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Decade of Lies

Decade of Lies

By  Leath


Rating: PG13

Summary: No Summary, sorry. Nothing. If I say anything now, I will blow the story.

Warning: If you are a Frankie or Stockwell fan, don't read this. You are not going to like it! One, Stockwell is a snake to me and is a big one in this, and two, Frankie isn't in the story at all! 



Chapter One


"Come on, Temp! Wake up," Face thought to himself as he lie in his bed. He really couldn't tell what time of day it was. He just couldn't get his mind to work. He finally managed to pull himself out of bed and slowly made his way to the bathroom. He found the closet first. It happened now and then. He'd moved so many times in the last ten years that rooms started to run into each other. It made moving around in the mornings hard to do, especially at times like these. Face was wondering what he'd drunk the night before that made him feel like this today. He had to have drunk something, because only hangovers made him feel like this. When he did remember whatever it had been, he wasn't ever going to have it again.


Face finally made it to the sink, bent over and splashed water in his face several times, finally forcing his mind to work again. He reached for a towel and slowly dried his face. The moment he got a good look in the mirror, he stopped dead in his tracks. Face was looking at his reflection; at least, it looked like him, except for one little thing. He had gray hair. Face slowly raised his hand and picked up one of the hairs.


"Where did you come from?" Face asked the hair. His eyes narrowed suspiciously. "Okay, guys, joke's over! You had your fun, but enough is enough," Face yelled out the door. He stepped out and actually looked at his room, definitely not like one he would stay in. It looked like one of the rooms at the VA. In fact, it even smelled like the VA.


"Okay, Murdock, you win. You got me! Now where are you?" Face said, looking around for his friend, but he was nowhere in sight.


A face appeared in the small window in the door and said, "Look who is up and talking to himself today? Did you lose your friends?"


Face turned and spotted the man smiling at him. Face smiled back and said, "I guess you're wondering what I'm doing here."


The man laughed at him. "No, I'm not wondering, Lt. Peck. You belong here."


Face's stomach turned to stone. This guy called him Lt. Peck. "No, I don't belong here. I was visiting Mr. Murdock. He jumped me and escaped. As for Lt. Peck, I have no idea who he is."


This made his visitor laugh at him even more. Face didn't like how the guy was laughing at him. "What's so funny?"


"You!" he said, and started walking away.


Face ran to the door, calling out. "Get back here and let me out! I don't belong here."


"Tell the doctor that. He will be in soon to see you," the man said, and he was gone.


Face backed up, looked around the room and shook his head. "What the hell is going on here?" he asked himself and he started to check out the room. Beside the bed, there was a small table with cards and flowers covering it. He found one of the cards and read it.


"Happy Birthday, Face! Hope you are feeling better. You are in our prayers. Tawnia and Brian." Face put down the card and looked at the table. There were cards from Amy and BA's mother. Not only birthday cards, but Christmas cards and Easter cards as well. On the desk lay more cards.


Face was standing there, trying to figure things out, when he heard the key turn in the door. His visitor, who he know saw was an orderly, had returned with another man.


"I don't need you," the new man said to the orderly, who turned around and left.


The man walked into the room and took a seat in the chair by the door. "Good afternoon. How are you feeling?"


"Fine," Face snapped, eyeing the man cautiously.


"Do you remember me today, or have you forgotten everything again?" the man said.


"Forgotten what?" Face asked.


The man sighed and looked at Face very sadly. "I though we were finally getting somewhere." The man sighed again, then looked at Face and introduced himself. "I'm Dr. Stockwell, Lt. Peck."


"Um, that's the thing. You keep on calling me 'Lt. Peck', and I'm not that man. I don't know who he is or where Mr. Murdock is, but I was here just to sell him insurance."


The doctor smiled at him. "Oh, we've gone back that far, have we? Let me guess - you think this is Mr. Murdock's room."


"Yeah," Face said.


"Why are there cards with your name on them, then?" Dr. Stockwell asked Face.


Face couldn't answer. He couldn't answer a lot of things right now. He just stood there, dumbly.


Dr. Stockwell sat back and placed his hands on his lap. "Templeton, please sit down."


Face didn't move.


Dr. Stockwell looked like he was about to say something when a commotion at the door caught his attention. He turned around just as a figure forced his way past the orderly into the room. Face looked up to see Colonel Decker standing there, staring at him. "Great!" Face thought to himself, but said, "Figures that you were behind this."


"Well, you remember me today?"  Decker said.


"What do you mean, 'today'? I can't forget you, Colonel!" Face snapped.


Decker ran a figure over the star on his shoulder. "It five years, Peck, since I was a colonel!"


