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Murdock watched the Colonel and the lieutenant as they slept in the bed next to BA and himself


By Jullian Gray


Rated: NC-17

Warning Slash F/H, language, sex, physical assault, Murdock isn't portrayed at his best in this so if you love him, you may not like me after this

Summary: Murdock is jealous of Hannibal and Face's relationship. Takes place the morning after insecurities

Parts: complete

Special thanks to Jes for trying to educate me on the English language




Murdock woke from a deep sleep to the sound of someone snoring, he lifted his head to see BA laying on his back mouth wide open, and the noise that sounded like a freight train coming out.


The pilot wiped his eyes and glanced at his watch, 5:00am. 'What an ungodly hour to be awaken,' he thought as he glanced around the room, he stiffened when he saw something that upset him deeply.


Face was asleep with his head cushioned on Hannibal's shoulder, his hand resting on the colonel's chest.


Hannibal lay on his back with one arm wrapped protectively around the younger man, his hand resting on Face's waist holding the lieutenant close to his body; the other hand on Face's bare arm.


It wasn't the fact that two men were sleeping together which bothered Murdock. Hell, he had been with a few men himself in Viet Nam. It was the fact the two of THEM were together. The colonel had moved in on what he himself wanted, couldn't Hannibal see how bad he wanted and needed Face?


Why was the he doing this to him, he was Face's best friend after all, shouldn't he be Face's lover as well. Hell Hannibal was almost old enough to be Face's father for Christ sake, the pilot fumed.


He knew the two had started seeing more and more of each other between assignments; but he hadn't realized it was this type of relationship until now. He thought the time that they had spent together had been more on a father/ son level.


Granted the colonel was showing more affection toward Face in front of BA and himself, but how had he missed this? Murdock wondered as he looked at the two sleeping men.


God how Murdock wanted Face to be asleep in his arms with his blonde head resting on his shoulder so he could keep him safe from the world around them.


Maybe it wasn't too late; maybe there was still a chance for him to win Face over. Maybe, just maybe, they could still be together, he could show Face that he should be with him instead of Hannibal.


'Hell, I'm about his age, we have fun when were together, why wouldn't he rather be with me?'


Murdock watched the two for a few more minutes and a grin crossed his lips as a plan formulated in his mind. If he could just get them apart and keep them apart, he could show Face how much he loved him. Then Face would realize that he belonged to him, not Hannibal.


Snapping on the television, Murdock turned the volume up as loud as the old motel set would go. He smiled as Hannibal and Face began to stir. Then yelped in surprise as he was shoved off the bed.


"Turn that thing down, fool, people in here trying to sleep," BA growled as he leered down at him.


"I can't hear it."


"Then you need your ears checked when we drop you pack at the VA. Now turn it down or I'll throw it out the door!" BA continued to glare down at him.


"Fine," Murdock snapped as he turned the TV down.


Once BA laid back down, Murdock looked over at the bed where Hannibal and Face slept, both men had moved, only now their positions were worse in his mind.


Face now laid on his side facing away from him his head resting on Hannibal's outstretched arm. The colonel was spooned in behind him, his arm still around Face's waist holding the younger man closer to him than before, his cheek resting on top of the blonde's head.


Murdock got off the floor and looked down at Face as he went past him to the bathroom. Even with his face battered and bruised, Templeton Peck was still the most beautiful man he had ever seen. It took all of Murdock's willpower to stop from reaching out and brushing away the stray hair that had fallen into Face's eyes. Sighing deeply he went to the bathroom determined to fix this new situation.


He quickly stripped down and climbed into the shower. Once he was under the warm water, Murdock soaped up his hair and proceeded to sing at the top of his lungs


Enjoying the thought of waking the two sleeping men, he forgot about the third occupant in the room until BA jerked the shower curtain open and turned the water to cold.


Murdock jumped as the cold water soaked through his warm skin instantly causing him to shiver. Before he could protest, BA grabbed him and pulled him close, so close all he could see was a pair of angry brown eyes.


"You woke me up twice fool, so help me come tomorrow morning you wake me up at the crack of dawn and I'll make you wish you were never born."


"Now BA I thought you liked Barry White." 


"Don't no one want to hear no Barry White at five thirty in the morning, especially not from some skinny white fool. Now keep the noise down."  BA quickly released him, then turned and slammed the bathroom door.


Murdock grinned as he got out of the shower. Once he was dried off and dressed his smile widened, if he had awakened BA he knew the other two would also be awake.


When he came out of the bathroom he noticed the room was empty except for Face, who was sitting with his head in his hands on the edge of the bed, his blonde hair sticking out in several different directions. Murdock flopped down on the bed next to Face and put his arm around the lieutenant's shoulders.


"How you doing, Muchacho?"


"Tired," he muttered in his hands.




Face turned his bruised face toward the pilot and let out a long sigh.


"I said I was tired."


"How can you be tired, you slept longer than any of us?" Murdock teased as he hugged Face's slim shoulders, just touching Face made the pilot feel better.


"Because he's injured and someone doesn't have the courtesy to let him get the rest he needs," Hannibal stated as he entered the motel room carrying the team's medical kit, a scowl on his face that would make BA envious.


