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Christmas List

Christmas List

By: Junkfoodmonkey


Rating: PG

Summary: The team write their Christmas cards.  1,000 words long.

Disclaimer: I don't own the A-Team. I don’t make any money from this.

Warnings:  Mention of eggnog. (Yuk.)



Christmas List


"How many have you done, Murdock?"  Face asked, frowning at the very small stack of sealed envelopes at Murdock's elbow.  If two envelopes could be called a stack.


"Um, three.  Including this one."  Murdock said, nodding at the Christmas card he had in front of him.


"Three?  In an hour?"  Face sighed.  It was like this every year, he ended up doing all the work.  Though this year it seemed that BA and Hannibal were finally pulling their weight.  Face had cleverly given BA the task of writing the cards to the kids they'd helped out.  This had aroused far more enthusiasm in him than he usually displayed when this annual chore came around.


As for Hannibal, he seemed to be positively enjoying it.  He had a cigar and a big grin and kept laughing to himself as he wrote.  A rapidly growing pile of sealed envelopes beside him testified to his keenness.


"Is that as fast as you can go?"  Face asked Murdock.  "You need to pick up the pace a little if we want these things delivered in time for this Christmas."


"But, Face," Murdock protested.  "I'm Murdock, the crazy man! I can’t just write 'Seasons Greetings'. I have to come up with something wacky and hilarious.  Something uniquely…" he kissed the tips of his fingers.  "Murdockian.  After all I have a reputation to maintain."


"You got a reputation as a fool."  BA muttered, not looking up.


"Okay, so let's see what piece of wacky hilarity you've come up with for…" he checked the envelope Murdock had already written for the card.  "The Rogers sisters at Hi-Brite Soda."  Face picked up the card, avoiding Murdock's attempt to snatch it back.


"'Have a fizzy merry Christmas'."  Face read out.  BA and Hannibal looked at Murdock.  "That’s the lamest thing I ever heard."  Face said.  Murdock grabbed the card back.


"It's not finished," he said defensively.  "And the other two were funnier."


"I hope so."  Hannibal said.  He bent over his card again.


"Murdock," Face said, "Forget the funnies. Just write a quick standard message.  Like, well let's see what BA has written here for… oh Maria."  He smiled, remembering the adorable little Mexican girl, whose mother they had rescued while smashing a people smuggling racket.  "'Maria, have a happy Christmas, be a good girl, eat your greens, drink your milk, listen to your mother and study hard…'" Face gave a sigh.  "BA, it's Christmas, a kid doesn't want a lecture in their card."


BA scowled and took the card back.


"Yeah, and who eats greens at Christmas?" Murdock said.


"Look, Murdock, just work faster, okay?"  Face said.  They all worked in silence for a while, except for Hannibal's regular chuckling.  Murdock seemed to have given up his attempts to be hilarious and was writing the cards quickly now.  He hoped that Face wouldn’t notice he was in fact writing 'Happy Easter' in them all.


After a while BA stretched out his cramped hand.  "Why we gotta write all these darn cards every year anyway?  Even my Mama don’t write this many and I think she sends a card to everyone she ever met."


"It's called networking, BA," Face said, ready with his annually repeated explanation.  "All these former clients that we helped out might one day be in a position to help us.  Like with Maggie Sullivan.  We help her against a motorcycle gang and now we show up in Bad Rock every time one of us gets a hang nail."  He stared meaningfully at Hannibal.


"What?"  Hannibal said.


"Nothing," Face said, "Just thinking about how cautious you've become lately.  Any of us has even a minor injury and you want Maggie to check it out just in case it's more serious than it appears."  BA and Murdock were grinning.  Hannibal glared at them and they hastily became deeply absorbed in their Christmas cards again.


"Well excuse me for looking out for my team."  Hannibal groused, went back to writing.


"Anyway, like I said, networking."  No one was paying Face any attention, but he had never let that deter him from talking.  "We keep in touch with our former clients, keep them sweet.  Then we have a network of contacts all over the country and even abroad, ready to help us out."  He nodded to himself.  "Very smart tactic of mine."  He realised he was falling behind even Murdock in the number of cards written so went back to work.


An hour later they were done.  They all sat back complaining about how stiff they were, but all the names were ticked off the list.  Face gathered up the stacks of envelopes.


"Well done, guys, thanks for all the work," he said, extending the 'keeping them sweet' tactic to the team as well as their network.  They wandered off to start raiding Face's fridge.  Face glanced at the envelopes as he collected them.  He frowned at Hannibal's, flicked through them.  Then he walked through to the kitchen.


"Hannibal," he said to the colonel, who was rummaging in the already very depleted refrigerator.  "How come most of these cards are addressed to prisons?  And a couple of army bases?"


Hannibal straightened up with a grin.


"Oh don't tell me," said Face.  "You're writing to mock and taunt all the bad guys we've put away?  And to Lynch and Decker to needle them about not catching us?  You know there's such as thing as gloating, Hannibal."


"Yes there is," Hannibal said, with enthusiasm.  "And it really is a lot of fun!"


Face shook his head in exasperation.  No wonder Hannibal had been enjoying himself quite so much.  He should have known there was something suspicious going on.  Oh well, the stamps were on them now.


"Hey, Face."  Murdock asked.  "You got any eggnog?"




"Aw, but writing all those cards put me in the Christmas spirit.  You must have eggnog."


Face glanced out of the window at the blazing sunshine.  "Murdock, you do know it's actually still only September, don't you?"





Christmas List by Junkfoodmonkey



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