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Written by:  LovinFace


Rating:  PG

Summary:  Face and BA are on their way to meet Hannibal and Murdock when they have an accident and it is up to BA to save Face.  Story complete.

Warnings:  Face gets hurt.




"I told you I ain't flyin' with that crazy fool!" BA Baracas growled at Hannibal Smith.  Hannibal looked at BA.  "Okay, okay.  You win.  We thought it'd be nice to get away for a while, but we don't have to go if you don't want."  BA looked at Hannibal before looking at the rest of the team – Templeton "Faceman" Peck and HM Murdock.  Murdock spoke up, "We can drive for a couple of days through the desolate, desert land, or we can fly and be there in less than a day.  I've got a chopper and everything."


"I'll go with BA."


Hannibal, BA, and Murdock turned toward the voice.  Face was sitting on a couch, looking out a window. 


Hannibal asked, "Did you say something Face?"


"I said I'd go with BA."  Face stood up and walked over to the three men.  "You and Murdock fly to camp site and get settled in.  BA and I will meet you up there in a couple of days. "


BA turned toward Face.  "Hey, thanks Little Brother." Hannibal and Murdock looked at each other.  Then they looked at Face and BA.  Hannibal finally spoke, "Okay, Kid, if that's the way you want it.  Any particular reason you don't want to fly to the camp?"


Face scooted over closer to BA.  "Look, we're always knocking BA out and putting him on a plane for missions.  But this isn't a mission.  It's a vacation.  So I just think we ought to let BA drive if that's what he really wants to do."


Murdock thought for a moment and then said, "You're right Face.  I didn't think of it like that."  He turned to BA, "Sorry, BA."


BA turned to Murdock, "No problem man.  Now you and Hannibal better get goin'.  Me and Face will see you two in a couple of days."  Hannibal picked up Murdock's bag and tossed it to the pilot. Then he picked up his own bag.  "See you two day after tomorrow.  We'll have everything set up so we can go fishing when you get there."  Hannibal and Murdock turned and walked out the door.


Face turned to BA.  "Well, you ready?  We better get a move on."


BA picked up his bag and Face's bag.  "Yeah, let's go."



BA and Face were silent.  BA had been driving for several hours.  Face had leaned his seat back and was taking a nap.  He woke up to the rhythm of tires on the highway.  He stretched his arms and brought his seat up.  Yawning, he asked, "How long did I sleep?"


"A couple of hours is all." BA said.


"You want me to drive a while so you can take a nap?"  asked Face.


"Yeah, that'd be real nice.  We should reach Cape Falls in about 20 minutes.  We'll get a bit to eat and then we'll trade off," said BA.


"Okay, sounds good.  I'm really hungry."  Face turned and stared out the window.  They continued to ride in silence for another few minutes.  Finally, BA spoke up, "Hey Face, I just want you to know that I really do appreciate you sticking up for me like that with Hannibal and the Fool.  I know I shouldn't be afraid of flying, but I just am."


Face looked at BA and said, "Hey, everybody is afraid of something.  If they say they aren't then they're lying."


BA turned to Face.  "What are you afraid of?"


Face turned back and stared out the window.  "Me?  Oh nothing really."  BA sighed.  It wasn't very often that Face would share his true feelings with anyone.  BA always found it hard to figure out how Face was feeling about anything.  When they were in the camps in Vietnam, Face was abused mentally, physically, and sexually. BA had felt so helpless.  Face was just a kid in Vietnam, not even 18, and BA couldn't protect him from the pain.  Every day Chao would send for Face, and every day BA would step in front of Face and try to prevent them from taking him away.  The guards would shackle BA and laugh as they dragged Face away.  Hours later they would return Face. He would curl up in a ball and rock back and forth.  He never cried though.  Whatever he was feeling was hidden behind those eyes that had learned to hide emotions long ago.


Face continued to stare out the window.  Then, in almost a whisper he said, "I'm most afraid of not being wanted.  What if the team decided I wasn't useful and told me to leave?  I'd be all alone…I guess that's what scares me most of all…being alone."  Face turned toward BA.  For a few seconds BA realized just how vulnerable Face really was.  BA took his right hand off the steering wheel and put it on Face's shoulder.  "Don't you worry, you'll never be alone.  The team is a family. Each other's all we got.  You, me, and the Fool are brothers, and Hannibal is like our dad." BA started to laugh.  "I wonder what Hannibal would do if we started calling him Daddy?"


