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Title: Impact


Author: Mooncat


Rated: PG

Summary: Face's thoughts in a bar in 'Nam. (Random Word Challenge: Shallow)

Warnings: Nothing big. A few choosy words, some hints of slash.

Disclaimer: Don't own TAT. Just borrowing them.

Copyright: Sarah Diaz 2005

Thanks: To Viskey and Missy. Between the two of you I doubt this story could get any better!








His life would be shallow, that was how it would be. Like it was shallow right now. And the thing about it was: He liked it like that.


If there would be any meaning to his life then he'd be in big trouble: He'd have to feel. He'd have to worry. He'd have to crave for warmth and happiness.


He'd done that. Enough to know that there was no such thing. At least not for him.


No, he'd be just fine with a shallow life.


Girls, money, fun.


That was all he needed. Who needed a family anyway? Who needed love? He was fine just like he was.  Alone, with no one to be responsible for, with no one to disappoint.


With no one to leave him.


Firmly pushing away the thoughts he looked around himself.


Sure. He didn't have the money yet. The girls though… The ones available around here had already had the pleasure to have him for a night. Plus, he had heard that a few new nurses were on their way here. A smile full of anticipation tugged at his lips. Of course he would have to go check them out.  If worse came to worse, he could always visit Mrs. Yang's saloon.  He doubted if that would be necessary.  He wasn't desperate after all.


He only wanted to have some fun, but he couldn't honestly say that it was fun out here. He had been here for seven months, and God's honest truth it was hell on earth. But he'd survive. He was a survivor after all. And if he fell… well, that'd be okay with him too. Though he didn't think that would happen. He wouldn't die. Not here. So he'd get out of this hell, return to the States as a new man. A new identity, a new past, a new future. He'd be a hero. Some Captain perhaps. He was still too young to be a Colonel or General, but a Captain would give him access to the right clubs. Then a few scams here and there and he'd have some money to start with.


After all; God had given him the talents for handling money and deceiving people like a magician. It was only natural to use the talents he'd been given, right? Besides, once he had the money, he would generously donate too. For example; his old orphanage needed a new roof.


Yeah, that was what he would do. Maybe even marry some rich lady. She'd be beautiful of course, and he would give her a good time before he divorced her. He wasn't some fortune hunter after all. He had class.


He spotted his new colonel heading towards him. Strange guy this Colonel Smith, but he sure as hell was a good CO. Demanded from everyone to give their best and then some more, but he also cared enough to get his men through this war alive. So far it had worked. Which in itself was a little miracle, considering the crazy plans this 'Hannibal' came up with.


Regardless, he felt like he was in the right unit. Here he'd be able to not only survive this war, but to get through it with honor.


And that suited his plans fine.




He looked up to meet his colonel's sharp blue eyes. "Sir."


For the first time he noticed that Smith wasn't alone. There was someone standing beside him in a shiny blue uniform.


"Let me introduce you." Smith said. "Captain, this is my supply officer, Lieutenant Templeton Peck, but we prefer to call him Face. Face, this is our new pilot, Captain H.M. Murdock. He's bunking with you, so give him the round."


With a silent groan Face glanced up at the tall body of the new guy. He so didn't want to play babysitter to some greenhorn. On top of which, he was expected to share his quarters with this guy? As if the space wasn't already tiny enough! Never the less he switched on his winning smile and finally met the pilot's eyes.


Captain Murdock met his eyes calmly. Upon contact his eyes narrowed a little and Face felt his smile waver. It was as if this Murdock guy could see right through him and his shallowness. Suddenly feeling uneasy he shifted a bit, but was still unable to break eye contact.


After a few moments that felt like ages the pilot started to grin widely, but there was a curious, alert and deeply interested shine in his eyes. He cocked his head slightly to one side and wriggled his eyebrows. "So you're the Faceman? We'll be getting along just fine Muchacho. You can call me Murdock. Or Howling Mad." He drawled in a wide Texas accent and extended his hand.


A bit hesitantly Face reached out to take the offered hand. Something in him screamed not to take it, to avoid any contact with this guy. He was dangerous. Face didn't know how he knew it, but everything in him told him to be wary of this man.


The minute their hands touched he knew he'd been right: the pilot was dangerous. There was a jolt, and he felt his heart stop for a moment. Panicked he looked up and, judging by Murdock's raised eyebrows, the Captain had felt it too. However, he just smirked before he gave Face his full attention and a very warm smile that made the Lieutenant's stomach flip nervously with anticipation. Never in his life had he felt anything like that, not even when he first had kissed Leslie. Hell, he'd never had thought that such an immediate impact was possible at all.


Face was smart enough to know that all his beautiful plans just had been destroyed.


God, he was screwed.


The End


Impact by Mooncat



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