"Sorry, colonel."  Murdock looked away from Hannibal's piercing blue eyes.


"Help BA get the bags loaded, I want to be ready to get back on the road as soon as we're done eating breakfast."


"Yes sir." Murdock snapped off a salute as he walked past the colonel.


"What gets into him is beyond me," Hannibal stated, shaking his head as he sat down next to Face.


"He's just being Murdock," Face said softly. "At least he's not some type of super hero this morning."


"I guess it could be worse." He smiled down at his lover. "Come on kid, lay back and lets see about those cuts and bruises."


"I'll be alright Hannibal, I'm just a little sore that's all," Face started to protest.


"And if those wounds get infected you'll be more than a little sore. Now shut up and do as you are told, lieutenant," Hannibal commanded, leaving Face no room for argument.


Face slowly eased his body back onto the bed sighing deeply as the pressure was taken off his bruised abdomen. He wondered to himself why the human body always hurt more the day after instead of at the time it was actually happening. 


Hannibal moved so that he was sitting alongside of Face. Leaning down, he gently began running his hands through the thick blonde hair feeling for any cuts or bumps on Face's scalp. Very gently he worked his way down his lieutenant's body feeling for any broken bones or fractures, cleaning out any cuts he found with antiseptic as he went.


"Can we do this again when I feel better?" Face whispered enjoying the feel of the colonel's hands on his neck, shoulders, and chest.


 Hannibal looked up at the sound of Face's voice.


"Gladly." Hannibal smiled down at the younger man and gently kissed the soft lips.


"I'm going to hold you to that, colonel." Face smile seductively as they broke apart.


"You won't have to, lieutenant, I'll remember just fine on my own. Now try and relax, I'm going to check out your ribs."


Slowly Hannibal ran his hands along each side of Face's rib cage. He looked up when Face jerked away from him and sucked in a deep breath of air. Even through his tan, he could see just how ashen the younger man had become. His lower lip clenched tightly between his teeth.


'Damn, you sure went pale fast,' Hannibal thought as he gently laid his hand back on the abused chest.


"Sorry, kid."


Face only nodded refusing to open his mouth afraid if he did a whimper would come out.


"Take your lip out of your mouth, I don't want you to bite through it when I check this rib again."


Face did as he was told and grabbed a hold of the blanket instead.


"Alright, here we go," Hannibal warned as gently ran his hand along the rib cage. Face sucked in air again, but managed to remain still.


"I can't tell for sure, but it doesn't appear to be any are broken, though you've bruised the hell out of them." 


"I didn't do anything, I just happened to be in the way of some really big guys who were trying to kick my ass." Face laughed softly, trying to take his mind off the pain.


"Next time try and stop the blows with something besides your rib cage."


"Like what, my face?"


"I know of a skinny pilot who would make a excellent shield."


"Hannibal, that's not even funny, he does try."


"You're right, I'm sorry. How about you just hide behind BA instead?" Hannibal smiled.


"You're real funny this morning, colonel." Face tried to keep his face serious, but couldn't help crack a grin as he noticed the sparkle in his eyes. "You know it's awful early to be on the jazz."


"That body of yours keeps me on the jazz." Hannibal chuckled softly before he started to slide his hands down Face's body again.


Slowly his hands moved down the flat stomach pressing lightly as he went, he stopped when he notice Face jerk away again. When he looked up he noticed that Face was ghost white and his eyes were screwed tightly shut.


"You haven't seen any blood in your urine have you?"


 "Little last night."


"Damn it Face, you've got to tell me these things."


"It wasn't much."


Hannibal shook his head before pressing down on Face's kidneys; it was everything Face could do to keep from jumping off the bed as he grabbed a hold of the colonel's hands preventing him from applying any more pressure.


"Shit Stop! Damn it, Hannibal, stop!" He sat up as the pain raced through him.


"Sorry, kid," Hannibal whispered.


"Not half as sorry as I am," Face whimpered as he tried to shove Hannibal's hands away from his body.


"Easy, now I'm almost done."


"No, you are done!" Face panted still trying to get his breathing under control as the pain lanced through him.


Gently Hannibal took a hold of Face's shoulders and forced him back down on the bed. 


"No more Hannibal, please. Just leave me alone, I'll be alright," he pleaded as he tried to push the older man away.


"Sorry Tem, but I can't do that."


"Just a few more minutes and it'll be over with."  He kissed the younger man softly as he reached up and brushed the stray hair from Face's now sweaty forehead. Gently he moved his hands back across Face's lower abdomen, then down across his waist and hips.


"If I felt better you'd be in real trouble, colonel."  Face panted as he attempted to get his breathing under control from the pain in his kidneys. 


"You think I'd be in trouble? I've got news for you young man, you don't stand a chance." Hannibal chuckled softly as he slid his hands under Face's buttocks and squeezed softly.


He knew his lover was trying to distract him from the pain that he was in, and that was one thing he was not going to let happen, Face meant too damn much to him.


However if he could make his lieutenant feel better by letting him think he had gotten away with it, Hannibal smiled up at Face allowing his blue eyes to spark with mischief. He gently ran his hands across Face's pelvis brushing against his groin as he went down his right thigh to the tip of his toe.


