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Just Don't Look

Just Don't Look

Written by LovinFace


Rating:  R

Summary:  Starsky and Hutch/A-Team crossover.  Chou comes back with a vengeance to settle an old score with Face and Starsky.  Story complete.

Warnings:  Torture, nonconsensual sex, character injury

Note:  This story takes place in 1975, three years after the A-Team has escaped from the military prison, seven years after the camps.




Chapter 1


Dave Starsky was tired.  He and his partner, Ken Hutchinson, had finally arrested the biggest drug dealer in Bay City, but only after four nights of stakeouts.  All Starsky wanted to do was go home and spread out on his bed.  Starsky pulled up to Hutch's apartment.  Hutch had fallen asleep, and was slumped down in the seat.  Starsky shook Hutch's arm, "Hey, wake up Blondie.  You're home."  Hutch raised his head and looked around, yawning.  "Oh boy, I can't wait to get some sleep.  Wanna crash at my place?  You're looking pretty ragged there, Buddy."  Starsky nodded his head, "Nope, I'm going to get in my bed and sleep for the next two days.  I'll see ya on Monday, Partner.  G'night."  Hutch closed the car door and leaned in the window.  "G'night Starsk."  The blonde detective stretched his arms and went up the stairs to his apartment.  Starsky watched from his car to make sure Hutch made it in okay.  He saw the lights come on.  He pulled away from the apartment and headed home.


Starsky unlocked his front door and opened it.  He walked into the living room, closed the door with a backwards kick, and headed toward his bedroom.  He took off his jacket and threw it on the couch.  He flipped on the light to his room.  Walking toward the bed he heard, "Well, Sergeant, it's been a long time."  The hair on Starsky's neck stood up.  He knew that voice.  He also knew that he was a dead man.


Monday came too soon. Hutch pulled up behind Starsky's Torino.  He took the stairs two at a time and stopped at Starsky's door.  "Come on Starsk, let's go."  No answer.  He fished his key to Starsky's apartment out of his pocket.  He put the key in the lock and opened the door.  Starsky's jacket was on the couch.  "Starsky?  You in the shower?  C'mon Starsk, Dobey's gonna have our hides."  Hutch entered the bedroom.  The bed was made, but Starsky's clothes were strewn around the room.  Starsky's gun was on the floor.  Hutch pulled out his gun.  "Starsky?  Starsky!"  He heard a moan from the other side of the bed.  His gun still drawn, Hutch walked to the other side of the bed.  There on the floor, lying naked in a pool of blood with his hands cuffed behind his back was his partner.  Hutch bent down to Starsky.  Starsky had been badly beaten.  There wasn't an inch of skin that wasn't bruised.  His eyes were swollen shut.  He had blood coming from his mouth and ears.    "Hold on Buddy, hold on." Hutch gently turned Starsky to his side and uncuffed him.  His back had marks across it.  It looked like he had been beaten with a cane or a whip.  Fighting the bile that was creeping up his throat, Hutch laid Starsky back on the floor and grabbed the bedspread off the bed and covered Starsky.  Starsky tried to lift his head, trying to speak.  Hutch bent down and put his ear to Starsky's mouth.  "Call…Han'ble….Warn….Peck…..Chou…kill"  Hutch looked at his partner.  He picked up his head and placed it in his lap.  "I'm gonna get you to the hospital Starsky.  Just hold on."  Starsky moaned and whispered, "Call …Han'ble…."  Starsky lost the battle with consciousness and his head lulled to the side.



Chapter 2


Dr. Joe Kilmer sighed.  At the age of 39, he was feeling too old for this.  He walked out of the trauma room, took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes.  Hutch inhaled deeply as he saw the doctor approach him, blood splattered across his scrubs.  "How is he, Doctor?"  Dr. Kilmer sighed, "Well, I don't know who did that to him, but I haven't seen anyone tortured like that since 'Nam."  Hutch felt his stomach lurch.  "Tortured?  I knew he was beaten, but I didn't know he had been tortured!"  Hutch began to feel dizzy.  "You better sit down Detective."  Dr. Kilmer led Hutch over to a couch in the waiting room.  Hutch sat down, his brain still trying to absorb what he was being told.  Dr. Kilmer pulled up a chair and sat across from Hutch.  "Your friend was tortured.  He was caned by a pro.  His hands and feet were burned.  The soles of his feet were sliced open so he couldn't try to run. We've stitched him up as best we could.  He's on antibiotics to fight off any infection.  That's the biggest threat right now.  He's going to be in a lot of pain for while, but barring any unforeseen problems, I think he'll be okay."  Hutch breathed a sigh of relief.  "When can I see him?"  Dr. Kilmer stood.  "Now if you like.  He's semi-conscious.  He's asking for you.  Try to get him to settle down.  He really needs to rest.  He's in Room 527."  Hutch stood up and shook hands with Dr. Kilmer.  "Thanks Doctor."  Hutch turned and walked down the hall.  He had to see for himself that Starsky was going to be okay.


Hutch opened the door to Starsky's room.  Starsky heard him enter and tried to open his eyes.  He was able to open the right one just enough to see Hutch coming to him.  In a raspy voice he asked, "Did…you…call…Hannibal?….Gotta…warn…Peck."  Hutch looked at his partner, "No, I haven't called him.  I was so worried about you….."  Starsky reached out his arms, "Gotta ….warn…..Call…Hannibal….Now….Chou…"  Starsky's arms fell to his sides as he passed out. 



