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On Hannibal's Tab

Author: Pam


Rating: G

Warnings: None

Summary: Hannibal's all tied up and Face is in a tight spot.

A response to the "A Cautious Peek" challenge. Write a short scene beginning with one of these lines, and use the other line somewhere in the scene.

"He risked a cautious peek. Not the best hiding place, but it would have to do for the moment." and "He smiled and said, "You wanna bet?"


* * * * *



He smiled and said, "You wanna bet?"


Face just managed to stifle his groan. Why did Hannibal always have to bait the bad guys? Couldn't he just once keep his mouth shut and. . . no, that wouldn't be Hannibal. And who was he to complain about anyone talking too much anyway? All the same, he stifled another groan when he heard Hannibal say something about dirtbags and scumsuckers, right before Face heard a noise that sounded suspiciously like one person punching another person. He could guess who was doing what without looking. Still. . .


He risked a cautious peek. Not the best hiding place, but it would have to do for the moment. Crouching behind a sofa was not the most auspicious location, especially for a special-forces-trained soldier, but then again, it had taken a great deal of skill and cunning to successfully maneuver over and under four power cords snaking out of sight of Hannibal and the others. He briefly considered waiting for the surely impending electrical calamity, but brushed it aside just as quickly. It was too cramped and crowded back here. And dusty. Didn't bad guys ever clean?


Face chanced another peek and grinned as Bad Guy #1 and Bad Guy #2 left saying something about lunch. That left Hannibal alone with Bad Guy #3. Who was it said patience was a virtue? And what about that one about all things coming to those who wait? Well, he wasn't going to wait much longer. What with all this crouching and crawling, the crease in his trousers would never be the same.


Face watched Bad Guy #3 circle the chair where Hannibal was sitting tied very efficiently. At the exact moment Bad Guy #3 hit the hypothetical mark on the floor Face had assigned him, he leapt around the sofa, a maneuver that sent both men sprawling. Luckily for Face, the choreography went as he'd planned, and he landed on top. Also luckily, Bad Guy #3 wisely passed out. He never knew what hit him.


"Not bad, Lieutenant."


"Not bad? Is that all you can say after I risked life and limb, not to mention all the dust bunnies behind that sofa?"


"I'd offer you a congratulatory cigar, except my hands are tied and they're in your pocket anyway."


Having finished brushing away all traces of dust, continuing a little longer than necessary, to make his point, Face pulled from his lapel the tiny blade he kept for just this purpose, and sliced the ropes binding Hannibal. Standing and stretching, Hannibal rubbed his wrists to chase away the tingly feeling.


"I think we'll leave our friend right where he is. Makes a nice statement, don't you think Face?"


"I suppose 'nice statement' is better than 'not bad.' Tell you what, Colonel. You can buy lunch and then we'll both have a cigar while you plan the next move. You can get the dry cleaning bill, too."


"Just add it to my tab, Lieutenant."







On Hannibal's Tab by Pam



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