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Title: Companion


Author: Mooncat


Rating: NC-17

Summary: Someone calls Murdock for help.

Warnings: Dark. Blood. Nasty wounds. Angst. Slash. Graphic sex. Murdock-centric.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters from TAT.

Copyright: Sarah Diaz 2004

Note: In honor of Halloween. And giving in to my hunger for the paranormal.

Thanks: To Viskey, who makes sure that I give my best, and Star Ostgard, who sees to it that it’s an acceptable English. You’re great!




He can hear the gunfire. He can hear the screams. He can hear his friends calling his name, can hear Face begging, screaming, calling for him.

But it’s so dark, so endlessly dark. He doesn’t know where to turn; the voices, the gunfire - they seem to be coming from everywhere and nowhere.

He has to run. Has to try to get to them. They are calling for him. They are in pain. He just *has* to get to them.

So he runs forward. But the sounds seem to diminish.


Without stopping, he turns back, runs back. Yeah, the voices get louder again. So he keeps running in the opposite direction. But again, suddenly, the voices grow distant.

He curses, turns around again, runs back until he can hear them, loud once more. He stops, panting.

Where to?

Left or right?

Damn, why is it so dark? If he could just see something...

A cry of utter anguish.

He knows that voice! “Face!”

Without thinking he dashes to the left. His heart is pounding loud in his ears.

Or is it the heart of someone else?.

‘No, no, no time. Face, you have to find Face and the others!’ This he repeats to himself, time and time again. It’s this thought that drives him on, makes him run faster and faster, until he’s sure his lungs are just short of exploding.

But it’s not enough.


Suddenly the darkness explodes and he’s bathed in red. Dark blood red. Lifeblood red. Bright red. Dark, dark red, almost brown, almost black, the color of dry, old, dead blood.

He whimpers, closes his eyes, but all he still can see is red, red, red...

Gone are the voices. Gone is the gunfire. Gone are the screams. Gone are the calls of his friends. Gone are Face’s anguished screams.

Utter silence.

Failed, he had failed again. And now they’re gone. Ripped away from him.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He roars, his agony reverberates in waves through the red stillness.

He falls and the red engulfs him, feels like it eats him up alive until he himself is nothing more than redness.

“Haydon.” A voice whispers.


With a jolt, Murdock jerked upright. He was panting and his heart hammered fast against his chest. The terror was still with him. His pajamas were clammy against his skin, wet from his sweat. He could feel pearls of cold perspiration rolling down his face, down his back.

“Okay, Muchacho, just a dream,” Murdock whispered, trying to calm himself down. “Yeah, just a dream.”

Still he couldn’t shake off the dread. It had him in a tight, clammy grip. Not surprisingly, he jumped with a yelp as the phone suddenly rang.

For a moment Murdock just stared at it, wide-eyed. Slowly, he reached out to take the receiver from its hook, bringing it with a lightly shaking hand to his ear.

“Yeah?” Now, normally he wouldn’t respond in such a boring matter, but the nightmare was still too present right now for him to find some fine smart comeback.

“Haydon.” A cold shiver ran down Murdock’s back.

What was this? Was he still caged in the nightmare?

“Haydon, please…” The voice broke.

And with it, the fog in Murdock’s mind released him and he felt as his senses returned to him. He took a deep breath.

“Haydon…” The voice had grown fainter.

Murdock frowned. Oh, he had recognized the voice immediately. As if he could ever forget it. From the very first time he had heard it, he had felt drawn to it, like a moth to the flame. But usually it was much richer, deeper, much more sensual. Not this faint whisper. That wasn’t good.


“Yes.” Relief.

“Trouble.” It was a statement on Murdock’s part, not a question.

“I fear so.”

“Where are you?” Murdock asked, not losing any more time. He had already discarded his pajamas and was now slipping into his pants.

Griffith Park.”

“Hang on. I’ll be there in about 20 minutes,” Murdock said and hung up.

He grabbed his jacket, pulled it on and was out of the window. Getting out of the VA at night wasn’t much of a challenge. At least not for him. Five minutes later he was a few streets away. He stopped and looked around until his eyes fell on a black SUV.


Another five minutes later, Murdock was flying through the streets towards Griffith Park, hoping he would not run into any police patrols.

Luck was with him - he didn’t get pulled over. He drove to the south entrance and parked the SUV. When he stepped into the park, he stilled.

“And now?” he asked quietly, looking around.

Murdock closed his eyes, concentrated. First he felt nothing, but suddenly there it was. The faint pull. He opened his eyes and started to move, always following his instincts. It didn’t take him long. Soon he stood in a very secluded area, a bit wild as the gardeners obviously didn’t work here very often. The trees stood close, and high bushes ensured that this spot was hidden from the world. There was hardly any light coming through. His skin prickled.

“Haydon.” The faint whisper came out of the darkness.

“Damon,” Murdock called out, following the sound.

After only a few steps he could finally see him. Naked, Damon lay against a tree, on his left side. But there wasn’t much of his skin visible, as he was completely covered with blood. Murdock prayed that it wasn’t Damon’s blood. He moved quickly over to him and knelt down.

Now close enough, he could see the true extent of Damon’s injuries. Deep gashes scarred his back, a big gaping hole had been ripped into his stomach, and everywhere he looked, he could see heavily bleeding cuts and scrapes. Rage overtaking him, Murdock let out a few very imaginative curses.

“Shit, Damon, what the hell happened?” he asked, while he carefully touched him.

Damon moaned.

“What did this to you?” Murdock asked angrily, as he very carefully helped Damon sit up.

“A sorcerer,” Damon wheezed.

Surprised, Murdock looked at him. That explained the prickles he had felt, probably the aftermath of the lingering magic performed here. But...

“A human did this to you?”

“Not...the wounds. He had...a werewolf...under his do...the,” Damon managed to say with difficulty. “But...he bound me...with his...magic. Even now...I’m move...on my...own.”

Murdock frowned at that. Gently, he tried to pull Damon a few feet away from the trees. It worked. He winced in sympathy as he felt Damon shudder with pain at the movement. “But I can move you.”

“Yes. Felton...probably didn’t...anticipate...that,” Damon said.

“Very negligent of him,” Murdock said. “Though I’m not complaining. But if you couldn’t move, how did you manage to call me?”

Away from the trees, Damon already seemed to get a bit better. He looked slowly up at Murdock, with an evil smile on his lips. “Felton only body, hindered my...healing. But the spell didn’t bind...any other powers. I tried to call you didn’t work. So I...used more common...ways.”