Dr. Stockwell stood up and said in a warning tone. "General!"


Decker turned and glared at the man. "Oh, let me guess. He doesn't remember anything! Why am I not surprised?" Decker turned back and pointed at Face. "He is faking this. How many times do I have to tell you that, Doctor? Peck is conman. He lies for a living. He wants to stay here because he knows what I will do to him when I get him behind bars!"


Face stood there, still very confused. Decker, a general? And what was he talking about, faking it? Faking what?


Decker glared at Face and grabbed him by the collar. "You want to hear me say it again?" Decker yelled. "Fine, here it is! I made general, Peck, when I captured the A-Team. Smith, Baracus and Murdock are dead! They died when Baracus wrecked the van when I was chasing them. You are the only one who survived. They are gone and no one is going to save you, so you might as well start accepting it!"


Face pulled back, looking at Decker with pure hatred in his eyes, and said, "You're lying! They are not dead. I don't know what game you are playing, but it isn't going to work. I'm not going for it!"


Dr. Stockwell waved a hand at the orderly, looking at Face, calmly. "Lt. Peck, I think you need to calm down now."


"No, I'm not going to calm down. This ass hole and you are playing games with me and I want to know why!" Face yelled.


The orderly returned with another man and they moved towards Face. Face backed up.


"You don't want to do this the hard way do you?" the orderly sneered.


Face saw the needle and realized what they were going to do to him. He picked up a vase of flowers and threw it at the men. The two just smiled and jumped at him. Face tried to fight to get free but he soon found his hands being pinned behind him and the needle being shoved into his arm. The men then picked Face up with ease and placed him back into bed. Face was still kicking and fighting them, but the drugs they had given him worked fast. He was powerless to stop them from strapping him down in the bed.


Dr. Stockwell moved to his side after the men backed away and placed a hand on his forehead. "Sleep, rest…we will talk again when you are calmer."


Face shook his head and said, "They are not dead!", just before passing out.



Chapter Two


Decker and Stockwell exited Face's room and walked down to the end of the hallway. They stopped in front of a door with an electronic lock. Stockwell swiped his name tag through the slot and seconds later the door opened. Waiting for them on the other side was a young woman holding a suit coat in her arms. Stockwell took off the doctor's smock and took the suit coat.


"Thank you, Carla," Stockwell said, handing her the smock.


"How did it go?" she asked.


"Very well. I want Peck's room set up for our next step. He should be awake four hours from now," Stockwell said.


"Right away," Carla said and she hurried off to do Stockwell's bidding.


Stockwell turned to Decker and said, "How are the others doing?"


Decker removed the general's coat and said, "Smith is up to something."


Stockwell nodded.


"I figured he would be plotting his escape, but don't worry. I think we can keep Smith under control," Stockwell said.


Decker laughed at him. "No one keeps Smith under control, Stockwell. I should warn you. Hannibal Smith is not a man you play games with. If he finds out that Peck is here and not in LA, he will stop at nothing to get to him."


"Smith will learn what I want him learn and nothing else. Now, I suggest you get them ready for their next mission," Stockwell ordered.


Decker handed over the coat and said, "Fine, but remember - you're calling the shots here and if this blows up in your face, I'll be glad to point the A-Team in your direction." Decker walked off.




Stockwell ignored him. He had everything covered. He knew more about Smith and the Team than Decker ever did because he had an insider feeding him information. Stockwell walked down another hallway, stopping in front of yet another door. He slipped his pass key in the lock and opened it.


He walked into a well-decorated apartment where a small boy sat on the floor playing with blocks. But it was the woman at the desk that Stockwell's attention was on. The woman looked up and scowled with hate.


"What do you want?" Amy Allan snapped.


"I though you should know your friends are here," Stockwell said.


"Good, and as soon as they find out what you have done. you will be dead," Amy snapped, as she stood up and walked to the window. She wrapped her arms tightly around her.


"Miss Allan, do you really think Smith and the others can stop me?" Stockwell asked her.


"Yes, I do!" Amy said, turning around to face Stockwell. "You think you are God around here, but I'll tell you this - you are just like the other jerks the team has gone after and taken down."


Stockwell laughed and walked to where the boy sat on the floor.


 Amy moved forward, her look changing to fear.


Stockwell smiled at her and asked, "I always wondered who's the boy's father? Did you sleep with every member of the A-Team or were you a slut for just one of them?" Stockwell asked Amy.


"Go to hell," Amy snapped.


Stockwell laughed. "Just write the stories as ordered and make sure there is nothing in them that would tip Peck off that something is wrong. I promise you, Miss Allan, I will get what I want, and how I get it from Peck is all up to you. You wouldn't want me to have to play 'dirty', would you?" Stockwell asked her.