Chapter 3


Hannibal Smith was not happy.  "Face, come on, pick up the pace.  You guys are looking sloppy out there."  Templeton "Faceman" Peck and BA Baracas had run three miles already, endured an obstacle course, and target practice.  "Oh c'mon Hannibal.  We've done this drill twice today already.  Give us a break!"  Hannibal looked at his lieutenant.  "Face, if you can't handle the drill, you can't handle the mission, now MOVE IT LIEUTENANT!"  Face turned to BA, who had watched the whole exchange in silence.  "C'mon Face.  Let's just do it and get it over with.  I've got better things to do."  BA and Face headed out to the track.  Hannibal yelled, "Not the track.  Run back to the house.  Then you can call it a day.  I'll bring the van." 


Hannibal followed Face and BA as they ran to the latest house they were calling "home."  Just as he was pulling into the driveway the mobile phone rang.  "Lee's Laundry."  There was hesitation on the other end.  Hannibal spoke again, "Lee's Laundry.  May I help you?" 


"I'm not sure.  I'm looking for someone named Hannibal."


Hannibal paused then spoke.  "Well, this is a laundry service pal.  I don't know any Hannibal." 


The man on the other end was persistent. "Look, I've got to reach Hannibal.  I'm calling for Dave Starsky.  It's an emergency.  Please help me get in touch with Hannibal.  Or someone named Peck."


Starsky.  Where did Hannibal know that name from?  'Nam.  The camps.  "Where are you?  I'll see if I can locate Hannibal and have him meet you."


"I'm at Memorial Hospital in Bay City.  My name is Ken Hutchinson.  I'm Starsky's partner.  We're detectives for the Bay City PD.  Please tell him to hurry.  It's urgent."


Hannibal said, "I'll see what I can do."  Then he hung up the phone.


In Bay City, Hutch heard the dial tone and hung up the phone. He hoped this Mr. Lee fellow could reach Hannibal Smith.  The fact that Starsky had asked for him meant only one thing.  Trouble.



Chapter 4       


Hannibal walked in the house.  Face was getting ready to hit the showers.  BA was pouring himself a glass of milk.  Hannibal walked to the kitchen, "We've got trouble guys.  I just got a call from a Ken Hutchinson, a detective in Bay City.  He says he was calling for Dave Starsky.  Said it was an emergency.  He's at Memorial Hospital.  I told him I'd try to meet him there."  BA sat his glass down on the counter.  "Dave Starsky?  Isn't that the kid who…"  Face dropped onto the couch. 


Hannibal looked at Face.  "You up to this?  This Hutchinson fellow sounded really upset. I'm going and I know BA will go." BA nodded his head yes.  "But Face, nobody will blame you if you want to stay here." 


Face stood up and wiped his face with the towel that was draped around his shoulders.  "No, no.  I'll go.  Starsky's my friend.  It's been a long time."  He turned slowly and walked toward the bathroom.  "I'm gonna get ready.  It'll just take a minute."


He walked into the bathroom.  BA and Hannibal could hear the shower running.


BA spoke first, "I don't know Hannibal.  His nightmares are bad enough as it is.  Seeing Starsky may make them worse.  You know what them two went through." Hannibal nodded his head in agreement.  "Yeah, I know.  Call Murdock.  Tell him we're coming in fast and to be ready.  I don't know if Face will be able to scam him out today."  BA walked to the phone.  "I'm on it."



Chapter 5


BA pulled into the parking garage.  Face had been silent the whole way.  Murdock had tried to coax him into playing with Billy, his invisible dog, but to no avail.  He finally gave up and began to doodle on a notepad.  Hannibal turned in his seat.  "Okay, let's go.  There's no sign of Lynch.  I've got a feeling this is on the level."  He turned to Face.  "You ready Face?"  Face looked up at Hannibal then spoke just above a whisper, "Yeah.  Let's go."


Murdock went up to the information desk to inquire about Starsky.  He was told that he was in room 527.  The men went to the elevator.  Face hung his head stared at the floor as he walked. 


Hannibal entered the room first, followed by BA, Face, and Murdock.  Hutch was sitting in a chair by Starsky's bed.  He stood and approached Hannibal.  Hannibal extended his hand.  "Ken Hutchinson?"  Hutch nodded his head, clasping Hannibal's in a handshake.  "I'm Hannibal Smith.  This is BA Baracas, Templeton Peck, and HM Murdock.  What can we do for you?"  Hutch looked at the men.  Hannibal was definitely a man of authority, from his white hair to his cowboy boots.  He could see it in the way he held his head and the way he spoke.  BA Baracas was muscular and wore a lot of gold chains and had a Mohawk.  He looked angry, but when he saw Starsky, Hutch could see the sympathy in BA's eyes for a split second, and then the anger returned.  HM Murdock had on a brown leather jacket, t-shirt, khakis, and a baseball cap.  If the circumstances had been different, Hutch would have made a joke about Murdock and Starsky having the same tailor.  Templeton Peck walked toward Starsky.  Hutch looked at the young man.  Blonde and tan, he was immaculately dressed in khakis and a white button-up shirt, wearing loafers and a look of sadness. 


Hutch took his eyes off Face and turned to Hannibal.  "Well, earlier this morning I went to pick Starsky up for work.  I found him in his apartment, naked, beaten, handcuffed.  Dr. Kilmer says he was tortured.  When Starsky was able to speak he told me to call Hannibal and warn Peck.  Something about Chou."   Murdock gasped.  BA tensed.  Face just kept looking at Starsky.  Hannibal asked Hutch, "What do you know about us Detective?  What do you know about Chou?"


Hutch answered, "Call me Hutch.  Honestly, I don't know much.  Starsky doesn't talk about Vietnam much.  But one night we were on a stakeout.  We take turns sleeping in the backseat of the car.  He started having this nightmare.  He was yelling out to somebody named Chou, begging him to stop.  What, I don't know.  Then he yelled for Peck to close his eyes.  Not to look.  Just don't look.  I finally got him to wake up.  That's when he told me about you and the A-Team I think he called it.  Said you were wanted for a crime you didn't commit.  Said any time you came out in the open you were taking a chance of being captured.  That's why he never called.  But he had your number.  He made me memorize it in case I ever needed to call."


