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The Chase 1-4

The Chase
by Shastelly

Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: I don't own em.
Summary: Murdock and Face are in trouble can BA and Hannibal find them before the bad guys do?


Part 1

"Here they come Murdock!"  Face climbed into the back of the car.  They had souped up a little hatchback with some armor and armaments.  BA and Hannibal had gone in with the van to grab the kidnap victim.  The 10-year-old girl had been snatched from her family's front yard.  Her parents had been warned not to call the police, but they didn't have the money to make the ransom.  So they had hired the team.  The plan was simple.  Hannibal and BA go in using one of Hannibal's disguises and get the little girl.  Then Murdock and Face would be waiting in the car to cover their retreat, take out the guys chasing them, and meet at a little town down the road.

The van sped past and Murdock pulled out between the van the its pursuers. Face threw dynamite at the cars out the back of the hatchback.  He got two of the cars that way, but two more continued to follow.  He switched to his rifle and opened fire.  Murdock kept the pedal to the floor and swerved back and forth.  Face finally got the tires on one of the cars when the second got a lucky shot and hit their front tire.  Murdock struggled to control the steering wheel, but it was hopeless, the brakes wouldn't even work.  Murdock yelled for Face to hold on as the car went off the road and rolled down a steep hill.  

"Boss, the car went off the road.  Nobody could live through that crash."

"Was the girl with them?" the cold voice came over the radio.

"No, she got away in the van."

"What?!  You lost them!"

"Look boss, they had another car waiting for them.  They had explosives."

"Excuses, George, I don't want excuses.  You said their men wrecked?"

"Yeah, the car went off the highway and down a steep hill."

"Well get them, maybe we can salvage this yet and ransom their men back to them."

"It will take some time to get to them.  We will have to go back a few miles and then take some backroads."

"Then do it.  Take Craig and Ethan with you.  I want them or their bodies do you understand?"

"Yeah boss, I got it."  

When the car finally stopped spinning Murdock was still in the driver's seat, but everything seemed sideways.  It took him a minute to realize that the car rested at a forty-five degree angle against an old log.  The driver's side was closest to the ground, but a huge tree limb blocked the passenger side door.  Murdock tried to open his door, but it was jammed tight.  He was sore and had some scraps and bruises, but he wasn't hurt too bad.

"Face?"  There was no answer.  Murdock looked behind him, but Face wasn't in the car.  "Face!"  Murdock called a few more times, but still no answer.  He knew he had to get out of the car.  He had to find Face; he could be hurt.  Murdock busted the driver's side window and began to crawl carefully through it.  He was almost out when the car began to shift.  He hurried, but he wasn't fast enough.  The car came down hard pinning his legs. He could hear the bone break in his left leg when the steering wheel landed on it.  He screamed in pain.  He tried to pull free, but the car rested on his legs above his knees and he couldn't move.  He reached down to see if he could tell how badly his leg was broke and felt the warm stickiness that could only mean that he was bleeding.  He hoped it wasn't too deep, he knew it didn't take long for a man to bleed to death.  He was trapped and hurt, but his main concern was that his friend was out there somewhere and needed him and he couldn't do anything about it.  So he did all he could, "Face!"

Part 2

Face slowly opened his eyes.  His head was resting against something hard so he attempted to shift to the side.  The resulting pain that radiated from his head and down through his body was almost more than he could stand.  He laid back and tried to catch his breath.  The last thing he remembered was Murdock yelling to hold on.  Murdock?  Where was Murdock? Face looked around slowly.  He was lying on a hill.  The car and Murdock were no where in site.  They must have wrecked.  Face carefully sat up. He reached up to touch the spot on the back of his head where he had apparently made contact with the rock on the ground next to him.  He brought his hand back down and wasn't surprised to see it covered in his blood.  He tore the sleeve off of his shirt and tied it around his head. This simple move seemed to sap all of the energy he had and he lay back on the ground and lost his battle to stay conscious.  

Murdock opened his eyes.  He had passed out.  His throat was horse from all of the yelling and still no one had found him.  He was afraid Face was dead.  Why else wouldn't he come?  It would be all his fault if he were after all he had been driving.  He figured that by now Hannibal and BA had reached their meeting place and would be beginning to worry another half-hour and they would head back to look for them.  The question was would the kidnappers also be looking for them and who would find them first.  Murdock sighed and closed his eyes again.  The bleeding had stopped so it must not have been too bad but his leg throbbed miserably and he was beginning to get thirsty.  

"Boss we finally found the turn-off.  It will probably take us another hour to get back to where they went off the road.   I don't know how hard it will be to find the car once we get there we may have to hike a ways to get to it."  George was sweating profusely in the midday sun.

"I don't care what you have to do, just do it.  Oh and George, if you don't come back with those men, don't come back at all!"  Static filled the air.