When Hannibal was finished, he started again on the left side of Face's body, making sure to brush Face's penis as he moved down his body, causing a slight moan to escape from Face's lips.

Murdock watched Hannibal as he ran his hands over Face's body, suddenly he felt angry that the older man was even touching Face, even if it was to look for injuries.


"Is he going to live colonel?" Murdock called out from the doorway, his voice flat.


It was a simple question, one that had been asked hundreds of times on hundreds of different occasions, but for a reason he couldn't quite place, Hannibal didn't like the tone of voice the pilot was using.


"Yeah, he'll live." Hannibal gently soothed Face's blonde hair from his forehead, "but he's going to have to take it easy for a while, and I mean that kid, you are going to have to rest."


"All I want to do is get home and go to sleep in my own bed for the next week straight."


"I think we can arrange that." Hannibal smiled down at Face. "Or I could arrange for you to borrow mine."


Hannibal's smile widened as Face blushed.


"Come on let's get those ribs wrapped up." Hannibal reached down and helped pull Face into a sitting position. Face groaned and bit down on his lip as his stomach muscles and ribs protested the movement.


Murdock watched with his jaw clenched as Hannibal wrapped Face's chest with an ace bandage. The sight of the colonel touching Face was becoming more than he could stand.


"Alright let's get you dressed and some food in you, we need to get on the road."


Murdock moved over to the bed and pulled out a blue button down shirt and a pair of tight blue jeans from Face's bag.


"Here you go Facey, this'll keep you looking sharp."


"Thanks Murdock, but I don't know about the jeans my stomach is pretty sore."


"And you don't need to try and sit in those all the way home either," Hannibal pointed out as he produced one of his own sweatshirts and a pair of sweat pants from beside him.


"Take his bag out to the van, we'll be out in a few minutes."


"I can help him," Murdock snapped.


"I know you can, but for now would you please take his bag out to the van." Hannibal stared at the pilot coldly.


"Would someone please give me a pair of pants? I'm getting a little tired of sitting here in my underwear." Face sighed.


"I don't know you look awful cute in your underwear." Hannibal smiled as Face blushed again.


'God, he looks so damn young,' he thought as he held out the sweatshirt so Face could put his head through the hole and his arms in the sleeves.  Hannibal began to chuckle as he looked down at Face, who now looked like a child in his father's clothes.


"I hope to God that those aren't your sweatpants too," Face fussed as he tried without hope to push the sleeves up so they weren't covering his hands.


"No, the bottoms are yours." Hannibal held out the sweatpants.


"Then why am I wearing your shirt? I know I have a sweatshirt to match these pants."


"Because mine is thicker than yours and I don't want you getting cold."


"I'm not a kid, I can dress myself for the weather." Face crossed his arms over his chest.


"You'll always be a kid to me." Hannibal chuckled. "Now shut up and enjoy the attention while you can."


"I wont treat you like a child, Facey," Murdock piped in.


"I know I can always count on you, Murdock." Face smiled up at his best friend.


"Come on gentlemen lets get moving. Face get your pants on, captain, get his bag out to the van."


Murdock rolled his eyes at Hannibal as he got up and grabbed Face's gym bag. He turned and winked at Face as he headed out of the room.


Face shook his head as he watched the pilot leave, he was up to something, Face thought as he stood up to put his pants on.


Who knows maybe he'll have a new sock puppet by the time I get to the van. Smiling he bent down to put his pants on. He was half bent over when a pain shot through his lower abdomen causing him to gasp, he would have collapsed on the floor if the colonel hadn't caught him.


"Tem?" Hannibal looked down at his lover who was trembling in his arms. His face was pale, covered with sweat and eyes squeezed shut, his breath coming out in short gasps.


"I'm okkkay Han nnbal painn jjust took mmme by suuuppriise," Face ground out between clenched teeth. He raised a weak hand to Hannibal's chest and tried to push himself back upright.


"Be still Face, just relax a minute and catch your breath," Hannibal insisted as he lowered Face's head to his shoulder. "Just relax." Carefully the colonel slid his hand under the sweatshirt and began to rub his lieutenant's back and shoulders. Slowly the trembling began to subside as the pain eased and Face tried to push away again.


"Just be still." Hannibal gently kissed the top of Face's head as he continued to rub his back. 


"He okay, colonel?" BA appeared beside his leader concern showing on his face.


"He'll be alright, help me get him back on the bed, and BA watch his rib cage."


BA stepped around Hannibal, and carefully put his hands under Face's arms and lifted the smaller man back up onto the bed, while Hannibal supported his lower waist as he was lifted.


"I'm okay, I just wasn't expecting the pain to hit me like it did." Face ran his hands through his hair.


Both Hannibal and BA noticed how bad they were trembling, so did Face and he quickly tried to stuff them under his arms. Hannibal wasn't having it. He took Face's hands in his own and began to rub them, then looked up at BA.


"The med kit is up at the top of the bed, grab a couple of painkillers."


BA grabbed the painkillers out of the medical kit and handed them to the colonel.


