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Author: Therm


Copyright: 2005

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters portrayed in this story.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Face discovers something on Murdock. Response to a challenge where the writer has to start the story with the line 'How did you bruise yourself there?'

Warnings: Very light slash, mentions of possible abuse. Drabble.

Notes: Thanks to the lovely bunch at Aslash (*the* place for slash fiction), and especially to Elizabeth, who pointed out the challenge to me and got me to write my first ever drabble. Proud moment.




“How did you bruise yourself there?” Face asked, looking down at the pilot who laid on the bed beneath him.


Murdock seemed to flinch slightly and suddenly looked a little awkward and embarrassed. “Uh, Face...” he started, but the con man no longer listened.


He saw the slight bruising on Murdock's stomach and saw that the discolouration continued underneath the khaki pants Murdock wore.


Face reached down and unzipped Murdock trousers, ignoring the protests he received.


More bruising. More severe lower down.


Murdock squirmed under him and managed to move himself up the bed slightly.


“Murdock, tell me what happened?”



The end.


Gentle by Therm



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