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“So what are you going to do for him


By Jullian Gray


Rating NC-17

Summary: Hannibal thinks about last years Valentines Day with Face

Warning: Slash H/F SEX

Disclaimer: The usual.




"So what are you going to do for him Tuesday?" Murdock asked Hannibal as he watched Face and BA playing pool at the back of the bar.


"What are you talking about?" Hannibal asked as he pried his eyes off Face's backside to look at the pilot.


"Tomorrow is Valentines day Colonel."




"You're not going to do anything for him?"


"He's a man," Hannibal stated.


"He is Face," Murdock corrected. "I mean come on Colonel, I'm going to get the big guy a new tool set, and you know Face is going to get you something.  He did get you something last year, didn't he?"


"Yes, he did." Hannibal smiled as he remembered coming over to Face's apartment for dinner…


"Face, it's me," Hannibal called out as he let himself into Face's latest Penthouse apartment. As he entered the main living area he smiled as he noticed that candles were the only things lighting the entire apartment. Making his way over to the couch he noticed the glass of bourbon, a fresh cigar sitting next to a crystal ashtray, and a note in Face's neat print. "I'll see you when you're done."


"Hey kid, where are you?" Hannibal smiled as he looked around the penthouse again. Still not spotting Face, Hannibal picked up the cigar and bourbon before he sat down on the couch, and propped his feet up on the coffee table.  He closed his eyes as he took a drink of the bourbon; the amber liquid was smooth as silk as it slid down his throat. Sitting the drink down, Hannibal lit the cigar; as he took a deep draw, he realized that Face had managed to procure him an expensive Cuban cigar.


"You know kid, I would enjoy this a lot better if you were in here with me."


"Would you now?" Face said softly behind Hannibal, making the Colonel jump.


"Damn it Face, don't do…" Hannibal started but the words quickly died on his lips as Face stepped around into his line of sight.  He had seen Face in everything from his underwear to three- piece suits, but tonight the kid truly looked like an angel.


The younger man was only wearing a pair of white silk pajama bottoms which clung to his body accentuating his narrow waist and hips; his chest was bare, the skin tan and golden in the soft light. The same candlelight that caused Face's hair to shine like spun gold.

"Templeton, you are beautiful," Hannibal whispered as he looked into Face's bright blue-green eyes, his cigar and drink instantly forgotten.


"Bet you say that to all the men." Face laughed as he stepped closer to Hannibal.


"Never." Hannibal set his cigar in the ashtray and the drink down on the table before he stood up in front of Face. Reaching out, he pulled Face into his arms taking a deep breath, inhaling the unique smell of cologne and sun. "You are my one and only," he whispered as he leaned over to capture the soft lips.


When they broke apart, Face reached out and slid Hannibal's jacket off his shoulders before he began to unbutton the blue dress shirt. Once he had Hannibal's shirt undone, he pulled it out of the Colonel's jeans.  Before Face could start on Hannibal's belt, the older man grabbed Face's hair gently, forcing him to look at him. As Hannibal stared down in the blue-green eyes, all he could see was love for him being reflected back.


In one quick movement he scooped Face up in his arms and carried him to the master bedroom, which was also lit with dozens of candles. He laid the blonde down on the bed and sat back so he could look the young man over.


"You are so beautiful," he whispered again as he leaned down to capture Face's mouth once again, this time forcing his tongue into the soft interior.  As he deepened the kiss, he felt Face reach down to undo his belt and jeans. Hannibal broke the kiss just long enough to pull off his boots and remove the rest of his clothing, before returning to Face's mouth.


Leaning over, Hannibal moved to straddle the younger man on the bed, when an idea came to his mind. Wrapping his arms around Face's waist, he rolled over on the bed so that he was now lying on the bed, and Face was sitting on his waist.


"Where did that come from?" Face laughed as he sat up.


"I want to do this." Hannibal smiled as he raised his legs, before pushing Face's body back to lean against his upped thighs. Once Face was where he wanted him, Hannibal began to run his hands up and down the blonde's chest, gently squeezing the tan nipples as he moved his hands.


"Want you," Face moaned as Hannibal pulled him forward so he could take one of the perk nipples into his mouth. "Please Hannibal, want you now." Face moaned louder, throwing his head back as Hannibal switched to the left nipple.


Reaching up, Hannibal pulling Face down on top of him, claiming the younger man's mouth with his own. He held Face's head in place with one hand, while reaching out with the other to open the nightstand drawer.  He felt around until he found the bottle of lube Face kept for their night together.  Popping the top with his fingers, he squeezed some of the jelly into his hand.  Reaching back behind Face, Hannibal ran the lubricant over his member, then slowly slid one of his slick fingers inside Face's opening.  If Hannibal hadn't been holding Face's head to his mouth, the younger man would have jumped straight up in the air.


Hannibal slowly ran one finger in and out for several seconds before inserting a second, causing Face to moan in his mouth. "Want you, please," Face begged as he broke the kiss. Slowly, Hannibal removed his fingers and positioned his penis at Face's opening.  He captured Face's mouth; forcing his tongue into Face's mouth the same instant he thrust inside of Face's body. Face gasped in his mouth, which quickly became a moan of pleasure as Hannibal began to thrust in and out of him, hitting his prostate with every stroke.


Hannibal broke his kiss with Face as he gently pushed the blonde back until the younger man's back was once again resting against his thighs, allowing Hannibal to push farther into the tight opening. As he thrust in and out he reached out and took Face's penis in one of his hands, stroking it with his own rhythm, while with his other hand he ran his hand up and down Face's chest.


Soon, Hannibal could feel the climax building inside his own body as he pumped harder and harder inside of Face. "Come for me Tem." He moaned as he felt his body reach its breaking point.  Face gasped as his came, spilling his seed over Hannibal's hand and stomach.  The site of Face's cumming, and the to moan that came out of the young blonde's throat, was enough to push Hannibal over the edge.  With one last thrust, Hannibal came deep inside the tight young body.


"Love you, John," Face gasped, as he leaned back against Hannibal's thighs.


"Not half as much as I love you Tem." Hannibal smiled as he pulled Face down to kiss him again.


"Hannibal, hey Colonel you alright?" Murdock called as he waved his hand in front the older man's face, a dazed expression glazing the Colonel's eyes.


"Yeah, I was just thinking; you're right, I really do need to get him something this year." Hannibal smiled as he thought how it would look for Face to be spread out on a bed full of rose petals. "You know a good florist Murdock?"


Murdock took in the Colonel's expression and couldn't help wondering just what it was that Hannibal had in mind.




Valentine by Jullian Gray



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