Murdock shook his head. It still didn’t exactly explain how Damon had been able to use the phone, but then, he had gotten used to Damon being able to do very strange things. Even for his race. Then Damon’s words registered.

“Wait, you gave me a mental buzz?”

Damon laughed, then winced and closed his eyes. “Yes.”


There had been this voice, just before he had awakened from his dream, Murdock remembered. “Sorry, I was…” His voice trailed off. Murdock wasn’t in the mood to talk about his nightmare.

Damon didn’t say anything, just looked at him, patiently. Murdock sighed and shook the reminders of the nightmare away. “We should move. Can you move now?”

“I think so, with your help,” Damon said, resigned.

“Okay, Muchacho, first let’s get you on your feet,” Murdock said as he crouched down. He moved Damon’s arms around his neck, then carefully gripped him under the arms. “On three. One. Two. Three!” He said and stood up, pulling Damon with him, causing him to gasp.

Once they were standing, Damon leaned his head on Murdock’s shoulder to gather his strength. Murdock held him securely, supporting almost his entire weight. When Damon lifted his head, Murdock squeezed him a little. “Ready?”

Damon nodded. Slowly the two started to move, Murdock still supporting most of Damon’s weight. As they moved towards the exit, Murdock suddenly laughed quietly.

“What” Damon asked, curiously.

“This. You so weak, me practically carrying you.” Murdock shook his head. “You’ve got to admit, that’s a pretty comical picture. Usually it’s the other way around. Just what will your lot say, were they to see you now?”

Damon gave a short laugh. “Nothing, as they’ll never learn about this.”

“Now, never say never. Perhaps a little bat here will go tell them. And before you know it, you’ll star in the papers as the most embarrassing...Uff!” Murdock got cut off as Damon ‘accidentally’ shoved his elbow into Murdock's stomach.

“Careful, Muchacho, you wouldn’t want to chase away your crutch, would you?” Murdock huffed.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Damon said.

“Yeah, sure,” Murdock said, sarcastically, and stopped before the SUV.

Damon looked at it, then at Murdock, raising his eyebrow. Murdock shrugged.

“I borrowed it. But it sure comes in handy now, don’t you think? Not to mention that it fits the mood of this night.”

He opened the back door, then carefully helped Damon lie down on the backseat. “You think you can endure it?”

Damon nodded. “I will be fine. I’m already starting to heal.”

Murdock gave him a quick once-over. It was true, most of the superficial wounds had already disappeared. “Yeah, but you’ll still need quite some time to heal completely.”

He closed the door, and then walked around the car to get into the driver’s seat. “Where to?”

“I don’t know. My place isn't safe anymore,” Damon said.

Murdock sighed, thinking. Not too long ago, the guys had had to abandon a house in Santa Monica because some people in the neighborhood had recognized them. But he remembered that Face had told them the owners wouldn’t return for at least several more months. Murdock had never been there, so it should be safe for him. And enough time had passed so that the MPs wouldn’t be watching the house anymore. He nodded and started the car. “I may know of a place.”

“Far?” Damon asked.

Murdock looked at him in the rearview mirror while he pulled out. Damon’s eyes glowed silver in the dark.

‘Oh great…’ he snorted mentally. ‘Just what we need.’

Santa Monica. Can you hold it in for that long?” he wanted to know, a bit worried.

Damon was silent for a moment. “I think so. But don’t make too many detours.” His voice was strangled and tight.

“You got that,” Murdock murmured and accelerated, checking warily on Damon from time to time.

A good twenty minutes later the tension in the car was overwhelming. Murdock’s skin prickled and he had had just about enough of it. “Dammit, Damon, get it under control!” he snapped.

“Lost...too much. The need greater than my control, I fear,” came the distant answer.

Murdock knew it was beyond Damon’s control; still, he didn’t have to like it. He drove a little faster.

“You hold on!” he ordered. Then, a bit softer, “It’s not going to take long now.”

There came no answer. Murdock felt the hair on his neck stand up as he felt the power coming off Damon.


The tension lifted a notch. But Murdock was pretty sure it wouldn’t last long. Thankfully, though, they had finally reached their destination. He looked into the rearview mirror. “Okay, Damon, focus. Anyone around?”

He watched the silver eyes slowly close as Damon searched for lives near them. Finally, his eyes opened again and silver fire zeroed back on him. “No.”

Relieved, Murdock nodded. “Okay, then, let’s get you inside.”

He got out of the car and opened the back door. The moment he touched him, he felt the surge of power erupting from Damon. Suddenly having trouble breathing, he took big gulps of air before he helped Damon out of the car. Gritting his teeth, he pulled him toward the back door of the house. He hardly had to support Damon anymore, as his friend clearly had regained a lot of his strength. Too bad that with the strength, the hunger had come as well.

As they got to the door, Murdock leaned Damon against the wall and then turned to the lock. Thank God he always had a suitable wire in one of his jackets. Not a minute later, he had the door open and had helped Damon in.

Once they were inside, he left Damon in the living room while he went to check out the house for a safe place for him. Murdock was just leaving the bedroom when Damon suddenly was before him, blocking his way out. He frowned at the unflickering silver gaze entirely focused on him.

Feeling anticipation run through him, he lowered his eyes to the middle of Damon’s chest, avoiding his eyes. Murdock knew that he was mostly immune to their power; still, he felt safer not tempting his hungry friend. Slowly, he began to back away toward the other door, which led to a bathroom.

Damon followed him, stalking him like a panther would his prey. A panther would not be a bad description of Damon. Though his skin was ivory white, his full dark hair fell in a disheveled mane down to the middle of his back. His body was lean and muscular, strong and beautiful. Murdock was pretty tall, but Damon beat him by almost half a head in height. And despite his wounds, he moved with ease and precision. Oh yeah, Murdock really felt like the gazelle.

“Jesus Christ, could you perhaps first take a shower?” Murdock asked, backing into the bathroom.

Damon winced and stopped at the door. The silver lost a little of its intensity. “Haydon.”

He sounded wary, but still, his magnificent voice washed over Murdock like a soft caress. Closing his eyes, he took a calming breath. “Shower,” he ordered hoarsely, and quickly left the bathroom, giving Damon a little shove as he passed him, closing the door behind him.

Seconds later, he heard the water being turned on. Murdock moved to the bed and sat down heavily, slowly taking off his sneakers. Damon wouldn’t take long. And Murdock knew full well what would come next. A shiver ran through him as he remembered how it was to be with Damon. Passionate, consuming, mind-blowing, frightening. A myriad of experiences, some painful, some simply awesome.

