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It Will Be Me

It Will Be Me 1/1
Copyright: Owl, (c) June 2, 2000

Rated: PG-13
Summary: Holding an injured Face in his arms, Murdock reflects on their life together
Warnings: h/c; SLASHY thoughts; torture 'off-screen'


Murdock shifted slightly, trying to find a more comfortable position without disturbing the precious man he held in his arms. As another groan was torn from the throat of Face, the pilot hugged the conman to him even tighter, albeit gently. He didn't want to aggravate the wounds that literally covered over 50 percent of the torso of his best friend.

His dark brown eyes glittered murderously in the dark as he thought back to how they had discovered Face.


The three men entered the darkened warehouse silently, weapons drawn. Enshrouded by nothing but unrelenting blackness and silence, one of them chanced turning on his flashlight. As the glow pierced the utter darkness, a low moan echoed around them.

As the big man pointed his beam in the direction the sound had come from, a gasp emitted from the tall lanky figure to his right.

"Ohmygod. Colonel, BA, that's Face!" Pointing in the direction of the light cutting through the darkness, Murdock's hand literally shook. He stood frozen, staring at the bloody tableau illuminated by the small glow of the flashlight. Coming out of his stupor, he ran towards the figure sprawled on the ground, lying in a pool of his own blood.

"Face! Face! Can you hear me? Come on, muchacho, be all right. Please, please be all right! Colonel?"

Murdock waited, breathlessly, as his commander put two of his fingers to the juncture of chin and neck, feeling for a pulse.

"He's alive, Captain. Hold on."

The white-haired man chomped on his unlit cigar, icy blue eyes taking in the figure of his second-in-command. Running his hands gently over Face's body, he came to life and took action.

"No broken bones. BA, get him into the van. Let's go."

Knowing that Decker was in the area, the team found an out of the way hotel in which to lay low.

It took a long time to finally stabilize the lieutenant. His torso was covered, back and front with numerous cuts, some shallow, some deep, all oozing blood. Many of the cuts required stitches. After they had done all they could, they wrapped Face up in the blankets to keep him warm. They were worried about blood loss, as well as infection.

"Colonel, BA, why don't you go to the other room and get some sleep? I'll be in here with him. I'll come get you if I need to, okay?"

"All right, captain. Thanks. But if his condition changes, you wake us up. Got it?"

"Got it. G'night, guys."

As Hannibal and BA left through the adjoining door, Murdock heard BA muttering.

"Someone's gonna pay for this, Hannibal. They's gonna pay!"


As Murdock's reflections ended, he added his own solemn vow. 'Get in line, BA. Get in line.'

Breaking into Murdock's thoughts, Face came to life, gasping. "Get away! Leave me alone!"

"Shh. Shh. It's all right, Faceman. You're safe. I'm with you."

"Murdock? That you?"

"Sure is, muchacho! I have to tell ya, I'm a little mad at you. You scared us to death! Prob'ly put my therapy back six months!"

"I'm, I'm sorry, Murdock."

"Oh, Facey. I'm just kidding. You go on back to sleep, compadre. You need to rest, get your strength back."

"K, Murdock."

With that, Face snuggled closer to Murdock and went back to sleep.

Murdock breathed a sigh of relief and a silent prayer of thanks. Face had seemed fairly lucid. He took it as a sign that his friend would be all right.

An hour later, Murdock was lightly dozing, still holding onto Face. He woke up, though, as the form in his arms began to thrash about.

"It's okay. It's okay. It's just a dream." He ran his fingers through Face's hair, again and again. Finally, the younger man quieted.

Sighing, Murdock wondered just what he would of done if Face hadn't made it.. 'I'd want to die, too. I can't imagine life without Face in it. He's my sanity, my best friend in the world, my companion, my life.'

Murdock's eyes opened wide. 'I love him,' he thought. 'I really, really love him. Not like a friend, or even a brother...I love him more than that.'

Wonderingly, Murdock reflected on this. Mentally slapping himself on the forehead, he realized he'd loved Face for a long time. 'Ever since 'Nam.'


Murdock had been relaxing in the housing he shared with BA, the Colonel and Ray Brenner. To pass the time, he'd been driving the big ugly mudsucka, as he called BA, crazy, when Hannibal had walked in.

"Hannibal, you tell that crazy foo' t'leave me alone. Or he gonna die, man. Die."

"Later, BA. First, I've got someone I want you all to meet. He's our new supply officer. Lieutenant?"

At that moment, a young man had walked in. He had a large grin on his handsome face, his golden hair glinted as the sunlight reflected off of it from the open doorway, and his clear blue eyes had a devilish twinkle in them.

"Gentlemen, this is Lieutenant Templeton Peck. The newest member of The A-Team."

BA looked him over, and groaned. "Hannibal, we'll be spendin' all our time protectin' this pretty boy's ass!"

"Don't worry, big guy. I can protect my own ass!"

As he shook hands with the lieutenant, Murdock thought he hadn't seen a guy this beautiful in a long time. As the young man looked into his eyes, Murdock felt a shock of recognition, as if he'd know Peck all his life. 'He's a kindred soul,' he realized.

Things had never been the same since that moment.


'I fell in love with him, then. I've always known it, just didn't let myself realize it consciously. He's always been so much the lady's man. But, that recognition I felt when I touched his hand...that was because I knew I'd found the other half of my soul.'

The problem was, how could he make Face realize what they were to each other? Could he?

Thinking back over the last 15 years, Murdock knew that Face had always been there for him, just as he'd always been there for Face. Since Face was an orphan, he had never known a stable family life. He had been with many foster families, some good, some bad. He had fallen in love with his high school sweetheart. But it seemed that everyone Face had ever truly cared about had either left him or died. Because of that, he held himself off from others, always scared to get too close. Even after 15 years, there were pieces of Face that he never shared with the team. The A-Team was his family, but he still pushed them away on many occasions. He just wouldn't let them through. He was still scared that they would leave him.

Sighing, Murdock realized that this would take a lot of work. But, Face would be worth it. The other half of himself, his soulmate, would be worth waiting for.

'I'll always be there for him. I'll never let him down, or let him be alone.. I'll catch him when he falls, help him stand when he's shaky on his feet, and stand aside when he needs space. But, I'll be there. I'll never leave. Somehow, some way, someday, he'll know who I am. I am his love.

'When he decides he needs to settle down with one person, that he needs constancy in his life, he'll make his decision. His choice will will be me.'

Settling back against the headboard, Murdock gently rubbed the arm of the man laying in his lap. He leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on Face's forehead....'It *will* be me.'


The song, from Faith Hill's CD Breathe that inspired the story, words and music by Gordon Kennedy and Wayne Kirkpatrick:

It Will Be Me

When you start falling
Who's gonna catch ya
I'm willing to betcha
It will be me
Who's gonna love ya
Like there's no other
Search and discover
It will be me

When all the others
Have gone and hurt you
Who won't desert you
It will be me
Weighing the options
So much to think of
But when you think love
It will be me

You may not see it now
Love is strange that way
But someday someway
Baby somehow

When you've been broken
And dreams don't oblige ya
Who's that beside ya
Oh, it will be me

You may not see it now
Love is strange that way
But someday someway
Baby somehow

Who'll be your only
True romancer
You know the answer
It will be me
What will it take to
Bring you to your senses
And finally convince you
It will be me    

It Will Be Me by Owl



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