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Annoyed in Paradise

Annoyed in Paradise

Author: Pam


Rating: G

Warnings: None

Summary: A missing scene from Judgment Day.  Face is annoyed. 

A response to Leia's "Pick A Sentence" Challenge on ATSB -- Write a story/scene including a line from the first book you pick up and open at random. I cheated a little bit, as this starts with the first line of the third book I looked at, a murder mystery by Gillian Linscott..

* * * * *

I was in
Paradise and it was annoying me.

Not only was I annoyed about being here. I was also
annoyed at myself for being annoyed. At times like this,
I wonder about the relationship between annoyance
and guilt, because I'm sure there is one. At any rate, I'm
going to be annoyed if there isn't one.

I know I should let it go, take it for the flip remark it was.
I'm sure he and the others had forgotten all about it five
minutes later. After all, in the grand scheme of things,
this was nothing. I've heard worse.

So why am I so annoyed right now? I mean, we're on
a cruise ship and I get to play doctor with pretty ladies
who need some sunscreen, while
Hannibal has to clean the
pool. I think I'd be happier if he was stuck down in the
hold somewhere looking after a bunch of elephants for
a traveling circus.

The mental image makes me feel a little less annoyed.

I think I'll survive. Again.



Annoyed In Paradise by Pam



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