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The Pick Up Game


By Jullian Gray


Rating PG

Warning: Slash H/F and just a bad word or two

Summary: Face gets pulled into a ball game





"Hannibal we're going to be late," Face whined again for what had to have been the one-hundredth time in the last hour.


"Face I need to talk to BA as soon as the game is over; after I talk to him, we'll go."


"Were going to be late."


"We won't be that late."


"We'll lose our reservation."


"Then I'll take you somewhere else."


"I don't want to go…"


"Face, that's enough," Hannibal snapped, putting an end to the argument.


Realizing that he wasn't going to get anywhere with his lover, Face sighed deeply, and turned to watch the game.


Hannibal meanwhile, turned to look at the young blonde sitting next to him. He couldn't blame Face for wanting to hurry up and go. After all, he was the one who promised the younger man that they would go out tonight to a restaurant of his choice.


The colonel smiled, as he looked Face up and down. He had to admit the kid did look nice tonight. He was dressed in a dark gray Armani suit with a steel blue tie that set off his expressive blue-green eyes. He was definitely the best-dressed man sitting in the bleachers at the youth centers outdoor basketball court.


Still smiling, he laid his hand on Face's knee, squeezing it gently.


"I promise we'll make it there on time. If we don't, I'll make it up to you."


"That's why we're going out in the first place. This dinner is suppose to make up for me having to spend five hours in the dentist chair having my caps put back in, remember."


"I remember kid, trust me, I remember." Hannibal's eyes drifted over Face's jaw, looking for any signs of the bruise that had marked it only week ago. Sighing, he squeezed Face's knee again before he turned his attention back to the game.


Hannibal watched as BA ran up and down the side of the court, encouraging the young teens as they passed and dribbled the ball back and forth.


Slowly he let his mind drift back to ten years prior, back when he used to watch his lover run up and down the dirt packed court in Vietnam.


He could still see Face with his shirt off, his tan chest covered with beads of sweat, a thin film of red dust clinging to his green fatigues.


"Can I ask why you're grinning like a Cheshire cat?'


Hannibal turned to see a pair of bright blue-green eyes looking at him.


"I was just thinking back to when I used to watch you play ball back at the base. You and Anderson used to get in some pretty intense one on one games."


"Yeah, I remember those games; I used to be so damn sore afterwards, I could barely move the next morning."


"That's what you got for playing with no ref."


"Seems to me that you didn't mind watching me get the tar beat out of me."


"I just appreciated good competition between the different units."


"A huh."


"You don't believe me lieutenant?" Hannibal raised an eyebrow in question.


"I think you liked watching me run my ass off up and down that court, throwing a punch here and there."


"I have to admit you were impressive."


"Hey you two want to quiet down, I'm trying to watch the game."


"Sorry buddy." Hannibal flashed a quick smile at the black youth sitting in front of them.


"Were, what do you mean were?" Face whispered.


"Well, you're not as young as you used to be."


"I'm not that old, besides I still play a mean game."


"Really? I mean come on; we're talking ten years ago. That makes you what, twenty eight."


Hannibal couldn't help it; he had to laugh at the sour look on his lover's handsome face.


"You know damn well that I wasn't eighteen when I was in Nam." Face crossed his arms over his chest. " And it's a shame you'll never know just how well I still play."


 "Would you old men keep it down?"


"Old men?"  Hannibal stared at the youth.


"Come on, I don't mean no disrespect, but you aint that young sir."


"Not that young, how old do you think I am?" Hannibal glared at Face as he snickered. "You know he was talking about you too."


"True, but you do have a few more years on me." Face smiled his best and brightest at the silver haired colonel.


"Look, I'm sorry if I started something I didn't mean too. I just want to watch the game." The teen tried to apologize.


"How about a pick up game when this one is over?"


"I think you're a little old, don't you?"


"Not me, him." Hannibal nodded toward Face.


"Now wait a minute, you're not volunteering me." Face stared at his lover in disbelief.


"No, you're being drafted." Hannibal flashed Face a smile as he pulled a cigar out of his pocket.


"Come on, there's no way he could beat me in a game of one on one either."


"Hannibal you need to stop this before…"


"You afraid an older man could beat you?"


"I could kick his ass up and down the court."


"Hannibal, I'm not dressed to play…"


"What you trying to back out, already?"  The teen looked at Face.


"I'm wearing a suit, with Italian loafers, I'm not exactly dressed to play."


"So, you're chicken."


"No, I'm not dressed…"


"Didn't take you senior vitamins?" 


"Oh, you are so toasted." Face stood up.


It was just at that moment that BA blew the whistle, signaling the end of the game he was refereeing.  As the teens trotted toward the bench, the youth, Face and Hannibal had been talking to, moved toward the center of the court.


"Come on old man." He laughed as he pointed at Face.


"I've got your old man." Face smiled back as he took his jacket off.


"Face you might want to take off the tie," Hannibal suggested as his lover headed toward the court.


"Hannibal, how did you get me into this?" Face glared at his lover as he undid his tie.


"And the shirt kid, you don't want to get it all messed up."


"You did this on purpose, didn't you?" Face stated as he unbuttoned his shirt, before sliding it out of his pants.


"You coming today, or should I get you a walker?"


"You can shove your walker up your..."


"Face!"  Face turned to look at the colonel "Watch the language with the kiddies."


"You know if you didn't want to eat at a fancy restaurant all you had to do is say something."


"It has nothing to do with the restaurant, it's a matter of pride." Hannibal smiled as he shoved Face onto the court. "Now go get him kid."


"Your pride or mine, colonel?" Face shouted back over his shoulder as he made his way toward the teen.


