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The Invisible Men

The Invisible Men

By: Junkfoodmonkey


Rated: PG

Summary: A small incident in the night in Vietnam. Hannibal begins to see that there's more to Face than first impressions indicated.

Disclaimer: The A-Team doesn't belong to me. I don't make any money from this.

Warning: One rude word.




The Invisible Men


Hannibal stood motionless against the wall, in the deepest shadows, watching the camp. Men moved about. Very few of them now, it was almost two o'clock, most were in bed. The war seemed to have gone away for a while, leaving the unit quiet, even bored. Hannibal was just thinking about going to the mess for a cup of coffee when he realised there was movement, quite close to him. He held his breath, and then let it out slowly. He looked for a long time at what seemed to be an empty patch of shadow.


The shadow moved. It was a man. It was the new lieutenant, Peck. The silver tongued golden boy that the sergeants were already running a book on. Taking bets on how long he would live. Hannibal watched in fascination as Peck slipped through the darkness. He moved slowly, deceiving the eye. Like a cat, all muscular potential and endless patience. Hannibal waited until Peck was so close that he could have stuck out a foot to trip the man. Then he said, softly, "Good morning, Lieutenant."


Peck's skeleton appeared to make a good try at leaping in the opposite direction to his skin. He jumped at least six inches in the air. "Shit! What the…?" Then he saw the Colonel and sprang to attention, saluted. "Sir!"


Hannibal fought to keep his laughter inside, though feared he was suffering internal injures from the effort. He controlled his voice and asked. "What are you doing, Lieutenant?"


Peck looked slightly embarrassed. "I was – uh – trying to get from one end of the camp to the other without being seen, sir."


"I see. Are you bored, Lieutenant? Because I'm pretty sure I can find something for you to do."


"Practice, sir." Peck said. "Moving undetected."


Hannibal smiled. "Ah. Very good, Peck."


"Not so good, sir. You saw me. And I didn’t see you." The lieutenant sounded disappointed.


"I know it sounds contradictory." Hannibal offered as advice, "but try to be less stealthy. Guards are looking for stealthy movement. Keep your movements more natural and they're less likely to see you."


"Thank you, sir." Peck said, nodding with a serious expression. After a moment he said, "Erm, can I ask what you were doing, sir?"


"Practicing." Hannibal admitted. "The same as you, being invisible. Though in one place." He smiled at the eager young officer, who was hanging on his every word. "Being invisible is a valuable combat skill, Peck. I'm glad to see you working on it."


Peck puffed his chest out with pride as the colonel praised his efforts.


"Probably also help you with your love life that I hear so much about." Hannibal said and once again had to control his laughter as Peck blushed to the roots of his hair. He spared the lieutenant the problem of how to answer that one as he spoke again. "Now, would you do me a favour and bring me a cup of coffee from the mess? I'll be in my office. Your visibility during this mission is at your discretion."


Peck grinned and saluted. "Yes, sir." He hurried off, highly visibly. Hannibal smiled. He wondered if he could get a piece of the action in that book the sergeants were running. They were giving very long odds on Peck still being alive by Christmas. Hannibal decided he could make a serious killing out of that.


He lit a cigar and sighed. There was still paperwork to catch up on in his office. There always was. He started to move out of the shadows. Then he paused a moment, looked back. He saw nothing. Hannibal shrugged and strode off.


Must be going nuts. For a moment he thought he heard someone whispering about 'white paper'.





Note: In case you're wondering what the 'white paper' bit is all about it's a reference to Murdock claiming in episode The Road to Hope that he can make himself invisible by thinking about 'white paper'. If you knew that anyway then… well, don't read this note, okay?


Invisible Men by Junkfoodmonkey



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