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Yo, Boss

Santana Report: Yo, Boss!

Author: Pam


Rating: G

Warnings: None

Summary: A response to Junkfoodmonkey's "Santana Report" challenge on ATSB.  I know it's kind of scary to admit, but here's my effort at "getting inside Frankie's head."


* * * * *


Yo, Boss!

You're never gonna believe what these guys have been up to now. You know all those security cameras and other equipment that they keep dismantling? Well, I know I've done some myself, too, but I hope you don't hold that against me, Boss, because you know, I do have to keep up appearances, so please tell accounting to quit deducting my "share" from my paychecks. Oh, yeah, well, anyway, even though we all have a hand in removing the stuff, it's BA who generally gathers it all up and carts it off somewhere. But you'll never guess what he does with it, Boss. He had an extra large load of cameras the other day, so I volunteered to help him. I mean, I do have to keep up appearances, right, Boss? And carting trash, um, well, I know it's not trash to you, but well, anyway, instead of dumping it out back in the bins, BA took it to the building out back he tinkers in. I've never been in there before. I mean, why would I be interested in whatever BA's tearing apart and putting back together? It's not like it's as nearly as interesting as the explosives and special effects stuff I do. I mean, come on! But anyway, Boss, here's the big news. Turns out BA is fixing the cameras, and then packing them up and sending them to inner city activity centers so they can use them. I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty sure Face is getting BA the addresses, and Hannibal and Murdock are helping with the packing. I don't understand why they never asked me to help. I mean, I'm a good guy, aren't I? I mean, it couldn't possibly be because they don't trust me. I mean, I'm "the main man," Boss. I get things done, don't I? Just like this report. Frankie Santana, doing his job, that's me, and I knew you'd want to know this important information right away. Do you think there's a bonus in it for me? By the way, could you please tell accounting to reimburse me for that expense report I turned in the other day? I know it hasn't been that long, but, hey, I did you a favor and I thought maybe you'd do one for me, Boss.


Your "main man" in the field, I am,

Frankie Santana





Santana Report: Yo, Boss! by Pam



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