Amy nodded. She knew had no choice. "They are almost done," she said, feeling defeated.


"Good," Stockwell said, and he turned around and left.


Amy rushed to the boy's side, picking him up in her arms and holding him close. Amy hadn't wanted to betray the team, but she'd had no choice. Stockwell had threatened to take her son away and he was her life. So she did what he asked and answered all his questions about the guys. What she didn't do was volunteer any information. She was hoping that the small bits and pieces she had left out would be enough to give the guys the advantage. She could do nothing else but hope that Hannibal found out about them being here and would find a way out of this. It was all she had at this moment and the only thing keeping her going.




Decker walked into the holding cell where the team was being held and was greeted by cold stares from all of them.


"I thought you should know, Peck is getting stronger every day."


"He'd better be," Hannibal snapped, as he stood up and walked over to Decker. "Where is the grand General Stockwell?"


"Busy. Why?" Decker asked.


"I want more than just his word that Face is getting better. I want someone I trust to go see him. How about having Father Magill visit Face?" Hannibal asked.


"I'll mention it," Decker said, "But for now, we have a lot of work to do. You did promise to do a mission for Stockwell, didn't you?"


"Did we have a choice?" Hannibal asked.


"No," Decker said, and he stepped aside. "Let's get to work."


"Sure, the sooner we get this done the faster we can get to Face," Hannibal said, walking off with BA and Murdock behind him.


"Hannibal, I think something is going on here," Murdock said, looking back at Decker.


Hannibal nodded as he muttered, "Keep your eyes and ears open. There was to be a way out of here."


"This is CIA headquarters," BA growled.


"It could be worse. It could Fort Knox," Hannibal said, trying to lighten the mood.


"Very funny, sucker. You better have a plan or figure one out soon," BA snapped.


"I'm working on it," Hannibal said.


"Stop your talking and get moving!" Decker ordered. "We have a lot to do and little time to do it in!"





Stockwell was standing in the shadows, watching the team go through the obstacle coarse. He smiled as he noticed Hannibal watching him. "So, you do have eyes in the back in your head," Stockwell muttered to himself.


Hannibal stopped and walked in Stockwell's direction. Decker had realized that Stockwell was there, and waved the guards off when they reacted to Hannibal's movements. He just watched, wondering what was going to happen. Hannibal walked up to Stockwell, pulled open the general's jacket and scowled.


"What, no cigars?" Hannibal asked.


Stockwell smiled and took one out of the other pocket and handed it to Hannibal. "You want a light?" Stockwell asked.


"Thank you," Hannibal said calmly, and he let Stockwell light it. After puffing on the cigar a few times, Hannibal asked, "How is Face?"


"Lt. Peck is getting better, slowly," Stockwell lied.


Hannibal eyed him. "He'd better be."


"Remember, I wasn't the one driving the van when you crashed," Stockwell said.


Hannibal took two steps forward and stopped. "You're right, you weren't. I take all the blame for Face getting hurt. But it is you that are in control of his recovery. If I find out that you prevented him from getting the care he needs, I will make you pay for it!"


"Don't worry, Colonel Smith. I assure you, Lt. Peck is in good hands and no harm will come to him. Now, I suggest you get back to work. You will leave in a few days. I want you to make sure the men are ready."


"We will be ready," Hannibal said.


Stockwell noticed Murdock playing around with something that obviously only he was seeing. "You still want to take him with you?"


Hannibal turned to look in Murdock's direction and smiled. Murdock had been talking to Billy since they arrived at this place. He knew the pilot wasn't doing well, being here, but then again, he wasn't about to leave him behind for Stockwell to take care of. "Murdock is fine," Hannibal said.


"Have it your way," Stockwell said, and he turned and left.


Hannibal watched him leave. He didn't believe a word Stockwell said, but until he knew where Face was, they were trapped here. Hannibal looked at the cigar. It was a cheap one, just like Stockwell. Hannibal threw the cigar on the ground and ground it out with his boot. He would love to do that to Stockwell, and maybe, by the time this was over with, he would get his chance. Hannibal went to join the others. He had other reasons to want them ready for action and they had nothing to do with what Stockwell was up to.



Chapter Three

Face knew someone was in the room. He'd heard them come in, but he wasn't ready to face anyone. So he stayed still, giving the impression he was still asleep. But Stockwell already knew he was awake. He'd been watching Face for a long time.

"Good, morning," Dr. Stockwell said, finally.

Face sighed, rolled over and glared at the doctor.  "Depends on your point of view," Face said, coldly.