"George the boss sure sounded angry."  Craig observed.  George looked up at disgust and the two muscle men in front of him.  They had obviously not been hired for their brains.

"Then move it.  Mr. Quinn doesn't like to be kept waiting."  

BA sat staring out the window of the little café.  Face and Murdock should have been here by now.  Something was wrong.

"Hannibal we gotta go look for them."  Hannibal sighed Face and Murdock were only ten minutes late.

"BA, almost anything could have delayed them for ten minutes, a pretty girl, a flat tire, anything."

"You're wrong something happened."  BA was certain that his little brothers were in trouble.  He could feel it in his gut.

Hannibal looked over at BA and saw the determined look in his face.  He didn't want to admit it, but he had a bad feeling, too.

"Okay BA.  Let's go.  But if they laugh at us for being overprotective, I'm going to tell them it was all your idea."  BA just grunted an acknowledgement and they headed out the door.

Part 3

Face slowly came back to awareness.  Man it was dark, he most have been out for awhile.  He carefully stood up.  The pain in his head was still pretty intense, but he managed to get to his feet.  Now all he had to do was find Murdock and get to a doctor with some aspirin.  He looked around and found that he was about three-quarters of the way down a steep hill.  He could see the path the car had taken.  Broken limbs and gouged earth made a pretty obvious trail to follow.  So putting one foot in front of the other he began to make his way to the car and hopefully to Murdock.  

George stepped out of the car and slammed the door in frustration.  A tree the size of a redwood was down across the road.  That meant they would have to go on foot from here and the crash site was at least five miles ahead.

"Damnit!"  George kicked the car.  Mr. Quinn was going to kill him if he didn't get those two guys.  Craig and Ethan were probably too stupid to be worried about it, but he was.  Quinn was an escaped convict and he wasn't afraid to do anything.  Apparently he'd killed a cop, not the sort of boss you want to disappoint.  George reached into the car and pulled out his walkie-talkie.  "Boss."

"Have you found them George?"

"Uh no not yet.  There's a tree across the road here so we're going to go in on foot.  I was thinking that you could send some more guys in from the east.  We're about 10 miles east of County Line Road."

"You were thinking?  Do I pay you to think, no!  I pay you to do as your told.  Seeing as how you don't seem to be able to handle the situation I will send some guys in from the east and I will accompany them.  You continue west."

"Well you bozos heard the boss, get moving!"  The three goons set off into the forest.  

BA pulled the van off on the side of the road.  It was obvious that a car had gone off the road here.  He and Hannibal slowly got out of the van and walked over to the site.

"Damn."  Hannibal didn't have to say what he was thinking; they both had the same horrible feeling: Face and Murdock had gone off the road here.

"It's a long way down Hannibal."

"I know BA.  I think we need to try to find another way down.  We'll need the van once we find them."  The unspoken thought being that they would need to get to a doctor.  BA rushed back to the van and pulled out a map.

"I think if we go back about 10 miles to here," BA pointed to the road on the map, "We can cut down to this road and that will take us right to the bottom of the hill.  I think I could make it in thirty minutes." Hannibal nodded his approval.

"Lets go."  

Murdock opened his eyes.  He could have sworn he heard something, but then again for a guy who hears things all the time it didn't really mean anything.  Just in case though he thought he'd give a yell.

"Hello, is anyone there?"

"Murdock?"  The relief in Face's voice was clear.  Murdock heard his friend stumbling down the hill.

"Who else Muchacho?  I'm down here."  Face finally reached Murdock's side and knelt down beside his friend.  Immediately taking in the situation he began to look for something to pry the car up with.

"Murdock, I'll have you out of there in a minute.  Are you hurt?"

"Not bad.  I think my left leg is broke and it was bleeding a little, but it quit."  Murdock was worriedly watching Face as he stumbled over a rock and almost fell. "How about you?"

"Oh I'm fine, jussst bumped my head a little."  Murdock swore to himself. Face was never fine when he said he was fine, if he were fine he'd be complaining.  He also seemed to be slurring his speech some.  "Here we go."  Face triumphantly held up the jack he'd found in the back of the car. "We'll just slide thisss under here and I'll lift the car up.  Do you think you can scoot yourselllf free once I have it lifted?"

"Sure thing Faceguy, just don't topple that thing over on us."

"Oh ye of little faith."  Face carefully began jacking the car up. Murdock couldn't help but notice the sweat standing out on his face.  All thoughts however quickly fled when the car was lifted off his broken leg and a wave of pain washed over him.


"Murdock?"  Face looked over at him.

"I can do it."  With a superhuman effort Murdock pulled himself free from the car.  Once he was clear Face let go of the jack and stepped back to check on him.

"Lllets get a look at that leg."  Face knelt down and began to check Murdock's leg.  He stopped once and blinked his eyes, but then continued. "Well it is definitely broken.  It looks like you got cut by the gear shift, it's not too deep."  Face started to stand, but suddenly lurched forward and almost fell.

