


"He comes with me everywhere." Hannibal motioned toward Face. "And where my property goes, so does he. I would hate to have someone think that they could touch what doesn't belong to them."


"I understand completely Mr. Smith." Mike swallowed the lump in his throat.


"I'm sure you do; now shall we go?"


The four men entered the building, Mike in the lead. The men passed through three security doors until they came to a freight elevator. There, they went down to the basement of the building, where a tall slim man with coal black hair met them.


"Mr. Smith." The man extended his hand to Hannibal.


"Yes, and you would be?"


"You may call me Mr. Black." The other man smiled. "Mike tells me that you are looking for a new slave."


How original on the name, Hannibal thought as he smiled back.




"Well, if you will follow me to my office, we shall look over what I have available.  Mike, you are dismissed."


"Yes sir." The redhead bowed his head and went back the way they had come.


"He yours?" Hannibal asked as he followed Black down the hallway and into a well-decorated office.


"Lord no, I would never have a slave that untrained. Though, it is funny, he thinks he's a master, and his owner allows him to believe it."


"Sad." Hannibal shook his head as he took the chair that Black offered to him.


"Really, why do you say that Mr. Smith?" Black asked, though he was now watching the blonde, who had moved to kneel by Smith's right side.


"Because people should know their place in this world," Hannibal stated as he looked down at Face. "Sit," he commanded Face, who immediately shifted his position so that he was sitting flat on the floor, instead of sitting on his knees.


"Interesting concept Mr. Smith."


"It's not a concept, it's a way of life. You either are a master, or you are property.  There is no in between."


"Not everyone is able to do that in the real world sir."


"As I said, you are, or you aren't."


Black sat back at his desk for a few moments and pondered over the silver haired man's words, all the time his eyes were on Face, who was looking straight ahead as if he was the only one in the room.


"You have a very amazing creature beside you.  How long have you had him Mr. Smith?"


"Since before he was old enough to give legal consent." Hannibal smiled at the man behind the desk.


"How long?" Mr. Black asked as he moved closer to study Face.


"He's been with me for many years."  Hannibal answered evasively


"His age?"


"I believe him to be twenty-two, but there is no way to know for sure. Though, I honestly think he is younger, I found him on the street and he didn't know his exact age." 


"Would you mind?"  Black asked as he bent down to look at Face as if he was some rare object.


Face automatically looked up at Hannibal, fear starting to show on his face.


"What are you asking permission for Mr. Black?  Because I'm more than certain that Mike explained my feelings about my property being messed with."


"I just want to look at him without his clothes, so I can see just how beautiful he really is."


"The shirt, nothing more, and you are not to touch him," Hannibal added quickly as he watched the panic rise on his lover's face.


"Agreed." Black quickly moved to stand in front of Face, who was sitting on the floor.


"Remove it and kneel," Hannibal commanded Face.


Face rose to his knees, bowed his head, and removed his shirt; he folded it before handing it to Hannibal.


Black slowly circled Face, Hannibal could tell that the other man wanted to touch his young lover so bad it was killing him.


"He is beautiful Mr. Smith; I envy you for having such a fine creature. Though, I must know, what are the thin scars on his back from?" he asked as his fingers hovered just above the skin on Face's back.


Hannibal wanted to tell Black it was from some sadistic General that had almost cost Face his life, just so that Black, and people like him, could sit their perverted ass home here in the states.


Sensing that he was about to be touched, Face turned his head to look at Hannibal for support. When he found that Hannibal was looking at Black and not him, Face risked "punishment".


"Sir?" the voice was so small and meek that Hannibal instantly snapped out of his own thoughts.


Hannibal was trying to come up with a good lie, when he heard Face's voice; instantly bringing him back to what was going on in front of him. 


"Don't touch him!" Hannibal barked as Black lowered his fingers closer to the back of Face's neck.


Once he had moved back, away from Face, Black looked at Hannibal in shock. Hannibal turned his angry glare toward the blonde, making the younger man drop his head. 