"Grumpy today, I see," Dr. Stockwell said, pulling up a chair and seating himself. "I have those clippings you asked for yesterday."

"Clippings?" Face asked, puzzled. The last thing he remembered was this jerk and Decker telling him the guys were dead. "What clippings?"

Dr. Stockwell sighed, but didn't comment. "These clippings," he answered, handing Face a scrapbook. "It was a gift Ms. Alan gave you. I took it away because the stories in it bothered you. You were asking for it yesterday. You do remember asking for it, right?"

Face bit back his comment. He felt really drugged up again, so he figured he would play along with the game and see where it was going. At least this way, he could get the information he wanted, and one thing he really wanted to know was where the guys were.

Face took the scrapbook from Dr. Stockwell and placed it on his lap. He sat on the bed looking at it for a long time, oddly reluctant.

"Don't you want to open it?" Dr. Stockwell asked.

Face gave him a dirty look, then slowly opened it. The front page hit him like a gunshot to the chest. The headline had been cut out from the newspaper and pasted on the first page of the scrapbook…The A-Team's Luck Runs Out!  The story went on to say…

In a desperate attempt to get away from the military police, the fugitives known as the A-Team were racing down a steep hill near LA when the driver of the van lost control, sending it crashing through the guardrail. The van landed at the bottom of a ravine, and all but one were killed on impact...

The story went on, but Face wasn't reading the words. He was looking at the pictures of the Army taking bodies out of the van. The one that hit him the hardest was the shot of Murdock's baseball cap, lying upside down near the van. He shoved the scrapbook away and glared at Dr. Stockwell.

"They aren't dead," he said, but there was no conviction in his voice.

"I'm sorry, but they are," Dr. Stockwell said. "It has been five years, Lt. Peck. You might as well start accepting that your friends are gone and they will be not be returning. You're alone!"

Face looked at the scrapbook, then pointed at the flowers on the desk. I have Amy and the others. I'm not alone. And if my faith taught me anything, it was that if the guys are dead, they are watching over me. "No, Doctor, I'm not alone!" Face said, and tears filled his eyes. He couldn't help it. He didn't want to cry in front of this stranger, but it was impossible to stop himself. He was starting to believe that the guys really were dead, and he had blocked it out for the last five years.

Face lay back down, his back to the doctor, wanting nothing else but to be alone. Dr. Stockwell stood up and slowly walked out of the room. Face missed the evil smile on the man's face as he closed the door behind him.



Days hadn't passed, only hours, and it was now close to midnight. A figure moved in the darkness near the team's compound. Murdock was standing outside, looking up at the stars. BA and Hannibal were asleep, and he had guard duty. It wasn't to keep anyone away, but to warn the others if anyone was coming. It was Hannibal's way of having some control over what was going on.

The figure moved as close as possible to Murdock without coming out of the shadows.

"What's going on?" Murdock asked in a low voice.

"He's made his move," the voice said back.

"I realize that, but he what is he up to?" Murdock asked.

"He's digging," the voice said.

"So, something set him off. Do you know what?" Murdock asked.

"Your trip to Nam," the voice replied.

"Damn. I thought that was a mistake. We were told Face was hurt. How is he?" Murdock asked.

"He wasn't hurt. He's here, along with Ms. Allen and her son. They are being held in the main part of the compound. Face is on the top floor and Ms. Allan is right below him," the voice said.

Murdock's teeth clenched at this. "He's playing his mind games, isn't he?" Murdock hissed out.

"Yes," the voice said, almost sounding sad. "What are you going to do?"

"Stop him," Murdock said. "The same thing I have been trying to do since the blinders were taken off. I'm not letting him destroy my friends."

"Be careful. I don't think Stockwell buys your insane act any more," the voice said.

"I will, but you do the same. You are taking more of a risk than me. You still work for him," Murdock said.

"I will, and good luck. I'll try to figure out a way to get you out of this," the voice said.

"No, don't. I'll think of something. You need to work on your end of this mission. Don't worry about me," Murdock said.

"Alright," the voice said, and the figure vanished into the darkness.

Hannibal lie on his bunk near the window, listening to Murdock's conversation. He went from being confused to outraged. "He wanted to get answers about Face and Amy. He wanted to find out who had been talking to Murdock. He wanted to get up, burst out of the room and beat the hell out of Murdock for lying to them. But he didn't."



Chapter Four

The next morning, Hannibal spent most of his time watching Murdock. Nothing was different but his own feelings about the captain. Hannibal realized how good at acting crazy Murdock really was. He had fooled them all. He had fooled Hannibal.