His breathing picked up and he felt himself growing tight. Damn. Damon always had this effect on him. One of the reasons Murdock usually kept his distance from him, only seeing him a few times during the year. Sex was an art for Damon, and he sure as hell had perfected it. No wonder, he had had enough time to practice. After a night with him, Murdock had dreams for weeks, waking him up with a big hard on and an insatiable lust. Lust he had no use for. And certainly no opportunity to take care of that urge.

It had been almost six months since their paths had last crossed, and normally their reunion would be truly memorable. But he wasn’t so sure what awaited him tonight. Damon wasn’t fully under control after his encounter with the sorcerer. This wasn’t good. It was dangerous.

And he’d eat a broomstick if he wasn’t thrilled by it. Jeez...he was…

A slight noise made him look up. Murdock had only a moment to take in the full beauty of Damon, now unmarred by dried blood and life threatening injuries, before Damon was towering over him.

“Haydon,” he said as he bent down, his voice alluring.

Murdock looked up and met the silver, liquid eyes and let go completely. Questions, doubt, guilt, insecurity, anger, worry – everything vanished at once and all that mattered was the man before him and the promise those silver eyes held. He reached up and met Damon with a kiss, which was met at full force with hunger and longing. Fires of passion engulfed Murdock and he felt himself growing to full size in an instant, which really was uncomfortable, considering he was still fully clothed. Damon leaned into him for a moment and then pushed him hard, so Murdock’s back hit the silk covers of the bed. Damon followed him, used his strong arms to pin Murdock down, but still stayed away enough so he’d be able to take in the man lying before him. Murdock felt the silver eyes roaming over him and his skin tingled where the hungry gaze passed. Then, in the blink of an eye, Damon had moved and Murdock was out of his shirt and jacked.

About time. He had started to feel a bit overdressed. His skin burned at being touched. And to touch...he yearned for his fingers to finally touch that ivory, smooth, cold skin again. Pushing against Damon, Murdock sat up and laid his hands flat on Damon’s stomach before he let them trail up lightly over his chest, so hard and yet skin soft under his fingers, all the time careful to avoid the nasty wound on Damon’s side. To his frustration, Damon was still standing, leaning against the bed, so Murdock leaned up, let his caress move up to the broad shoulders. He crept closer, so close that he could press himself against Damon, to show him his obvious appreciation, his pulsating need. With satisfaction he watched as the silver in his lover’s eyes started to swirl, to darken to an intensity that made Murdock gasp with the power he felt coming from them. Slowly, Murdock moved his hands further up to cradle Damon’s head and for a second he stared in those eyes, trying to judge the source of that forceful power. Hunger or lust? He couldn’t continue until he had an answer. His life was at stake, after all, though he had no idea how he’d be able to stop now. Or get away from Damon, for that matter. But he trusted Damon, always had. Perhaps a foolish notion of his, but true, nonetheless. When he saw the answer he had hoped for, he gave Damon a blinding grin before he pulled his dark head down for a searing kiss.

With obvious delight Damon welcomed his kiss; in fact, pressed his body even closer to Murdock, to deepen the kiss, to get them touching closer. Deep golden skin against stark white; warm, almost burning skin against cold. Murdock felt Damon’s hands stroke down his sides, slowly trailing downward, lower and lower – until they reached the hem of his pants. With a growl, Damon broke the kiss and ripped them impatiently away, quickly followed by the last remaining piece of clothes for Murdock: his boxers. Then, to Murdock’s dismay, Damon took a step back, broke every skin contact they had had, in order to take in his now completely naked body once more. Not that Murdock was disappointed for long – not when he could see the growing appreciation of himself reflected in Damon’s body. Not to mention the growing hunger in the silver eyes that made them to shine as blazing starlight. Which in turn had yet more effect on Murdock again.

They didn't have time for this slowness!

“Damon,” he warned, barely able to work his dry throat.

Thankfully, though, he didn’t need to plead for long. Damon was back in front of him before the last syllable had trailed off, his hand taking a tight, yet gentle hold of Murdock’s maleness. Murdock gasped at the touch and threw his head back as the sensation raced through him, claimed him with that one touch. He felt it reverberate through his body, his soul. Only dimly aware, he felt Damon pushing him back onto the bed again. His heart raced while anticipation ran through him and his eyes closed.

But Damon wouldn’t follow him. In fact, his lover wasn’t even touching him anymore. Confused, Murdock opened his eyes to see why Damon had suddenly stopped now.

Damon knelt over him, his eyes fixed on the still angry red scar where Murdock had been shot while shielding Hannibal a few weeks back. A deep frown marred his forehead and, with eyes that burned into his, he demanded an explanation. Rolling his eyes, Murdock shook his head. Now, of all times…

“I’m fine. And now fuck me, finally!” he growled, reaching for him.

Damon’s frown intensified. He didn’t like strong language. Well, Murdock didn't either, but there were times when a man had to make a message as clear as possible. Now was such a time. Damon seemed to realize that as well. With a last glance at the scar, his eyes focused back on Murdock and his task, he slowly leaned down, his eyes turning back to hunger, a trace of anger still present though. Murdock shivered. That was Damon: a lethal combination of danger and sex. Right now, Murdock wanted the sex side. Impatiently, he moved to take Damon’s erection into his hand and squeezed him gently. He had Damon’s immediate attention. Good. Giving him a daring grin, he started to move his hands up and down along the long shaft. Painfully slow, even though everything in Murdock screamed for going faster, wilder.

A shudder went through Damon and finally he closed that last, unbearable distance between them and pressed a soft kiss on Murdock’s chest, just above his heart, before moving his lips to one of Murdock’s nipples and took it into his mouth, slowly circling it with his lips, teasing his lover with his sharp teeth. Moaning in pleasure, Murdock couldn’t help but finally give in and increase the tortuously slow pace he had used on Damon’s hardness, until he felt it jerking in his hand. With a roar, Damon tore his head away from Murdock’s chest and lunged for the night table behind him. Murdock protested with a moan, not stopping the movements of his hands though. When he heard a tiny squeaky sound, he tore his eyes away from what he was doing with his hands to see what Damon was up to now.

Seeing the liquid come out of the brown bottle of sun oil, he raised an eyebrow.

Damon grinned, wickedly. “Found it in the vanity.”

Murdock grinned back. He doubted they’d really need the liquid, but hey, he wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Quickly, Damon rubbed his hands together and leaned back down to give Murdock a burning kiss that made him almost forget everything. He slid his hand up and down, faster and faster, making Damon shiver with a groan against his mouth. Knowing that he had to stop now, Murdock reluctantly let go of Damon’s maleness and stroked the strong back, burying his hands in the long black hair, pressing Damon’s head harder to him, deepening the kiss. It was that or scream. And he didn’t want to scream. Not yet.

