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AUTHOR: Viskey Utsadanas



DISCLAIMER: The usual, I don't own the team, though I really wish I did, and I won't complain if I get them for Christmas this year. I'm writing purely for the sake of it. I don't make any money with it, though again, I really wish I did.


NOTES: I just can't stop putting them together. And you better read Adjustments before you read this, or you'll be a little... uh *mighty* confused.

WARNINGS: Well, the rating says it all, but there's nothing graphic, and a little angst

SUMMARY: Face discovers how love actually works.





Hank, one of the orderlies, followed Murdock and Peck with his eyes, as they disappeared in Murdock's room. After all these years Murdock had finally found a friend, who actually existed outside his imagination. It did him good, too, although Hank wasn't all too sure if the things going on between them were really healthy. Murdock might be losing himself in yet another problem. Or was it normal to call your buddies 'baby'?




"Face, may I ask you something?" Murdock asked, as he sat down on his bed.


"Anything. If I answer, is on another sheet."


"Face, you... you know, I have certain knowledge..."


"On psychos, you mean?" Talking lightly about it, lessened the fright.


"Yeah, just like you and me, baby. Well, anyway, I was just wondering... Face, I know, you couldn't stand yourself."


"I still have my problems with that", Face confessed, trying to keep his tone light.


"Yeah, yeah. But *why*? I mean, everybody always loved you. What made you think, you weren't worth loving?"


"*Who* loved me?" Face asked sharply, the lightness gone like it had never been there. *He* had never felt overwhelmingly loved. Wanted, yes, in various ways. Liked, yes, sometimes. Loved, definitely not.


"We do. Hannibal, BA, Amy, me..."


"And who loved me before?"


Murdock was silenced. He realized how little he knew about Face's life as a child and teenager.




"None of them ever loved me."


"But they were in *bed* with you." Murdock said confused. For him sex and love were one and not separable. To him going to bed with someone meant loving that someone. Of course, there were people who went to bed with just about anyone, without love and all. But then, there were always people who did the wrong things, Murdock knew that. But so many?


"And I was in bed with them. Do you really believe, I've loved them all?"


"Well... some, at least."


Face shook his head.


"But..." Murdock was not getting it.


"Physical function, biological process. Good to relax. Good to switch your brains off."


"So you..."


"So I what?" Face was starting getting aggressive. He'd never liked talking about himself. And discussing his bed-manners...


"You've never done it with love?" Murdock was bewildered.


"Oh, come on, who has? Love is a mystery. It's a legend. It don't exist."


"I have, baby." Murdock took Face's head in his hands, gentle but unyielding. "I have." And he bent forward to kiss Face on the cheek. And kissed him again, on the other cheek, and kissed him again, on the mouth. No tongue, only lips.


"What... what... what?"


"Nobody ever kissed you like that before, right, baby?"


"No man has ever kissed me", Face had planned to shout, but out came a mere whisper.


"I meant the love going with it." And Murdock kissed him again. Touched his friend's lips with his own, fuller lips.


Murdock would have imagined various different reactions from Face if he'd made the effort, but never that Face would start crying. He wiped the tears away. "So bad?"


"No, so sweet," Face confessed, captured in the moment, and he bent forward himself now to kiss again kiss for the very first time, really. My God, what had he missed all those years?


Murdock had his hands still at the sides of Face's head, and let him kiss him. He let Face put his hands on his shoulders, let Face's tongue touch his lips and to his own surprise, Murdock opened his lips.


The kiss had lasted for minutes. When Murdock finally withdrew, he saw Face, having his eyes closed, wet lips and looking beautiful like never before.


"And I always thought, I knew everything about kissing", Face mumbled, with a smile stealing onto his face. "Once more."


"But not here, where anybody, who likes, can watch us." Murdock walked over to a hidden corner of his room, pulling Face with him. There they stood, taking each other's hands and kissed again. Face felt so strange, kissing someone taller than himself. It didn't feel quite right somehow, and yet it felt so sweet.


And when Murdock moved on to his ear, he didn't know what to feel anymore. He just sensed the soft skin of Murdock's lips, kissing him. He felt Murdock's breath in his auricle and felt him moving down to his neck. He felt Murdock's arms around his waist, felt the warmth coming off him.


He felt his own arms embracing Murdock, laying them around his shoulders.


Murdock started stroking Face's back, started pulling his shirt up and slipped his hands under it. His fingers danced on Face's back and stated, that they had hardly ever touched softer skin. Boy, with or without love, the girls must have enjoyed him! Murdock could feel muscles tensing under the hot skin. Then he sent his hands on further expeditions, slipping them under the waistband and still further down.


Whatever he did, Face followed. Murdock could feel his arms flexing, could hear him suppressing sighs of joy. And he could feel an erection.


Face felt what Murdock did, and he didn't give a shit that it was gay. He just tightened his embrace, trying to draw Murdock nearer, craving to feel as much of Murdock as ever possible. He bent back his head, so Murdock had it easier to kiss his neck. Murdock followed the invitation immediately. It was tickling, it was warm and wet, it was sensational and it weakened Face's knees. Weakened? Stopped them functioning! Hadn't he circled his arms around Murdock's neck, he'd have fallen.


Murdock registered with excitement and curiosity the effect his lovemaking had on Face. No girl had ever reacted to it like this. But of course, none of the girls he'd had, had been so strained and fragile. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew, he had to take care Face wasn't hurt. But that was far, far away. The hot blood streaming into his own erection was much more immediate. He was still leading the game, Face simply reacting. Murdock undid Face's zipper and pushed his jeans down.


Face bit his own arm. Otherwise he'd cry out loud. And that wouldn't be very clever in the situation they were in, now would it? People would come, checking. And people would separate them. And for that he liked it just too much. And he hoped Murdock would go far, too far. For if he didn't, Face was not sure they had the guts to do it again. And he *wanted* it again. He liked his body being on fire. He bit again, harder this time. Murdock had started squeezing and moving his one hand while the other still stroked him. And all the while he was sucking at his neck. Face started moving his hips involuntarily, there was a point when you just couldn't keep still, no matter how hard you tried. He came off into Murdock's fist, making a high-pitched, whining sound.


Murdock was still hard, but he forced himself to put his own needs aside. This here was for Face alone. He wouldn't teach Face anything about love, if he used him now to ease his own desires.


Face meanwhile was ignorant about these thoughts. He was just enjoying Murdock's arms, holding him upright, he was enjoying the weakness that had stolen into each of his muscles and Murdock's mouth, still occupied with his neck.


"Boy..." Murdock said at Face's skin.


Face felt some strength flowing back into his body and loosened his embrace a little. "Wow," he said.


"See, baby, that's love." Murdock gently kissed him on the lips a last time.




"Yeah, and now just think about..." Murdock didn't finish and chuckled.


Face frowned at first, but then grinned broadly. "I'd better be going", he said, letting go of Murdock and pulling up his jeans. "I've got a thing or two to think about." Or dream about...


Murdock just nodded. He showed Face to the door, then returned to the corner right away to ease the pain in his own crotch.



The End



Bedjustments by Viskey



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