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“That was a great movie, wasn’t it colonel

Turning Back Time

by Jullian Gray


Rated: R

Summary: Murdock posses the question, what would Hannibal do if he had a chance to go back in time? Takes place several months after Haunted past.

Warning: Slash F/H, language, mental anguish, physical abuse mentioned

Special thank you to Jes and Joanna

Parts complete

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"That was a great movie, wasn't it, colonel?"  Murdock smiled up at him from his spot on the floor in front of the big screen television.


"Sure was, captain." Hannibal Smith stretched as he looked over at the clock, 12:45. Just fifteen more minutes, and 'Aquamaniac returns from the deep' would be coming on.


Face had insisted that the team get together at the beach house to watch the monster movie marathon together.


Hannibal looked down at his right thigh as he ran his fingers through the blonde hair of his lover. Face had worked so hard to make this evening perfect for everyone, and the lieutenant had been the first one asleep.


'Wore yourself out didn't you, kid.' He smiled as he remembered the last few hours.


Face had began yawning at 10:00, by 10:30 Hannibal had insisted that he stretch out beside him. By 10:45 he had covered him with the blanket from the back of the couch, and when 11:00 came, Face was fast asleep using his thigh as a pillow.


'So beautiful,' he thought as he ran his fingers through the silky blonde strands, before he looked over to the last member of his team. BA was in the recliner across from him doing his best to stay awake, but Hannibal was pretty sure the big guy was losing the battle.


"Hey Colonel, what you'd would you do if you were that guy?"


"What guy, Murdock?"


"The guy in the movie, what would you do if you could go back in time?"


"Crazy fool, can't no one go back in time."


"I didn't say he could, I just wanted to know what he would do if he could." Murdock stuck his tongue out at BA.


They had just finished watching 'Man of the future' where the main character had traveled to the past and tried to prevent the bombing of Pearl Harbor only to be locked away in an insane asylum.


"That's hard to say, captain, I'd have to think about it."


"I'd go back and make myself change the flight plans the day we got shot down, so none of us would have had to be in that damn camp."


The tone in Murdock's voice made Hannibal looked over at the pilot, who was looking straight at Face. He could see the see the pain in the brown eyes, as they watched the youngest member of the team sleep.


"You know that what happened was not your fault, don't you, captain." The tone of Hannibal's voice made the question a statement.


"I know, but if I could change something in time that is what I would do." Murdock smiled half-heartedly.


"I don't ever want you to blame yourself, it happened and it's over. Do I make myself clear?"


"Yes sir."


"What would you do, sergeant?" Hannibal asked as he looked over at the large black man.


BA also looked over at Face sleeping on Hannibal's thigh. If he had the chance to do things over again he would have told Face that he was in love with him before the lieutenant and the colonel had become a couple.  Instead, he thought about the other person he loved with all his heart.


"I'd have found a way to help my momma out, so after my dad died she wouldn't have had to work so hard. She used to work all the time to make sure that I had everything I needed. If I could go back in time I'd help her so she could enjoy her life."


"I always knew you were such a big softy." Murdock grinned. "You big ugly mud sucker." Murdock laughed as he got to his feet. "I'm going for a soda, anyone want anything?"


"Bring me a another beer while we wait for the next movie."


"Sure thing, colonel."


"Yeah, get me a glass of milk and a sandwich while you're at it," BA growled at Murdock as he passed by.


 "What am I your servant?"


"Why not, you've been everything else over the past 15 years." BA snickered as he reached for the pilot who jumped out of his reach, bumping into Hannibal's legs.


Hannibal looked down at Face when he heard him mumble in his sleep.


"Hey you two, quiet down before you wake him." He pulled the blanket more securely around Face's shoulders squeezing them gently before returning his hand to his lover's hair.


"Shhh, you're safe. I've got you." he whispered softly; instantly Face quieted under his gentle touch.


"Sorry, colonel." Murdock looked down at the sleeping man, hoping he would not wake.


"Sorry," BA responded to the angry glare that the colonel flashed them.


Hannibal nodded then closed his eyes, resting his head on the back of the sofa and thought about the question Murdock had posed to him a few minutes earlier.


'What would I do?' he asked himself as he drifted off to sleep, his fingers still intertwined in the silky blonde hair.



