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Naked Challenge

by Jenn

Rating: PG-13
Summary: They're naked, who cares!
Note: Don't take the writing as an example of my work. I had to take out alot of descriptive words once I was done, to keep at 500 words. I believe it is exactly that.  Including THE END.... (Sorry Theresa, I couldn't think of another name....yes I could, I'm in therapy for being a compulsive liar as well).


Murdock hummed happily as he splashed around in the tub. He was just about to hit the chorus of Yellow Submarine for the third time, when Face pounded on the door.

"Out Murdock! You said you'd be gone over an hour ago! Theresa will be here any minute for our date!"

There was no answer. Face went into his bedroom and grabbed his lock picks off the dresser, and tried one more time. "Open up!" There was still no answer. He popped the lock and stared  in shock at the condition of his bathroom.

"Murdock! There is more water on the floor, than in the tub!!" Outraged, Face grabbed the pilot's rubber dolphin, and slammed it into the water, succeeding only in drenching himself, and causing Murdock to burst out laughing.

"Now I have to change" Face whined to the naked pilot. "Happy?" Face sneered heading for his bedroom.

The doorbell rang, just as Face got his pants hung up."That'll be the delivery boy, get the door!"

"Delivery, Face? What a rotten date, I'm surprised at you," the pilot mumbled neglecting to get dressed. He picked up his yo-yo from off of the sink and headed for the door, walking it behind him.

"Rotten date my ass!" Face yelled from the bedroom.  "You ate the chicken marsala I made! Along with everything else I had in the house, including an entire jar of marshmallow fluff! I didn't even have any bread, what the heck did you eat it on?"

"The chicken marsala of course," Murdock snickered. "What did you order anyway, I'm starved."

"Fried chicken, but don't even think about it Murdock! I bought it for Theresa. She specifically requested chicken. She's been in a bad mood ever since her apartment was robbed and they stole her popcorn machine." Face came out of the bedroom stark naked with Thirty dollars in his hand. Without looking up, he tossed the money on the dining room table. "Pay the man, and get out Murdock." Face said thinking his night couldn't get any worse.

"Uh, Faceguy..."

In no mood for anymore of the pilot's games, Face turned around about to explode, until he looked at the doorway.

"Theresa!" Face blurted out. His expression of shock was nicely accentuated by the redness on his blushing cheeks. "I-I can explain.." he stammered.

Theresa cocked her head and eyed the two men coolly. "I certainly hope this isn't how you end all of your dates Templton," she scolded.

"You don't understand, he wasn't supposed to be here!"

"Yes, I know,  I heard you tell him to get out...that's what I'm talking about."

"WHAT?!! No, no, you don't think him and've got it all wrong!"

Murdock laughed as he watched Face change different colors right before his eyes.

"That's really too bad" she sighed. "Maybe next time honey," she grinned and slapped Murdock's rear on her way in.

Face and Murdock exchanged glances.

"Maybe he could stay alittle longer.." Face grinned and closed the door..

THE END        

Naked Challenge by Jenn



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