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By: Junkfoodmonkey


Rated: PG

Summary: BA gets a warning. A crossover with the movie Men In Black.  400 words.

Disclaimer: Neither The A-Team or the Men In Black belong to me; I'm not making any money from this.






"Baracus, you need to get control of him."


"I know."


"People are getting suspicious."


"I know."


"He escaped from that army base by himself last week.  Two dozen people saw him.  Do you know how much work we had to clear up that mess?"


"Look, man, I'm just his bodyguard.  I can't tell him what to do."


"You can explain…" The motel room door opened and Face walked in.  He saw two very official looking men in black suits and instinctively reached for his gun.  One of the men in black jumped to his feet and held up a silver cylinder.  A red light flashed.  Face's hand that had been reaching for the gun went limp.


The second agent closed the door while the first one manoeuvred Face to sit on the bed.


"Are you sure that flashy thing don’t hurt him?"  BA asked.


"We've told you that."  The man who'd closed the door glanced at it nervously.  "Mr. Murdock isn't around is he?"




"Good.  I've never seen anyone react like that to the neuralyzer.  We are sure he's human right?" He asked his colleague.


"Apparently."  He turned to the blank eyed lieutenant.


"We're old friends from Vietnam.  You're going to go out and get us all some beers.  At the store you will start flirting with a woman and completely forget about us."  He clapped Face on the shoulder and Face jumped a little and then smiled.


"It's so great to see you guys again." Face enthused.  "Hey, why don't I go get us some beers and we'll talk over old times?"  He headed for the door.  BA scowled.


"Okay, Baracus, we're done here.  But you'd better start keeping him on a tighter leash.  I mean it.  Unless the two of you want to be taking a one way trip back to Alpha Centauri."  They left.


BA followed them out, watched them leave in their large black car.  Then he went to the van, got out a chamois leather and began to polish the hood, tenderly.  If you were very close to him you'd be able to hear that he was speaking.


"Sir, you have to try and be more discreet.  I know you mean well, but sometimes things get a little out of hand.  Next time the army impounds you please just sit tight and we'll get you out.  Please don't break out on your own again…"





Warning by Junkfoodmonkey



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