"Face?"  Murdock was alarmed.  "Hey buddy you okay?"

"Yeah just a little dizzy.  Must have a concussion.  Now if I could just find the first aid kit we had in the car."  Face tried to get up again and this time succeeded.  "We're going to need to bandage your leg and get it splinted."  Face was walking around the car and Murdock in an apparently aimless manner.  He tripped over a rock and landed heavily a couple feet over from him.  Murdock managed to drag himself over to his friend. "This would be easier if it wasn't ssso dark.  Murdock, I think I need to rest here a minute and then we'll get started okay?"

"Yeah Face.  Okay." Face closed his eyes and was soon asleep or unconscious one.  Murdock was trying desperately to get a hold of the fear the seemed to have taken residence in his chest.  "Oh man we are in trouble. Hannibal, BA, if you guys could get here soon I'd appreciate it?" Murdock sighed as he looked up into the mid-afternoon sun.

Part 4

BA and Hannibal drove at breakneck speed down the little gravel road. BA clung to the wheel expertly spinning the van around each corner.  At the next curve Hannibal suddenly shouted in alarm.  BA saw the car parked across the road and the tree behind it.  He slammed the brakes and fought to control the van as it fishtailed in the gravel.  Finally they came to a stop inches from the car. "BA does that car look familiar to you?"

"Yeah."  BA knew the car was one of the ones that had been chasing them earlier that day.

"Damn.  Okay lets scout out the area see where they headed and try to figure out how much of a lead they have on us.  We won't be any help to Face or Murdock if we rush into this." 

Hannibal got out of the van and slowly began to circle the clearing.  BA headed over to the car and searched it carefully. "Over hear."  Hannibal had found the trail.  BA walked over and he could clearly see the broken limbs and occasional footprint that marked the trail..

"They weren't trying to hide this.  They seem to be in a hurry."

"Yeah.  I checked the car.  They had some guns in the trunk before there's still oil on the carpets.  From the heat left on the engine I'd say they're about forty-five minutes to an hour ahead of us." 

Hannibal nodded and carefully considered the situation. "I think they are trying to get Murdock and Face, so they can still get their ransom money."  BA nodded he wasn't sure how Hannibal made these leaps in logic, but it did make sense.  "We're going to have to try and catch them before they reach our guys.  So lets get what we need from the van and double time it."

"Face, oh Face, time to rise and shine."  Murdock gently shook his friend trying to rouse him from his unconscious state.


"Yeah Face."  Face opened his eyes.  Murdock was alarmed to see the panicked look that crossed his friend's face.

"Murdock?!"  Face practically shouted.

"I'm right here Face, see."  Murdock touched Face's arm and Face grabbed on for dear life.  Murdock realized with a shock that he couldn't see.

"Murdock...I...I...I can't see."  Face's voice shook with emotion.

"It's okay Faceman.  You got a pretty good bump on your head there that's all.  You'll be better in no time."  Murdock hoped with all his heart that he wasn't lying. Face carefully schooled his features into the calm mask.

"Your leg is broken right?"


"Okay just point me toward the first aide kit."  Face stood slowly and with Murdock's directions found the back of the car.  He opened the hatch and reached inside, feeling around until he came up with a metal box.  He held it up for Murdock to see.  "This it?"

"Yeah Face.  Good job."  Face followed Murdock's voice back.  "Let me bandage your head up, Face."

"In a minute.  Do you see any good limbs that would work for a splint?"

Murdock looked around, but didn't see anything. "No."

"Okay well I'm going to look for something.  Bandage your leg and I'll be back."

"Face you can't go out there."

"I won't go far and you can watch me from here." 

Murdock wasn't happy about the plan.  Face still seemed unsteady on his feet and he couldn't see, but if they were going to get out of here his leg had to be splinted. There was no way Face could carry him.


Face walked forward with his hands outstretched and shuffling his feet. He circled out from where Murdock was and carefully began searching.  Each time he hit limb with his feet he bent down to examine it.  It took about twenty minutes but he finally found two limbs he thought would work. By this time there was sweat running down his back and he was breathing heavily.  His head pounded like someone was beating him with a hammer.

"Got them Murdock.  Now where are you?" 

Murdock smiled Face made it sound like he was the one who moved.

"Over here Face.  Yeah this way.  Watch that rock at 12 o'clock.  Good almost there.  Don't step on me." 

Face finally reached Murdock and flopped to the ground exhausted.  Murdock took the two limbs and splinted his own leg.  It was tremendously painful and he bit down hard to keep from crying out.  When he finished he was sweating as much as Face.  He lay back down on the ground.


Face didn't answer and Murdock was surprised to see he'd fallen back asleep. 

"Well okay ten more minutes, but then we're out of here."




The Chase by Shastelly



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