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Richard Bancroft

Real Name
By: Junkfoodmonkey

Rating: PG
Summary: What is Face's real name?
Disclaimer: I don't own the A-Team, I don't make any money from this.



Real Name


Richard Bancroft.


So that's my name. My name. The name that belongs to me. The only one that ever did. All the other ones were made up by me or for me.


Face. Someone else gave me that. Now that's my 'real' name. Thatís the name that wakes me from even the deepest sleep. Thatís what I think of if someone asks me "what's your name?" Don't often give that as the answer to that question of course.


Templeton Peck. My legal real name. Somebody want to explain to me what the hell I was thinking there? Then I joined the army with that one and got stuck with it the rest of my life. And that's the name Leslie called me. So what was I going to do? Turn up one day and say "honey, start calling me oh... Jeremiah Kelly from now on, would ya? Thanks." I guess whichever path my life had taken back then I was going to be stuck with Templeton Peck.


Alvin Brenner. Man, was I anxious to leave that one behind. Grew up with it, hated it every day. Not the 'Brenner' part. That was fine, I guess. And I still recall when I met Ray Brenner. Followed him around like a puppy for a couple of days, the dumb kid inside me thinking he'd found his big brother.


But Alvin? What was that, some kind of plot? Here's this kid who's way too cute for his own good, stick him with a geeky moniker to keep him from getting too big for his boots. Oh yeah, I dropped Alvin faster than a suddenly unfashionable restaurant.


And then there were all the others in-between. Al Brennan, Al Peck, Holmes Morrison, Morrison Holmes. Hell, lots of young people have an identity crisis, trying to figure out who they are. I guess I was kind of literal about mine.


I went out with this grad student once. She was studying feminist theory at UCLA. I know, that's not exactly my usual type, but she had such great legs...Anyway she had this theory about names. Said your given name is something someone else imposed on you. And your family name is just about what tribe you're part of. So our 'real' names are the ones we make up for ourselves to represent who we really are. Then she said her 'real' name was Raven Huntress and I even managed to keep a straight face when she said it. Seriously, really, really great legs.


So by her theory that makes Templeton Peck my real name. Damn.


Well now I finally know my real real name. Richard Bancroft. Richard. Richie. Rich. Gotta like that one. Ricky. Rick. Dick. Er no, not Dick. I looked up what Richard means. It's old German apparently, means 'powerful' or 'strong leader'. I like that.


When I found out I was Richard Bancroft I sat up half the night talking to Murdock and I kept coming back to the same thing. The name. Until he finally told me to forget about the name. The name wasn't important. What was important was that now I had a history. A past. And now I had a sister.


I looked up the name Ellen too. It's got a bunch of meanings, most of them related to Helen, who was of course the most beautiful woman in the world. Well any girl related to me is sure to be pretty isn't she? But I like the Anglo Saxon meaning. Courage. She's going to need plenty of that, poor kid.


So just what is my real name then? The one they put on my tombstone I guess. And I won't even get to see that.


Sounds like my luck.





Real Name by Junkfoodmonkey



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