Hannibal motioned for Hutch to step outside the room with him.  The two men quietly left the room.  Hutch continued, "Starsky told me to get you and warn Peck about Chou.  I don't know what that means, but I'd like you to explain it to me.  I'm going to find out who did this to him and make them pay."  He clenched his fists.  Hannibal put his hand on Hutch's shoulder, "Okay.  I'll tell you everything.  But not out here. Is there somewhere we can talk privately?"  Hutch motioned down the hall.  "There's a family room we can use. Follow me."


Hannibal closed the door to the family room.  He and Hutch took chairs facing each other.  Hannibal sighed heavily.  "I'm going to tell you about Chou, Starsky and Face, er, Peck.  Where do I begin?  Face was barely 17 when he went to 'Nam.  Scammed his way in.  He's a pro at scamming…it's how he got his nickname. With that face of his, he can get anything.  Starsky wasn't much older than Face, maybe 19, but he seemed younger, like a little boy in some ways, you know?"


Hutch smiled; remembering Starsky's exuberance for things like toys, candy… just like a kid.


Hannibal continued, "The two of them hit it off immediately.  Starsky is streetwise and tough, took up for Face more than once when some of the guys would pick on him.  Starsky was in a different unit than we were, but we were always seeing each other on various missions.  We were captured by General Chou, a sadistic man whose only pleasure came from torturing soldiers.  Face was one of his favorites.  He would cane him, burn him, even…" Hannibal looked down at the floor. He couldn't say the word.  Hutch understood and put his hand on Hannibal's arm.  "It's okay.  I understand.  Please continue."  Hannibal turned back to Hutch, "Well, we'd been in the camps maybe a couple of months when Starsky's unit was captured.  What was left of his unit anyway.  I think there were only 8 or 9 men who survived.  Anyway, Starsky and Face were the youngest men there.  That made them targets.  One day Chou decided he wanted to play.  He had Face and Starsky dragged out of the cage, but close enough that we could see.    He had them tied to each other, back to back.  He would ask Face a question about upcoming attacks.  Of course Face didn't have that information.  Hell, we'd been in the camps and they don't exactly feed you coordinates there.  But when Face couldn't answer, he'd hit Starsky.  Then he'd ask Starsky a question.  When Starsky couldn't answer, he'd hit Face.  This went on for hours."  Hutch felt his stomach knot.  How could someone be so cruel?  What had his partner and this "Face" gone through?


Hannibal continued, "Chou said he was feeling bored and wanted to liven things up.  So he took Starsky and tied him face down on a table.  Chou told Face he better give him the information he wanted or he was going to initiate Starsky into their little club. Face made up some shit about coordinates.  He was just trying to save Starsky from the hell that he had been through.  Chou knew he was lying of course.  He pulled Starsky's pants down and …..well, you know."


Hutch felt like he was going to throw up.


Hannibal continued, "Starsky told Face to close his eyes, not to look.  But Starsky did look.  When Chou was finished, he walked around to Starsky.  Chou motioned for his men to bring Face.  Starsky spat at Chou's feet.  This incensed Chou and he had his men beat Starsky, seemingly forgetting about Face.  When he was finished, Chou had them thrown back into the cage with us.  It was the first night Face hadn't been raped, and the first night Starsky had.


"The next morning, Chou brought one of the local girls, maybe 16 or 17, to the cage.  She was so scared.  Chou told Starsky he had a present for him.  Then he shot the girl in the head.  He left her body out for a couple of days, then had Starsky and Face bury her.  Your partner ever tell you about those rings he wears on his left little finger?"  Hutch nodded his hand no.  Hannibal continued, "They belonged to the girl.  Swore he'd never forget her." 


Hannibal took a deep breath. He hadn't talked about these things in seven years.  Hutch sat silent, trying to absorb everything he had just heard.  Finally he spoke, "Hannibal, what ever happened to Chou?" 


Hannibal looked at his boots.  "Nothing.  We finally escaped, but by the time troops went into the camps, it was empty.  He was never heard from again.  It was believed he went into hiding.  Face, Murdock, BA and I stayed in Vietnam.  Starsky was wounded during the escape though and got a ticket home.  I'm not surprised he became a cop.  He's a good man."


Hutch shuddered at the thought of Chou getting away with countless murders, ruining lives for fun. 


"Hannibal, Chou is back and he wants to kill my partner and Peck, er, Face.  That's why Starsky had me call you.  We've got to get him out of here."


Hannibal stood up.  "I agree.  I know your partner's in a lot of pain, but we're gonna have to move him.  Let me get with my team.  We'll keep you posted.  Why don't you go back and sit with Starsky, let him know you're there." 


Hutch and Hannibal exited the family room and went back to Starsky's room.  Face had taken Hutch's place in the chair by the bed.  He was whispering something to Starsky, but no one could understand.  No one but Starsky.  He tried to open his eyes, again only being able to pry one slightly open.  "Peck," he gasped, "You've got ….to….be careful….Chou….looking for…you…us….says….kill…."  He passed out again.  Face looked up at Hannibal.  "This is all my fault.  He was protecting me.  Again."


Face stood and made his way to the door.  He wanted to walk out and shout to Chou to come and get him.    BA put his arm across the doorway and stopped him.  "Don't go out there Lil brother.  We gotta come up with a plan."  BA put his hand on Face's shoulder.  "Come on.  Let's sit down."  Hannibal looked gratefully at BA.  Murdock walked over to Hannibal.  "What's the plan Colonel?" 