Sister Mary looked up from pruning the fruit trees when she noticed the white haired man walk thru the front gates of Saint Bartholomew's home for boys. What had caught her attention most wasn't the army uniform he was wearing, or his handsome good looks, but the man's determined stride.


As he approached her she noticed the intense look in his steel blue eyes. This was a man on a mission and nothing was going to stop him, she noted to herself.


"Excuse me sister, I'm looking for my son; I was told he was brought here."


"What is his name?"  Sister Mary smiled at the man.




"I'm sorry sir, we don't have any boys by the name of Templeton here."


"He has to be here." Worry and pain filled the man's voice.


"I'm sorry sir, but there is no Templeton here I would definitely remember a Templeton. Maybe he is at…" The sister was about to tell him the name of a few more orphanages in the LA area when he interrupted her.


"Richard!" the man shouted at her.


"Excuse me?"


'I'm sorry Sister," the man dropped his voice back down to a normal volume, "his mother called him, Richard."


"That is a far cry from Templeton." Sister Mary frowned at the man, now sure that this was some type of joke, or worse yet some attempt to steal a child.


"I've always called him Templeton, it's his first name. She always called him by his middle name, which is Richard."


"Isn't that a little confusing for a child to be called by two different names?"


"It could be except I don't see him that often, being in the service, I'm not home much, that's why his mother and I are no longer together. I received a call a few days ago that said she had been killed and he had been brought here."


"I'm so sorry to hear that Mr.?"


"Smith, Colonel John Smith." Hannibal shook the nun's hand "Could you please help me find him. Tem is all I've got in this world, that boy means everything to me."


Sister Mary looked into the blue eyes of the man standing before her; she could see the pain that was surfacing as he spoke about his lost son.


"What does your son look like, Mr. Smith?"   


"Thank you, Sister.  He's six, blonde hair, blue-green eyes, thin build; he's the most beautiful child you've ever seen. He looks like God sent an angel to earth."


The Sister smiled at his last description as she thought of all the boys at the orphanage; every parent thought that their child was the most beautiful when they adopted them.


They were all perfect little angels, and now here was another parent describing a perfect blonde haired, blue eyed little child, and then she suddenly frowned.


Hannibal watched the woman as sorrow filled her eyes as she looked up at him.


"There is a little boy like that who was brought in yesterday, but…"


Hannibal's heart leaped into his throat, was he too late to stop Face from getting hurt?


"Please Sister, tell me he's alright?"


"Mr. Smith, when was the last time you saw your son?"


"Please tell me he's alright?" he begged her.


"There was a boy who was brought in yesterday morning who matches that description except he looks younger than six. He seems to have suffered some kind of trauma, he wont speak to anyone, and we can't get near him."


"Can I see him, please?"


"Follow me." Sister Mary led Hannibal across the grounds toward the dormitories. Part of her was hopping for the boy's sake that this was his father so he could be taken from here and given the love he needed. Another part of her was hoping, for the father's sake, that this was not his son.


When they reached the dorms, Sister Mary led him up to the second floor; there in the very back of the room was a locked door. Taking out her key she began to explain as she unlocked the door.


"You have to understand we put him in here for his own safety; he tried several times last night to run away. God bless his little heart, he's so scared and lost. " She crossed herself before she opened the door.


Hannibal looked around the room and didn't see anyone. It was Sister Mary that pointed under the bed; he then saw the small figure huddled in the corner under the bed.


 "Templeton?" He got down on his hands and knees; slowly he advanced toward the bed. As he moved forward he could see a pair of frightened eyes looking back at him.


 "Templeton, come here, baby." Hannibal reached his hand out to the boy.


His heart sank as the boy pushed himself back farther into the corner and tried to make himself even smaller.


"You'll have to pull him out, he won't come out on his own. If you like I can have one of the older boys help. Mark Conner is a great help with some of the younger children"


Hannibal's head snapped up the name. "He hasn't been near him has he?"


"No, we haven't let any of the other children in here with him. Though we were thinking about seeing if Mark or one of the other boys would be interested in staying in here with him. To see if they could get him to come out and talk."


"Thank God."


 Sister Mary looked at him strangely.


 Hannibal turned his attention back to the child under the bed.


"Templeton, I'm going to move the bed, I want you to come out to me." 



Still on his knees, he pushed the bed away from the boy so he could get a good look at the child, what he saw tore his heart in two. There, huddled before him, was a half naked, dirty, frightened, battered and bruised little boy, he knew as Templeton Peck. 