To make matters worse, Decker informed them that they would be moving out the day after tomorrow. This left Hannibal very little time to figure out a way to get them out of this mess. He had an idea but he stilled needed information on what was going on inside. He no longer trusted Murdock. He would have to go outside the team to get what he wanted, and that meant going to Decker.

Hannibal was betting that Decker was still the same man he used to be in Nam. Oh, they never truly agreed with each other on how to get the job done, but they did get them done and that they each respected. So, while the guards were busy watching BA and Murdock - who were having their usual argument - Hannibal managed to be standing alone beside Decker.

"I know Face is here," Hannibal said calmly to Decker.

Decker just nodded his head. He didn't know how Hannibal knew, but something in his tone of voice told Decker lying would be useless.

"What did Stockwell offer for your help in this? A kick start in your career, or do you really hate me that much?" Hannibal asked.

"I don't hate you. I'm even starting to think you are innocent," Decker admitted. He noticed that his remark shocked Hannibal and smiled. "I don't trust Stockwell. He is something else."

"I agree there," Hannibal said. "I need your help. I need get to Face and Amy."

"Miss Allen? She's here?" Decker said, shocked.

"Yes, but don't ask me how I know. I do know she is a floor below Face," Hannibal said.

"She's on a private level then. The only way to get on that level, or the one where Peck is, is to have a gold pass key. Stockwell and Stockwell's aid, Carla, are the only ones that have them, and you would still have to get past the guards and the alarms."

"I realize that, and that is why I need your help," Hannibal said, smiling.

Decker shot him a dirty look. "You want me to help you?"

"Yes, I do," Hannibal said, calmly.

Decker growled. "I'm going to end up in the brig. I have to be out of my mind talking to you," Decker muttered to himself. He then looked over at Hannibal, thinking, then said, "I want something first. Stockwell hinted that you could be a traitor. I want to know if you are or not."

Hannibal's eyes blazed with rage. "I'm not even going to comment on that," he snapped.

Decker smiled. "That is the answer I wanted," Decker said, and then nodded to the building on the far side of the compound. "It might be hard to break into this place, but I don't think they believe anyone can break out. Over there is the power station and they only have two men inside it at night."

"Thanks, I think I can take care of things from here. I do have a suggestion. Don't be around here tomorrow night," Hannibal said, and stepped away without another word. He walked over to break up Murdock and BA. Decker calmly walked the other direction. He didn't feel guilty in helping the team out. In fact, he thought there was a way he could help out more.



Face wasn't happy. He was sitting on the bed looking at the scrapbook that the doctor had given him. He was reading the first story, over and over again. His mind was telling him one thing but his gut was telling him something else. He didn't know what was wrong with the story, but something was definitely off. Face was just about to close the book when he stopped. Face opened the scrapbook again and looked at the last six words in the story. "The A-Team lives in our hearts!" What got to Face was that the first three words were in bolder print than the last three.

Face finally closed the scrapbook and placed it on the bed. He stood up, walked to the desk and started to look at the cards. The writing was all different, but one thing that was the same was everyone called him Face. This alone told Face that they were fake; Father Magill might address him by his nickname once in a while, but as far back as Face could remember, the priest would address all his cards with Face's Christian name. It was an old habit the priest never gotten out of.

Face knocked the cards on the floor and turned to face the door. He walked over and pounded on it. "Hey, anyone out there?" he called out. When no one showed up, Face hit the door even harder. "Hey, I want to talk to the doctor!"

Suddenly, a face appeared in the window. Face noticed it was the same orderly that had injected him in the arm. "Hello, Ugly," Face greeted him. "I want to talk to the doctor."

"He's busy," the orderly snapped.

"Well, you tell him that I'm on to him. I know I'm not in a mental hospital and that something is going on. I want to know what hell it is, and where are my friends?" Face said.

The orderly laughed. "You've lost it again. You better watch it. I might have to give you something to calm you down."

"Why don't you come in here and do just that? Face snapped.

The orderly smiled a evil smile at Face as he turned the key in the lock. "I think I will."

Face reacted faster than the orderly thought possible. The second the door was unlocked, Face yanked it open and pulled the orderly into the room, slamming him hard against the wall. Face shoved his hand against the orderly's throat and said, "Look, stupid! If you try to shoot me up, you'd better have more than before or I'll break you in half. Now, tell me where my friends are!"

"Downstairs," the guy said, in pain. He looked around for help but Stockwell hadn't counted on Face causing trouble.

"Where are we?" Face asked.

"CIA headquarters," the orderly said.

"Why am I not surprised?" Face muttered. He pulled hard on the guy again and said, "How do I get out of here?" Face asked.

