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The Trick or Treat Challenge

Sun City

Author: Mistress Lrigtar


Rating: G - Fluffy

Warning: It's pretty lame

Summary: Challenge details There can be NO bad weather. It must be a sunny location. The Trick Hannibal must be in costume. The Treat it must be a lighthearted story. Does that mean BA cannot threaten Murdock, because he does.

Copyright: October 19, 2005



There wasn't a cloud in the sky. As a matter of fact, it was a beautiful, sunny day, with the sky a bright Carolina blue. All Hallow's Eve was supposed to be bone chilling with thunder, lightening, rain, fog, the works. Instead it was a perfect 75 degrees. A great day to spend at the beach. It was all wrong.


"Rats!" Murdock said as he slammed the door to the van.


"Hey man!" BA yelled, "Watch it!"


Murdock ignored him and slouched down in his seat, "Where's Face?"


"At the beach," BA replied as he headed towards Studio City, where they were going to pick up Hannibal. "Said he'd meet us at the house."


"Figures," Murdock said and scowled further at the sunny day.


"What's wrong with you?" BA asked. "Thought you'd be glad Dr. Richter let you out for the weekend. All you's been talkin' about is Halloween." He looked over at his friend. "Where's your costume?"


Murdock pouted, "I'm not in the mood now, BA! Look at this!" He waved his hand in the air, indicating the bright, clear day outside.


"Man, you ain't right," BA said.


They drove in unusual silence over to Studio City. When they arrived at the lot where Hannibal was working they saw that the filming was running behind. Getting out of the van, BA immediately made a beeline towards the catering table. Murdock, meanwhile, ambled morosely amongst the trailers. He was passing the props table when something caught his eye. Lying in the trashcan was a wooden stake and a blank piece of poster board. Pouncing upon these two items, Murdock got a gleam in his eye who would throw away these treasures? The pilot stood up to his full height, slinging the wooden stake over his shoulder and placing the poster board under his arm. He strode with purpose back to the van.

BA was sitting on the side runner of the van chewing on a sub sandwich when Murdock returned. "Where'd you get that?" he asked around a mouthful of sandwich.


"Found it," Murdock replied and climbed over BA into the van.


"What'chu doin' in there, Fool? It's beautiful outside," BA said, taking another bite of sandwich and washing it down with a swig of milk.


"I am protesting the bad weather we are experiencing," Murdock's voice came from the depths of the van.


BA shook his head and proceeded to finish off the sandwich. Not long after, Hannibal ambled over to the van. BA had a hard time not choking on his last swallow of milk. Hannibal was wearing some kind of red uniform, with black boots, and his trademark black gloves. This, however, was not what caused the choking. What was, was Hannibal's head. His white hair was sticking out of some kind of latex lizard skin that had been applied to his face.


"Man, what are you supposed to be?" BA asked.


Hannibal's eyes twinkled, "It's a made-for-TV movie about lizard people. I'm one of the lizard people."


"That sounds weird, if you ask me," BA said. "Are you ready to go?"


"Sure. I'll take this stuff off when I get home," Hannibal said and got into his seat. He looked into the back of the van at his Captain. "What are you doing back there, Murdock?"


Murdock looked up from the poster board he was scribbling on. "I plan on protesting this lousy weather we are having, sir. Hey! Nice costume! Too bad Halloween is going to be cancelled." He went back to work on his poster.


"Cancelled? Uh, right." Hannibal turned back around in his seat.


On the way over to the beach house, Hannibal talked BA's ear off about the Sci-Fi flick. Lizard people in disguise as humans running around the planet harvesting people and the water supply. Hannibal was in the midst of talking about how he was going to get to eat a hamster when loud hammering came from the back of the van. Distracted, BA pulled into the driveway while looking in the rearview mirror and wound up scraping the bottom of the van on a bump in the drive.


"My van!" BA yelled at Murdock. "You shouldn't be messin' with my stuff without askin'! Now, see what you did!"


BA put the van in park and climbed over his seat towards Murdock. Murdock, in turn, grabbed his sign and scrambled out of the van.


"Mean, ol' ugly Mudsucker," Murdock grumbled.


BA made to attack Murdock, but was restrained by Hannibal, "Alright you two, settle down."


BA grumbled and went to check the van's undercarriage. Hannibal got out of the van and stretched, "Ok, Murdock. Let's go find Face. We need to get dinner going soon before the trick or treaters show up." He called over to BA, "BA, we're going to find Face." BA grunted in reply.


Hannibal and Murdock went around the back of the house and quickly saw that Face was at the beach and looked to have several girls with him. Murdock frowned at the sunbathers, while Hannibal grinned. "Looks like Face found us some company for tonight."


As soon as they were within earshot, Murdock yelled at them, "How can you be sitting here enjoying this weather? This is an outrage! Face, I'm disappointed in you!" He began marching in a circle around them waving his sign, which read: 'Down with the sun' and had a big yellow sun within a red circle with a slash through it.


One of the girls looked at Face, "Do you know this person?"


Face raised his eyebrows and tried to look bemused, "I have never seen him before in my life."


At this moment, Hannibal came into view and grinned at the conman, "I see you found us dates for tonight, Face. Thanks."


The three girls took one look at Hannibal and ran screaming down the beach. Face stood up to call after them, but they were long gone. "Thanks a lot! Between Murdock yelling at us and you in that getup, you scared them off!"


"Don't worry, Face. I'm sure you can find us more dates later. Now, come on. We have work to do," Hannibal said and headed back to the house.


Grumbling, Face gathered up his beach paraphernalia and started towards the house as well, only pausing when he realized Murdock was not following him. "You coming?"


Murdock was gazing up and down the beach at the numerous people enjoying the pleasant weather, "In a minute."


"OK, but don't stay out here too long or you'll get sunburn," Face said and trudged up to the house.


Flinging his sign down in the sand, Murdock looked up at the sky and howled, "I give up!!!"



Sun City by Mistress Lrigtar



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