"Be right back." BA walked around Hannibal to the motel bathroom and brought back a cup of water.


 Hannibal held out the pills to Face.


"Don't want them."   Face pushed the pills back toward Hannibal.


BA shook his head slowly, he knew that there would be a fight coming in just a minute. 


They all knew how bad the painkillers affected their lieutenant, they just knocked him completely out. He also knew how much Face hated to not be in control of his body and mind. However, that being said, he also knew that Hannibal would not stand by and watch Face suffer when the problem could be solved with two small white pills.


"Come on kid, it's for your own good."


"I'll be alright."


"Look, I know you hate them, but they'll help you feel better."


"Hannibal I…"


"And I'm not going to take no for an answer."


Sighing, Face reached out with a trembling hand and took one of the pills from Hannibal's palm.


"Face." Hannibal gave the younger man a disapproving look.


"Look, it'll help knock the pain down, and I won't be quite so dead to the world."


To BA's surprise, the colonel only nodded, and slipped the remaining pill into his pocket.


"I want your word that you will tell me if the pain gets worse." 




"Not good enough, lieutenant, I want your word." Hannibal took his lover's face in his hands turning it so they were looking eye-to-eye, blue eyes staring into blue-green ones.


"Promise me, Tem."


"I promise."


Satisfied, Hannibal let go of Face so that BA could hand him the water. When BA went to give him the plastic cup he noticed how bad the blonde's hands were still trembling. He pushed Face's hands down and put the cup to his lips. Once he had taken a couple of swallows, BA withdrew the cup.




"No problem, little brother." BA reached out and gently squeezed Face's shoulder.


"Hey, we going or not?" Murdock bounced in the door, then stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Face. "You alright?" Murdock knelt down next to Hannibal, and took Face's free hand.


"I'm fine guys, quit fussing."


"When you start telling us you're hurt, we'll stop fussin." BA squeezed Face's shoulder again.


"He's right Face, we should have taken care of this last night, instead of waiting until you were in so much pain."


"Honest guys, I'm not…"


Face stopped talking when he saw the look Hannibal was giving him.


"I'll shut up now."


"Good idea, lieutenant. BA, get him on his feet and in the van. Murdock grab the medical kit and wipe the room down for prints."


BA nodded as he slid beside Face. "You ready Faceman?"


Face nodded his head yes and took a deep breath as BA helped lift him to his feet. He swayed slightly then regained his balance as he leaned a little more on BA. Slowly the two made their way out of the room and to the van.


"Alright, captain, lets get this room wiped down."


"Is he going to be alright?"


Hannibal turned his head and looked out the door where his sergeant and lieutenant had just left through.


"He'll be fine, he just needs a lot of rest. Though I will feel better once we're back in California, and he's home in bed."


"That's still at least twenty hours away."


"I know, however if BA and myself split the driving, we can be there by tomorrow. A lot of this plan is going to depend on Face. I need you to keep a close watch on him, captain. If he shows any sign of a fever, I need to know."


"Sure, colonel." Murdock looked out the open door, this would give him the chance to get some alone time with Face. 



"How you doing little brother?"


"I'll be alright, just a little sore."


"Don't try and con me man."


"I'm tired BA, that's all."

BA surprised Face by lifting his chin so he was forced to look eye-to-eye with him. It was the same thing the colonel had done to him only a few minutes before. However what surprised him was the concern he saw in the big brown eyes.


"I said don't lie to me man, I know your hurten."


Face signed heavily as he pulled away from BA's grip and leaned against the side of the van.


"I hurt, BA, I hurt a lot."


The big man nodded as he opened the slide door on the van and helped Face inside.


"Look BA, don't say anything to Hannibal, you know how he worries."


"Cant do that little bro, you know that I won't lie to the colonel."


"Could you at least not say anything unless he asks? I mean, that wouldn't be lying, would it?"


"Face, I…"


"Please BA, I'll be alright as soon as I get home and in my own bed for a few days."


"Alright man, but if he asks, I ain't going to cover for you."




 "And if I see you gettin worse, I'll stop the van myself at the nearest hospital."


"Deal." Face smiled, though BA noted that it didn't reach his eyes.


"Come on, let's get you settled in before you fall over."




Fifteen minutes later, the room was wiped down of all prints and the last two-team members loaded into the van


"BA, lets head down the street to the diner, grab a quick bite to eat, then head home. I want to drive straight back, we'll take shifts driving." BA nodded as Hannibal turned his attention back to Face.


"How you doing, lieutenant?"


"Tired," Face muttered, not even bothering to open his eyes. Hannibal turned to look at BA, the sergeant's worried look confirmed Hannibal's fears.




BA sighed as he looked back at Face in the rearview mirror. He knew he had promised the conman, but he couldn't stand the thought of the blonde needlessly suffering for his own pride.


"He ain't going to make it back without the painkillers, he's hurten bad man," he answered in a hushed tone.


"That's what I was afraid of, I wish to God he would just tell me when he's hurt." Hannibal sighed. "Alright, let's get some food in everyone and head down the road. We'll see how he does on an hour by hour basis."


BA nodded as they headed down the street to the small dinner.