"You need a key card," the orderly said, as he pulled his from his pocket.

"Thanks," Face said, and with one turn of his wrist, the orderly was out like a light.

Face shoved the door open and then stepped outside the room. He had to admit this place did look like a hospital, but one thing was missing. People!

"Next time you run a scam, make sure you have a bigger cast." Face said to the guy before he walked to the door at the end of the hall.

Face was just about to swipe the key card when the door opened and Stockwell appeared with Amy Allen at this side.

"Going somewhere?" Stockwell asked.

Face was just about to respond when he saw the gun pointed right at Amy. "You have my room bugged," Face said.

"More like cameras in the rooms," Stockwell said.

"Nice to know," Face said, coldly. "What's the game?"

"I think we will talk inside. I suggest you get going or Miss Allen might end up with an unnecessary hole in her body," Stockwell said.

Face held up his hands and returned to his room.


Chapter 5


The orderly was just waking up when Stockwell marched Face and Amy back into the room. Stockwell pushed Amy into Face and they both stumbled to the floor. Stockwell then bent over the fallen Able and said, as he yanked the man to his feet, "You had one simple job to do and you couldn't even do that!" Stockwell shoved the man out of the room. "Get me the jacket!"


"Are we going to dinner? I'm partial to something French," Face said, a cocky smile on his face as he helped Amy back on her feet.


Stockwell looked at Face and smiled. It wasn't a kind smile but instead laced with rage and venom. "All you had to, Peck, was buy the story and this would have been a lot simpler." Stockwell said, as he walked to the table where the cards where. "What gave it away?"


"Let's just say you need to work on the art of running a con," Face said, sarcastically.


Stockwell shoved the cards under Face's nose and said, "Don't piss me off, Lt. Peck. You don't want to see my bad side."


Amy gasped at this and Face looked in her direction. "Did you show her your bad side?" Face asked, looking at Stockwell like he was ready to rip his head off.


Stockwell laughed. "I asked Ms. Allen here to help me gather information on you and your friends. She is the only outsider that you allowed into your little world, right?"


Face nodded. "Amy's is part of the team."


Amy looked up at him and smiled at this, but quickly looked away when Stockwell started to laugh. "Yes, I bet she is."


Face caught something in Stockwell's tone of voice and asked, "What are you getting at?"


"I'll show you," Stockwell said and he turned and walked out of the room.


When he was gone, Face looked at Amy and asked, "He hurt you?"


"No, but he's dangerous," Amy warned him. "I'd watch what you say."


"Don't worry; I know how to deal with men like Stockwell. I just want to make sure you are okay," Face said, giving her his best winning smile.


"I missed that," Amy said, trying hard not to cry.


"Hey, kid. It's okay. Hannibal will figure something out. He always does!"


Stockwell returned just then and walked to the small desk. Shoving the rest of the flowers and cards on to the floor, he pulled the desk closer to Face. He placed several pictures on the table and said, "You might say watching the A-Team has been a hobby of mine these last 12 years."


Face gasped. He was looking of pictures that ranged from their escape from Fort Bragg to just a few months previous. Stockwell then placed several pictures of Amy, dressed in very revealing outfits, on the table. Face knew those outfits well, but seeing them out of context, it changed their meaning. Stockwell looked at Face and leered. "I can't help but wonder if she was just your personal plaything or if the four of you shared her?"


Face jumped to his feet but Stockwell was faster. He had the gun in his hand and it was aiming right at him. "Go head, Peck, and give me a reason to blow your head off!"


Amy grabbed Face's arm and said, "The door."


The orderly swung open the door, carrying the jacket that Stockwell had ordered. "I have what you want sir!" the orderly said, holding up a straitjacket.  [I normally have an abhorrence for the use of straitjackets, but in this case it's appropriate.]


Stockwell smiled. "Good, Able 15. Would please help Lt. Peck put it on?"


Face looked at the jacket, then at Stockwell. "Suppose I don't want it on?" Face asked.


"You have a choice. You put it one, or I shoot her!" Stockwell said aiming his gun at Amy.


Face sighed and held out his arms. Able 15 moved forward and started to put the jacket on him. Face wanted hit the guy, but he stood still, his eyes always on Stockwell. "Are you going to tell me what this is about?" Face asked.


"Yes, I'll tell you, and then you will tell me what I need to know," Stockwell said. He walked to a small closet and unlocked it.


 "What if I don't feel like telling you anything?" Face asked.


"Oh, I think I can get you to talk," Stockwell said, as he lifted out a cattle prod and held it up for Face and Amy to see.