Face's small body was covered in cuts and bruises; there was not a spot on his entire body that was untouched. There were dark circles under his eyes where he had not slept for God knew how long. He was painfully thin and covered with dirt and grime.


His beautiful blonde hair was tangled into mats all over his head. He could see what Sister Mary meant about Face being younger than six, if he had to guess he would say that the boy had just turned five.


"We were going to clean him up, but every time we would get close to him he would become so upset we were afraid he would hurt himself."


Hannibal only nodded as he continued to stare at Face, he had come back to stop all of the pain in the boys life, and he had failed.  He could feel the tears building in his own eyes as he looked at Face.


"Tem," his voice cracked as he reached out his hand.


Face stared at him and his out stretched hand making no move one way or the other.


Hannibal took a deep breath and let it out slowly getting his emotions in check.


'This is not the time to break down, John. He needs you right now, you're the only one who can help him.'


"Templeton, I'm going to take you home with me."


He watched as Face looked down at his hand then back up at him.


'Please Tem,' Hannibal begged silently.


"Come on baby, let's get out of this place, let's go home."


Hannibal smiled as Face reached out a trembling hand and took a hold of his.


Sister Mary watched as the boy took a hold of the silver haired man's hand. If she had any doubt that the two belonged together, it was quickly put to rest when the father pulled his filthy child to him.


"I love you kid, and no one is ever going to hurt you again." Wrapping his arms around Face, he cradled the boy to him.


"Thank you." Hannibal looked at the sister as he carefully stood with Face in his arms, holding him tight to his chest.


 "I'm sorry we couldn't have done more for him while he was with us."


"Could I have a blanket for him?"


Sister Mary reached down and pulled the blanket off the bed, carefully she wrapped it over the boy's back.


"If you would like, Mr. Smith, I could check to see if we have any clothing that might fit him."


"Thank you Sister, that would be greatly appreciated."


"I'll be right back." She quickly hurried from the small room.


Hannibal walked out of the room and into the main dorm area. He sat down on the first bed he came to, then shifted Face into his arms so he could see him better.


"How did you get into such a mess?" he asked, more to himself than the boy. He leaned down and kissed the dirty forehead before he tried to run his fingers through the matted hair.


Face looked up at him, though he didn't say anything.


"I'll have you cleaned up and back in tailored suits in no time." He smiled down at Face as he reached up and stroked the boy's dirty cheek.


"Hi, Mr. Smith, I'm Mark, Sister Mary said to bring these to you while she found Richie's paperwork."


Hannibal's head snapped up when he heard the voice of the young teen that had walked into the room carrying a set of clothes.


"Mark Conner?"


 "Yes sir, do I know you?"


Hannibal stood up to his full height, pulling Face closer to him as rose.


"Have you touched him?"




"I know what you and Father Thomas do to the boys here, Conner. So you can drop the innocent look, you piece of shit."


Hannibal watched as the young Mark Conner dropped his smile and stared at him, his eyes becoming hard.


"What do you want, Mr. Smith?"


"I asked you a question, have you touched this boy?"


Conner stared at the silver haired man; he was about to make a rude comment when he noticed the rage in the steel blue eyes.


"No, this is the first time I've ever seen him."


"Then why did you call him Richie if you've never seen him?"


"I heard the Sisters talking about the new kid named Richard that was brought in, but this is the first time I've ever seen him."


"Good, because it's also your last." Hannibal snatched the clothes from the teen and shoved him away. "Now get the hell out of here before I kick your ass, you bastard." He snarled.


Conner looked back at the older man, then at the boy in his arms.


"He wouldn't have been worth nothing anyway, probably isn't even a virgin." he sneered as he ran from the room before Hannibal could get near him.


"Bastard." the colonel growled as he watched the teen flee the dorm room. He looked down at Face as he felt the boy struggle in his arms, his eyes wide with fear. 


"I'm sorry kid, I didn't mean to upset you."  He pulled the boy closer to him hugging him tightly. " How about we get you in some clothes and get you the hell out of this place?  How does that sound?"  He smiled warmly.


Face still didn't respond, but allowed Hannibal to put him down on the bed, and dress him. Once the boy was dressed, the colonel stepped back to survey his work; if Face hadn't look so pathetic he would have laughed.