"We've got to move Starsky away from here.  Chou knows he's still alive and that he's here.  Starsky is only alive because Chou isn't finished with him yet.  It's going to be hard on him, but if Starsky's like the kid we knew, he's tough and he'll make it.  Hutch will go with us.  If Starsky trusts him with his life, then we can too."  Hutch smiled.  The colonel thought the same way he did. "Oh, and Hutch, you better call in sick or something.  We don't need the whole police force looking for you.  Murdock and BA will move your car and Starsky's car to the safe house once we get it secured."


Hannibal walked over to Face.  "Face, do you think you can find us a place to stay?  Some place quiet and tucked away, but some place we can use as a fortress as well?" 


Face looked panic-stricken.  "Colonel, I don't know…I just…"  Face's voice trailed off.  His mind was being flooded with memories that he had so long tried to forget.  Hannibal knew he had to get him focused.  "Lieutenant, we've got to get Starsky out of here.  You're the best at getting us places to stay.  I need you to do this.  Starsky needs you to do this."  Face looked into Hannibal's eyes.  "Yes sir.  I'll get started right away."    Murdock skipped over to Face.  "Faceman, make sure they allow dogs.  I ain't goin' without Billy."  Hutch looked confused.  Hannibal said, "I'll explain about Murdock later."



Chapter 6


Face had done it again.  Using the alias Joseph Caruthers III, he had leased a house on 20 acres.  It was a good-sized house, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and most importantly, it was surrounded by a wall complete with security cameras. The gated entrance was just off the road, but the house itself could not be seen from the road. 


Hannibal slapped Face on the back.  "You did good Kid.  It's perfect.  Now, let's go spring Starsky and Hutch from the hospital.  BA, you're with me.  Murdock, you and Face get the downstairs room ready for Starsky."  Hannibal and BA turned to leave.  Face ran up to him, "Hannibal, be careful.  You too BA." Both men looked at Face and nodded. Then they walked out to the van and drove away.


"Face, did you see out back?  There's a doghouse!  It's perfect for Billy.  Why don't you come play?"  Murdock pretended to throw a ball for Billy.


"No Murdock.  I don't feel like playing.  I'm going to get Starsky's room ready.  You can play, but keep your eyes open for trouble, okay?"  Face sighed.  He felt so tired all of a sudden. 


"Okay Muchacho.  Will do."  Murdock went out to the patio area and continued his game with Billy.



Chapter 7


BA was waiting in the van.  Hannibal and Hutch, wearing scrubs and pushing a gurney, entered Starsky's room.  "You know this is the oldest trick in the book Hannibal."  Hutch said.  Hannibal grinned, "Yeah, don't cha love it?  They'll never expect us to actually try to sneak him out in the open."  They pushed the gurney next to Starsky's bed.  The grin disappeared off of Hannibal's face as he looked at Starsky.  Starsky's bruises were a mixture of purple and black.  His eyes were still swollen. His feet were bandaged, as were various places on his chest, back, and legs.  "Here, put these on him.  They snap all the way around so we won't have to pull them up on his legs."  Hannibal handed Hutch a pair of shorts.  "We're gonna have to lift him onto the gurney though.  It's gonna hurt like hell, but if we go fast maybe it won't be too bad." Hannibal looked at Hutch.  "You ready?"  Hutch looked at his partner.  He was supposed to prevent his partner from having pain, not causing it.  But he knew it had to be done.  "Yeah.  Let's get this over with."  Hutch bent down to Starsky.  "Hey Buddy.  Hannibal is here and we're gonna get you out of here.  It may hurt, but there's no other way.  We'll go as fast as we can.  Okay?" 


Starsky opened his right eye and locked onto Hutch.  "'Kay.  I'm ready."  He closed his eye.  Hannibal put his hands under Starsky's legs; Hutch put his hands under Starsky's shoulders.  "Here we go Buddy."  He looked up to Hannibal.  "On 3.  1, 2, 3…"  They both lifted up on Starsky.  Starsky gasped and held his breath. Hannibal and Hutch laid Starsky on the gurney. Hannibal pulled a blanket up to Starsky's shoulders.  "You did good Sergeant.  Sorry about the pain."  Starsky, eyes still closed, muttered, "S'okay.  Thanks Han'ble." 


Hannibal and Hutch led the gurney down the hall to the elevator.  Just as the doors were about to close, Dr. Kilmer ran down the hall and pushed the doors open.  "Room for one more?"  Hannibal and Hutch said nothing.  The doors closed and Dr. Kilmer pushed "B" on the panel.  "You're going to need this."  He handed a medical bag to Hannibal.  "It has antibiotics, morphine, and syringes.  There are some sterile bandages and antiseptic as well.  It's very important that you clean his wounds and change the dressings daily.  He gets an injection of penicillin twice a day.  The morphine he can have up to three times a day, but no more.  Here's my number.  Call me if you need anything."


Hutch and Hannibal exchanged glances.  Hutch spoke first, "Why are you helping us?"  Dr. Kilmer nodded toward Hannibal. "I was in 'Nam.  I never had the honor of working with you Colonel Smith, but I heard about all the men you saved.  The way I see it, I'm just doing my duty."  Hannibal reached out his hand to Dr. Kilmer.  "Thanks son." Dr. Kilmer looked at Hannibal, then Hutch.  "I'll get out first.  When a doctor makes a point to go to the basement where the supplies are kept, people are on their toes because that generally means he's not happy.  I'll cause a distraction while you sneak out.  And I mean it about you calling me."  Hannibal nodded. "We will Doc.  Thanks."


The elevator opened and Dr. Kilmer walked toward the supply clerk.  She saw him coming and immediately stood up.  "Y-yes, Doctor, can I help you?" 


r. Kilmer looked sternly at the clerk, "I hope so.  Do you happen to know the difference between a PEG tube and an NG tube?  Because somebody from here sent the wrong tube.  I had to come down here myself just to see who could be so, so stupid." 


