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One Million Dollars

One Million Dollars
Author: LizM

Rating: G
Series: No
Warnings: Unbetaed
Pairing: Could be considered Hannibal/Face
Snippet for "The Bells of St. Mary's"
Hannibal's thoughts during that brief look/smile up at Face.


1 Million Dollars
- That is quite a lot of money.

He wouldn't have to scam anymore - at least for a while. With his lifestyle a million dollars won't last very long. Maybe even have a normal life for a while, or whatever passes as normal for us.
We wouldn't have to pull those stunts and get us in between the bad guys and their guns, always in the danger of getting hurt or even dying.

I look up at him, holding the gun at the ready, easily, protecting me. And I remember how he closed the suitcase holding slightly more money, when we went to ransom the hostages in the plane.

He doesn't want, doesn't need this kind of money and I smile softly.

Although there never was a need to decide, I'm glad I can decline the slimeball's offer without regret.

And maybe, maybe one day I can offer Face the kind of life he deserves.


One Million Dollars by LizM



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