Not breaking their kiss, Damon lifted himself up a bit, away from Murdock. But this time Murdock didn’t protest. Could be due to the slippery hand that moved down to close again around Murdock’s erection, leaving a trail of glistening oil on his chest and abdomen. The hand on him worked faster, harder, and fiery passion propelled Murdock to unknown highs, and his body shivered in the throes of that fire.

Suddenly Damon’s hands were gone and for a second, Murdock was torn between gladness for the merciful relief or howling in frustration. But then he thought of what was to come now. So he merely opened his eyes to watch Damon oil himself lazily, enjoying the view. Their eyes met. They both knew that this precaution wasn’t necessary – Murdock had been ready to welcome Damon in his body since Damon’s first touch. Yet he appreciated his lover’s thoughtfulness. And care. Still...he longed to finally feel Damon deep inside him, to finally be able to soar high into the sky and bask in the burning warmth of climax. He reached for Damon, pulling him back down to him.

They shared a tender, hot kiss before Damon moved to kneel between Murdock’s legs, quickly lifting one of the legs over his shoulders and let his tongue travel over Murdock’s inner thigh. Then he repeated the action with the other leg, with the difference that there he used his teeth as well, to scrap lightly over the tender skin there. It made Murdock wild with need and he arched his back to impatiently push against Damon, urging him on to finally drop the foreplay. He received a sheepish smile for his urging, but then he watched as the expression on Damon’s face shifted and grew serious again. Focused.


Giving a last kiss on the thigh, Damon removed his mouth and then swiftly shifted Murdock’s legs down to let them circle his waist. Without further warning, he pushed forward, forcing his entrance into Murdock’s tight opening and Murdock bowed his back, finally letting go of that scream that had burned in his throat ever since the first wave of fire had raced through him. Though that had been a cold flame compared to the wild burning that raged now through his body.

Once buried deep inside Murdock, Damon stilled, giving Murdock time to adjust. Not what Murdock had in mind. With a growl, he started to bash his hips against Damon, as much as his position would let him, demanding for more. Giving a sharp laugh, Damon, his eyes dancing stars, started to move to the oldest rhythm of time, speeding up his shoves with every forceful stroke. Murdock met him with equal force, stroke for stroke, until he felt as if he was going to explode with the tension in him. Sensing that the climax would come at any moment now, he blindly reached up, finding Damon’s neck. He fastened his hands on the back of it, glad to finally have something to hold onto while he felt as if his body was being torn apart – but in an incredibly good way.

Their dance became more and more free and wild. He pushed and Damon let himself be pulled down, pulled into a swallowing kiss that seared rapturously through them both, giving Murdock that last little push to send him spiralling into endless, unbeatable pleasure. He ripped his head away to let out a loud, freeing scream that was Damon’s name. At that moment, he felt Damon’s fangs sink into the side of his neck, the sharp pain toppling his passion into the unimaginable. As he felt the first drop of blood being sucked out of his neck, he shuddered once and finally felt himself come, pressed against Damon’s stomach, as at the same time he felt Damon’s release deep inside him. His eyes rolled as his climax continued to keep him in its grip, causing a completely different climax - purely mental - to hit him while Damon rode him wildly in every sense of the word, physically and mentally.

It took them a long time to come down, but eventually he felt Damon’s fangs gently pulling away. Damon’s tongue sensually licked the bite mark to work his healing saliva into the tiny punctures before he finally let himself collapse on top of Murdock. The intimate act managed to wake up Murdock’s interest again. Shaking his head in unbelief, he laughed joyously.

Damon pushed himself up on his arms and looked questioningly down at Murdock.

“I just marvel at the fact that I’m not still out cold. I should be after...that.” Words couldn’t describe what they had just shared with each other. “Yet here I am, already eager for round two,” Murdock explained, smiling.

For a moment, Damon looked at him, then laughed out loud, his deep, rich love sending another jolt through Murdock.

When his laughter died down, Damon shook his head and held Murdock’s gaze. The intensity in his silver eyes had lessened and now they were merely sparkling pools of darkness. The hunger was gone, replaced by satisfaction.

“I missed you, Haydon,” Damon sighed.

Murdock shrugged. “Of course you have. I’m pretty hard to forget, after all.”

“Indeed,” Damon agreed, then carefully slipped out of Murdock and lay on his back beside him, closing his eyes. “Sometimes I ask myself if I would have ever tasted you, had I known how addictive your blood would be for me. How attached to you I’d become.”

Slowly, Murdock propped himself on his elbow and looked down at Damon. “Insatiable as you are? I’m sure you couldn’t have resisted. But it’s futile now anyway. Neither of us had a choice then. You would have died without my blood and I…” he shrugged again.

Damon opened his eyes again to look seriously at him. “This is untrue. You had a choice, Haydon.”

Murdock broke their eye contact and looked out the window into the past, remembering the fateful night he had learned that vampires were far from being a myth. “No, not really. You barely had control anymore. It was either let you have my blood freely or probably get my throat torn open. And after all, you had just saved my life. It was the least I could do.”

“I doubt many humans would have the same opinion,” Damon reflected. “But then, you never were a common mortal.”

These words made Murdock uncomfortable and he look back at Damon with a little frown. “I don’t like it when you speak like that.”

“No, that you never have,” Damon sighed. “As much as you love the truth and stand by it, you still do not like it when it concerns you.”

The frown on Murdock’s forehead deepened. “Damon…” he warned.

Damon held a hand up. “I know. We will rest this topic for now. But one day, Haydon, we will talk.”

“Fine. I have time,” Murdock said, still tensely though.

Damon smiled. “No, I have time.”

“You don’t have to be so smug about it, you know,” Murdock scowled.

In response Damon looked up at him through half closed eyes. “I offered you eternity a long time ago. Have you finally come to your senses?”

Murdock closed his eyes, exasperated. He should really have known better than to start this particular topic. “No, I still prefer living, thank you very much. Eternity is overrated.”

“Something you can hardly judge, being mortal,” Damon calmly reminded him.

Murdock’s eyes narrowed. “You know, just because you’re 629 years old doesn’t entitle you to be such a smartass.”

“Having had the honor of living for 629 years gave me my share of wisdom. It is only generous of me to share it with you,” Damon said in the same tone as before. Then he smiled. “A treat you will appreciate yourself, once you have reached my age.”

“Fat chance there, buddy,” Murdock hissed.

Suddenly there was some intensity back in the silver eyes. “I hope you remember our deal.”

