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Not So Long Ago

Not So Long Ago

Author: Therm


Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters.

Summary: A plane, four team members, but all's not as it seems.

Warning: Set in Nam, so a little dark, but nothing nasty.

Author's notes:  Thanks to all at the ATSB2 for their helpful comments and suggestions (especially about the whole water debate; bottle vs. cup) Cheers all! And the title comes from the Bon Jovi song 'August 7, 4.15'.


Not So Long Ago


The plane gently glided through the sky.


On a beautiful day like this, there was no greater place to be in Murdock's opinion. There was hardly a cloud in the sky and the views below were breath taking.


He did feel a little pity for the people who hated flying or didn't trust it being 'safe enough', they just had no idea what they were missing.


Face entered the cockpit and sat in the co-pilots seat. "How we doing?" He asked.


"Oh, fine. It's a steady journey. How are the others in the back?" Murdock asked.


"Hannibal's keeping an eye on BA. Waiting to see if he stirs." Face said.


Murdock frowned for a moment before the worry left him and he smiled over to his young friend. "Wanna get me a drink?"


"Yeah sure." Face said, getting up. "I mean, I did come to be your personal slave." Face said, his tone light letting the pilot know it was said in jest.


"That's what I was told." Murdock retorted.


Face came back a few minutes later and held out a cup of water for Murdock to drink from. He took several small sips before handing the container back to Face. "Thanks." he said.


"So, where exactly are we?" Face asked, looking out to the land below.


"Can't tell you. Top secret." Murdock said.


Before Face could say anything else, Hannibal came in. He stood just inside the door.


"Colonel, how's BA?" Murdock asked, worry resurfacing.


"He's OK." Hannibal confirmed. "He'll have a bump and a hell of a headache when he wakes, but besides that nothing to worry about."


"Oh good." Murdock said, relief evident.


"Think he'll stay under until we land?" Face asked.


Hannibal just shrugged. "How much longer, Murdock. I'm getting hungry."


"Well, shouldn't be much more than.... 20 minutes." Murdock said.


"Ok. I'll leave you to it." Hannibal said. Just before Hannibal could leave he heard movement in the back of the plane. The three men swapped quick glances as they realised what was happening. "BA." Hannibal said as he rushed back out of the cockpit.


Murdock and Face said nothing, just listening to what was happening. Things were very quiet.


BA and Hannibal both came into the cockpit, a look of anger on BA's face. "Who hit me?" he asked, feeling the thumping headache.


Before anyone could answer, BA looked ahead of him.


He saw the controls, saw the land spread out before him as the plane gently cruised through the sky.


"We're on a plane." he said. Silence came for a long time after, no one saying anything.  Then BA continued. "We escaped." A statement rather than a question.


"That's right. We got out of Nam, away from the camps. I told you we would. I said I had a plan didn't I." Hannibal said, smiling wildly.


The loudest crack of thunder that Murdock had ever heard awoke him from his sleep.


He must have jerked or called out as he awoke, because Hannibal was looking at him, concern written all over his face.


"You OK, Cap'n?" Hannibal asked.


Murdock nodded a little. He carefully sat up, mindful of the cuts and bruises that littered him. Taking a few moments to catch his breath, he looked around.


The ground outside was soaked, puddles of water outside the cages looking so refreshing. Murdock's dry mouth wanted to draw that liquid to his parched throat, but they all knew that they couldn't reach the water, they'd tried many times before.


Finally feeling a little more composed, Murdock spoke. "BA back yet?"


Hannibal shook his head, confirming the worse to Murdock.


"You got that plan worked out yet?" Murdock asked, looking up to his leader from a slightly slouched position.


"I'm still working on it."



The End


Not So Long Ago by Therm



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