Face laughed, "I don't know, but it would sure be funny."


Face turned back and stared out the window once again.  Neither man spoke for the last few minutes it took to get to Cape Falls. 



Face had been driving for over an hour.  They had entered the desert 30 miles back.  It's a good thing they had filled up the van's gas tank.  Face never really like driving through the desert…it made him nervous…but he was with BA and even if they had van trouble, BA, the wonder mechanic, could fix it and all would be well.  Face looked over at BA, who was sound asleep.  He turned back and the last thing he saw was a cactus.  


The van's left front tire had blown out.  Face slammed on the brakes and tried to stop the van, but he turned too sharply and the van flipped, landing on the driver's side.  BA woke up immediately "What the—" and the next thing he knew he was hanging sideways from the seatbelt.  "Face, you all right?  Can you hear me?"  Face's eyes were closed.  He started to moan and rock his head back and forth.  BA braced himself against the dashboard and seat and unbuckled his seatbelt.  He carefully made his way down to Face and unbuckled his seatbelt.  He turned Face toward him. 


There were cactus needles embedded in the left side of Face's neck and face.  There were glass fragments in both eyes from the broken windshield.  Face put out his hands and started pushing BA away.  "No!  Don't hurt me! Please!"  He started to rub his eyes and BA grabbed his hands.  "You can't do that Faceman.  You got glass in your eyes."  Face continued to moan and thrash about, and finally lapsed into unconsciousness.  BA let got of Face. He climbed out of the van.  He got a rope out of the back and tied it carefully around Face's chest and pulled him out of the van.  He was thankful that Face was unconsciousness. He took out a canteen and poured some water over Face's eyes, hoping to get some glass fragments out.  He took some gauze from the first aid kit and wrapped it around Face's eyes to keep the glass from damaging them any further.  He cleaned the wounds on Face's neck and head.  Some of the cactus needles were embedded so deep that BA couldn't remove them.  He unbuttoned Face's shirt and discovered a big bruise covering his chest.  BA hoped there were no broken ribs, but since he couldn't be sure he decided to tape Face's ribs to be on the safe side.  He prayed Face didn't have internal injuries. 


BA reached for the phone.  He had to call Hannibal and get some help for Face.  He tried to dial out…nothing.  The phone was dead.


BA went around to the back of the van.  If only he could get the van right side up again.  He took the two blankets they had packed and laid them out on what was not the "bottom" of the van.  He slipped his arms under Face and lifted him effortlessly.  Face screamed and then passed out.  BA gently placed Face down on the blankets.


BA crawled into the van next to Face and prayed, God, help my little brother. Show me what to do."  He stroked Face's blood-soaked hair, put Faces' hand in his own, and began to cry.



BA had a plan.  He decided he couldn't wait for help; he'd have to find it.  He couldn't…wouldn't….leave Face behind.  He decided to rig up a travois out of a blanket and rails from the top of the van.  It was crude, but it would work.  BA picked up Face.  Face began to scream, "Stop!  Oh God, stop!"  BA put Face on the travois gently.  "Okay, Face, okay.  I won't do it any more, okay?  I won't.  You're gonna be okay Face, I promise.'


Face became very still.  He whispered, "It hurts BA.  It hurts."


BA stroked Face's cheek.  "I know it does Little Brother, but I'm gonna get you outta here.  We ain't far from Springdale.  We'll get you to a doctor and you'll get fixed up good as new."


Face raised his right hand, searching for BA.  BA guided Face's hand to his face.  "I ain't leaving you Face.  I promise."


"BA, I…" Face passed out.  BA checked to make sure Face was breathing and had a pulse.  His breathing was shallow and his pulse was weak, but he was hanging in there.  BA knew that I was just a matter of time before shock set in.


BA went to the van to get the canteen, first aid kit, and anything else he thought would be useful for the journey.  He heard Face begin to moan.  Face began thrashing around.  BA pushed Face down by his shoulders. "You gotta stop moving around Face.  Settle down. Settle down."