"I'm sorry sir.  Let me get the supervisor."  The clerk turned and walked down the hall.  Dr. Kilmer saw  Hannibal and Hutch turn the corner.  He smiled and returned to the elevator.  The clerk came back with the supervisor.  "I don't understand it.  He was just here."  The supervisor rolled her eyes.  "Yeah, right.  A doctor's gonna come all the way down here to complain over a tube.  You're outta your mind."


Hannibal and Hutch approached the van.  BA saw them coming and opened the door.  He had prepared the van so that it could accommodate the gurney.  They loaded Starsky into the van and then headed to the house.  The drive was made in silence, except for an occasional gasp or moan escaping from Starsky.  Hutch leaned down to his partner.  "Hang on, Buddy.  We're almost there.  Try to relax."  Hutch longed to hold Starsky's hand, or put his hand on his shoulder, anything to comfort him.  But Starsky was so badly bruised that Hutch was afraid to touch him.  Starsky lifted his left hand.  Hutch saw the rings on Starsky's fingers and bowed his head.  Hutch gently took Starsky's hand.  "I gotcha Buddy.  Hannibal's here and BA and we're taking you to a safe place."


"No..plane…" Starsky muttered.


"What's that Starsk?"  Hutch asked.


Hannibal smiled at BA, who returned a smile.  "Oh, Starsky must remember that BA doesn't like to fly, to put it mildly."


BA spoke up, "I hate flyin' man.  'Specially when it's Murdock in the pilot seat."


Hannibal turned toward Starsky.  "You're right Starsky. No plane. We're driving.  And we'll be there in about an hour, so you just relax as best you can." 


Starsky mumbled, "Yessir," and turned his head to the side.  He was finally asleep. 



Chapter 8


Hannibal and Hutch got Starsky settled into bed.  After a shot of morphine, Starsky was able to sleep.  Face walked over to Hutch and put his hand on his shoulder.  "I just want you to know that I'll do anything I can to protect Starsky. You have my word on it."  Hutch looked at Face, seeing for the first time the sadness behind the eyes. Face was in his mid 20's physically, but emotionally he was an old soul.  Hutch nodded and said, "Thanks, Face."  Face looked at Starsky, then turned back to face Hutch.  "He's gonna be out for awhile.  If you want to get something to eat and rest a while, I'll stay in here with him."  Hutch started to protest, but intuition told him that Face needed to spend time with Starsky.  Hutch grabbed his bag and headed toward the bathroom.  "Thanks.  I'm going to take a shower, get a snack, then I'll be back."


Face walked over to Starsky, who was still asleep.  "Starsk, I don't know how we're gonna get out of this one Buddy.  You know what Chou said that day.  Said he'd kill us both, maybe in a couple of days, couple of years, couple of decades, and before he killed us he was going to make us suffer.  I can't let that happen Starsky.  I'm going to find Chou, and I'm going to kill him.  He's not going to hurt you any more."  Face walked to the door.  "Murdock, can you come here a minute?" 


Murdock skipped to the door.  "Whatcha need Facey?" 


"Murdock, I told Hutch I'd sit with Starsky while he got cleaned up and got a bite to eat.  I forgot that Hannibal wanted me to check the perimeter again, so will you sit with Starsky?"  Murdock plopped down in the chair by Starsky's bed. 


"You got it, Pal."  Murdock pulled out his notepad.  "I'll draw him a picture of Billy.  He's probably forgotten what he looks like after all these years."


Face smiled, "Good idea Murdock.  Thanks."


Face walked out of the room and closed the door quietly.    Hannibal and BA were in the kitchen.  BA had set all the monitors up there so they could keep an eye on the property.  "Hi guys."  Face walked into the kitchen.  Hannibal looked at his lieutenant.  "Feeling better Kid?" 


Face pasted a smile on his face.  "Yeah.  Murdock's sitting with Starsky.  Hutch is finally taking a break.  I thought I'd get a snack."  He walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out a carton of milk and some roast beef.  "Anybody want to join me?"  BA and Hannibal were feeling kind of hungry.  Hannibal opened the cabinet and took down a loaf of bread.  Face made up some sandwiches and poured the milk.  "Voila, roast beef ala Peck.  You'll love it." 


Halfway through the sandwiches, BA turned to Hannibal.  "Hannibal…" He fell face first onto the tabletop.  Hannibal turned to Face, "What have you done?"  Then he too passed out.  Face pulled out the "knock out" drops usually reserved for BA when the team had to fly.  "Sorry Hannibal.  But I'm not going to let you guys get hurt because of me."  He pulled the keys to Starsky's car out of his pocket.  He headed toward the hospital, knowing that Chou would find him.   


Hutch walked out of the bathroom.  The hot shower had felt nice on his back.  He went into the kitchen.  Hannibal was shaking his head and trying to rouse BA.  "Get up BA.  We've been conned by the best."  BA stirred, and then opened his eyes.  "What's going on?"   Hutch spoke up, "That's what I'd like to know."      


Hannibal ran to Starsky's room and opened the door.  Hutch and BA were right behind him.  Murdock was leaning over him. "What?  What?  I can't understand you."  Hutch pushed Murdock aside.  "Starsky, c'mon Buddy.  What's wrong?  Are you hurting?  Do you need a shot?" 


Starsky was struggling to speak, "Peck…..went to…kill…Chou…..Gotta …stop…" He tried to get up.  "We..gotta…find…him."  He fell back into the bed, unconscious.  Hutch looked around the room.  Face was gone.  Hannibal walked over to Murdock, "Where'd he go Murdock?" 


"I don't know Hannibal.  He told me to sit with Starsky.  Said he was gonna check out the perimeter.  Sorry Hannibal.  I believed him." Murdock looked at the floor.


"He tricked us all Murdock.  Now we've got to find him. If I know our lieutenant, he'll try to make himself a target for Chou.  He'll head to the hospital.  We'll find him though."  He turned to BA, "Did you get it planted?"


