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Title: Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy

Author: Pam


Rating: G

Warnings: None, unless you have an aversion to puns and cliches. ;-)


Summary: BA and Murdock are in the kitchen on Thanksgiving morning.  A response to Tee's Food for Thought Challenge on ATSB: A short story must contain a food phrase, a tv, and wild turkey -- a choice of the kind you cook or eat.



* * * *


Using a funnel as an impromptu megaphone, Murdock tried once again to get the busy cook's attention. "Hello? 'Corn' you hear me? Earth to BA. Earth to BA."


"Shut up, fool, 'fore I bean you with this saucepan." BA had risen at 4am to put the turkey in the oven, and had been chopping, slicing, dicing, and a lot of other cooking verbs ever since. After opening the kitchen for precisely one hour for breakfast, he'd declared it off limits to everyone else, not that that had stopped the occasional foray by one of the others trying to gain access to some of the food he was preparing. Face and then Hannibal had already tried and gone away empty handed. Now Murdock was taking a shot.


It had been a whole three hours and 47 minutes since breakfast, and Murdock's taste buds were working in overdrive, what with all the marvelous smells emanating from the kitchen. He was certain he'd fade away from hunger if he didn't get a snack soon to tide him over until dinner. "Ah, BA, don't be such a stuffed shirt. It's Thanksgiving. Let's talk turkey."


"What are you yammerin' about now? Can't you see I'm busy fixin' dinner?"


"BA, a holiday dinner is not going to be worth a hill of beans if I can't enjoy your company today. Our friendship is. . . better than sliced bread."


"And you're slicker than a wet noodle, fool. I know what you're up to." BA thought back to when he was a little boy pestering his mother in the same way the guys had been pestering him this morning. Everything smelled so good and it had been so hard to wait. But wait he did. Usually. Sometimes Mama relented and gave him an early treat, but he didn't intend to tell Murdock or the others that. "I done told you and Face and Hannibal, no eating until I put dinner on the table. In two hours. You can wait that long."


Almost out of cards to play, since BA had been unusually adept at fending him off, Murdock tried one more time. "Okay, okay, I know what side my bread is buttered on. The world is my oyster. . . "


"Whatchu talkin' about now? There ain't no oysters for dinner."


It was all Murdock could do to keep from bouncing up and down at the slightly confused expression on BA's face. "Maybe not, but the proof is in the pudding."


"There ain't no puddin' either, fool!" BA sighed. He knew when he'd been bested. "What's it gonna take for you to go watch tv with Face and the Colonel, and let me have some peace and quiet to cook?"


"Wild turkeys couldn't drag me away, big guy."


"How 'bout a piece of pumpkin pie?"


Bingo! Murdock grinned in triumph. "How about three pieces, with whipped cream and a cherry on top?"


BA grinned, too, as he pulled three plates from the shelf and cut the pie. He'd enjoyed the challenge, but he knew when to relent. And in truth, he'd made an extra pie for just this eventuality. Not that he'd tell anyone, except Mama, when he called her to chat this evening.



LATER. . .


Face sat cross-legged on the sofa, savoring every bite of the tasty dessert, while Hannibal relaxed in the recliner, and Murdock lazed on a pile of pillows on the floor. The tv was still on, with the sound set low, so they could talk.


"Hey, Murdock, come on, spill the beans. How'd you manage to talk BA into letting us have pie before dinner?"


"Easy peasy, Face."


"Don't tell me that. He wouldn't even let me have so much as a celery stick. And all Hannibal managed was a glass of water for himself. Not even a cup of coffee."


"You just didn't take the right approach, Face. My top secret, super-duper plan to get us something to eat was. . ."


"A piece of cake, Captain?"


"That's one way of putting it, Colonel, but I prefer to say 'easy as pie.'"



* * ~* *


Easy Peasy by Pam



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