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Writing Exercise: Jazz Up A Sentence

Breakfast at the Diner

Author: Pam


Rating: G

Warnings: None

Summary: A response to ATSB's "Jazz Up A Sentence" challenge: "They had breakfast at the diner." Probably more than you want to know about what Hannibal, Face, BA, and Murdock have for breakfast.



* * * *


"Ah'll have a steak, well done, four eggs, over easy, with two rashers of bacon on the side, and four slices of toast with grape jelly. A large orange juice and a cinnamon roll. And milk. Lots of milk."


"And you, sir?"


"I'll have the same thing, except hold the steak and two of the eggs, and substitute french toast with the cherry sauce on top for the toast and grape jelly. And make mine coffee with a side of chocolate milk."


"Er, coming right up." The waitress scurried back to the kitchen, notepad in hand, her mind whirling in confusion. Just her luck to get a table where they managed to order one of everything on the menu. She wondered if it was too late to duck out the back door. . .


"Gee, if I'd known about the looming food shortages caused by outsized breakfasts, I'd have placed a bigger order myself. There might be a famine by lunchtime."


"Who's breakfast you callin' 'outsized,' sucka?"


"Yeah, this is just a tidbit in the vast array of epicurian breakfast delights. . ."


"Shut up, fool, before I lose my appetite!"


"At least, I didn't order a poached egg."




"And what's wrong with a poached egg, I'd like to know?"


"Nothin' except the way the yolk runs all over the plate and looks. . ."


"Ahem! What d' you guys say we all pipe down until I have at least two cups of coffee. Maybe three famine or no famine -- if that poached egg is very runny."





Breakfast At The Diner by Pam



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