"He got them for not keeping his mouth shut!" Hannibal snapped as he slapped his lover across the face, his mind instantly coming up with the lie.  Okay, so maybe that wasn't quite a lie; if Face hadn't taunted the guards to keep them from taking Murdock, he might not have been beat so bad. 


BA looked over at Hannibal in total disbelief; he could not believe that the Colonel had just hit Face. He had seen the two men get into arguments; he had even seen the two of them stand toe-to-toe, screaming in each other's face. There had even been times in Nam when Hannibal had shoved the smaller man down to get something into the Lieutenant's thick head, but he had never, ever seen Hannibal physically hit Face.  


As he looked over at Face, he noticed how small the younger man had made himself. He was back to kneeling with his head hung, not making eye contact with anything but the floor. BA wanted to go over and hug his young friend, and tell him that everything would be all right. That he would protect him, and if anyone, including Hannibal, laid a hand on him again, they would be eating through a straw for a month.  Instead, he held his anger back, and hoped that Hannibal would do something to set things back to right.


Hannibal looked down at Face, who now had his head hung so low that all he could see was the top of the blonde head. He wanted nothing more right now than to pull him into his arms and apologize, to beg him for forgiveness. 


"Really?  He seems so submissive." Black broke through Hannibal's thoughts as he moved to stand back in front of Face.  Oh how he longed to reach out and make the other man look at him. He wanted to see the scared, defeated look in the other man's eyes.  He had seen slaves like this before, but never this submissive without their bodies being covered in scars.


"When I first acquired him, he had a very free spirit and free will. It took me almost two years to make him into what you see now."


"Two years?" Black looked at Hannibal in amazement.


"I damn near killed him the last time he tried to defy me.  I beat him to the point that he couldn't move; I truly thought that he was going to die on me."


"How well does he behave?"


"It's been eight years since I've had to severely discipline him.  Apart from the occasional misguided attempts at reclaiming his free spirit, he's a submissive little piece of property.  After that last session, where I scarred him, I have had no problems. And I don't believe I ever will, will I?"   


"No sir," Face answered, still looking at the floor.

"You know your place, don't you?"


"Yes sir"


"Look at me," Hannibal commanded.


As Face looked at him, Hannibal's heart broke; he could see the red print of his hand forming on Face's cheek. Quickly he searched his lover's eyes for any more signs of the fear he knew Face was feeling.  He was going to give Face the chance to pull out of this case right here and now if he needed.


Face wanted to say Hannibal's name so bad at this moment that he had to bite his tongue to keep it from spilling forth.  He wanted to go home, he didn't like the way he was being treated.  He had been property before.  He hadn't liked it then, when he'd had no choice, and he hated it even more now, but he knew that he had to keep going.  He had to try and help the other people that had been taken from the nightclub.  At least he had Hannibal and BA to keep him safe, the others that had been kidnapped, didn't have that.


Seeing that Face was not going to call an end to the case, Hannibal continued.


"Will I ever have any problems from you again?"


"No sir." Face shook his head.


"Are you finished Mr. Black?" Hannibal asked, still not taking his eyes off Face.


"Yes, since you wont allow me to touch." Black smiled hoping the older man might change his mind.


"Get dressed, then sit." Hannibal handed Face's shirt back to him.


"He is remarkable," Black commented as he watched Face slide the t-shirt back over his body, covering the tan chest. "May I ask his rules?"


"He is not to speak, unless I ask him a question.  He does not eat, nor is he allowed on furniture, unless he is given permission.  I am the only one that can give him that permission.  But most important, he is not allowed to have any physical contact with another human being. He is mine, Mr. Black, and I do not share him."


Reaching down, Hannibal grabbed a hold of Face's hair and pulled it back so that Face was forced to look up at him.


"Who do you belong to boy?" Hannibal growled at him.


"You sir," Face answered without blinking an eye.


"What punishments do you use on him?" Black asked, a gleam appearing in his eye as he watched the blonde's head being forced up.


"I don't have problems with discipline.  He does as he is told, because he knows that if he defies me, I'll make him wish he was dead." Hannibal released Face's hair, then began to sooth it back into place.


