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Title: The Promise

Promised Is Promised

Author: Mooncat


Rated: G

Summary: Response to Pam's BA-Mini-Challenge on the Story Board 2.

Disclaimer: Don't own TAT.

Copyright: Sarah Diaz 2004

Thanks: To Viskey and Missy. Between the two of you I doubt this story could get any better!



Promised Is Promised



BA endeavored to look as mean and intimidating as he could.


Of course that didn't bother his adversary much. Should have known it wouldn't work on the Fool. It never worked with him. From the very first time BA had met him and the first growl he had ever sent Murdock's way for having been insulted about his reluctance to board the helicopter, Murdock never got intimidated by BA's mean looks.


Back then Murdock's grin had just intensified. Today was no different. "Come on you Big Ugly Mudsucker! You promised it!"


"A didn't!" BA grounded firmly, trying to keep his teeth from gritting too hard together.


"You did!" The Fool just gave back.


"Did not!" BA exclaimed.


"Did too!"


"No! Shut up!"


"Guys!" Hannibal's firm words made the two squabblers glance at him. "I'd appreciate you two coming back to adulthood."


"Aw Colonel, but adults are so boooooring!" Murdock whined with a twinkle in his eyes.


"Maybe, but then adults are allowed to fly, drive, vote, drink, smoke, whatever you longed to do as a child. Not to forget having sex," Face chirped in.


Murdock actually thought for a moment before he brightened up again. "Ah, but one should never forget the child in the man! At least once a day a man should act like the child he'll always be!"


"Nice," Hannibal grinned.


"Ya as bad as the Fool," BA muttered, shaking his head. He'd never understand why fate had allowed him to wind up with two crazies like Hannibal and Murdock. As if the Fool alone wouldn't have been more than enough.


Hannibal threw him a scolding look before he broke out in a grin. "Too bad for you that Face and I witnessed your promise to Murdock."


Realizing his mistake, BA mentally groaned while he glared at the two men he usually called friends. Definitely not right now though. "A didn't!"


Murdock slung an arm around him, grinning. "You did, oh great Baracan one! And we all know a Baracus never steps down from his word, now, don't we?"


Why did the crazy man always manage to outmaneuver him? What can you do against someone who wouldn't be intimidated and nearly won every exchange without BA laying some serious hurt on said person? BA gave Murdock his coldest and most menacingly glare he could summon. "No we don't, and A didn't promise anything!"


The Fool had the impudence to laugh out loud. "Aw, doesn't one just have to love you?!"


Shocked, BA stared at the Fool, who just laughed all the more. "Can't get out of this one Big Guy! I heard you promise it loud and clear. Hannibal heard it. Face heard it. You said it's my turn next to decide what to do!"


"That wasn't a promise! A said that ta shut ya up!" BA reasoned. Surely they wouldn't dare to make him go through with it?


"A promise is a promise Big Guy, no matter the intent," Murdock said with triumphant.


"He's right, you know, BA," Face agreed.


"Yeah Sergeant. Take it like a man.," Hannibal grinned. "We're here. Have fun guys." He added, not being able to keep the mocking tone out of his voice.


BA looked from one to the other before his shoulders sagged, finally giving in to the unavoidable. With a final glare to his so-called friends he got out of the van and stomped towards the entrance.


With a chuckle Murdock got out after him. "Don't worry Hannibal, we will!" He said, before he went after BA.


"Captain?" Hannibal called him back.


When Murdock looked questioningly back, Hannibal tried to look firm. "Be gentle on him. At least don't make him go to the simulator."


"Me? I would never Colonel!" Murdock answered innocently, though a wicked light appeared in his eyes.


Not giving Hannibal and Face another chance to say something else he bolted to join BA in the line to get their tickets for the largest Aeronautical Museum in the USA.



The End



Promised Is Promised by Mooncat



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