"Hey Facey, time for breakfast." Murdock shook Face's arm softly.


"Not hungry." Face shifted in the seat to escape Murdock's grip. 


"Sorry Muchacho, colonel's orders, you've got to eat."


"Too tired, eat later." Face didn't bother to open his eyes as he shifted farther away from the pilot.


Murdock looked out the open door where Hannibal stood looking in.


"Move it, lieutenant," Hannibal commanded.


Face open a pair of sleepy eyes and looked at his commander. "Hannibal, could I talk to you alone?" he stressed


Hannibal looked closely at his lover. "Alright Face. BA, you and Murdock go on in and grab us a table, we'll meet you in a few minutes."  


Once the other two were inside, Hannibal climbed inside the van and took the seat Murdock had vacated.


"What's going on, kid?"


"I can't go in there."


"What do you mean you can't go in there? Don't tell me it's because of how you're dressed because that isn't going to fly, you're going to eat something."


"Hannibal, if I eat I'll be sick."


"Look, I know you don't feel well, but you haven't eaten since yesterday morning, you've got to keep your strength up."


"Hannibal." He sighed deeply as he realized that he was going to have to tell the colonel more about his condition than he wanted to. " I'm starting to get a headache, if I can just sleep for a few more hours I know I can get rid of it. Then I promise I'll eat when I wake up, please?" The whine in Face's voice was starting to turn into a begging tone.


"Come on kid, just a piece of toast that's all I'm asking."




"Am I going to have to order you out of this van and into that diner?"




"Damn it, lieutenant, don't make me command you to eat."


Face ran his hands through his hair before taking a deep breath. He set his handsome features, and plastered a smile on his face as he pushed his way past Hannibal to exit the van.


"Alright, colonel."


"Damn it Face, don't turn this into a pissing contest." Hannibal crossed his arms over his chest as he climbed out of the van after him.


"You've already made yourself clear, and understood, sir." Face straighten his posture to match Hannibal's body language.




"If there is nothing else sir, I would like to join the rest of the team for breakfast, Sir."


"Is this the way you're going to be today, Lieutenant." Hannibal glared.


"Is that a direct question, or a rhetorical one, sir?" Face snapped back, his spine now ramrod straight.


Hannibal looked Face up and down when it dawned on him that he was being conned. Face was trying to get him so pissed off at him that he would leave him alone. If Hannibal hadn't been paying such close attention to him Face would have gotten away with it. However Hannibal was watching him very closely, and he could see the pain and fatigue in the blue-green eyes, and the slight sway as he stood at attention.


"At ease, Face," Hannibal spoke softly as he laid his hands gently on Face's shoulders, he could feel the tension under his hands.


"Hey you two coming in or what?" Murdock called out from the door of the diner.


"We're coming," Hannibal called back, as he looked Face in the eyes. "Just a little something, that's all I'm asking."


"Sure." Face lowered his head in defeat.


Hannibal placed his hands in Face's hair and forced the blonde head up. He lowered his mouth to the younger man's lips and kissed him gently before pulling him into his arms, holding him to his chest.


"All I'm asking is that you try, if you can't eat, I'll understand," Hannibal whispered softly in Face's ear as he hugged him, being careful of his battered body.


"Can you do that for me?"


Face laid his head on his lovers shoulder and nodded yes.


Hannibal kissed Face hair then released him from his embrace.


"Good, now lets get in there before BA eats everything." Hannibal swung his arm around Face's waist and led him toward the dinner.




"They coming?" BA asked Murdock as he looked up from his menu.


"Yeah, as soon as they get done making out in the parking lot," Murdock huffed as he slumped down in the booth.


"What's wrong with you?" BA eyed him closely


"Nothing," Murdock grumbled as he began to shred a paper napkin.


"Fool" BA grunted at as he waved at Face and Hannibal as they entered the diner.


 Face slowly slid into the seat next to Murdock, Hannibal sat down next to BA, just as the waitress came up to the table.


"What can I get you gentlemen?"


"Anything look good, BA?"


"Special don't look bad."


Hannibal looked up at the waitress and smiled "Special with coffee."


"You sir?"


"Special with milk, ma'am."




"Blueberry pancakes, sausage, two eggs over-easy all covered in maple syrup, and a chocolate milkshake." 


The waitress turned her attention to Face, who was now a pale shade of green after Murdock's order.


"And you sugar?"


Face looked up at Hannibal, his blue-green eyes pleading.


"Try," Hannibal said softly.


Face took a deep breath and smiled up at the waitress.


"Oatmeal plain, nothing on it, or in it, or even around it."


"Anything to drink hun?"


"Water, no ice."


"That all?"


"Bring him a order of plain toast."




"Just incase you don't like the oatmeal, kid."


"Don't worry honey, he'll love it, homemade not that instant junk you get at them truck stops."


"Thanks, Susie." Hannibal smiled as he read her nametag. "I think that will take care of us." 


"Sure darling, be right back with your drinks." She winked at Hannibal as she left their table.


Face closed his eyes and leaned back in the booth. He opened them again when he felt a gentle touch on the back of his hand. He smiled at the owner of the hand and received a smile back as.


