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By: Junkfoodmonkey


Rating: G

Summary: A conversation about the A-Team.

Warnings: Silly

Disclaimer. I don't think I actually need one for this. But here's one anyway the A-Team doesn't belong to me. I don't make any  money from this. All characters portrayed are fictional and don't represent real people (for example me) in any way. Honest.




Daughter:       "Hi, Mom, what you watching?"


Mom:              "The A-Team, my DVDs arrived today."


Daughter:       "Oh yeah, that old show you're always going on about."


Mom:              "Why don't you watch for a while?"


Daughter:       "Whatever." Sits down. "Who's that guy?"


Mom:              "That's BA Baracus."


Daughter:       "Talk about the king of bling!"


Mom:              "Mr T invented bling."


Daughter:       "Who?"


Mom:              "Mr T, he played BA, you must have heard of Mr T, everyone in the world has heard of Mr T."


Daughter:       "Yeah, sure," (Surreptitiously texts friends to ask 'u hrd of Mr T?') "What about that guy?"


Mom:              "That's Hannibal. He's the leader."


Daughter:       "Kind of old isn't he? What's he wearing?"


Mom:              "A monster suit. He's playing a monster in a movie."


Daughter:       "Eh? So how come he isn't wearing a motion capture suit?"


Mom:              "They didn't have CGI back then. It was a guy in a rubber suit."


Daughter:       "That's not very scary."


Mom:              Sighs. Perks up. "Ooh, Face is wearing the light blue sports jacket."


Daughter:       "Face? That the metro looking one? The one you've got a crush on?"


Mom:              "Had a crush on. Had. I'm a grown woman I don't have crushes any more."


Daughter:       "So why did you offer to fight Aunt Vera when she said Orlando Bloom was kind of sissy looking?"


Mom:              "Ahem, I don't remember that. The guy who played Face played Starbuck in the original Battlestar Galactica.


Daughter:       "But, Mom, Starbuck is a girl. What was he in drag?"


Mom:              Sighs again. "Yes, dear, he was in drag."


Daughter:       "What's happening now?"


Mom:              "Face is calling the team."


Daughter:       "Eh? What's he doing?"


Mom:              "He's using a pay phone."


Daughter:       "A what?"


Mom:              "It's a phone in the street, you put money into it and make a call."


Daughter:       "Weird. Why doesn't he just use his cell?"


Mom:              "They didn't have them back then."


Daughter:       "Huh?"


Mom:              "Cell phones, they didn't have them back then."


Daughter:       "What, was this made in the stone age?"


Mom:              Sighs again.


Daughter:       "Who's that guy?"


Mom:              "That's Murdock."


Daughter:       "How come he's wearing his baseball cap the wrong way round?"


Mom:              "Actually, technically speaking that's the right way round."


Daughter:       "God, this show is sooo strange. Whoa! What's going on?"


Mom:              "It's a fight."


Daughter:       "A fight? But they're just hitting each other with their fists. Isn't there any martial arts? Or wire work?"


Mom:              "No. But sometimes one of them jumps off of something high onto one of the bad guys."


Daughter:       "Er, no Mom, sometimes a fat guy in a wig jumps off something high onto a bad guy. Jeez haven't these people ever heard of face replacement?"


Mom:              "Actually, yes."


A few moments of silence as the shows plays on.


Mom:              "Do you want a soda?"


Daughter:       "Shh! I'm missing the show! This Murdock guy is kind of cool."


Mom:              Smiling. "My work here is done."


Beep. 1 Message received. 'Mr who?'





Perspective by Junkfoodmonkey



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