Face stopped moving.  In a weak voice he said, "I thought you were gone.  I thought.."


"I told you Faceman, I ain't gonna leave you alone.  I've rigged up a travois and I'm gonna get you some help."


Face licked his lips. "I'm thirsty.  Do we have any water?"  Face began to cough.


BA reached for the canteen.  If only he had packed more than one.  "Yeah, Face."  He put the canteen to Face's lips and lifted his head up slightly.  "There you go.  Take little sips, okay?  Good.  Good."  Face swallowed the water and BA laid him back down.  Face whispered, "Thanks BA.  For everything.  For protecting me…when we…were in the camps…. I always… looked to you…. for strength. If… I don't…. make it…. I just … want you … to know that…. I always liked it…. when you called…. me… your brother.  I …. never had…. a family.  But …. if I did….. I would want you…. in it….. Brother."


BA felt tears welling up.  "You're gonna make it.  And you DO have a family, remember?  As for being your brother, I HAVE to be your big brother 'cuz somebody's gotta protect you from that crazy brother Murdock."


Face smiled, "Thanks…BA."


BA stroked Face's cheek again.  "No problem, Little Brother."



BA had been pulling the travois for an hour. Face started to shiver.  "I'm cold…. BA.  Do you have….. another blanket?…….I'm really…..cold."


BA stopped walking. He put down the travois and went to Face.  "You've got a blanket on you, but let me tuck it in and see of that helps, okay? "


Face whispered, "'kay."


BA tucked the blanket all around Face.  "Is that better?"  he asked.


"Little….still….c..c..cold."  Face began to rock his head from side to side.  BA stood up and lifted the travois. 


The sun continued to beat down on BA causing him to sweat, but Face was still shivering.  BA knew that shock had set in, but he didn't know what else to do other than get Face some medical help.  He thought about putting Face somewhere safe and then walking at a faster pace, but he couldn't stand the thought of leaving Face alone.  He couldn't.  He had made a promise.



Meanwhile, Hannibal and Murdock had settled into the camp.  Hannibal looked at his watch.  "I wonder where they are about now.  They should be over halfway, don't you think?"


Murdock looked at Hannibal.  "They should be.  Why not give the mudsucker a call?"


Hannibal stuck a cigar in his mouth.  "Maybe I will.  I just have a strange feeling that something's wrong."  Hannibal couldn't explain it, but he had a nagging feeling that Face and BA were in some kind of trouble.


"Hannibal, you know whenever you get the feeling that something is wrong, then something IS wrong.  You wanna head for the chopper and try to find them?"


Hannibal thought for a moment.  He was probably just over-reacting.  "Nah, if we check up on them, then BA will get mad and Face will whine."  He continued, "Oh well, we can tell them we just needed to know how far away they are so we can plan tomorrow's schedule."  Hannibal dialed the van number.  "That's funny, it just rings and rings. IF they were going to switch off driving, you'd think one of them would answer."


Murdock said, "I'm gonna look for them."


Hannibal grabbed his jacket, "I'm coming with you."


"BA?  BA?  Where are you?  BA?  Don't let them take me.  Please.  Don't let them…take….me."  Face reached out his hands and began waving them in the air.  BA set the travois down, turned around, and held Face's hands. "I'm right here Face.  Nobody's going to take you…Nobody."


Face turned his head toward the sound of BA's voice.  "I'm thirsty.  Do you have any water?"


BA let go of Face's hands.  "Sure thing Little Brother."  BA got the canteen…there was only about a cup of water left.  "Here ya go."  He raised Face's head and let him sip the water.  "Is that better?"


"Yeah.  Thanks.  I won't tell Chao…you helped me…I won't…" Face dropped his hands to his side.  BA looked at his friends.  Face was back in the camps and once again BA couldn't protect him.



Murdock and Hannibal had been flying over the desert for what seemed like an eternity, following the road that BA and Face would have taken.  Hannibal scanned the area.  Then he saw them.  BA was pulling Face on a travois.  "I see them Murdock.  Find a place to land.  Face is hurt."



BA thought he heard a helicopter.  "I'm probably hallucinating like Faceman," he muttered.  BA continued to pull the travois.  Face had a high fever now and was still hallucinating.


