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Little Brother

Little Brother
Author: Soulseeker

Rating: R for slashy content
Summary: Just a little dabble for the dabble challenge.
Disclaimers: I owe nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. My cat owns me.
Not beta'ed
Comments: Yes!!!


     "How did you get a bruise there?" Face's worried voice carried throughout the interior of the van.

     "I just fell, that's all. Nothin' to worry 'bout," came Murdock's soft drawl.

     B.A. and Hannibal exchanged glances. They hadn't engaged any bad guys in hand to hand combat lately and the pilot wasn't normally clumsy. If Face was worried about a bruise, it wasn't taken lightly.

     Hannibal turned slightly in his seat, trying without success to make it seem that he wasn't nosey. B.A. tried to look in the rear view mirror, but the two men were lying down behind the bucket seats, trying to get some rest. It was a long haul to Iowa and the men had been taking turns with the driving, not stopping except for brief pit stops. And if it hadn't been for the fact that Murdock had been sedated when Face sprung him from the V.A., they would've been flying there. A fact that made B.A. positively gleeful.

     "How did you fall on the inside of your elbow?"

     There was complete silence from Murdock. B.A. realized that they must've just taken off their jackets and made themselves comfortable. They knew that there was no hanky-panky in his van and just decided to cuddle until their turns at the wheel.

     "Murdock? Answer me."

     "It's nothin' Face. Just leave it alone."

     "But, it looks like a . . . "

     "I just wanna sleep, Face. Can ya' let it go for once? It's just a bruise, that's all. Nothin' to worry 'bout."

     There was a rustling sound of two men zipping up and getting comfortable in one extra-large sleeping bag. The two eavesdropping men exchanged another glance before B.A. turned his attention back to the road and Hannibal chewed on his unlit cigar. A suspicious bruise on the inside of Murdock's elbow could only mean one thing.

     Hannibal would take care of the problem orderly. Face would want to kill the bastard and that would just upset Murdock. It would be better if he took care of the situation the second that they got back.

     B.A. grounded his teeth and gave a low growl. That orderly would learn to keep his hands to himself once B.A. got through with him. Nobody, but NOBODY messed with his little brother. Except for him. 

The end.


Little Brother by Soulseeker



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