Murdock rolled his eyes. “Please.”

Damon nodded. “Then you know that your time is running out. Soon it will be time to join me, Haydon.”

Damn it, Damon had to go and ruin the night. Murdock sat up, turning his back to Damon and hugged his knees. “Not if I’m already bound by the time my ‘parole’ is over.” 

It was a few minutes until Damon spoke gently, “I take it that the man who holds your heart is still not responsive to your love.”

Murdock threw Damon an angry gaze over his shoulder. ‘Go on, ruin it even more’, he thought darkly. Of course, Damon would know that little fact. Drinking his blood, Damon had shared his memories and emotions. A very intimate side effect Murdock didn’t like at all.


Like Damon finding out his full birth name, for example. No living person on this earth knew what HM stood for. But a 629-year-old vampire knew it and had no qualms about using it. The first time Damon had called him by his birth name, Murdock had nearly jumped out of his skin, absolutely flabbergasted. Then he had angrily demanded to learn how Damon had gained this knowledge. After all, there hadn’t been anyone left who knew it, and for a terrible moment, he had feared that one of the few persons who did know his full name had become the same as Damon. To his relief, Damon explained about the effects of drinking anyone’s blood.

Murdock naturally demanded that Damon never use this name again. Of course, the vampire ignored that and continued to call him Haydon. After a few years, Murdock gave up telling him to call him HM or Murdock or Howling or anything but Haydon. Seriously, what man in his right mind would acknowledge he’s named Haydon Mallory Murdock, huh? Right, not this man. Though he had to admit, with time he had even grown a bit attached to Damon calling him so. The way Damon spoke ‘Haydon’ had something.


When you’re speaking of the devil…

“No,” Murdock admitted, hardly suppressing a sigh. He didn’t want to think about it now. Not this night. “But, there’s still time left,” he added, throwing a firm glare over his shoulder.

“Aye. Although I wonder about the chances of your deepest wish being fulfilled after thirteen years,” Damon mentioned casually.

“Oh, yeah, remind me to thank you later for your tremendous support and encouragement,” Murdock said, sarcastically.

Damon laughed. “Why should I? It’s not in my interest for him to open his eyes to what is under his nose.”

“Yeah, but as strange as it is, you’re also my friend and a friend helps another friend.” Murdock pointed out, turning to him.

“I am a predator,” Damon protested, decisively, as if that excused his lack of support.

“Nonetheless, a friend,” Murdock insisted.

“I am a vampire,” Damon tried again.

Murdock grinned. “But – a friend.”

For a moment they held each other's eyes. Finally Damon sighed in a dramatic way.

“Very well, then, friend: Fear not, your secret love will open his eyes and realize what a fool he has been all these long years. He’ll give you his love in a heartbeat, promising to be at your side as your soul mate for all eternity.”

All the while he looked as if he had to eat garlic. Murdock laughed. “Ah, much better. Now was that so difficult?”

‘If looks could kill...,’ mused Murdock, amused by Damon’s glare that the vampire shot him. He shook his head, but then gladly let this topic drop. He looked Damon over and noticed that his wounds were nearly gone. Reaching out, he tenderly touched the thin white line where only a short time ago a big hole had gaped. All the other injuries had already faded, as if Damon never had been seriously hurt. Once again he was amazed at the wonders of the healing power of vampires. A human wouldn’t have survived such damage to the body.

Murdock felt a cold hand of fear taking a grip on his heart. “How did this happen exactly?”

Damon had watched him the entire time, holding completely still. “I was here to visit you. On my way to you, I felt magic being performed and went to investigate. I was fairly surprised to meet Felton. He and I have a track record of previous encounters. He let his werewolf free, siccing him on me, and we fought a hard battle. Then Felton caught me with his magic, let the wolf assail me some more, only forbidding him to kill me.”

A shudder ran down Murdock’s back and he moved his hand to lay it on Damon’s chest. “And then left you there for the sun to burn you, right?”

Damon nodded.

“What will you do now?” Murdock asked, pretty sure about the answer, though.

Damon’s expression sharpened and his black eyes suddenly turned back to silver and shone in a terrible, cold way that reminded Murdock once again just how dangerous his friend was.

“I will hunt Felton and his wolf and kill them once and for all,” Damon said in a low, flat voice.

Murdock suppressed a sigh. Yep, that was what he’d thought. Still didn’t have to like it. But he'd known Damon long enough to know it would be futile to ask him to not do this. Besides, as far as Murdock was concerned, this wasn’t his fight; thankfully, as he was pretty sure it was one of the kinds where only one could survive it. He had never felt easy with killing, especially as he had done his fair share of it himself. But Damon’s world was different than the one he was in normally. Another reason why he didn’t care much for eternity, but Damon insisted that once turned, it would be different. Not in the mood to think about his running out of time, Murdock turned his thoughts back to the problems of the here and now. How else do you deal with a werewolf and an evil sorcerer, other than by killing them? He didn’t know, and right now he didn’t care. Damon was alive for now and he was confident he would stay so, despite the events of this night. A man, vampire or not, didn’t get to be 629 years old if he couldn’t look after himself.

Slowly Murdock moved and kneeled above Damon. But before he let himself be reassured once again that his lover was very much alive, he had some questions. “You said you’ve met Felton before. Why not kill him before this?”

“Not necessary. Mostly we just crossed paths. We don’t like each other, but mostly we stayed – civilized. I’ll have to find out why this changed. Tonight, he went too far,” Damon said, with heat.

“You think it was a trap?” Murdock asked.

Damon looked at him. “Perhaps. Though I can’t see how he’d know about my whereabouts – or plans.”

“Is it possible that he can find you during the day?” Murdock asked, quietly.

Surprised, Damon’s eyes flickered. He thought about the question for a minute, then shook his head. “No. Why, are you offering yourself to guard my sleep?” he added with a smile.

Murdock laughed. “Oh, a great help I’d be against a sorcerer and werewolf.”

Damon lazily reached out to stroke his fingers in circles over Murdock’s thighs. “You’ve done a pretty good job so far. Especially in taking care of me.”

With a grin, Murdock looked down. “Oh yeah?”

“Yes,” Damon confirmed, locking eyes with him. Gone was the shimmer of the monster, only to have made place for an entirely different beast.

Feeling his own beast awaken again, Murdock leaned down. “I think you need to elaborate on this,” he whispered.

“It will be my pleasure,” Damon whispered back, and then closed the short distance to take possession of Murdock’s mouth.


