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The Magic In A Kiss

The Magic In A Kiss
Author/Copyright:  © 2003 Casper


Rating:  PG
Author's Web Site:

Type:  Light SLASH/Fluff/Humor
Pairing:  Face/Murdock
Status:  Complete

First Written:  March 16, 2003

Revised:  2004/2005
Summary:  A brief interlude with the team. The team are being chased by the military, as usual, and Murdock finds a golden opportunity to give Face a kiss, or two, or three mid chase.

Warnings/Content:  Very light male/male SLASH. Light Fluff. Light Humor. Light Romance. Mild Sap. Also contains very mild main character injury and slightly more severe bruised ego.
Story Notes:  This fiction was written in answer to the "Screeching To A Halt" exercise posted on the A Team Story Board yahoo group [ATeamSB-2] in 2003.

i.e. Begin a story with the sentence: "He (or she) jammed on the brakes, and brought them to a screeching halt."
Disclaimer:  I do not own the A-Team characters and am making no profit from this story, which is a work of fan fiction only. The A-Team characters solely belong to Universal, Frank Lupo and Stephen J. Cannell, and I thank them for their existence.

Thanks & Acknowledgments:  To the Beta readers: Karen Davis and Monte with very deep thanks and appreciation! Thank You! :o) Thanks also go to members of the A-Team Story Board Yahoo Group for advice, suggestions and input.
Comments and Feedback:  YES. :o)






BA jammed on the brakes and brought them to a screeching halt.


In the back, Murdock braced himself against the side of the van using his body, together with a handhold. Not a bad maneuver, considering only seconds before he had been reading a book, apparently oblivious to everything going on around him.


Face, who had been dozing, was not so lucky. He slid from his seat before Murdock could catch him with his other hand, and crashed headlong into the seat in front, jolting Hannibal.


"Whoops, missed him by 'this much!'" Murdock muttered, in a passable Don Adams impersonation, holding his thumb and forefinger about half an inch apart as he spoke.


Face struggled to pick himself up, looking a little fuddled and disoriented, rubbing at his abused nose, where it had forcefully connected with the seat in front.


Hannibal peered around at him. "You okay, kid?" he asked, at least sounding concerned, although the twinkle in his eyes almost belied the sentiment.


Snapping out of his frozen surprise, Murdock quickly moved over to help the still slightly befuddled Face back up onto his seat.


"You oughta be more careful, Faceguy. These sudden stops will kill ya one of these days." He smiled brightly at the incredulous disbelief that replaced the dazed disorientation in the attractive Lieutenant's tropical-sea-hued eyes.


"I should be more... what in the world are you talking about, Murdock? BA almost killed me here. Look at my nose…" Face gestured emphatically at his reddening nose. "It's gonna bruise, I just know it," he moaned, touching it tenderly with his fingers. "Who's gonna scam things for us then, hmmm? You?"


The Lieutenant's eyes snapped blue fire at Murdock, who drew back a little in mock offense. "I'll have y'know, Faceguy, I ain't half bad in a scam. You said so y'self." He made sure he came across as all wounded indignation and playful hurt.


Face snorted. "Yeah, right, whatever... ow." He grimaced and wrinkled his nose, rubbing it and his cheek once more, while glaring in the general direction of the large Sergeant in the driver's seat.


Hannibal chuckled, reassured to see everyone was all right, then swiveled back around to see what had made BA come to such an abrupt stop.


Meanwhile BA, the perpetrator of the crime against the Faceman's nose, was peering with great intensity through the windscreen in front of him, ignoring the exchange going on behind.


Suddenly, he gunned the engine and yanked the wheel almost violently around, sending Face sprawling into Murdock's arms. The two landed in a tangle of arms and legs between the seats, as the van screeched around one hundred and eighty degrees, heading at full speed back in the direction they had just come from.


The sound of pursuing sirens filled the air.


Murdock took advantage of his armful of Face to drop a gentle kiss on the misused nose. "My Grandma always used to say, muchacho, that there's magic in a kiss, that a kiss can make anythin' feel better," he murmured, lifting a finger to trail it gently down the conman's left cheek.


For a moment, Face struggled to get away, indignant. Flustered words sprang to his lips, only to fall away unspoken when his eyes locked with the warm, smiling, gorgeous, deep brown ones bare breathtaking inches from his own.


He felt himself falling.


In the space of a heartbeat, the world faded away to nothing as warm lips melded with his, stealing his breath, erasing the pain of abused nose and bruised dignity.


Relaxing into the gentle, warm embrace, Face allowed himself to be swept away. Allowed all thought to recede, save the one of how much he loved the man holding him.


After several blocks of uncharacteristic silence from the rear, Hannibal glanced around. Rolling his eyes at the men in back, he cleared his throat theatrically.




Make that, three times.


"Um… boys, I hate to interrupt, but in case you lovebirds back there haven't noticed, we have a slight situation here. Would one of you be so kind as to hand me a weapon, so that we can at least do something about it… huh?"


As Hannibal's ever so slightly sarcastic words sliced across his semi-conscious mind, Face broke off the kiss with Murdock. Dazed, feeling weak, his limbs quivering like jelly, he leaned further into the encircling arms and rested his heated forehead on the shoulder before him.


"Sure, Colonel. Roger wilco," Face heard Murdock responding, as if from a vague distance away, while he concentrated on slowing down his rapid breathing and steadying his racing heart.


He had forgotten, just for a moment, exactly where they were.


Finally, pulling away with immense reluctance, he was stopped by Murdock's arms still tight around him.


Their eyes met once more.


"There, didn't I tell ya?" Murdock whispered, sotto voce. "There's a whole lotta magic in a kiss, Faceguy… it's all in the kiss." Then he moved in once more to place another gentle kiss on the tip of the startled Lieutenant's bruising nose.


Blushing, for once nearly bereft of words, Face leaned in, placing his cheek in close to the pilot's. "Thank you," he breathed into Murdock's ear, his warm breath brushing across it, then abruptly pulled away from the now unresisting arms.


For a dazed moment or two, Murdock watched as Face quickly moved back in the van to where the weapons and ammunition were stored.


Snapping out of it, Murdock smiled with blinding intensity, allowing himself - for an extra moment in time - to bask in the feeling and memory of the warmth and love they had shared minutes before. Then he scrambled up and moved back to help Face gather the weapons.


After all, they still had the military to deal with.


After that...


Well, after that, later, when they could be alone, he definitely planned to pick up where they had left off.


After all…


He smiled.


It was all in that kiss!



Fini. :o)


The Magic In A Kiss by Casper



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