"No!"  he screamed.  "No Chao!  You can't make me tell you anything.  I won't!  Stop!  Please stop!"


BA continued to walk.  The sun was bearing down on him.  He put the travois down and pulled out a bandana to wrap around his head.  As he picked up the travois, he thought he heard someone calling his name.  He looked up and saw two figures running toward him.


Murdock reached BA first. "BA, what happened?"


Before BA could answer, Hannibal caught up to them.  "What happened BA?"  Hannibal couldn't take his eyes off Face.  He bent down to stroke his hair.


BA spoke,  "We had a blowout and the van flipped.  I think Face might have internal injuries.  He's got cactus needles in his face and neck and glass in his eyes.  His fever's real high.  He's hallucinating.  He thinks he's in the camps at 'Nam.  I gotta get him to the hospital."  BA began to pull the travois.


"We've got the chopper up ahead.  Let's get him in there and I'll fly him to the hospital."  Murdock reached out to help BA pull the travois.  BA pushed Murdock's hand away.  "I'll do it, you crazy fool.  He wants ME to do it."  BA continued to walk.  Murdock ran up ahead to the chopper fix a place for Face.  Hannibal followed the travois, never taking his eyes off Face.


They finally reached the helicopter. Hannibal jumped in and told BA, "Hand him to me BA."


BA looked at Hannibal.  "No way Hannibal.  Face needs me.  I told him I wouldn't leave him.  You sit there with the fool.  I'm gonna hold Face."


Hannibal and Murdock exchanged glances.  Hannibal went to the front of the helicopter. "Let's go Murdock."


As the helicopter took off, Hannibal turned and looked at BA and Face.  BA was holding Face in his arms and looking at him with concern and fear.  Hannibal hadn't seen BA with that expression on his face since being in Vietnam.  "Apparently Face isn't the only one reliving the camps," thought Hannibal.



"BA, the doctor's coming."  Hannibal put his hand on BA's shoulder.  "Let's go."


BA, Hannibal, and Murdock stood up and walked from the waiting room that had been their home for the last six hours.  A middle-aged doctor walked up to them.  He untied his facemask as he walked.  He extended his hand out to Hannibal.  "I'm Dr. Parkhurst."


Hannibal spoke first. "How is he Doctor?"


Dr. Parkhurst looked at the three men.  "I think he's going to be fine.  Infection has set in where the cactus needles were embedded, but we'll get that cleared up with antibiotics.  He did have a ruptured spleen so we had to remove it.  We've gotten all the glass fragments out of his eyes.  We've rewrapped them so that they'll heal faster.  He's a very lucky young man."


Hannibal put his hand on BA's shoulder.  "Can we see him?"


Dr. Parkhurst nodded his head. "You can see him for a few minutes.  He's been in and out of consciousness, but he's out of recovery now.  He's in room 527.  He keeps asking for his big brother.  Do you know how to reach him?"


BA smiled and walked toward the Face's room.  Hannibal reached out to shake Dr. Parkhurst's hand.  "That WAS his big brother.  Thanks Doc, for everything."


Hannibal and Murdock followed BA into Face's room.  Face was lying in bed.  His eyes were bandaged shut.  His chest was wrapped in gauze.  He had IVs hooked up to his left arm.  He was rocking his head from side to side, asking in a quiet voice, "Have you seen my brother?  BA?  Don't leave me.  I want my brother…"


BA put Face's hand in his own.  "I'm right here Little Brother. Now, you get some rest.  We're all here for you now."


Face turned toward BA's voice.  "BA?  Is Daddy mad?"


BA smiled.  Hannibal and Murdock looked at each other and mouthed the word, "Daddy?"


BA bent down to Face and said, "No, Daddy's not mad.  Nobody's mad.  We're all happy that we're together."

Face whispered, "Can you stay with me until I go to sleep BA?"


BA looked at Dr. Parkhurst, who nodded his head yes.  BA turned back to Face. "I'll be right here, holdin' your hand.  Now you go to sleep.  I ain't gonna leave you.  I promise."


Face took a deep breath and whispered, "Thanks BA."  Face yawned and slowly began to slip into a drug-induced sleep.  BA held Face's hand in his own.  He wouldn't let go until the morning.





Brothers by LovinFace



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