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Templeton Peck closed his blue-green eyes as he laid back in the oversized bathtub


By Jullian Gray


Rating: NC-17

Warning: Slash H/F Graphic Sex, little mental anguish on Face's part

Summary: Hannibal takes control of his physical relationship with Face. Takes place during Viet Nam

Thank you to Jes for making this readable





Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith quietly closed the door to the suite he was sharing with his Lieutenant, Templeton Peck.


He had just finished up the last meeting of a mammoth weeklong conference at HQ. At the end of the day, he had wanted to come straight back to the hotel and finish the evening with his lover. However some of his companions decided to go out bar hopping, and he was forced to join them.


Now looking at his watch and noting the time, he was not at all surprised to find the lights in the bedroom off. As he made his way across the suites lounge area he was surprised to find the younger man asleep on the couch. 


Quietly he moved so he could sit in a chair across from the sleeping man, as he lit up a cigar he allowed his eyes roam over the young blonde.


"Twenty my ass, hell you aren't even 18." He spoke softly to the sleeping figure.


Face was currently curled into a ball; his arms were wrapped tightly around a pillow, his head tucked as close to his body as physically possible.


He had often wondered just how bad the kid's childhood had been. There had to be some bad experiences that would cause him to sleep this way. The nightmares told him a lot, but he had yet to get any information from the younger man.


Once he was finished smoking his cigar, he went into the bathroom to shower and shave. Leaving the bathroom, he went in the suite's closet to get his robe. As he reached for the hook he had hung it on earlier, he noticed it was missing.


A smile crossed his lips as he remembered Face lying on the couch. Wrapping the towel more securely around his waist, he turned and went into the bedroom.


After pulling the blankets back on the bed, he went to retrieve his lover from the couch.


Very carefully he reached down and gathered both of Face's wrists into one of his hands.

He was always very gentle, very cautious whenever he woke his lieutenant.


The Special Forces had trained Face extremely well, in fact too well, as far as Hannibal was concerned. He couldn't count the number of times that he or another member of the team had been hit or damn near killed trying to wake Face up from a nightmare.


Once Face's wrists were secure, he ran his fingertips through the blonde hair brushing it away from his forehead. Face's body instantly tightened as his was touched, his arms pulling back to take a swing at the person touching him.


"Easy kid, it's just me."  


"Colonel?" Face's eyes opened, confusion plainly written on his face.


"Were you expecting someone else?" The colonel chuckled softly as he kissed Face's soft lips.


"No. What time is it?" Face asked as he tried to sit up, only to have Hannibal pushed down on his wrists keeping him on his back.


"About 3:30 or so."


"That was a hell of a long meeting, wasn't it?"


"Too long," The colonel leaned forward to capture Face's lips again. "You miss me kid?"




"I believe you have something that belongs to me," Hannibal stated as he reached out with his free hand and began to untie the blue fabric belt that held the bathrobe closed.


"Don't you think it would be easier if you let go of me, then I could just take it off?" 


Face tried to pull his wrists free only to have Hannibal tighten his grip, raising them above his head, preventing him from getting any leverage.


"Hannibal…" Face started to struggle in the colonel's grip.


"Shhh, be still," Hannibal whispered in his ear as he pulled the pillow away from Face's chest and threw it on the floor before turning his attention back to untying the belt.


Once he had the knot free, the colonel pulled the robe back reveling the younger man's smooth tan body. He allowed his eyes to linger over Face's body, taking in the smooth muscular chest, flat stomach, thin waist, and long legs.




"Hannibal?" a trembling voice called his name 


"Shhh."   Hannibal looked up at the sound of Face's voice. What he saw made his heart ache as he saw the pair of frightened blue-green eyes.


"It's alright Tem, I'm not going to hurt you."  The colonel smiled down at the younger man as he reached out with his free hand to stoke his lover's hair.


Hannibal knew that Face had been hurt in the past, and the younger man had a strong need to be in control, letting go was hard on him.


It was something the two of them had been working on for months. However, it seemed to Hannibal that every time he would get the younger man under his control, Face would find a way to take it back; always giving so much, but never allowing himself to totally relax and be taken care of.


It was a problem that he had been working on since the first day Face had become a member of his team. It was also a problem he planned on fixing no matter how long it took.


"Do you trust me, Tem?"


"With my life," came a soft voice just barely above a whisper.


"What about with your heart?"


Face tried to turn his head to look away, but Hannibal wouldn't allow it. Gently, he held onto Face's chin, preventing him for moving.


Face looked into his lover's gentle blue eyes; he could see the love that they reflected back at him.


"It's so hard, I've always been the one that's been…" Face stopped talking as his eyes filled with pain.


"Tem, you don't have to say anything. But it's time for you to learn what it's like to be loved, and to be made love too. You are a person, not an object, or a plaything to be used, then thrown away. Let me love you Templeton, let me show you what it's like to have someone take care of you."


Face only nodded yes. He was afraid if he opened his mouth to speak, his words could come out an incoherent mess.