"Yeah. It's in his watch.  I'll get the van."  BA headed out of the room.  Hutch followed. "I'm coming with you."


Hannibal put his hand on Murdock's shoulder, "You stay here with Starsky.  We'll find Face and bring him back here.  Can you do that?"


"Yeah, Colonel."


"We'll check in every hour on the hour." Hannibal turned and left. The hunt was on.



Chapter 9


Face pulled up to the hospital.  He got out of the car and leaned against the hood.  A black LTD with tinted windows pulled up.  The back window rolled down.  "We've been expecting you, Peck."


Face walked over to the car, put his head in the window.  "It's been a long time Chou."  One of Chou's men walked around the car and put gripped Face's arm.  He led him around to the other side and put him in the back seat. 


The car pulled up a farmhouse outside of town.  Face was pulled out of the car. "Nice place you got here.  I see you've done well for yourself."  Chou walked up to Face, "Go ahead and have your fun.  In just a little while I'm going to be having mine."  Face just smiled.  The man holding his arms dragged him into the house.  The room was furnished with a table and a chair. A wooden pole had been erected in the middle of the room.  There was an assortment of ropes and knives on the floor.  And the cane.  Face flinched involuntarily.  Chou sneered, "I see you haven't forgotten the fun we used to have."  Chou turned to his men.  "Get him ready for phase one."  He turned and walked into a bedroom.   


Phase one was about to begin.  Face had been stripped and tied with his hands above his head to the pole.  His ankles were shackled to the bottom of the pole.  Chou walked out.  "Well, well, well.  It's just like old times.  Now Peck, I want you to tell me where Starsky is. The party won't be complete without him."  He took the cane and hit Face on the back.  Face flinched.  He looked straight ahead, "Go to hell Chou.  I'm not telling you anything."  Chou hit Face again with the cane. "Okay, we can play this game for hours.  You know I'm a patient man Peck."  He hit Face again, and again, and again.  "Tell me where Starsky is.  Tell me and I just might let you survive."  He walked around and looked Face in the eye.  Face glared at him, "I said go to hell Chou." 


Chou walked around to the back of Face, "Very well.  I tried to play nice, but I see we're going to have to move on to phase two."


Hannibal, BA, and Hutch were following the signal from Face's watch.  "We're getting close Hannibal," BA said.  He pulled to the side of the road and pointed. "There."  Hutch jumped out of the van and ran to the trees.  There on the ground was Face's watch and shoes. Hannibal came up behind Hutch.  "Chou's not stupid.  He knew we'd try to track Face.  Okay, we've gotten this far.  Now we have to figure out where they went from here.  BA, see if you can trace any tracks."


"Right, Hannibal."  BA starting scouring the area for tracks or any sign of where Chou could have taken Face.  "Looks like they went south Hannibal.  But that's about all I can tell."


"It's a start Sergeant."  The men got into the van and headed south. 


Meanwhile, phase two was beginning.  Face was now tied to the wooden chair. The back of chair rubbed against the cane marks on his back, causing him to gasp.  "I see you're comfortable, Peck.  Allow me to offer you something to drink."  He opened a bottle of whisky.  He walked behind Face and poured the whisky on Face's back.  The alcohol poured into the open wounds.  The pain was agonizing.  Face stifled a cry.  Chou circled around to the front of Face.  "I'm sorry if the whisky is not of your liking.  I could find something more suitable if you would tell me where Starsky is."  Face gritted his teeth then spoke in a low voice, "Go to hell Chou.  You'll have to kill me because I'll never tell you where he is."


Chou laughed.  "Oh, I think you will."  He slapped Face's cheek hard.  "You sound just like Starsky.  We played this game as well.  Oh, he didn't tell me where you were, but I knew he'd try to warn you.  And now here we are.  Just like old times."  He hit Face again.  He turned to two of his men.  "Grab his legs, let me see his feet."  One of Chou's men pressed Face against the chair; the other lifted his tied legs into the air, causing him to slide down the back of the chair.  He inhaled deeply and held his breath.  Chou stepped out of site and came back with a knife. "Now, for phase two."  He took the knife and slit along the bottom of Face's right foot.  Face could not help but cry out.  Blood began pouring out of his foot.  Then Chou slit the bottom of Face's left foot.  Again, Face cried out.  Chou looked at the blood on the floor.  "I apologize for the mess.  Now, where is Starsky?"  Face spat on the ground.  Chou put his mouth up to Face's ear.  "It's a shame to damage such a perfect body.  Just tell me where Starsky is and the pain will stop."


"You lying son of a bitch," Face hissed. "No matter what you do to me, I will not tell you where Starsky is.  You've done enough to him already."


Chou smiled.  "Yes, I know.  It was quite enjoyable.  But you see, the game is only complete if the three of us play together.  Just like old times.  I can see you're not going to tell me where he is."  Face looked at Chou. 


Chou called his driver and another man over.  "Go to the house and get Starsky.  If anyone gets in the way, kill them.  But bring me Starsky alive."  Chou turned back to Face.  "You see, you're not the only one who uses tracking devices."  Face pulled at the ropes binding him to the chair.  "You'll never get away with this Chou!  Never!  You hear me?"


Chou grinned.  "I hear you Peck.  I just disagree.  We'll play for a couple of hours until your friend gets here.  Then we'll begin with phase three."  Chou lit a cigar.  "I believe you smoke cigars, don't you Peck?  Sorry if this isn't the same brand.  But you'll find it is just as effective."  Chou took the cigar and pushed it on Face's neck, leaving a perfect circle.  He took a puff and then burned Face's hand.  Face gritted his teeth, screaming in his head, but being silent.


BA, Hannibal, and Hutch had been driving for a couple of hours.  "There's got to be a faster way."  Hutch said. He was getting frustrated. 

