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Author: Monte


Rating: NC-17

Type: slash

Summary: Face and Murdock on leave in Saigon

Warnings: explicit m/m sex

Disclaimer: I don't own the boys, I just do it for the jazz.

Comments: please, they make me happy

Note: inspired by the "Strip Rock Paper Scissor challenge" in the A-Slash





Face stared lazily up at the fan. The nights in Saigon were almost as hot as the days. He had no ambition whatsoever, no reason to get off the bed and do something productive. A sigh from across the room drew his attention. "What's the matter?"


"I'm bored."


Face propped himself up on one elbow and stared at his companion. "We've been on leave for two days and you're already bored?"


Murdock twirled his cap on his finger. "Yeah, it wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't been here a dozen times already. I've seen all the sights and I'm not stupid enough to hang out in the opium dens and whore houses."


"So what do you want to do?"


Murdock sighed as he watched the circles his hat was making. "Oh, I don't know. Poker would be fun... but I'm broke and we don't have any cards."


Face nodded, "I'm broke, too. Last of my extra cash went to that bottle of wine" He pushed himself into a sitting position and asked, "You want a drink?"


"Sure, it's actually half decent stuff."


Face grabbed a couple of plastic cups from the nightstand and poured some of the wine into each of them. Handing one of the cups to Murdock, he asked, "So what can we do that doesn't require cash or cards?"


Murdock mumbled, "Rock, paper, scissors."


Face raised his eyebrows as little. "You really are bored, aren't you?"


He shrugged. "The heat's fried my brain. It's too hot to think any harder." After swallowing the last of his wine, he held out his cup to Face.


After he refilled the cup, Face sank to the floor beside him. "So what are we playing for then?"


Murdock shook his head, "I ain't got nothing but the shirt on my back."


Face grinned wickedly at him. "Works for me."


"Are you thinking what I think you're thinking? Strip rock, paper, scissors?"


Face nodded, "Got any better ideas?"


With a laugh, Murdock said, "You're going down, Faceman."


"We'll see about that. On three, ok? One, two, three." First, Murdock lost his cap and shoes. Face lost a couple rounds and shed his shoes, socks and belt. Back and forth it went till both men were clad in only their boxer shorts and army green tank tops. Face kept their glasses full as the game progressed.


"Facey, you look too hot. Why don't you hurry up and lose for me?"


"What's the matter? Don't you like this color on me?"


Murdock's eyes sparkled as he leaned closer to him. "I'd like it a lot more off of you."


Face leaned toward Murdock and whispered, "Then hurry up and win."


Face's rock beat Murdock's scissors. He reached over and slid his hands under the bottom of the tank top and pulled it over Murdock's head. His fingers wandered back down to caress the muscles in his chest and abdomen. One finger gently ran along the top of his boxers before slipping away.


Murdock won the next round and returned the favor. "This will determine the winner. One, two, three." Both men had chosen rock. "Shall we say we tied?"


Face nodded, his mind wasn't on the game anymore. Rising to his knees, he cupped Murdock's face in his hands and pressed his lips to the pilot's.


A quiet moan escaped him as Murdock slipped his hands under the waistband of Face's boxers. He brushed his fingers over the curls of hair before sliding farther down to encircle his cock. His reward was a pleasurable groan from the young lieutenant.


"Murdock, I need you."


"You got me, Faceman. You always got me." Murdock rose enough to allow Face to pull off his boxers before pulling the younger man to him. Tongues met and hands roamed over hot bodies. "Take me and make me your own again."


Face grabbed a tube of lubricant from his bag and smeared some over his erection. He pulled Murdock in for another passionate kiss before gently pushing him onto his back. Slowly and carefully, he positioned himself to enter Murdock. The hot tightness was almost more than he could stand.


Murdock gasped in ecstasy when Face brushed against his prostate. "Oh, yeah. You know I like it when you do that."


Face smiled, his eyes dark with passion. "I also know you like it when I do this." He reached between them and began to fondle Murdock's cock.


Murdock groaned and closed his eyes. He was in heaven. Their breathing became ragged and quick as Face picked up the pace. Face could tell Murdock was almost at the point of coming. He quickly captured the pilot's mouth with his own just before he felt the warm, sticky fluid gush out onto his hand. A shudder ran through Murdock's body as he reached his peak. The spasms he felt tugged at Face's cock, causing him to shoot off his load into Murdock.


Face collapsed onto him as their bodies slowly drifted down from the heavenly bliss they shared. For a few minutes, they lay together, waiting for their breathing and heart rates to drop back to a semi-normal rate. Face pushed himself up and grinned at Murdock. "You still bored?"


Murdock chuckled, "No, but I might get bored later. Think you'd care to help me get un-bored?"


"Just say the word, Murdock. Just say the word."





Say The Word by Monte



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