"I need you to trust me, I'm not going to hurt you. If you get too upset or too scared, just say stop."


Face nodded his head, but looked away; he could not look at the silver haired man. He knew his colonel wouldn't hurt him; Hannibal had made that promise to him on the first night they made love together.  But it was still so hard to trust, he had screamed the word 'stop' hundreds of times before, only to have the person keep on abusing him. He knew that the word stop had no power.


Hannibal watched Face closely, and when he broke off eye contact, he knew he was losing the younger man.


"Look at me, Templeton."


 Slowly Face turned his gaze back to his lover.


"I'm not in this relationship to hurt you.  I don't want you in pain. It doesn't get me off seeing you hurt. You say stop and I'll stop."


"Will you let go of me?" he asked softly as he tried to pull out of the colonel's grip.


"Not just yet." Hannibal smiled as he bent down to kiss the younger man's forehead.


Slowly he kissed his way down to Face's lips. Gently Hannibal forced his tongue into his lover's mouth; savoring the sweet taste he found inside. Face opened his mouth more and slid his own tongue into his colonels.


"No you don't kid."  Hannibal smiled as he broke off the kiss. "You're not in control this time." He laughed again as he saw the look on the blonde's face. "I know what your trying to do, and it's not going to happen this time."


The colonel lowered his mouth back to his lieutenant's, kissing him briefly before running his tongue over Face's jaw line. Stopping briefly to nibble the soft skin of his throat as he made his way lower.


Slowly he licked and nibbled his way across the collarbone, stopping at the end of the shoulder before going back to the other side.


In one smooth motion, Hannibal took one of Face's nipples in his mouth as his free hand took a hold of the younger man's sex gently squeezing and stroking. A soft moan made him look up to make sure this lover was all right.


Once Hannibal saw Face was still relaxed he returned his mouth to the smooth chest licking and nibbling his way down to Face's groin before gently taking Face's penis in his mouth.


Face gasped and pulled against Hannibal's grip on his wrists. He loved the feel of the older man's hands and mouth on his body but this, this was scary he wanted to move; he wanted to be in control.


"Hannibal…" the voice breathless.


Hannibal stopped to looked up into Face's eyes he could see the fear beginning to creep in.


"Trust me, Tem."


Face took a deep breath before closing his eyes, putting all his trust in the man he loved.


Hannibal smiled as he leaned up to kiss the younger man's soft mouth before returning his to Face's penis.


He began to slowly lick the shaft up and down; pausing every few minutes to suck the smooth head as he carefully he rolled Face's balls in his hand. Wetting his finge, he moved his hand between Face's cheeks until his fingertips brushed against Face's opening. As gently as possible Hannibal inserted it into the tight opening.


Face moan in pleasure as Hannibal's finger brushed against his prostate. He tried once again to pull his hands free, but the colonel tightened his grip preventing him from moving.


"I just want to touch you." Face moaned.


"Not until I say you can."






Slowly Hannibal began to increase the suction on Face's penis as he pushed his finger in deeper.


When Face's moaning increased Hannibal stopped to look up at the young face of his lover. He knew that Face was close to cumming and that was exactly want he wanted, but not like this.


He wanted for Face to feel safe and loved when he was done not like some cheap whore who just happened to be at the right place when his needs struck.


Letting go of Face's wrists, he pulled the robe from the young blonde. Gently he scooped Face naked body up into his arms, kissing his face and mouth as he carried him into the bedroom.


Once Hannibal laid him down on the bed, Face reached up to put his hands in the silver hair trying to pull the older man down to him, forcing his tongue into Hannibal's mouth.


He couldn't do this, he couldn't let go, he had to do something; he had to be in control. He just couldn't lie there; he had to have control of what was happening to his body.


Hannibal broke off the kiss with Face and smiled down at him.


"Nice try, lieutenant." Hannibal pulled Face's hands from his head before grasping his wrists again, rolling the younger man onto his side. Hannibal removed his towel as he slid in behind Face.


Putting his right arm under Face's body, the colonel readjusted his grip on the wrists until they were both in his right hand. With his now free left hand, he began to rub and caress the beautiful body spooned in front of him.


Sliding his hands up and down the flat stomach, down the long thighs and across the tight buttocks before finally taking Face's hard penis back into his hands.


Hannibal kissed the back of Face's neck when he heard the younger man moan.


"Hannibal I want you in me." Face moaned as he pushed himself into Hannibal's groin.

Hannibal kissed the back of Face's neck and bare shoulder.


"This isn't about what you want tonight."




"You're not in control tonight Face."


"I need you in me."




Face bit down on his lip in frustration, when he asked for something during sex, Hannibal always complied. Never had his lover ever denied him any request. This was not suppose to happen like this, he was the one who controlled their sexual activities.


Face thrust his hips backward against Hannibal's erection hoping to get his lover aroused to the point that he would want to penetrate him; helping gain the control he desired.


Instead of Hannibal giving in to him, Face was rewarded with a firm swat on the butt.


