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The Good Life
Author/Copyright: 2003 Casper

Rating: G

Author's Web Site:

Type: General
Status: Complete

First Written: March 17, 2003

Revised: 2004/2005
Summary: An interlude with
Hannibal. Hannibal does not often get to be alone with free time on his hands, and so he is taking the opportunity to kick back, relax and savor one of his favorite Havana cigars, and a glass of fine Kentucky Bourbon.

Warnings/Content: No warnings as such. Not unless you need to be warned about lots of cigar smoking and bourbon drinking. :o)

Story Notes: This short fiction was written in response to the "Character Fav's" exercise posted on the A-Team Story Board Yahoo group [ATeamSB-2] in 2003.

i.e. Pick a character and discuss his or her favorite books, music, and/or movies. Use character traits, personality, and/or background to explain why you think this person would like these things. Suggestion: Pick a character you don't know so well, or have a more difficult time writing about. This is a good opportunity to "fill in some blanks" about that character.
Disclaimer: I do not own the A-Team characters and am making no profit from this story, which is a work of fan fiction only. The A-Team characters solely belong to Universal, Frank Lupo and Stephen J. Cannell, and I thank them for their existence.

Thanks and Acknowledgements: Thanks-a-million to Val Thomas for her preliminary Beta read of this short piece, and also to Pam for her suggestions. Also, to Karen Davis for her final Beta read over and extensive suggestions goes great thanks and very deep appreciation! :o)
Comments and Feedback: YES. :o)





Hannibal leaned back into the soft leather of the couch, crossed his ankles up on the fine black marble coffee table, and took a long deep drag on his Havana.


Face had presented him with a box of the superb cigars earlier that day.


Although he did not normally inhale, this time he dragged the smoke deep into his lungs, savoring the glorious taste of it and the heady rush as the sensations hit his bloodstream, before letting the smoke dribble out from between his lips.


Yeah, this was definitely The Life, with a capital L.


For once he had the apartment all to himself. Face and Murdock had gone out to dinner and a movie, BA was down in the garage playing with the van, and he? Well, he was taking a rare moment in time to kick back and relax and simply enjoy the wonders of his cigar.


It was not something he had the time or the opportunity to do all that often anymore. It seemed to be becoming more and more rare as the years sped by.


He exhaled a sad little sigh, deciding not to go there.


Not tonight.


Instead, he took another long drag on the Havana, once again drawing it deep into his lungs, and sank even further into the cushions of the luxurious black leather couch, closing his eyes in contented relaxation.


Holding the smoke inside for a moment, he once again savored the taste and feel of the mixture, before letting it slowly drift away with his expelling breath. The peace and tranquillity of the room acted like a wonderful balm on his tired soul.


After another few minutes, he uncrossed his ankles and put his feet back down on the cream, deep pile plush carpet. Moving forward, he reached for the excellent Kentucky bourbon he had poured earlier into a fine crystal tumbler and took a long deep drink.


Ah yes, this was most definitely The Life.


Leaning back again, drink in one hand, cigar in the other, he once again crossed his ankles up on the coffee table. He would never hear the end of it if Face arrived home and found him like this. With his boots on the expensive piece of furniture and ashtray way out of reach for accidental ash droppings.


Hannibal chuckled low in his throat, a wash of twinkling amusement flashing through his soul. On second thought, maybe he should arrange to be in just this pose when Face and Murdock returned. It could be a lot of fun getting the Lieutenant all riled up, even if just to see the expression on his face.


He chuckled again, feeling a rush of fond warmth for his men.


His boys.


His sons.


That was how he thought of them all, as his sons. Sons he had raised from early manhood to now. Teaching them everything he knew how to teach. He felt deep pride for each and every one of them.


Smiling around the cigar, he once again uncrossed his ankles, leaned forward, and this time snagged a beautiful crystal ashtray from the coffee table in front of him. Resting it next to him on the couch, he conscientiously tapped the cigar ash off into it. Taking another mouthful of the bourbon, he snuggled once more back into the far reaches of the comfortable cushions.


No, tonight he would give Face a break. Would make sure no signs of his cigar smoking and bourbon drinking remained when his Lieutenant and Murdock returned later that night.


The kid had earned at least that much lately.


They all had.


Smiling again, he took another long drag on the glorious cigar.


Ah, Havanas.


Now, this was most definitely 'The Life'.




Later that evening, with delicate care, Face removed the remains of the cigar from the fingers of his snoozing Colonel, and rescued the perilously teetering crystal glass with its melted ice from the slack hand.


Placing the ashtray, cigar and glass on the coffee table, he next removed the Colonel's fine ostrich-skin boots. Then picking up a warm woolen blanket off the coffee table, he draped it around the sleeping man, tucking in the edges snugly, and placed a pillow on the couch next to him.


Rising, a gentle smile on his lips, Face brushed the fringe of silvering hair from the sleeping man's peaceful face, and stood for a moment looking down at his commander with a great deal of genuine warmth. Then, with a final look to make sure Hannibal was comfortable, he turned and left the room, heading off to join Murdock in the bedroom, turning off the lights behind him as he went.


Hannibal opened his sleepy eyes, watching as his Lieutenant retreated from the room. Moving around to curl up into a more comfortable position on the couch, he tucked the edges of the blanket in around himself and pulled under his head the pillow Face had left next to him.


Yes, his boys were most definitely the best!


And that evening had been a welcome opportunity to do something he had not done for a long time. That was, simply kick back and enjoy a fine Havana and a good drop of Kentucky bourbon.


Smiling in contentment, he let sleep drag him away again.


"Nightie night, Colonel", he thought he heard echoing out from the general direction of the bedroom, in Murdock's Texan drawl, as he drifted off into slumber.


Ah yes, this most definitely was 'The Good Life'.



Fini. :o)


The Good Life by Casper



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