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The Kidnapping

The Kidnapping

Author/Copyright:  © 2005 Sunny Routine


Rating:  "G"

Type:  Humor/Spoof
Status:  Complete
Summary:  When Murdock contacts
Hannibal one night to tell him that something very special to him has been snatched, the team drops everything to rush on over to the VA to help their friend.

Warnings/Content:  No real warnings.  Very mild content: Humour.  Spoof.  Tongue-in-cheek.

Disclaimer:  I do not own the A-Team characters and am making no profit from this story, which is a work of fan fiction only.  The A-Team characters belong solely to Universal and Stephen J. Cannell.
Thanks & Acknowledgments:  Beta read by
Casper, who has done huge work.  J  I do appreciate Casper's help.  I also send a big hug to "nlsmith" who shared the idea for Kidnapping.

Comments:  YES, please!  J





The loud ringing of the telephone broke the silence of the apartment.


Hannibal rolled over in his bed and covered his ears with a pillow, mumbling.  He had been suffering from insomnia for a few weeks now, and had only managed to fall asleep about an hour before, and he did not intend to wake up.


The telephone kept on ringing louder and louder, however.


Hannibal moaned and reached for the receiver.  "Yes?" he snarled, and waited for yet another 'sorry, wrong number' statement.  But this time it was Murdock, and he seemed to be very alarmed.


Murdock's speech was somewhat disjointed as he rambled, "Hannibal, he's gone…  I've looked and I've looked…  I'm afraid something terrible may have happened to him.  I need you here… immediately!"


"Hold on, Murdock," Hannibal said, trying to untangle his friend's speech.  "What has happened, and to whom?"


"I knew I shouldn't have let him out…  Hannibal, whatever could have happened to him…?"  Murdock kept on muttering.


Realizing that he would never figure out what had happened over the phone, Hannibal instead asked Murdock to take it easy, and promised to be at the hospital in twenty minutes.




Driving along through the sleeping city, Hannibal tried to fight back slumber.  It might just be another fixation Murdock had invented to amuse himself, he figured.  On the other hand, it was way too early for an, 'I-am-crazy' game.  Something was definitely wrong at the hospital, and Hannibal had to find out what it was.


In twenty minutes, Hannibal was at the VA.  To his surprise, he saw Face and BA there as well.  They were looking sleepy and unhappy.  'At least these two are okay,' he thought.


"So he sent for you too," Face greeted.


They went upstairs, where the hall was silent and deserted.  A nurse was dozing off at the nurse's station.  They passed her by on tiptoe, heading towards room 203.


Face picked the lock and swung the door open.  It was shadowy within the room, but they heard Murdock tossing about.  When they moved further inside, in the dim light of a bedside lamp, they saw him walking up and down, muttering something indistinct and biting his fists.


Hannibal switched on the main light, and Murdock rushed over to the guys.  "I'm so glad you came," he said, giving each of them a hug.  "She must have taken him," he muttered.  "I would never have thought that such a pretty… such a hard-hearted…  He might be crying for me somewhere outside in the dark street, begging for help."


"Who?"  Face asked, puzzled, but Murdock seemed not to be listening at all.


BA began to worry.  He had never seen Murdock in such a condition.  He seemed so frustrated, and so lost, he was almost crying.


Hannibal stopped Murdock by putting a hand on his shoulder.  "Report, Captain!" he said in his most military-like manner.


"Billy has been kidnapped, sir," Murdock revealed.


"Billy?" echoed Face and BA.


Murdock nodded.  "Yes.  Yesterday a woman visited me.  She brought some cookies, talked to me nicely, and asked about you all.  She said that she needed the A-Team.  I explained to her that I had no idea who you guys are.  She listened to me very attentively, but seemed not to believe a word.  We talked until a nurse came to take me to the procedure unit.  I didn't want to go there, 'cause Billy wanted to go for a walk instead.  The woman promised to take care of Billy while I was busy, so I left.  The woman never returned, and I know she was the one who took Billy!  We have to find her and bring my dog back home," Murdock finished, then sat down on his bed, clenching his cap.