"I said no."  Hannibal pulled the younger man closer to him, wrapping his legs around Face's legs preventing him from moving further. 


"Hannibal…." Face begged, his voice pleading.


"Not this time," the colonel whispered in his ear before kissing on the back of Face's neck and shoulder. "Just relax and enjoy."


Face tied again to thrust himself back against Hannibal only to have the older man tighten his grip on his legs and wrists, pinning them against his body.




"I can't do this, let me up."


Hannibal kissed the back of Face's neck as he continued to stroke his penis. He could tell that Face was just about to cum, but he also knew he was about to have a fight on his hands. Face wanted control, and he wanted it bad.


"Yes, you can," Hannibal whispered as he kissed Face's neck and ear. If Face wanted him to stop, then he would; the younger man only had to say one word.


Face's body began to shutter as his orgasm began to build to the point of release. He fought with his body, trying to prevent his own orgasm; if he came now it would be Hannibal's doing and not his own.


He would lose all the control he had in their relationship. Hannibal would own him completely; mind and body, and once he had given everything, he knew it wouldn't be long before the colonel would leave him, just like all the others.


Hannibal could tell that Face was fighting to keep from releasing, but he was not going to give up. He needed Face to trust him, to realize that he loved him no matter who was in control of their relationship.


"Please colonel, let me up.  I can't. I can't do this!" Face was beginning to panic, he had to gain control of this situation he had…


"Cum for me, Templeton," Hannibal commanded softly as he squeezed Face's penis while thrusting down.


Face gasped as his body released, shooting his seed over his chest and stomach.


The pleasure he felt was brief as he realized what he had done; hanging his head he tried to pull out of Hannibal's grip.


"Where do you think your going?" Hannibal asked as he tightened his grip once again, preventing the younger man from moving. Hadn't they just gone through this only a few short months ago when they had first made love together?


"I need to get cleaned up."


"Not a problem."


Hannibal unwrapped his legs, then turned his body so he could reach the towel he had discarded beside the bed. Grabbing the towel, he rolled Face over, still keeping hold of his young lover's wrists. Gently he cleaned Face's genitals and stomach.


"Anything else?"


"Let go of me."


Face tried to pull away, but the colonel wasn't having any of it. He reached out to snag Face around the waist, pulling him back to him. Forcing the blonde's head to his shoulder.


Face smiled as he noticed Hannibal was still erect. He tried to pull his wrists free from the colonel's grip so he could reach for his lover's still erect penis. To his surprise, Hannibal tightened his grip, preventing him from moving an inch.


"Not tonight Tem."


"Hannibal you're still…"


"Doesn't matter about me."


"But your…"


"Shut your mouth, close your eyes, and go to sleep kid."


 Hannibal reached down and pulled the blankets over the both of them. Looking down, he was not surprised to see a pair of blue-green eyes staring back up at him.


"I thought I told you to go to sleep."


"You did."


"Then why are you still looking at me?"


"I don't understand, why wont you let me take care of your needs."


"You are."


"You're still hard."


"It doesn't matter, you gave me what I needed."


"But I could…" Face tried again to pull out of Hannibal's grip only to be stopped yet again.


"Not tonight Tem, tomorrow we'll do what you want, but tonight you're under my control."




"Shhh, go to sleep, I'll be right here when you wake up."


Face swallowed hard. "I love you Hannibal."


"Hell kid, I knew that."




"You want to know how?"


"Because I just told you."


Hannibal laughed softly as he ruffled the blonde hair.


"No, because every time I look in your eyes I see the love you have for me in them. Just like you can look into mine and tell that I love you. Now do as you're told, lieutenant, go to sleep."




"Tomorrow we'll do whatever you want, tonight I'm in control."


With that, Hannibal let go of Face's wrists so he could interlace his fingers with the younger mans. 


"Now go to sleep."




Sighing deeply, Hannibal looked down to meet the bright blue-green eyes that were looking back up at him.


Face took a deep breath to gather his courage.


"Would you have stopped if I asked?"


"I would have stopped."


"I asked you to let me up..."


"You never said stop," Hannibal reminded him as he leaned down to kiss Face again. "You don't belong to me, Face. Your body belongs to you, if you had said stop I would have."


Reaching down with his free hand, the colonel brushed the hair that had fallen over the young man's eyes before he continued.


"I just want to show you that you can trust me, that you don't always have to be in control. You are allowed to let go and enjoy yourself." He leaned down so he was looking the younger man straight in the eyes.  "Now, I don't officially own you, but the Army does. We have a lot of things to do tomorrow, so go to sleep, Lieutenant." He kissed Face passionately one last time. "That's an order."


"Yes sir." Face whispered as he looked up at his CO one last time before shutting his eyes and drifting off to sleep.


Hannibal smiled, as he looked down at the young man asleep in his arms. They still had three days left before they had to return to the base. Three days where they would be allowed to do whatever they pleased in their room together without fear of being discovered.


Tomorrow they would do whatever Face wanted to do, after that it would be up for grabs as to who had the control.



Control by Jullian Gray



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