"You're going to be alright, Face," Hannibal reassured him as he gently continued rubbing the back of his hand before finally interlacing his fingers with Faces.


"I know, the painkiller is kicking in, getting kind of hard to keep my eyes open."


Hannibal looked into Face's eyes, he could see the drug induced glaze that was beginning to dull their normally bright color.


"Soon as you get done, go stretch out in the van."


"Here you go gentlemen." The waitress set their drinks down on the table. Hannibal was about to say thank you when he noticed the disapproving look she was giving Face as she looked at the two of them holding hands.


A smile crossed Hannibal's face as he placed his other hand on top of Face's hand, covering the small one with his larger one. The waitress turned her gaze to Hannibal, who almost laughed at the sour face she gave him.


"Will there be anything else?" she asked sharply as she turned to leave.


"No, I think that will be all, Susie." Hannibal smiled and winked at her.


"I wish you wouldn't do that." Face tried to pull his hand from Hannibal, who wouldn't let go just yet.


"Why, you ashamed of me?"


"No, Hannibal, God no." Face shook his head as he grasped his lover's hand tightly.

 Hannibal had to chuckle at the look of horror on Face's handsome face.


"So what's the problem?"


"I…" Face looked at Murdock and BA as they began to drink their drinks, both of them looking at him, waiting. "I don't exactly want to eat sp…" Face stopped as the look of comprehension crossed Hannibal's face.


"Point taken, kid. I'll make sure to keep my affection for you on hold until after the food arrives from now on."


"Thanks."  Face smiled as he squeezed Hannibal's hand, before he pulled his own back.


"You still want to try and drive straight through colonel?"  Murdock asked as he took a drink of his milkshake.


"It's all going to depend on how our lieutenant is feeling after he eats."


"Look guys you don't have to slow down on my account."


"Hey Facey were only looking out for you, that's all." Murdock slid his arm around Face's shoulder.


"Look, I'm not a little kid." Face snapped as he shrugged Murdock's arm off. "Special forces in case you've forgotten


"Ain't anyone forgetting anything except maybe you…"


"Listen BA…"


"No you shut up and listen, you hurten and we all know it. So there ain't no use in trying to act stronger than you are.




"I ain't finished yet so you just shut up. We know your strong, all of us seen you go through crap no one should ever have to go through, but enough is enough. You hurten and you need our help, so take it. Don't no one here at this table think your weak just because you need some help." 




"Don't you go trying to con no one here by saying you're alright. Cause ain't none of us buying that crap this time."


"He's right Muchacho, you need to take it easy, and we'll all be here for you when you need us."


Face turned to look at Hannibal, who only shrugged. "Sorry kid, I happen to agree with them."


Face ran his hands through his hair. He knew the others were right, he didn't feel well, and he could use their help, but it was just so damn hard to ask. He looked down at his now trembling hands, then looked up at each of them.


"Thanks guys."


"Ain't no need to say thanks, that's what family is for."  BA reached across the table and took Face's trembling hands in one of his big ones and squeezed gently. "We're here for ya little brother, don't you go forgetten it."


"Thank you, anyway." Face smiled at BA, a smile that warmed BA's heart.


BA nodded as he released his grip and sat back in his seat.


The four of them slipped back into their own thoughts until the waitress brought out their food.


"Anything else I can get you gentleman?" The waitress turned to leave, not waiting for a reply.


"Excuse me Susie, you forgot my sons toast," Hannibal answered as he lightly touched her wrist.


"Your son?" She smiled down at Hannibal, who winked at Face when she turned to look at the younger man. "Sure sugar, I'll be right back with it."


"Smooth, colonel," Murdock commented as he picked up his fork and dug into the pancakes. "Bet you get a phone number on the check," he added quickly as he glanced over at Face.


"I've already got the only phone number I need, Captain."  Hannibal smiled and winked at Face as he took a drink of his coffee.


Face looked up from stirring the oatmeal that he had no intention of eating. Hannibal's smile faded slightly as he noted the glassy look in Face's eyes. 'Damn he won't be with us much longer. Another twenty minutes and he'll be asleep, dead to the world,' Hannibal thought to himself.


"Hey Face, why don't you try taking a bite of that."


Face dropped his eyes back to the bowl, but continued to just stir it. "Too hot."


"Come on kid, one spoonful."


Face sighed heavily as he put the spoon in his mouth and forced the oatmeal down his throat. As soon as he felt the food hit his stomach, he closed his eyes and fought the nausea that threatened to overwhelm him.


" Face?"


The rest of the team turned to look at the younger man at the sound of Hannibal's voice.


"Can't," he answered through clenched teeth his eyes screwed shut.


"Here's your toast darl…" the words died on Susie's lips as she looked at the young blonde with the bruised face.  She had seen people get sick on Hank's food at the diner before, but never this quick.


"He'll be alright ma'am, just a upset stomach. Took a bad fall hiking and he ain't feelen  too well," BA assured the waitress his eyes never leaving Face.


"You should try to get him to eat some toast, it'll help, or if you like, I could bring some soda crackers, that always helps me."


"Thanks ma'am, we'd appreciate that."