 The clothes hung off his thin frame making his look even smaller and undernourished.


"When was the last time you ate, kid?" He asked as he knelt down in front of the boy and gently touched the boy's cheek again.


Face only stared at him, never opening his mouth.


"Cat got your tongue?"


"He hasn't said a word since he was brought in." Sister Mary walked into the room carrying a small stack of papers. She walked over to Hannibal, who stood when she approached him.


 "I'll need you to come to the office and sign these so I can release him to you."  She handed him the papers as she smiled down at Face, who stood up and moved closer to Hannibal taking a hold of his pants leg.


The colonel looked down as he felt Face touch his leg, reaching down he pulled the boy back into his arms. "If you don't mind Sister, I would like to sign these right now. You have no idea how bad I want to get him out of here."


"I don't see any problem with that." She smiled at him. "Come here Richard, let me hold you while your father signs the papers."  Sister Mary stepped forward and reached out for Face, who turned his head into Hannibal's chest while grabbing a hold of the colonel's shirt.


"Come on now Richard, I'm not going to bite you."


Hannibal could feel Face trembling as he buried his head deeper into his shoulder.


"It's alright Tem, I'm not going to leave you." He kissed the matted hair as he sat down on the bed. Carefully balancing the boy in one arm, he looked back up at the nun.


"If you hold them, I'll sign them." He smiled.


"You're going to spoil him, Mr. Smith." She looked at him disapprovingly.


"I plan on doing my best." He kissed Face's head again. "Now if you would please Sister, I want to get him home."


"Sure." She smiled back at him as she took the papers back from him flipping to where he needed to sign.


Five minutes later, she waved to the man in the uniform and the small boy she knew as Richard as they went thru the front gates of St. Bartholomew's orphanage.


Hannibal smiled down at Face as he carried him from the orphanage. They would not be able to have the same type of relationship that they had in Hannibal's future, but he could live with that. As long as Face was safe, and he could grow up with the chance to have a normal childhood, that was all that really mattered to Hannibal.


Face's happiness and safety was all he ever worried about; if he had to be a father instead of a lover to achieve that, then so be it.


"Things are going to be different for you now, kid, I promise. I'm never going to let anyone hurt you." He hugged the small boy to him, cradling him in his arms.


Thirty minutes later, the two arrived at the small-furnished apartment that Hannibal had managed to procure before he went to find Face.


"How would you like a bath, son?" he asked the child as he put him down on the couch.


As soon as the boy was free from him, he scrambled off of the couch and hid in corner of the room, pulling himself into a tight ball.


"Hey now, what's this all about?" Hannibal spoke softly as he slowly approached the boy. Noting how Face was becoming more and more agitated as he approached, he knelt down to make himself smaller, so he wasn't towering over the frightened child.


"Templeton, I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to get you cleaned up so you'll feel better."


Face looked up at him with tear filled eyes.


"Come on, son." As soon as the word came out of his mouth, he knew where the problem lay.


At the word son, a look of horror passed over the boy's face, his eyes filled with pain as the tears fell over his lower lids. Quickly, he put his arms over his head and turned his back to Hannibal as if he were getting ready to receive a hard blow to his body.


Hannibal sat down on the floor hard as the shock of what he was seeing registered.


"My God your own father. Oh God, Face, how the hell did you survive to get to Nam? I should have gone back and stole you out of the cradle, that is what I should have done."


His own voice cracked from the pain he was feeling, and tears spilled from his own eyes.  Hannibal covered his own face with his hands and cried in frustration. He had somehow managed to go back in time with the knowledge and money he needed to protect Face from the monsters in his life, and he had failed.


Hannibal looked up when he felt a light touch on the back of his hand; he looked up to see Face standing in front of him.


"You're not supposed to cry." the voice was so soft, barely a whisper.


"Why not?" Hannibal asked as he wiped his face with his hands.


"Dad said men don't cry."


"Did your father tell you that you're not allowed to cry?"


"It makes him mad if I cry, he said I should take it like a man."


 "Your father use to hurt you, didn't he?"


The boy nodded his head yes as he wiped his own tears from his eyes.


"It's my fault, he said I was bad and had to be punished. I tried to be good, sir, I didn't want him to yell or hit mommy anymore. I tried to stop him but it only made him madder at mommy. I always made him mad, I can't be good, I try, but I can't " The boy began to tremble as he fought the back tears.