Able 15 smiled at Face as he finished locking the last buckle. "Let's see how you do now, smart mouth!"


Face looked at the cattle prod, then back at Able 15. He figured the thing was going to be used on him anyway, so he might as well earn it. Face gave Able 15 a head butt that knocked the man flat the ground, bloodying his nose. "Don't ever assume anyone is helpless," Face said.


Stockwell stood there laughing. "That is a lesson that my friend hasn't learned yet."


Able 15 stood up shakily, holding his nose. He was about to attack Face when Stockwell put a restraining hand on him and said, "No, I'll deal with Peck here. I want you to tell the men downstairs to turn off the cameras."


Able 15 smiled an evil smile and looked at Face. "Yes, sir."


"And get your nose looked after. I don't want blood on my clean floor."


 "Right away, sir," Able 15 said and he started to laugh as he walked out of the room.


Face motioned for Amy to back up and she did. She sat on Face's bed and held the pillow to her chest as she watched Stockwell slowly walk around Face like a lion checking out it's prey.




After getting his nose packed, Able 15 went to dinner. He was walking to an empty table when Decker walked into the room with Hannibal, BA and Murdock. Able 15 smiled at the men and walked over to them, stopping right in front of Murdock.


"What's your problem, Sucker?" BA asked.


Able 15 ignored him, watching Murdock. "I just left a friend of yours."


Decker looked at the man like he was nuts. "Get out of here!" Decker ordered. He tried to push the man out of the way and get him out before things turned ugly, but Able 15 wasn't going anywhere.


Decker looked at the man like he was nuts. "Get out of here!" Decker ordered. He tried to push the man out of the way and get him out before things turned ugly, but Able 15 wasn't going anywhere.


"Colonel Decker, stay out of this," Able 15 said, and he turned his attention back to Murdock, giving him a shove. "I guess I understand why you and pretty boy need those two here," Able 15 said, pointing to BA and Hannibal.


BA grabbed Able 15's arm and twisted it behind him, holding him right in front of Hannibal. "Pretty boy?" Hannibal asked, blowing smoke in the man's face. "Now, I wonder who that might be?"


Decker groaned as he looked around the others in the room. The guards had started moving as soon as BA grabbed the Able. "Hannibal," Decker warned, "You don't want to do this now, do you?"


"Yes, I do," Hannibal said, and with one quick movement he hit Able 15 right in the gut.


BA let go of the man as Hannibal struck, and took out the two guards coming up behind him. Murdock jumped at the men that were attacking him. As Decker stood there watching, the three men managed to fight and take out all of Stockwell's men that were in the dining hall at the time.


Hannibal had managed to get hold of one of the guards' guns about the time the kitchen staff was trying to sneak out. He aimed it above their heads and said, "I'd sit down if I were you!"


The staff nodded and moved to one the few tables that had managed to stay upright and sat there. Hannibal walked to where Able 15 was groaning on the floor and looked down at him. "BA, you and Murdock lock all these nice people in the freezer. I'm going talk with this mouth!" Hannibal looked at Decker and said, "Why don't you help?"


"Smith, you don't want me around," Decker said.


"Well, you can join them," Hannibal pointed out.


Decker groaned and decided to help. He had no idea why other than the fact that he hated Stockwell. In fact, he wasn't sure if siding with Stockwell was the best idea for anyone.


Hannibal, in the meantime, picked up Able 15 by the collar and said, "Okay, buddy. You and I are going to have a little talk, and if I don't like what you are saying, my big friend over there is going eat you alive."


BA sneered at Able 15 as he dragged two of the man's friends into the kitchen. Able 15 gulped and looked at Hannibal. "I'll tell anything you want."



Chapter 6


Able 15 was shoved in the freezer with the others and Hannibal turned to Decker. "Any ideas how we can get to Face?" 


"I told you there is only one way up there, and Carla and Stockwell are it!" Decker said.


"I wouldn't say that," Murdock said.


Hannibal eyed the pilot. "If he gets hurt because you've lied to me again, I'll kill you!"


BA was puzzled and asked, "How would this fool know how to get in there?"


"Because he is one of them," Hannibal said.


Murdock looked at Hannibal and asked, "You overheard me last night?" Murdock sighed as Hannibal nodded. "I was going tell you sooner or later."


"Oh, you are going to tell me, alright, but right now, you are going help us get to Face."


"Don't worry! I want help Face as much as you do, and if it matters, I'm not on Stockwell's side. I never was."


BA just growled and walked away. He had nothing to say to him. He didn't even want to look at him.





Meanwhile, Stockwell was having a private talk with Face. Face was on his knees, with Stockwell holding the cattle prod just inches away from him. He had already used it on him several times and was threatening to do it again. "I'll ask again, Peck, what was your relationship with General Morrison?"