"Sorry, Hannibal can't, Face moaned. He wrapped his arms around his stomach as another wave of nausea hit him, the dull pain in his head starting to increase.


"It's alright." Hannibal stood and moved to kneel by Face's side. He reached up and stroked the sweat-covered brow. "Come on kid, lets get you out to the van." Carefully he wrapped his arms around Face and helped support him as he stood.


"I haven't seen Facey this sick in a long time." Murdock watched as Hannibal led Face out of the diner.


"He'll be alright, Hannibal will take care of him," BA stated. His own thoughts were on the sick lieutenant as well, he couldn't stand the thought of Face hurting. Whenever the smaller man was injured, it tore his heart into pieces.


"You know, I ain't very hungry anymore." BA shoved his plate away from him.


"I'll bet you just about anything that Susie would gladly put this stuff in takeout boxes for us."


"Ma'am" BA raised his hand to get the waitress' attention.


Hannibal leaned Face against the side of the van while he pulled several blankets from the supply locker. Quickly he made a makeshift bed with the blankets, then helped Face to lie down on top of them. Gently, he tucked another blanket around Face.


He was not surprised to see BA and Murdock emerge from the diner as he covered his sick lover with yet another blanket.


"Alright BA, change of plans, we drive towards home, if we come across a good place to hold up for a week or so, we stop. Murdock you ride up front with BA."


"Hannibal, I can watch him."


"I know, but I'd like to stay back here with him."


Murdock was about to protest when BA shoved him from behind. "You heard the man, lets move."


Hannibal closed the side door, then positioned himself so Face could use his thigh as a pillow.


"You're going to be alright, Tem," he spoke softly as he gently stroked Face's hair. He looked down and noted that the blonde was already asleep.




Six hours later



"BA, pull over."


Hannibal was awakened by the sound of the desperate voice of his lover. He glanced down and noticed that Face was no longer lying beside him. Instead he was by the slide door pulling it open even as he yelled to BA.


"BA, pull over now," Face yelled.


Before BA could get the van to a complete stop on the side of the road Face was out the door vomiting.


Hannibal quickly followed him, he knew the Face hated to be babied when he was sick, but he couldn't stand to see his lover suffer in any way.


"Face!" Hannibal yelled as he watched him sink to his knees in the dirt his face as white as a sheet. Hannibal slid to a stop and tried to help the younger man to his feet.


As soon as Face was upright he jerked out of Hannibal's grip and turned his back to the colonel and threw up again.


Hannibal laid his hand on Face's shoulder, Face tried to shake it off as he sunk back down to his knees and began to dry heave.


"Easy kid, easy." he laid his hand on the back of the younger man's neck trying to offer him some type of comfort.


"God, my head hurts," Face stated even as he began to lean back against his lover's hand covering his eyes with his own hands. His voice harsh and raspy from retching up what little he had eaten earlier.


As much as he hated to, Hannibal looked over at what Face had thrown up, and was relieved to see there was no blood in it.


"Alright, kid lets get you back in the van."


"Hey Muchacho, you alright?"  Murdock reached down and helped Face to his feet.


Face only nodded no, not trusting himself to speak as he felt the bile rising in his throat again. Slowly, with the help of his friends, he made his way back to the van. Carefully, he climbed into the back corner and sat in the floor with is head in his hands trying to block out the light.


"Wouldn't you rather lay down, Facey?"


"Want to sit upright," was all he said not opening his eyes for fear that the interior of the van would start spinning. The pain in his ribs and lower abdomen had lessened thanks to the pain medication, but now he was nauseous and his head was pounding from the migraine that had come on while he had been napping.


"Alright BA, next station we stop and see if there is a motel in the area."


"Don't have to stop," Face ground out through clenched teeth.


"You need someplace you can properly rest kid, the van just isn't going to cut it."


"He's right, Facey you need to be able to stretch out in something that isn't bouncing around."


Face had though about arguing with them when another round of nausea hit; closing his eyes tighter he fought it back. 


"Make it someplace close, please," he begged as the pain in his skull began to build.


Hannibal looked over at BA, who nodded back at him. He knew as well as everyone else in the van, that if Face was agreeing with them, he hurting bad.



Twenty minutes later, Hannibal emerged from a rental office with the keys for two cabins set another fifteen miles down at the end of a backcountry road.


As he climbed into the passenger's seat of the van, he noticed Face sitting in his normal seat, his head in his hands. Hands that were trembling so bad he didn't see how they kept from shaking the blonde head


"Hang on kid, we'll be there in just a little bit."


"Kay," Face whispered.


Murdock turned Face's seat to face him as he knelt down in front of the lieutenant.


"Facey, give me your hands. Come on Muchacho, you're going to hurt yourself if you keep squeezing your head."


Carefully, the pilot reached up and took the lieutenant's hands in his own.


"You just squeeze my hands when it hurts, alright you just squeeze as hard as you need."


"Kay." Murdock smiled as Face intertwined his fingers in his.


By the time the van reached the first cabin, Face was in the middle of a full-blown migraine, even the slightest noise or movement sent pain shooting through his skull.