"You're not bad, Templeton."


"Yes I am."  The boy cried out as though he were in pain.  The tiny voice was full of anguish, but the volume never increased.    


"If I was good, he wouldn't have had to punish me, he wouldn't have hit mommy till she didn't move anymore."


"It's not your fault, Tem."


"If I had been good, she wouldn't have been hurt, and he wouldn't have thrown me out of the house."  Tears now streamed down the boy's face. "It's my fault she got hurt. It's my fault she stopped breathing. I was bad and now I can't see her again."


Face tried to curl into a ball, but Hannibal reached over and pulled the boy into his arms, holding him tight to his chest.


"You're wrong; Templeton you are just a baby, it was his job to protect you, not hurt you. He had no right to hit you, or your mother, no right at all. Do you understand what I'm telling you?"


Face nodded his head yes as Hannibal held him tight, kissing the top of his head.


"Good, now lets get you cleaned up and fed."


A few minutes later, Face was sitting in a warm bathtub full of bubbles while the colonel patiently worked on getting the tangled mats out of his hair.


"When was the last time you had a bath, kid?" He laughed softly as he managed to get the last mat out, allowing him to finally work the shampoo down to Face's scalp.


"Before he made me leave."


Hannibal stopped working on the blonde hair for a minute, he was almost afraid to ask the next question.


"When was the last time you ate?"


The boy only shrugged his shoulders.


"Templeton, come on kid, we need to be honest with each other."


The boy looked up at him with sad eyes, then looked down at the bath water. "I got a sandwich out of the trash a few days ago."


 Hannibal reached down and tilted Face's head back up so that they were looking directly at each other.


"You have nothing to be ashamed of, you did what you had to do to stay alive. I'm proud of you."  Taking a deep breath he smiled down at Face.


 "I promise you, things are going to be different for you now, kid. No more yelling, no hitting, a hot bath, steady meals, and a warm bed every night." Still smiling, Hannibal put a dot of soapsuds on the end of the boy's nose. "And we are going to have fun."


He was rewarded by a slight smile from Face.


Forty minutes later, Hannibal watched as the boy, no he corrected himself his son, snuggled down into the blankets. Quietly, he slipped over to the bed and pulled the blankets up more securely, kissing the boy on the forehead.


"I love you, Templeton."


"I love you too, Hannibal."




"You're dreaming, wake up."


Hannibal opened his eyes when he felt a hand touch his cheek; he looked down at Face, who was now smiling back up at him.


"I must have dozed off." He smiled back as he took Face's hand and kissed the palm.


"What were you dreaming about?"




"I think I got that, unless there is another man in your life named Templeton."


"There could never be another man in my life, you're it kid." He kissed Face's hand again before he reached down and ran his fingers through the soft blonde hair.


"So what was the dream about?"


"It's my secret." He smiled.


"I know how I can get it out of you."


Hannibal's smile widened as he saw a mischievous look cross the younger man's handsome face.


"You think so, do you?" He chuckled.   


"Without a doubt." Face sat up and looked him directly in the eyes. "In fact, I think I'm going up to bed, care to join me, colonel?"


Hannibal's mouth went dry as he watched Face stand, unbuttoning his shirt as he moved in front of him. When he had it undone, he unbuttoned his jeans and slid the shirt off his body, tossing it into the colonel's lap. Smiling, Face unzipped the fly of his jeans half way, giving Hannibal a perfect view of the darker blonde hair that framed his sex.


"Don't wait too long, I may have to start without you." Face leaned over and kissed him deeply, running his hands over Hannibal's erection as he stood back up.


"Good night, Murdock." Face smiled as he walked past the pilot, who was coming out of the kitchen with Hannibal's beer and a huge Dagwood sandwich.


"If you don't go up them stairs to be with him, then I'm goin." Hannibal looked over to see BA staring at him wide-eyed. 


"Not a chance, sergeant." Hannibal quickly got up off the couch and headed up the stairs, two at a time, after Face.


"What did I miss?" Murdock asked as he sat down in the colonel's now vacant seat.


"Faceman just made Hannibal a offer he couldn't refuse." BA chuckled as he reached over and grabbed half of Murdock's sandwich off his plate.


"Hey, get your own you big ugly mud sucker."