"Hannibal, why is Face on the court with Darnell?"


"You might say I talked the kid into playing a game of one on one."


"Oh man, I wish you would have said something before you did that."


"Why?  Face has always played a pretty sharp game of ball."


"Didn't you wonder why he was sitting on the bleachers and not playing?"


"Never paid it a bit off attention, figured he already played," the colonel stated as he lit his cigar.


"Oh he plays alright Hannibal, he plays street ball."


"So." Hannibal grinned as he watched Face and the youth square up across from each other.


"Aint no rules in street ball. Last time he was in a game, he blacked two players' eyes, and busted another boy's lip. I told him if he didn't stop, he couldn't play for a few games."


It was just at that moment that the youth checked the ball to Face. Throwing it full force right into the conman's bare chest as hard as he could. Face just had enough time to catch his breath before Darnell's elbow contacted his ribs with enough force that it knocked him to the ground. Stealing the ball from Face, Darnell quickly dribbled down the court to make an easy slam-dunk.


"Damn."  Hannibal winched as he watched Face slowly get back to his feet.


"I'll go stop it." BA sighed as he made his way to his fallen friend.


"See the colonel got you in over your head again."


"Doesn't he always," Face grumbled as he dusted off his slacks.


"That's one old man." Darnell laughed as he made his way over to the two men.


"What have I told you about that stuff Darnell?  You aint hustling money on the streets no more."


"Sorry BA," the youth apologized to BA then to Face. "Sorry sir, I didn't mean to hurt you."


"You didn't hurt me." Face looked at the teen.


"Are you sure?  I mean, I know when people get older they get a little fragile.  Last year my Granny fell down and broke her hip."


"Your Granny, fragile…" Face opened and closed his mouth a few times. "…give me the ball," he growled as he snatched the ball from the youth's hands and dribbled it back to the center of the court.


"Face." BA trotted back over to his friend as Darnell walked back to the center court. "I don't think you know what you're getting yourself into."


"Stay out of the way BA," Face stated, not even bothering to look at his friend; he was too busy sizing the youth up.


"You hustle ball sport?"


"Yea, what's it to you?" Darnell crossed his arms over his chest defensively.


"So did I," Face replied smoothly.  


As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Face shoved the teen to the ground as he dribbled past to do an easy lay up.


"That's one youngster." Face smiled as he bounced the ball back to Darnell, who was picking himself up off the pavement.


Hannibal watched as the game played out before him.  He had to laugh at the expression on the teens face as his Face stole the ball from him yet again, putting the score at 8 to 5 in his lover's favor.


The two had thrown blows back and forth throughout the entire game. Face was now sporting a cut just below his right eye and several bruises to his ribs and chest.


Darnell had a split lip and bloody nose from the elbow Face had nailed him with when the teen had tried to punch him in the stomach.


"Faceman looks good," BA remarked as he stood next to his commander.


"Yes, he does." Hannibal smiled as he watched Face take another shot, putting him up to nine.


"One more and the this old man has got you." Face smiled as he threw the ball back at the youth before wiping the sweat from his eyes.


Darnell took the slight break in Face's concentration to slam the basketball into the side of Face's head as hard as he could, causing him to collapse to the ground. Quickly, the teen ran past Face's body and slam-dunked the ball again.


He turned to gloat when he noticed that the other man hadn't moved.


"Face!"  Hannibal yelled as he ran across the court toward his fallen lover.


BA turned his attention away from Darnell and looked out at the court noticing for the first time that his friend wasn't moving.


Kneeling down beside Face, Hannibal quickly gathered both of the blonde's wrists into one of his hands, before he ran his other hand over the blonde's head looking for wounds. Face gave a slight moan as Hannibal ran his fingers over the now bleeding wound on his temple.


"Stop." Face moaned as he tried to fight off his attacker.


"Easy kid."


"Did you get the number of the bus that hit me?" Face moaned again as he tried to sit up.


Carefully Hannibal helped Face up into a sitting position.


"How many fingers am I holding up?"




"You alright little brother?"  BA grabbed Face's other arm.




With the help of the men, Face was able to stand on his feet.


"Man I'm so sorry." Darnell came over to the three men. "I didn't mean to hit you that hard.


"I told you about that stuff Darnell," BA growled, as he looked the teen up and down. "Told you that you was going to hurt someone."


"I'm really sorry…"


Holding up his hand, Face silenced the youth.


"I've only got one thing to say to you." Face looked the younger man in the eyes, causing the teen to back up a step.


"Yes sir?"


"Foul! Which makes it my ball!" Face yelled as he snatched the ball from Darnell's hands, ran across the court, dunking it into the basket.


Meanwhile, the teen just stared at the blonde haired man as he slowly dribbled his way back across the court to stand in front of Darnell.


"And that makes 10.  I win." Face smiled as he handed the ball to his opponent.


"How, I thought you…" Darnell stuttered.


"You've got game son, but you lack experience." Hannibal smiled at the teen as he draped his arm over Face's shoulder.


"Hannibal, not only do you owe me dinner, but now you also owe me a new pair of suit pants." Face smiled at his lover as he brushed at the ruined slacks.


"Anything you want kid." Hannibal's smile widened as he pulled Face closer to him. "But I think first we should get you home, and cleaned up."


"Agreed." Face leaned into the colonel and allowed the older man to lead him off the court.


"But… how… I thought…" Darnell stuttered.


"Man, you just got conned by the best."


"He was… I mean I…who was that guy?"


"That, Darnell, was my little brother." BA laughed as he threw his arm over the confused teen.



The End


Foul by Jullian Gray



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