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Title: Treat me like you did the night before

Treat me like you did the night before

Author: Cabaret


Rating: PG13 for off screen references of the carnal kind.
Summary: It's Face's birthday and the morning after is a whole new ball game! This was a five minute challenge posted on the VA that had to start with the words 'He looked at the picture'.

Disclaimer: The A Team are not mine.
Warnings: Embarrassment factor gorgonzola!
Comments: Yes please!


He looked at the picture; a small smile crept across his face. He turned the picture and tried to focus his mind, what had happened the night before? It was all still a blur in the pounding of his head, but if this picture was vital evidence, then it was sure worth it. He turned the picture again and tried to decide which way up it was supposed to go, there seemed to be many possibilities, all of which looked like only a yoga master could manage.

Face dropped the Alka Seltzer into his water and grimaced at the noise it made as it fizzled away. Was any night worth this much pain? All he wanted to do was crawl back into bed, but his headache just wouldn't let him. He stumbled into the living room where he saw a ball of human wrapped up in his rug. He prodded it, it groaned. A head emerged from the top and squinted at Face.


"Turn down the volume man."

"Do you remember...?"

"Yes..." Murdock groaned, "But I don't wanna."

"Can you tell me?"

"You don't wanna either, trust me." Murdock unravelled himself and took the glass of life saving alka seltzer from Face's hands then drank it down.

"Oi!" Face protested then immediately held his head, as did Murdock.

They heard a noise coming from down the hall, exchanged looks then tentatively decided to investigate.

"You first." Face urged Murdock on.

"Me? It's your place, was your birthday, was your party man."

"Just get moving."

Murdock sighed and crept forward. Their ears took them to the bathroom, one lady exited.

"Thanks for the night guys, lemme know when there'll be another one." She kissed them both and left.

Face shrugged to Murdock who replied with an equally baffled shrug, they entered the bathroom and saw another woman brushing her teeth. Then their eyes followed the wall to BA who was emerging from the bath tub and rubbing his head. The second woman washed out her mouth and leaned over the tub. Face and Murdock immediately covered their eyes due to the shortness of her dress. She kissed BA.

"Thanks for the wild night Tiger." and with that, left with a wave to Face and Murdock.

"Tiger?" They said in unison.

"Ok, I missed that bit." Murdock admitted. BA just groaned and blushed trying to find the words to explain.

He never had the chance as Hannibal bounced in from a bedroom.

"Morning guys!" He chirped. "Guess what day it is?"

"Last day of my life?" Murdock guessed.

"A day of holy rest and nursing our heads?" Face offered.

"A day of you guys wanna get outta here or die?" BA followed.

Hannibal threw a towel to BA.

"Nope, it's flying to Borneo and sorting out some bad guys day, the call came in two days ago, I thought I'd surprise you all as I know you just love Borneo." Hannibal beamed.

"I ain't flying..."

"Uh I think you will." Hannibal held up a phone. "Now what's your mother's number?" He turned to Murdock. "So much cheaper then knocking him out."

"Colonel, I can't fly like this!" Murdock began his protest.

"Oh I think you will, or should I tell Face just what you did on his Persian rug last night?"

Murdock looked down in defeated acceptance.

"Surely...." Face began, then dropped his jaw as Hannibal held up the rest of the Polaroid's which were far more explicit then the one he'd found. Face held up his hands and backed off.

"What did you do on my Persian rug Murdock?" He asked turning to his disappearing friend. "Mur-dock?"

"Well time to go guys." Murdock said hurriedly.


"You know, you're a year older now, you should try not to worry so much and relax a bit more."

"Murdock, what did you do???" Face held his head as he yelled.

"A year older?" Hannibal asked.

"Yeah, last night, Face's birthday, remember? And how come you haven't got a hangover?" Murdock was desperate to change the subject.

"No, Face's birthday is tomorrow, you guys should really pay more attention to national date lines you know." Hannibal grinned as he watched everyone try to work it out with pained expressions.

"So we can do this again tomorrow?" Murdock asked in a failing attempt to sound as bright as Hannibal.

"Not if you do to my Persian rug tomorrow what you did to it last night, we're not! And as for you, I don't even want to think what happened in my bathroom." Face tried to sound as firm as he could as Hannibal giggled then drew a serious composure.

"Move it men, we leave in ten minutes."

The A Team groaned and thoroughly blackmailed got ready to leave in silence, with the exception of Face and Murdock who continued to debate the Persian rug.

Hannibal stood outside waiting for his men, he felt awful, but he knew that it was only an A Team if they could pull themselves into one now, and he wasn't about to let them down.


Treat Me Like You Did The Night Before by Cabaret



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