"Take it easy, Hutch," said Hannibal. "We'll find him."



Chapter 10


Starsky was awake.  With some effort he was able to open both eyes.  "Hutch."  He turned his head, looking for his partner.  "Hey Muchacho, welcome back to the world."  Murdock smiled.  Starsky blinked.  "Murdock?"  Everything came crashing into his memory at once.  He squeezed his eyes shut, took a breath and exhaled.  He slowly opened his eyes.  "Peck okay?  Did Hannibal get Chou?  Where's Hutch"  He closed his eyes.  That took a lot of energy. 


Murdock tried to change the subject, "Hey, I drew you a picture of Billy, just in case you forgot what he looked like."  He held up the paper to Starsky's face.  It was blank.  Starsky smiled, "That's just how I rememba."  He took a breath, "Murdock.  Tell me."   


Murdock walked toward the door, "Okay, but first you need eat something.  You need to get stronger.  I'll get you some water. Be right back."  Murdock walked hurriedly to the kitchen.  He had to stall until Hannibal got back.  He reached up for a glass.  His eye caught movement on the monitors.  There were two men outside the wall.  Murdock dropped the glass onto the counter and ran into Starsky's room.


"We gotta get you outta here.  There are two men outside. I think they're with Chou."  Murdock went to the medical bag and pulled out a syringe.  "You're gonna need this morphine.  This is gonna hurt."


Starsky shook his head no.  "No, no morphine.  Knocks me out."  Murdock returned the syringe to the bag.  "Your call."  He walked over to Starsky.  "Let me help you up.  If we can make it to Hutch's car, maybe we can get outta here."  Starsky lifted his left arm toward Murdock.  "Here we go."  Murdock lifted Starsky up.  Starsky's head was swimming from the pain.  As soon as he put weight on his feet he fell.  Murdock caught him.  "Let me carry you."


"No, let us carry him."  Chou's men were standing in the doorway.  They pushed Murdock to the ground and grabbed Starsky out of bed.  Starsky passed out from the pain.  Murdock didn't move.  The men carried Starsky out to the car.  The driver turned to the other man, "Go finish him off."  His partner walked back into the house.  Murdock was still on the floor.  His eyes were open and there was blood coming out of his mouth.  The man went back to the car.  "He's dead already.  Let's go."  They headed back toward the farmhouse.  


Murdock got up slowly.  He ran to Hutch's car.  "Okay, Nice Car.  Let's go find everybody."  He started up the car and followed the men from a distance. 



Chapter 11


"See anything BA?"  Hannibal looked at his watch.  Four hours.  A lot can happen in four hours.  "Nothin' Hannibal."  BA turned back onto the main road.  Let's go down further, take the next side road we see." 


Hutch watched out the windshield.  A black LTD passed by.  Then he saw his car.  "Hannibal, that's my car.  Turn around!  It looked like Murdock was driving.  Where's Starsky?  Why would he leave him?"  As soon as he asked the question he knew the answer.  Chou's men had Starsky and Murdock was following them. 


BA spun the van around.  "Stay back a ways BA.  We want them to take us to Face."  Hannibal turned to Hutch.  "Don't worry. We'll get them back.  You have my word on that." 


The car turned onto a gravel driveway leading to the farmhouse.  Murdock was hanging back.  He could see the van in his rearview mirror.  He pulled into a grove of trees.  BA followed.  Murdock ran to the van.  "Hannibal, they're holed up that farm house.  They took Starsky with them."  Murdock looked at Hutch.  "I'm sorry, man."


Hutch turned to Hannibal, "We've got to go get them."  He pulled out his gun.  "Let's go." 


Hannibal put his hand on Hutch's arm.  "Not so fast.  We've got to check out the place, see what we're facing. If we go charging in there we could get them both killed.  One thing we have working in our favor is Chou's arrogance.  He really thinks he is untouchable.  BA, you and Murdock flank the left; Hutch and I will take the right.  We'll meet at that grove of trees behind the house.  Let's go."



Chou smiled.  "Well Starsky, I see you came to join the game."  Chou's men dropped Starsky on the table.  "Oh God," he whispered, taking in a deep breath.  He saw Peck tied to a chair, naked, bloody, and beaten.  "Chou, what do you want, you scum."  Starsky spoke through clenched teeth. 


Chou grinned, "Why Starsky, we never finished playing our game.  I told you that when we found Peck we would finish.  Well, here we are, just like old times.  And so begins phase three of our game."  Chou motioned to his goons.  One of them walked over to Face, put his hand in his hair and pulled his head back, exposing his throat.  He pulled a knife and put it across Face's throat.  "Now Starsky, we're going to play and if you give me any trouble at all, Peck's pretty face will be removed from his body."  Chou turned to the man guarding Starsky.  "Turn him over."  The man rolled Starsky over onto his stomach, and then pulled him down so that his legs were hanging down, his feet touching the floor.  His legs were tied to the legs of the table, his arms were held by the guard.  Chou walked over to him and ran his fingers through his hair.  "My, my.  I have missed you."  Chou took his knife and cut Starsky's shorts off.  Starsky tried to struggle, but had no strength.  Face, watching from the chair, tried to break free of the man holding the knife to his neck.  "Leave him alone, you bastard!"


Chou turned on his heel.  "Now, now, Peck.  That wasn't very nice.  I'm going to play with Starsky now.  And when I'm through, I'm going to play with you."  He turned back to Starsky.  Starsky knew what was going to happen.  "Peck, don't look.  Close your eyes.  It's gonna be okay."  Chou unzipped his pants.  He placed his hands on Starsky's hips.  Chou could feel his arousal. "Yes, I do believe it's time for phase three."  He lowered his pants and prepared to enter Starsky. 