"Murdock, you're getting even crazier!"  Face exclaimed.


"He's a fool already," BA growled.


"Besides," Face continued, "Do you really expect us to find a woman whose name you don't know, and a dog we can't see, in the middle of the night, in a city as huge as Los Angeles?"


"Sure, Face," Murdock said with great confidence.  "We must be a success.  There's no mission we can't pull off!"


Hannibal stared at the floor.  Actually, there had been plenty of missions where they had failed, and he still felt guilty about them.  However, there was no time for such memories.  He shrugged them off and reached into his breast pocket for a cigar.  It was empty and he sighed, looking up at the men who were waiting for his orders.


"Ok, Murdock.  What do you remember about the woman?" he asked at last.


"Well," said Murdock, frowning in thought, "the cookies she brought were tasty and she--"


"Murdock!"  Face warned.


"Right, Face," Murdock responded, then continued, "She was about five foot three, with ginger hair and unnaturally green eyes.  That's it, I think."  He smiled apologetically and shrugged.


"Does she sound familiar?"  Hannibal inquired.  The rest of the team members shook their heads.  "All right, Face, go and ask the nurse about a ginger-haired lady who visited here yesterday, while we get Murdock outta here."


Grinning, Face disappeared down the hall.  On his way to the counter, he brushed his hair with a comb and put his most pleasant smile on his lips.


When he drew up to the nurse's station, he pulled a wallet out of his coat and said, "Good evening, nurse, I'm detective Stewart."  Face waved a realistic toy police badge in front of the girl.


"Good evening, can I help you," she said, smiling sleepily at Face.


"I wonder whether you remember a beautiful ginger-haired woman who visited Mr. H.M. Murdock yesterday?" he asked.


"Sure, I do," the girl confirmed with a nod.  "She was rather tall and had nice manners.  She brought some cookies for her friend."


"I see…"  Face pretended to write something in a notebook then looked back up at her.  "And did she mention where she could be found?


"No, I'm afraid she didn't," the girl replied, shaking her head.


"Thank you, anyway," he said with a warm smile.  Then, wishing her goodbye, he turned and walked back towards the elevator.


As Face neared the lift, the girl caught up with him and added that the woman had said something about 'Amelia' having become worse than it used to be.


After thanking the girl again, he walked into the elevator and pushed the down button.




Hannibal, BA and Murdock left the hospital through the window and met Face near the van.  They looked up 'Amelia' in the telephone book, and it appeared to be a dirty, cheap hotel on the outskirts of the city.


"Cain't believe we're lookin' for the fool's invisible dog," BA grumbled, starting up the van.


An hour later, BA entered the hotel slowly and went up to the receptionist.  Striking his fist on the counter, he said in an angry, low toned voice, "The Ginger!"


"Room 15," the receptionist practically squeaked, looking intimidated.


The four of them went up to the room, Face brining with him his set of lock picks.  The plan was to break in, snatch Billy, and leave before the woman came back.


"Snatch Billy?!"  Hannibal hemmed.  This was the most ridiculous mission he had ever accomplished.


As soon as the door was opened, Murdock rushed into the room calling for Billy.  Hannibal and the team entered behind him.  It was obvious that nobody lived there, as the wardrobe was empty.  However, a ginger wig was hanging on a chair, and a set of green contact lenses was lying on the table.


Happy, Murdock appeared in the bathroom doorway, stroking emptiness in his arms.  "I found Billy!" he said ecstatically.  Approaching BA, he asked him to say hi to the dog.  BA, however, growled and shot Murdock a severe look.


"Let's get out of here," Face said, shaking his head incredulously.


At that very moment, the door of the room closed behind them, and the lock clicked, shutting them in.


"Hi, guys!  Glad to see you again!"  Big hair and a flashy smile greeted the A-Team.  "I knew Billy would help you to find me!"


And, there she was, standing in front of them with a bottle of wine and some shopping.


With a frown, Hannibal went over, took the girl's shopping bags and said, "Never, ever do this again, Tawnia!"



End.  J


The Kidnapping by Sunny Routine



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