"But if you were to have an infraction of your rules, what would be the punishment?"


Hannibal looked at the man as he stared down at Face.


'Oh God, he's getting excited,' Hannibal almost moaned when he noticed that Black was rubbing his crotch.


"How I decided to punish him is between me, and my property."  Leaning over a little more, Hannibal moved his hand so it rested on the back of Face's neck. He hoped that it would give Face some comfort. "Now Mr. Black, the night is getting along; can you help me or not."


"Mike told me you were interested in purchasing another slave."




"He told me a little about you not wanting to hurt this one, I don't understand.  Could you please explain exactly what you are looking for?"


'Okay Smith, don't blow it,'" Hannibal thought as he pulled a cigar out of his pocket.  Before he could reach down for his lighter, Face was already kneeling up in front of him with his own lighter out, the flame burning just inches away from the end of the cigar.


It took almost all of Hannibal's will power not to say, "Thanks kid."


Hannibal watched Face put the lighter back into his pocket, then settle back down on the floor beside him.


"As you can see Mr. Black, he is perfectly trained.  In fact, he is too well trained to do what I want to do.  I'm looking for something that will give me a challenge; his years of fighting me are long gone."


"You wouldn't be interested in selling him, or trading him for another, would you?" Black asked as he stared down at Face.




Black looked up at the silver-haired man; never in his life had he heard such level of conviction in another person's voice.


"No," Hannibal toned his voice down. "He is just the way I want him, he has become my constant companion; I would not trade him for anything. And, there lies my problem. I cannot do what I want to do without physically and mentally hurting him. If he was still young and untrained, I would have no problem whipping him, or raping him."


Hannibal paused for a moment as he felt a shudder run through Face's body. 


"But he has done nothing, nor will he do anything, to deserve that kind of treatment."


"Honestly Mr. Smith, he is your slave, I don't see where there is a problem."


"That is where we differ Mr. Black. I do not see the fun in kicking something that won't fight back." Hannibal looked down at Face, who was staring straight ahead.


"Kid," he called out softly.


Face turned to look up at Hannibal, who took his hand off of the back of Face's neck, and moved it so it was resting against Face's cheek.


Black watched as the younger man moved into the older man's hand, rubbing his head against the hand so that it was caressing his cheek. 


"You're sure you wouldn't consider selling him Mr. Smith?" Black asked again as he watched the slave move so that his head was now resting on his owner's leg.  Smith had now moved his hand so that he was stroking the blonde hair, while the younger man was looking up at his owner.


"Whom do you belong to?" Hannibal asked softly as he looked down at Face.


"You sir," Face responded looking up at his lover's blue eyes.


Hannibal could easily tell that this was not play; Face meant these words with all of his heart.


"Would you want to be owned by anyone else?"


"No sir," Face whispered as he leaned farther into Hannibal's touch.


"I believe you have your answer Mr. Black."


Black signed deeply; he watched the young blonde for a few more minutes. He would kill to have a slave as beautiful and as tame as the one kneeling in front of the silver-haired man.  Maybe if he played his cards right, he could still have him.


"Mr. Smith, if you will follow me, I'll show you what we have here at the warehouse."


Hannibal stroked Face's hair one last time, before rising to his feet.  The minute he was standing, Face rose to stand behind him, and BA quickly moved to stand behind Face.


"Shall we?"


Black opened the door to the office, and escorted the three men down a long hall.  They went down another service elevator to the sub basement of the building. As soon as the doors opened, Black flipped the lights on. What they saw made Hannibal sick to his stomach, BA angry, and Face panic.


There, chained to the walls, were two men.  Both men were naked, gagged, their eyes blindfolded, and their body's covered in whip marks.  As Black approached he made a lot of noise, alerting the men of his presence. When the two heard the noise they tried to crawl away, only to be stopped by their chains.


"What's he doing to them?" BA whispered.


Face knew what Black was doing; he knew that Black was depriving these men of their senses, keeping them in the dark and scared of what was happening, never knowing when or where the next blow would come. He had experienced all of this not that long ago as a POW in Viet Nam.