Hannibal opened the sliding door and waited for the two younger men to climb out. Murdock let go of Face's hands and moved to stand beside the colonel, turning, he called out to Face.


"Come on Muchacho were here, lets go find a bedroom."


"Can't," Face cried as he brought his hands back up to his head desperately trying to block out the light.




"Shit," Hannibal cursed. "Murdock I need you to go unlock the door, turn down the bed, and bring our bags in. BA take some of the extra blankets and cover the windows, we need to get that bedroom as dark as possible."


"Right." BA opened the back of the van and began to pull out extra blankets, as he began to close the door a thought occurred to him. Reaching back, he grabbed the medical kit before he headed to the cabin. 


Once the other two members of the team were on the move, Hannibal turned back to help his lover.


"Tem, we're going to give the guys a few minutes to get the room ready, then I'm going to get you settled." Slowly Hannibal set down on the edge of the van's doorframe; he reached out and laid his hand on Face's knee.


"You're going to be alright baby, just hang on a few more minutes."


"Ready, colonel," Murdock called out from the open door as he made his way back toward the van.


Hannibal stood and gently pulled Face out of the van and into his arms. "Come on kid, lets get you into bed."


Hannibal pulled his lover to his feet, Murdock quickly ran over and slid his arm around Face's waist, helping support him from the other side as they made their way toward the cabin. Once inside, Murdock lead the two other men down a short hallway and into the bedroom.


Carefully the two lowered the blonde so he was sitting on the side of the bed, BA immediately stepped up to Face and pressed two painkillers into his hand.


"Don't argue little brother, just take'em."


Slowly, Face reached out with shaking hands and he took the pain pills from BA. Once he got them to his mouth,  BA started to hand him a cup of water when Hannibal took it from him.


"Make sure you swallow them both." Face only nodded as he took the cup and swallowed the two pills. He was in no condition to fight about the medication this time. All he wanted was relief from the terrible pounding in his skull.


"This seems strangely familiar." Murdock laughed softly as he knelt down and helped remove Face's shoes and socks.


"Leave him alone fool, Faceman ain't in no condition for all your nonsense," BA growled as he took the cup back from Face.


"Lets keep the noise level down, gentlemen," Hannibal warned as he helped ease Face back onto the bed, while BA reached down and lifted his legs, sliding them under the covers.


"You need anything else, Muchacho?"


"No," Face whispered as he put his arm over his eyes and curled into a ball.


"Alright, everyone out." Hannibal motioned toward the door.


 "I'll be right back." Gently the colonel kissed Face on the forehead as he covered him with a blanket.


Once he was outside the bedroom, Hannibal accessed their situation. They had a place to stay for a few weeks if need be. The old man at the cabin rental office would be more than happy to lease the units out longer, especially since it was the off season. When the colonel told him they were looking for a good place to fish, he had even told Hannibal some of the best places to go, and where to buy the freshest bait.


The road up to the cabins was remote, with only one way in and one way out, making it easy to set up a few alarms to warn them of anyone approaching. Due to the fact that it was the off-season, there shouldn't be any traffic coming up the road. The only concern now was supplies, they would need to restock the van and bring enough food into the cabins to last them until Face was well enough to travel again.


"Murdock, you and BA go into town and get us enough supplies to stay here a couple of weeks."


"We going to be here that long, colonel?" 


"I don't want to move Face for at least a week, he's going to need time to get his strength back, and after our last mission, I think we could all use some downtime."


"Sounds like a plan, come on fool, lets go."


"One other thing you two, no fighting, we've got to keep the noise down to nothing."


"He sure is having one hell of a headache."


"It's not just a headache Murdock, it's a migraine, and believe it or not, it could get even worse if we don't keep him in a dark, cool and quiet room, so keep it down. No slamming doors, no loud noises, and most of all, no arguing, he doesn't need any extra stress. The best thing for him is to let the medication do its job and let him sleep through it."


"You've seen him go through something worse than this?"


"Yeah a couple of weeks ago we were going to go out to dinner together. When I came to pick him up at his place, he was laying on the couch immobile."


 "Jesus, poor Facey." Murdock looked over at the bedroom door. "Is there anything we can do?"


"Only what I said before captain, keep the noise down, keep the room dark and cool, and let him sleep."


"Sure, colonel, we can do that can't we big guy."


"Not a problem."


Once the two left, Hannibal quietly slipped back into the dark bedroom. He found Face laying in a tight ball, his arms covering his head.


Quietly, Hannibal removed his shirt, belt and boots, before climbing into the bed beside Face. Taking great care not to jar the bed too much, he carefully reached over and pulled the smaller man to him.


Once Face was cradled in his arms, he pulled the younger man's arms away from his head. Gently he began to stroke the blonde hair and rub his back and neck.




"Shhh, be still Face, let the medication work."


"Sorry," Face moaned.


"About what?" Knowing that his lover wouldn't quiet down until he was done, Hannibal let him speak.


"You having to take care of me like this, such a burden sometimes."


"Taking care of you will never be a burden to me. Now be still and go to sleep." Hannibal gently kissed Face's forehead and smiled when he felt a hand rest on his chest. "I love you, Tem, don't you forget that."





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