A very well spent time later they both lay on their backs again, Murdock breathing hard. This time Damon hadn’t drawn any blood, but still, he was exhausted. He was a bit worried about that. Normally he had no troubles keeping up with Damon for an entire night and now he was threatening to fall asleep after only a very short time.

“I’m sorry, Haydon.”

Having trouble finding his way out of his thoughts, Murdock took a while before Damon’s words registered. “Huh?”

Damon sat up, looking down at him. “I fear I took too much of your blood earlier.”

Murdock frowned. Yeah, that would explain his tiredness. He shrugged. “You needed it, I guess.”

“I’d have managed with less. But my control was slipping. And at the first taste of the magnificence of your blood…” Damon trailed off.

“You and your obsession with my blood…” Murdock sighed, shaking his head.

Damon turned his silver eyes on him. “It is my life source, after all.”

Murdock grimaced. “No, thank you. I’ll stay with a nice double cheeseburger and coke.”

Now Damon grimaced. “I will never understand how you humans can defile your tastes in such a matter.”

Slowly Murdock sat up as well. “That’s only because you never were able to taste them. Or you would be pining after them night after night,” he contradicted.

“I doubt that very much,” Damon said, disgusted. “Once you join me, you’ll learn the wonders of blood.”

Slightly tensing, Murdock made a face. “Another experience I can do without, buddy.”

Damon’s eyes fixed on him. “You will be my companion, Haydon,” he said softly, decidedly. “So you better get used to the thought.”

A shiver went through Murdock. Why did Damon have to obsess on that stupid deal of theirs so much tonight? “We’ll see,” he said evadingly, giving the clear message that he didn’t want to talk – or rather, fight – about it again.

“You should remember one thing, Haydon,” Damon said, not letting him out of his sight. “I searched long to find a suitable companion. Now that I’ve found one, I will not let anything come between us.”

Again Murdock shivered. Sometimes he really asked himself why he didn’t just off Damon with a stake. “Stop it.”

“No,” Damon said, sharply. “I fear you’re still avoiding the matter. But soon your time will be up, and believe me, Haydon, the change will be harder the less you accept it.”

“Well, too bad, because I don’t want it, period,” Murdock flared up. “I know I gave my word, Damon, and I won’t break it, but I still don’t want it!”

Damon stilled so completely and suddenly that no one looking at him could ever have mistaken him for a human at that moment. “Sometimes I think it was a mistake to grant you time, instead of just making you mine.”

Murdock looked coldly back at him. “I’d have hated you. That’s why you agreed to let me have a life before I turned to death.”

“And will you not still hate me?” Damon asked, quietly.

With a wary glance at the vampire, Murdock got up, pausing as he felt a wave of dizziness wash over him. He sighed and shook his head. “I dunno. But at least then I’ll know you gave me a choice. As small as it is.” Then he gave a weak smile. “And I still hope that I’m bonded with the man I love once the time is up, and so can avoid the change altogether.”

“I could still make you mine, right here, right now,” Damon reminded, tensely.

The smile vanished as Murdock grew very serious. “But you won’t. Because you know that then all would be lost: I’d never be the companion you long for. I wouldn’t rest until I killed you.”

They stared at each other for a long moment, their strong wills battling against each other. Finally, Damon nodded. “Yes. So I wait until my time comes. It is not long anymore.”

“Still a few years,” Murdock corrected, quietly.

Damon smiled. “The flutter of a butterfly for a being that has lived for six centuries.”

Murdock shook his head. “For all that, you’re bringing up this argument quite often.” He looked to the window and changed the topic. “Dawn is coming. I should get back. Will you be all right here?”

Looking briefly to the window as well and then around the bedroom, Damon nodded. But then a frown marred his perfect complexion once more. “You are still living in this horrible institute?”

“The VA, yes,” Murdock answered, shortly, while he scrambled to pick up his clothes and began to dress.

For a moment, Damon was silent. “I do not understand you. You don’t need to live there anymore.”

Murdock shrugged. “It’s my home now.”

“A very lousy one,” Damon mentioned.

“Well, perhaps you should have thought of that before you sent me there,” Murdock snapped, briefly losing his patience with the vampire - again.

Damon actually cringed. “And I am truly sorry for my mess up. I know that removing your unpleasant memories has been a grave mistake.”

Murdock sighed, feeling guilty for snapping. He knew, after all, that all Damon had wanted was to help. “You had good intentions, Damon. And you fixed it once you found out about it. Besides, you removing my memories was not the only reason why they thought the best place for me was the nuthouse. I told you I don’t hold a grudge, but I don’t like it when you criticize my life. I don’t go around criticizing your existence, do I?”

“No. My apologies, Haydon,” Damon said, earnestly.

Murdock waved it off, slipped into his jacket and went to stand before Damon. “So, will you be okay tomorrow night or should I try to come by again?”

With a smile, Damon shook his head. “I’ll be fine.” He reached out and pulled Murdock closer, giving him a kiss full of promises and longing. “Another truly memorable night, Haydon. Thank you.”

Murdock laughed and bowed, regretting it immediately. The movement had sent another wave of dizziness through him. “My pleasure, Sir,” he said, lightly, after the spell had passed. Carefully he straightened again and gave Damon a stern glare. “But skip the drama next time.”

“I will try,” Damon complied, smiling.

“You better.” Murdock leaned in to give him a last quick, reverberating kiss and then turned away. At the door, he stopped again. “Watch your hide with this Felton fella.”

Damon nodded. “I’ll be careful.”

“Good.” Murdock nodded. Then, with a last look at his vampire lover, he left.


It was almost two hours later when Murdock returned to the VA. He had gone by Mickey D for a breakfast menu, feeling hungry as a wolf after this night’s events. Then he returned the SUV and walked back to the VA.

Unseen, he slipped over the gates, climbed back through the window into his room and collapsed onto his bed, totally dog-tired. First the nightmare, then saving Damon, feeding him and losing quite some pints of blood, fighting him, having mind-blowing sex with him again, fighting him some more, teasing him, putting him in his place - jeez, all that could knock over the toughest guy. All he wanted was to sleep for a full day, not dreaming, not having to think about his strange connection with the vampire or about his ultimatum. He closed his eyes, sighing.

A moment later the door to his room banged open. “So you returned. Really, Captain, what was it this time?”

Groaning, Murdock opened his eyes again to see Nurse Suzanne ‘The Dragon’ Blython, along with Jake, a bulky orderly, in his door, looming over him. Great, just great.