"Shut up fool, I can't hear the movie." BA chuckled again as he remembered the look on Hannibal's face when Face stood back up after kissing him.


That would be one hell of a way to wake up every morning, he thought as he remembered the seductive look in Face's blue-green eyes. He was happy for the colonel, but damn he wished Face would look at him like that just once.


"Oh God, Tem." Hannibal moaned as he came inside of Face.


"I love you." Face snuggled in closer to Hannibal as he recovered from his own orgasm.


"You were great, sweetheart." Hannibal kissed the back of Face's neck as he pulled him closer, spooning in behind him. 


"So what was the dream about?"




"I've got that already, now how about the rest of the details."


"I'm still not going to tell you." Hannibal laughed softly as he hugged Face to him.


"Hannibal…" Face started to whine.


"Hush, I'm still not going to tell you, so just stop right now." Hannibal's voice became stern indicating that he was no longer playing.


"Sorry." Face sighed as he started to pull away from his lover, and sat up in the bed.


"Where do you think you're going?"


"I thought I would finish watching the movie with the guys."


"You mad at me, kid?" Hannibal sighed as he reached out and touched Face's back.


Gently running his fingertips over the thin white scars that ran across Face's back and shoulders. He had tried so hard in his dream to keep Face safe, and hadn't been able to stop his pain.


"No, I'm not mad." he answered as he shuddered under his lover's touch.


"Stay with me, Templeton."


Face turned to look at Hannibal, the pain he heard in his lover's voice surprised him.


"Hannibal, are you alright?"


"Lay back down with me, please baby." 


As Face lay down in Hannibal's arms, the colonel told him about his dream. Face could hear the pain in Hannibal's voice as he finished the story.


"I tried my best to stop the pain you went through." He finished, his voice choking as he fought the tears that threatened to overspill. He hugged Face tighter to him, trying to reassure himself that his lover was safe in his arms.


"I'm here, Hannibal, and I'm not going anywhere," Face repeated the words the colonel had spoken to him so many times over the years.


Once Hannibal got his emotions back into check, he loosened his grip on the smaller man.


"I'm sorry, kid."


Face smiled as he realized just how much his lover was willing to give up for him, even if it was just a dream.


Carefully, Face pulled out of the colonel's grip, sitting up, he moved to straddle Hannibal's waist.


"I love you, and I appreciate everything you would do for me to try and change my life."


Face leaned forward so that he was looking the older man square in the eye.


"I'm not going to lie to you and say my life didn't suck when I was a kid, because I've told you all the crap I've been through. You also know there were times that I would have liked nothing more than to lay down and die." 


Hannibal reached out and took Face's hands in his own as the younger man spoke.


"But if I had to do it all over again to be with you right here and now, then I would go through it all over again with a smile on my face."


"Tem, you can't mean that."


 "You're wrong, I do mean it with all my heart!" Face squeezed the hands holding his.


 "I know you would make a great father Hannibal. I don't have a doubt in my mind that if you had been my dad, I would have had the best childhood ever." Face smiled as he thought of calling his lover, dad.


"But I'm not willing to give up the love we have for each other now.  My past sucked big time, but as long as you're here with me, I know I have a future." With that, Face bent down and kissed his lover passionately, exploring every part of it with his tongue.


When he felt his lover's erection press against his backside, he shifted to position himself over Hannibal's penis. Slowly he moved until his lover was sheathed inside of him, filling him completely.


"Tem…" Hannibal moaned as he felt Face's hot, tight opening engulf him.


Face leaned back onto his lover's hips, and began to move his own hips up and down slowly, causing the older man to moan with the sensation he was creating. Soon, the two were completely absorbed in the pleasure they were giving each other, blocking out the rest of the world around them.


It wasn't long before Hannibal came, shooting deep into Face's body, causing the smaller man to orgasm, shooting his seed over his lover's flat stomach.


Smiling down, Face captured Hannibal's mouth with his own again, after another passionate kiss, he looked his lover straight in the eyes.


"I love you with all my heart John Smith, and I would not give up what we have together for anything."


Hannibal reached out and tenderly touched Face's cheek, noting the love he saw in the bright blue-green eyes.


"You're too good to me, Tem."


"That goes both ways, John."


"How about we get cleaned up and go back down stairs and finish the movie?"


"If you insist." Face smiled as he leaned over and kissed Hannibal again.





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