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Title: Needed


Author: Therm


Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters portrayed within this story.

Summary: Murdock needs Face after a misunderstanding.

Warnings: Angst, bit of a sad story, but not too bad. Slight Murdock/Face.

Note: Thanka to all at the ATSB2 and aslash for their comments. This came from an idea about all the things that Face can get from his cons and the things that he can't con from anyone, in this case, Murdock's sanity.




Face held Murdock tightly, gently rubbing his back as he offered comfort and gained some from the closeness.


Face could feel the tears that landed on his chest, leaving a warm and wet sensation there. He hated Murdock to be upset and he wanted more than anything to be able to stop Murdock's pain.


He didn't even notice his own tears as they rolled down his face and landed on Murdock's head.

If he wasn't with the man he loved more than anyone in the world, he may have cared.


"Face, I don't wanna go back." Murdock said quietly, voice sounding weak and needy.


It was the first time the team had broken Murdock out of the VA. All they had done was enjoy a weekend together. It was testing the waters, according to Hannibal.


Somehow, things had gone wrong. Murdock had thought he was staying with them.

It broke Face to realise Murdock's misunderstanding and having to tell him the truth.


"I don't want you to go back." Face said. Even though he didn't want it, he knew it had to happen.


Tomorrow, he would have to drive Murdock back down to the VA. He had asked Hannibal if he could do it alone, and he'd agreed.


It didn't make it easier, though.


Face thought about his life for just a moment. He could con anything from anyone, get things when they seemed almost impossible to get, but he couldn't do anything in the world to stop Murdock returning to that hospital tomorrow and it was the one thing he wanted to be able to do more than anything else in life.


He pulled Murdock closer, determined to reassure him, comfort him while he was here and make sure he knew that he was still loved even when he wasn't with them.


Tomorrow, he'd watch him be taken away and locked up.

And he knew Murdock would cry all the way back.

And he knew that night, he'd cry too. Alone.



The End.


Needed by Therm



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