He gave them a lopsided grin. “Well, you know, it was like this - in the middle of the night, my phone rings, ripping me from my beauty sleep. Turned out it was my friend, the vampire. He needed my help, so I grabbed my sword to go rescue him from an evil sorcerer and his pet werewolf. But my friend was pretty badly hurt, so I needed to get him to a safe place to tend to his wounds and let him bite me so he’d get some blood back into his corpse. Boy, you wouldn’t believe how much vampires like my blood, calling it soooo special. Whaddaya think? Perhaps I should bottle it and sell it. I bet I’d get a high price for it.”

The Dragon frowned disapprovingly, while Jake shook his head at the nonsense.

“Please, Murdock, spare us!” The Dragon grumbled. “Really, you seem to get worse day by day. I can’t understand why the doctors left you in this wing instead of transferring you to the sickos in the east wing. Well, I've had enough now! You’re confined to your room for the time being, until I speak with your doctor. Jake, make sure he gets his medicine!” Having spit her fire, she whirled and dashed out, slamming the door.

Murdock felt anger flare up, but battled it down. Making a scene would only end him up in isolation. But he really hated the dragon.

Jake watched grimly as Murdock seemed to swallow his pills, then quickly checked out his mouth and hands to see if they really had been swallowed. Then he also left.

As soon as he left, Murdock stuck out his tongue at the door, then shook the pills out of the sleeve of his jacket and threw them with the others, stored away in his little secret stash.

With a sigh, he flopped back onto his bed. That was what he got for telling the truth. Ha! He wondered how the Dragon would like a little encounter with death! See if she’d be such a dragon then! Yeah, perhaps he should give Damon a hint.

Finally losing his battle against his tiredness, he fell asleep, dreaming of crawling and begging dragons, tiny werewolves getting eaten alive by ants, and an evil sorcerer turned to mush pie.


Damon stood in the shadows as he watched the couple having sex, unmoved by their activity. Sure, the man was skilled, very skilled, and his woman was completely engulfed in her lust, but the man’s heart wasn’t in it, ruining what he could have. Damon sensed that the man was in search of something, had been for a long time. And he felt that the time was near when this man would realize what, or rather, who, he was searching for. Damon wasn’t sure he’d go after what he wanted even then, but he thought that in the end, the man would ignore his beliefs and grab his chance at happiness.

Patiently, the vampire waited until the woman had fallen asleep and watched as the man silently got up, dressed and left. Damon slipped from the shadows and followed him.

After a few blocks, the man’s steps slowed down. A few steps more and he stopped and turned, looking around. Damon had slipped back into the shadows. He watched as the man, a suspicious look on his face, checked out the seemingly empty streets again. Slowly he turned around to continue on his way, but then surprised Damon as he suddenly whirled around again, a gun in his hand.

Damon nodded approvingly. This man had good instincts after all. A lot of humans wouldn’t have felt the predator stalking them. But then, this man had captured Haydon’s heart. Damon never doubted that his rival was any less than a good man. Or anything less than dangerous as well, for that matter. Haydon loved the adventure and the adrenalin. His partner would have to have the qualities to be able to share such a life.

“Okay, I don’t know who you are, but, as I clearly know you are here, you may as well come out and show yourself,” the man called out, casually.

Slightly amused, Damon took a deep breath. No trace of fear or panic lingered in the cool night air. He could only sense confidence and annoyance. Yes, Haydon had indeed chosen well.

“Look, you followed me for the entire night and watched me. But I, for one, would like to go home to bed, so why don’t you stop this game and we can talk about what you want,” the man sighed.

“Very well then,” Damon said, softly, and stepped out of the shadows.

The man faced him, ready to defend himself, waiting as Damon came closer. Slowly, Damon approached him. Satisfaction filled him as he saw the arrogance of this man slipping a bit, felt the tension rising in him. Yes, this man was not stupid. He recognized immediately the danger he faced when confronting a being like Damon.

Finally Damon stopped, mere inches away from the man and took a closer look. Blond hair shining in the moonlight, blue eyes eying him chary and cautious, muscles clearly twitching with the desire to either run or attack. But he held back, kept himself under control.

“So, finally, we meet,” he instead commented, sarcastically.

Damon smiled. This man was fun. He liked it when his prey had balls. “Templeton Peck.” More a statement than a question.

Peck, or ‘Face’ as Haydon called him, tensed more, but he smiled mockingly. “Yours truly. Now what do you want?”

“I simply wish to have a word with you,” Damon said, softly.

Seemingly amused, Peck raised an eyebrow. “Aha. And to what do I owe this honor? As far as I know, we haven’t met before. Now, I understand why people like having conversations with me, and I don’t mind at all, but usually strangers don’t stalk me for them.”

“A true loss for them, I believe,” Damon said. Then he gave him a pleasant smile that intensified as he saw Peck shivering slightly. “We have a mutual acquaintance.”

“Do we indeed?” Peck said, sarcastically.

“Yes. I am a friend of Murdock's,” Damon answered, calmly.

The change in Peck was amazing. Immediately, all signs of easiness, smartness or sarcasm vanished to be replaced by apprehension, worry and anger. And, finally, Damon caught a whiff of fear as well. Good.

“Murdock?” Peck frowned.

“Yes.” Damon affirmed.

“Who are you?” Peck demanded to know.

“As I said, a friend of Murdock's,” Damon repeated.

The frown on Peck’s forehead deepened. “Then what do you want from me?” He suddenly paled and his eyes widened. “Did he send you? Is he in trouble?”

Damon didn’t answer, but just watched Peck’s reaction. Oh yes, Peck’s heart knew what it wanted, that much was clear as he heard said heart’s rhythm quicken at the mere thought of Haydon’s safety, smelled the fear growing. His hunger flaring up, he closed his eyes, savoring the sound and sweet scent of life, fighting the urge to grab for it.

He was ripped out of this state by Peck grabbing him and yanking him face to face. “Talk!” he hissed, full of rage.

It was an effort to not show this human his place and just exactly what Damon was. Vampire. No one manhandled a vampire, manhandled him! Oh, he longed to let Peck sail a few yards away, then taste him, feasting on him. Showing him what happened to people who challenged him. And remove the major obstacle standing between him and Haydon.

But if he gave in to this need, he would lose Haydon forever. So he slammed the reins on his instincts and rage and simply regarded Peck with a deadly cold warning glance. It was enough. Peck released him immediately and took some steps back, breathing heavy. It helped Damon to come to his senses as well.

“No, he didn’t send me. I fear he will be quite displeased with me for contacting you,” he said in a clipped voice. “But he is indeed in trouble.”

“What happened? Is he hurt? Where…” Peck fired out.

Damon held up a hand. “No, he is not injured. But his heart is bleeding. He needs you, has for a long time.”