"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE CHOU!  TOUCH HIM AND DIE!"  Hannibal was standing in the doorway, his rifle aimed at Chou's head.  Chou grinned.  "One man against my ten?  I believe the odds are in my favor."  Hannibal smiled.  "If you're including the four men outside, you can take them out of the equation.  They've been temporarily detained.  NOW GUYS!"  Hutch came in through the back, BA behind him.  Murdock joined Hannibal at the front door. 


Hutch saw Starsky bent over the table, naked, and Chou standing there, his pants unzipped.  He aimed his gun at Chou, preparing to fire.  Hannibal spoke, "Now Chou, tell these slime balls to drop their guns, or I'm gonna have to hurt them." 


Chou continued to smile.  "Kill them if you wish.  They are prepared to die for their leader."


Hannibal sighed.  "Okay, if you say so.  Murdock, kill that one over there."  Murdock took aim at the man holding a knife to Face's throat.  The man looked at Murdock, then Chou, then back to Murdock.  He dropped the knife. 


"Over there Muchacho."  He motioned the man to the far side of the room.  He tied his hands and feet and pushed him to the floor. 


"All of you men listen to me.  Surrender now.  I will have no trouble sending you to hell if you don't."  Hannibal looked at each of the men.  Chou was still smiling.  The men dropped their guns. 


"BA, take our guests over there to their friend.  You and Murdock make sure they get reacquainted."  BA aimed his rifle at the men.  "Get goin' NOW."  He and Murdock tied up the men.  Then Murdock ran over to Face.


"Hey Facey.  I'm gonna untie you now, okay?  Don't you worry.  We've got you now.  BA, can you help me?  They've cut his feet.  He's gonna have to be carried." 


Hutch ran over to Starsky.  "Hey Buddy, you okay?"  Starsky turned toward the sound of the voice.  "Hutch?  Hutch?  Is that you?"  Hutch put his hand on Starsky's head.  "Yeah, it's me.  Let's get you out of here."  He untied Starsky's legs. 


Chou was still standing, grinning at Hannibal.  "Go ahead and kill me Colonel."  Hannibal walked up to Chou, his face only a couple of inches from Chou's. "Killing you would be too easy.  You're going to pay for what you did to my boys.  I see your pants are unzipped.  Drop 'em."  Chou complied.  Hannibal put his gun to Chou's head.  "Let's go."



Chapter 12


"Thanks for coming out here Dr. Kilmer.  If you ever need anything, you let me know.  You have the A-Team in your debt."  Hannibal shook Dr. Kilmer's hand.  "I told you, I'm just doing my duty.  Same instructions for Face as for Starsky.  They're both fighting infections, so you MUST give them penicillin. If their fevers haven't broken by day after tomorrow, let me know.  Oh, and I'm sure you're aware of this, but a high fever can feed a nightmare.  Have someone watch over them while they sleep.  They don't need to be thrashing around, and we all know what those nightmares can be like." 


Hutch walked up to Dr. Kilmer.  "Thanks, Doc."  Dr. Kilmer smiled.  "You're welcome.  Just make sure you follow my instructions."   He turned and headed toward the door.


"Will do."  Hutch walked over to Starsky's bed.  The morphine had knocked him out.  Hutch picked up Starsky's hand, looked at the rings.  "Why didn't you ever tell me Buddy?  You shouldn't have to deal with this stuff alone."


Hannibal overheard Hutch.  "He doesn't want to worry you.  Face is the same way.  The kid has nightmares every single night.  Just once I'd like to see him sleep all night without the dreams.  Men like Face and Starsky consider it their duty to protect those they love.  To them it's an honor.  But turn the tables, where it's them needing help, and they throw up barriers."  Face began to turn his head from side to side. 


"No.  Stop.  Stop."  Face was mumbling in his sleep.  Hannibal ran his fingers through Face's hair.  Face reached up, trying to slap Hannibal's hand away.  "It's okay Kid.  It's okay.  It's just a dream.  You're okay."  Face whispered, "Starsky?" 


"Shhh, go to sleep. Starsky's okay.  Chou didn't hurt him."  Hannibal stroked Face's cheek. 


"Can I open my eyes now?" 


"Yeah, Face.  You can open your eyes."  Hannibal spoke softly. 


Face opened his eyes and looked across the room.  He could see Starsky sleeping fitfully.  He would reach out as if trying to find someone, then drop his hands to his side.  Hutch nudged his shoulder.  "Hey Buddy.  What cha looking for? "


Starsky opened his eyes and locked onto Hutch. "You get the bad guy?"


Hutch smiled.  "Yeah.  We got the bad guy.  Try to sleep.  Don't worry about anything.  Face is here.  He's okay. He's right over there with Hannibal."  Starsky looked across the room.  His eyes met Face's.  They looked at each other, not speaking a word, but knowing they had survived again, and this time they won. 


BA and Murdock brought chairs in from the living room. They knew that Hutch and Hannibal would stay all night, guarding Face and Starsky against nightmares.  



Chapter 13


Col. Lynch pulled up to the farmhouse.  He'd received an anonymous tip that the A-Team had been holed up there.  Guns drawn, he and his men entered the house.  The A-Team was nowhere to be found.  There were 10 Vietnamese men tied up and gagged.  Tied to the pole was an older Vietnamese gentleman.    He was wearing nothing but his boots.  A note was tied around his neck.  Lynch opened the note and read it: "Lynch, looks like you won the booby prize…Chou and his men.  Enjoy.  Hannibal Smith."  


"Chou.  Well this is one time I'm not upset that the A-Team got away. "


Chou just smiled.  He knew that his business partner, James Gunther, would pull whatever strings necessary to free him.  He knew that one day he would get his revenge.  And it would be sweet.  Chou would wait.  After all, he was a very patient man.



The End


Just Don't Look by LovinFace



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