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An Alternative Valentine's

An Alternative Valentine's

Author: Therm


Rated: G

Disclaimer: I don't own Face or Murdock. There, you happy now!

Summary: Face gives Murdock a gift to celebrate a special occasion.

Warnings: Can be seen as slashy or just friendship.

Note: In honour of Valentine's Day! For all the people who aren't out on dates and for the people who make it special in a different way. This is for Mel. X



An Alternative Valentine's



"Here." Face said, as he stood behind Murdock, placing a small gift on the table in front of the pilot.


Murdock eyed the package and then turned to look at Face. "What's this. It's not my birthday."


Face reddened a little. "I know."


Murdock turned back to the parcel. "So what is it?"


"Just open it, will you?" Face said.


Slowly and carefully, he unwrapped the gift. Inside there was a small red teddy bear.

Murdock smiled and pulled the stuffed bear out of the box.

He looked back up at Face. "What's this for?"


"Valentine's Day." Face said.


Murdock frowned a little. "Valentine's Day? Isn't that a day for...."


"Couples?" Face finished for him.


"Well, yeah."


"It's about the people who mean the most to you."


Murdock turned back around from Face, looking at his gift again. "Face, you didn't have to."


"I wanted to. I know sometimes when we're on missions I can be kinda short with you and I don't mean it."


"I know." Murdock said.


There was silence between them for a moment before Murdock spoke again.


" I didn't buy you anything."


"It's okay, it was spur of the moment."


"But I wanna make it up to you." Murdock said, this time he turned around in the chair so he could see Face easily.


Face smiled. "You don't need to. It's one I owe you."

Face placed a hand on Murdock shoulder and winked at him, before he walked.

He still had a couple more gifts to deliver.



The End


An Alternative Valentine's by Therm



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