Confused, Peck looked at him, then shook his head. “I don’t understand…”

“No, indeed you do not.” Damon interrupted him. “You are deaf to his silent cries and begging. You call yourself his friend. Yet, you do not seem to even recognize the barest needs in him.”

“What? Now wait a minute…” Peck was getting angry again.

“For years I watched his longing for you. Since the time he met you, in fact. You were blind, didn’t want to acknowledge his feelings, accept what he offered you. Instead you just took what you needed and refused to give him anything in return but a false friendship,” Damon continued, ignoring him.

By now Peck was trembling with rage. Damon stepped closer and leaned in toward him, trailing a finger down his cheek, ensuring with his other hand that he couldn’t escape. “But his time in this world is running out. If you want to give him at least some happiness, you need to hurry,” he whispered.

Peck shivered, fear for Haydon overriding everything else.

“You desire him. You want him. You yearn for him. So far you have fought these emotions. Ignored them. Fought him and yourself. But if you don’t finally let yourself go, you will have passed up the chance for happiness. Will have missed the best thing this life can offer you,” Damon told Peck before he released him and stepped back.

Breathing heavily, Peck stared at him. Shock and confusion that a stranger knew so much about him was written on his face at the same time as shame and rage.

“What are you?” he asked with a croaked voice.

Damon gave him a feral smile and flashed his fangs at him. “Nightwalker.”

Peck blanched and yielded. Damon watched as, like with most humans, his mind and conviction that no such creatures like himself could possibly exist, fought against his instincts that told him that he spoke the truth. Haydon hadn’t done this. He had taken one look at Damon and known and accepted what he was. But then, Haydon was a very exceptional mortal.

In the end, instinct won and Peck faced him, resigned. “It figures that Murdock has a vampire as a friend,” he mumbled.

Damon’s eyes lit up with amusement and he felt his respect for this man grow.

“So what now? You’re going to bite me and suck my blood?” Peck then asked, sarcastically.

“No. I will help you,” Damon softly said, closing the short distant between them again, while he summoned his power.

“How?” Peck asked, distrusting, looking at him warily.

The moment he met Damon’s silver glowing eyes he fell to their power. He struggled against it, quite unsuccessfully. Would he have fallen prey to a younger or less powerful vampire, he would probably have succeeded. But Damon was neither young nor weak, and so Peck lost his resistance in the end, falling completely under Damon’s spell.

“You will not remember this meeting, Templeton Peck. You have never met me,” Damon ordered.

“I will not remember this meeting. I have not met you,” Peck repeated, his eyes empty.

“This night you have finally admitted to yourself that you are in love with H.M. Murdock,” Damon instructed. The easiest way to influence a human was to stick to the truth. Making him do something he didn’t want to do was a harder effort. Not that it was necessary here. Peck was in love with Murdock; he was just too cowardly to stand up to his feelings.

“I’m in love with Murdock,” Peck said with a sigh, wonder in his voice. Damon smiled. Playing Cupid was not his thing, but he had to admit it was fun.

“Now, you need to see him,” Damon continued.

“I have to see him,” Peck said with urgency.

“Tell him,” Damon said, softly.

“Tell him,” Peck said, fear sliding into his voice.

Damon nodded. That was enough. The rest was up to Haydon and Peck. Another thought came to him and he battled it for a moment, but eventually it was stronger than him.

“If you hurt him, you die,” he whispered dangerously.

Peck winced. “I hurt him, I’ll die.”

“Never forget that,” Damon warned.

“I won’t forget.” Peck shook his head.

“Good. Now go,” Damon said, releasing him from his power and vanishing into the shadows.

From there he watched as Peck slowly came back to his senses and looked around him, confused. Then his eyes cleared. “Murdock,” he whispered, a mixture of wonder, sadness and acceptance on his face, everything shadowed, though, by love. For a moment, Peck looked at the sky, taking deep breaths, his heart hammering loud and fast. He closed his eyes and slowly lowered his head. When he opened them again, decisiveness and determination shone out of them. He turned and walked with a purposeful stride away.

‘A man with a mission,’ Damon thought, watching him disappear.

He leaned against the wall behind him and looked up at the sky as well, his eyes able to look through the lights at the stars. Damon wasn’t sure if what he had done this night was the right thing to do. Wise. Sensible. But his encounter with Haydon the last night, their conversation, made him finally pursue an idea he already had played with for quite some time.

Damon wanted Haydon as his companion. Had chosen him from the moment he tasted him for the first time, offering fearlessly his wrist to Damon to save him. Over their acquaintance his longing only grew, his choice confirmed as right, time and time again, just as it had last night.

For 610 years now, Damon walked this world as a nightwalker, a vampire. He had been brought over to be a companion himself, shared his existence with his maker for 133 happy years, until she had been brutally murdered. Since then he had walked this world alone. Sure, he had had lovers, both human and vampire, for a short intervals since then. But he’d never found what he truly longed for: a companion. Someone to share this life with, to accompany him through the centuries. He had searched long, without any luck.

Until one night he met this strange, intriguing young man, almost still a boy. Accepting Damon, giving him his blood, befriending him. But when Damon wanted him to turn, Haydon refused, claiming that he was honoured, but he deserved a life, wanted to be able to have his experiences falling in love, working, fighting, and aging. Damon could have ignored his wish, but he sensed Haydon would never be his should he do that. So they negotiated. You can force someone to be an ally, a lover for a night – but the very essence of a companion was for him to accept and welcome the partnership with his own free will. In the end, Haydon was granted the right to live as many years more as he had already lived at that time. Eighteen, to be exact. Then, should he not be bound, having a family by then, Damon would make him his.

Soon, these eighteen years would be over and Damon awaited the end of his concession with impatience. But yesterday, Haydon’s words convinced him that as long as he hadn’t had his chance with the man he was in love with, he would never be ready to become Damon’s companion. So Damon went out to learn about his rival’s feelings and give him a little shove.

Haydon would have his ‘Face’ for the rest of these eighteen years. Be happy, enjoying his relationship with Peck. Let him think that now that he was bonded - that was, if Haydon and Peck managed to uphold their relationship until then - he was free to live until his time came.

Damon pushed away from the wall and flew away toward Griffith Park. He had to start his hunt for Felton and his werewolf. On the way over, his thought returned to Haydon.

Of course, Damon had no intention of letting him go. He smiled, iniquitously. Too long he had searched for the right soul. Now that he had finally found it, he would not let age or another man take Haydon away from him.

Haydon was his. The mortal, Peck, may have him for a short time. But eternity with Haydon would be his.

And Damon always got what he desired.


The End


Companion by Mooncat



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