They would drag him from the cage, beat, and rape him, then tie his hands behind his back so when he was fed, he was either dependent on his captors, or forced to eat like an animal. They would also bind his legs and blindfold him before throwing him into the box for weeks at a time.


There were times when he thought that he would break and just give up. He would want to talk to someone so bad, he didn't care what the Viet Cong did to him, as long as he could just hear another human voice, to feel some type of human contact.


They had never broke him though, through the grace of God they would always throw him back in the cage with the team, right into Hannibal's waiting arms.


Black walked over to the brunette haired man, roughly pulled the blindfold off, and grabbed him by the hair, forcing him to look up at Hannibal.


"What do you think of this one Mr. Smith, or do you prefer blondes?" Black smiled at Face as he released the brunette, and walked over to a chained blonde, forcing his head up by the hair and removing the blindfold.


"Yes, I think this is a nice choice, in fact he almost looks like your boy." Black ran his hands over the blonde's check before smacking it hard. "If you are interested, I could have one of them brought to a private room where you could try him out.  Maybe have your slave and this one together. That would be a nice display, don't you think Mr. Smith."


"Yes, Mr. Black, it would, except I have already told you, I don't share him," Hannibal stated as he turned back to look at Face, who he noticed was now a sickly shade of pale, sweat glistened his forehead, and there was a faraway look in his eyes that he had not seen in quite some time.


"Would you like to have a go with one of them?" Black was asking, pulling Hannibal's attention back to the sadistic bastard.


Before Hannibal could answer, BA spoke up.


"Mr. Smith, I don't mean to interrupt you sir, but I think he is getting sick." BA motioned to Face, who was now visibly shaking.


Hannibal walked over to Face, and put his hand on Face's cheek; he could feel how clammy the younger man felt under his hand, and cursed under his breath.


"I'm sorry about this Mr. Black, but I haven't fed him tonight and his blood sugar is getting low.  I'm going to need to take him home."


"If you like Mr. Smith, your man can take your slave back to my office. There is juice in the mini bar."


Hannibal looked at Face closely, he could tell that his lover was becoming physically ill by what he was seeing, and he needed to get him out.


"I'll be done in a few minutes, then we'll go home and you can stretch out in the bed. You've been very good tonight," Hannibal stated so Black could hear him.


Face looked up at Hannibal and tried to smile, but he just couldn't pull it off as the memories of his time in the POW camp began to push through the barriers he had created to keep them at bay.


"Kid?" Hannibal put his other hand on Face's neck, and forced him to look him directly in the eyes.


"I can't John," Face whispered so softly that only his lover could hear.


"It's alright Face, were going home," Hannibal whispered to him, before turning to look at BA.


"Bosco, take him out to the car. I'll be there in just a minute." 


Face was about to protest, when he felt a hand clamp down on his shoulder, turning him toward the door.


"Don't go getting yourself in trouble by opening your mouth; man said you going to the car, then you're going to the car," BA stated before Face could make the mistake and get hit again.


Once they were outside, Face took several deep breaths trying to help get his emotions back under control.  If he closed his eyes, he could see the NVA binding him and tossing him into the box.  He could feel the bugs crawling over him; he could smell the stench of his own sweat and urine…


BA watched as Face's eyes began to glaze over with the far away look he sometimes got just before a flashback would hit him. He knew he had to do something, and quick.


"Face!  Snap out of it!  Come on little brother, stay with me." BA reached over and shook Face, trying to get through to him.




"Yeah, you alright man?"


"I will be just as soon as I get the hell out of here. I don't know what the hell I was thinking, Hannibal warned me that it was going to be like this, but I never imagined…"


"You trying to help people, that's what you try'n to do. Don't no one blame you if you can't look at people treat'n each other that way. Don't understand why we can't just bust those two loose and be done with it."


"Because if we do then all we'll do is save these two." Face shuddered as he came to the conclusion that he would most likely have to come back to this place to find more evidence against Black and his men.





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