"I hated Morrison. I had no 'relationship' with the guy," Face groaned. He had no idea what this was about, but he knew where he wanted to stick that cattle prod, and Stockwell wouldn't enjoy it.


"I don't believe you," Stockwell said, and he held the cattle prod to the middle of Face's back.


Face bit back the scream and tried hard to ignore the pain. He knew if he screamed, it would only get worse. He knew that the hard way. He had to take it. He had to keep reminding himself that the pain would end sometime.


Amy couldn't take it. She rushed to Face's side and pulled the cattle prod away from his back. Stockwell glared at her.


"You are getting brave! Why, do you think Smith and the others are going to save you?"


"I can't let you hurt him," Amy said, trying hard not to think about her son. If she did that, she would back down and she couldn't do that.


"Amy," Face said, his voice cracked with pain, "it's okay. You need to go back where you were."


"I can't…" Amy started to speak.


"Please," Face begged.


Amy looked into his eyes and saw the pain. She knew he was hurting, but she also knew that he would hurt more if anything happened to her. She nodded her head and went back to the bed.


Face looked at Stockwell and said, "I'm going to say this once more, General. I did not have any relationship with General Morrison outside military protocol. Now, if you would just tell me why you want to know, I might be able to help you out. Otherwise, you can stick that cattle prod up your ass!"


Stockwell bent down, the cattle prod inches from Face's face and said, "You want to know what this is about? I'll tell you. You were helping Morrison betray your country and I want to know how you were doing it!"


Face looked at him like he was crazy. "The hell I was! I don't know what you've been smoking, but you better cut it out. It is frying your brain!" Face said.


Stockwell just looked at him and pressed the cattle prod right into Face's shoulder. Face cried out this time. He couldn't stop, and realized Stockwell really didn't care about the truth. The general wanted him to say that he was a traitor, and wouldn't take any other answer.




Murdock showed the team to the back of the building.


"This is a training facility. This building was not made for public use. It was created to train people in getting in and out of places," Murdock said, and he showed them a back door.


"What about the cameras?" Decker asked.


"This way doesn't have any," Murdock said and he showed them the hallway that was void of cameras. "And we will not have to worry about the cameras on the top floors. If I know Stockwell, he had them turned off."


"Why would he do that?' BA asked.


"Because if he hurts Face, it will not be caught on camera," Murdock said coldly, and he started forward. Murdock wasn't thinking about how the guys were reacting to this. He was just thinking about Face. He had to get to him before Stockwell did any permanent damage. He knew Stockwell would stop at nothing to get what he wanted, and that included killing his friend.


No one talked all the way up to the top floor. Murdock slowly pushed the door open that lead to the hallway and wasn't surprise to find that it was empty. He pointed out the camera; it was dead. They were just about to exit the hallway they were in when they heard Face's cries.


"Let's move!" Hannibal said and they toward the noise.


BA didn't stop to see if the door was unlocked. He kicked it in and leveled his gun at Stockwell. "Drop it, Sucker!" BA said.


Face looked up in relief. "About time you guys showed up!" he said.


Hannibal was behind BA and he walked to Stockwell and pulled the cattle prod out of his hand. "General, I think your game is up!"


"You're not of here yet, Smith!" Stockwell said.


Hannibal smiled as he gave Stockwell a taste of his own medicine. Stockwell backed away and glared at Hannibal. Hannibal remained smiling as he bent down to help Face to his feet.


Stockwell looked at the others in the doorway and saw Decker. "You do know I will destroy you?"


"At least I will be able to live with myself," Decker said, calmly.


Murdock had gone to Amy to see if she was okay. "You alright?" he asked.


Amy nodded and looked at Stockwell. "I'm glad you guys finally showed up."


"Don't worry, Kid. We are going to get out of here!" Hannibal told her as he undid Face. He held the jacket up to BA and looked at Stockwell. "I think the General needs a new jacket!"


Face laughed. "I think it just his size."


Stockwell sneered at them as BA grabbed him by the arm and forced him into the jacket. "You're not going to get out of this place."


"Then you are going to die right along with us!" Hannibal said.


"I can't leave without my son!" Amy said.


"Son?" the four men said at the same time.


"My son," Amy said.


"Okay, we will go get him," Hannibal said, as he helped Face stand up. "Can you make it?"


Face nodded. "I can make it!"


"Then let's move out!" Hannibal said.


BA shoved Stockwell ahead of them and they went towards the door. They weren't going the way they had come. They were going out the front and Stockwell was going to lead them.





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