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It wasn’t suppose to happen like this they were never suppose to know, Face stood looking at his friends, each of them staring

Haunted Past

By Jullian Gray


Rating: NC-17

Summary: Face runs into a person from his past that turned his life as a child into a nightmare. Now the same man is trying to destroy his future.

Warnings: Slash, mention of rape and child abuse, language, consensual sex, mental anguish, mention of suicide.

Story idea adopted from Auntie Hill

Comments: Please

Special Thanks to Sherry who corrects my horrible grammar and spelling





It wasn't suppose to happen like this, they were never supposed to know.


Face sat on the couch looking at his friends, each of them staring back at him. Each of them expressing a different emotion. For Murdock it was shock, for BA it was anger, and Hannibal


Oh god, Hannibal's was the worst. Face could see the hurt and pain in his lover's blue eyes.


Face looked over at Mark Conner, his long ago tormentor, then back at his team and hung his head.


"Face, why didn't you tell us?" Murdock asked as he looked over at his best friend.


Face put his head in his hand, and looked down at the floor. It was over now, there was no way they would want him. He was trash. He knew it and now they did too.



A little over a week earlier


The plan was easy enough. The team had been hired by a friend of Hannibal's in the Orange County Sheriff's Department to find one Nick Traduskie, a Mafia boss who had gone underground when the Feds had come after him.


Everyone believed that the crime boss had fled the country; except Hannibal's friend, who just had a gut feeling Nick was still in the LA area. The deputy knew that Nick the Knife, as his few living friends knew him, loved his girlfriend. In fact he loved her way too much to just leave her behind. And since one Cindy Diamond was still in LA, that meant Nick was still in LA.


Hannibal's plan was simple enough. He would have Face seduce the young lady, take her out into public as a couple dating, and snag Nick before he snagged his lieutenant.


The only problem with the plan right now was that his lieutenant, the main factor in pulling the plan together, hated it.


"Come on Hannibal you can't be serious. We're talking about Nick Traduskie. You know, 'Nick the Knife'. He's not just some petty thug, but a real time gangster."


"I think you're losing your touch." BA snickered as looked over at the blonde con man.


"It has nothing to do with my talent, BA; I just don't want to end up in the ocean feeding the fish. Besides, if anyone is losing their touch it's got to be Hannibal. I mean, come on, can't you come up with something better than me seducing his girlfriend?"


"I think it's a great plan. Come on, Face, can you think of a better way to get him out of hiding than to have a blonde playboy chasing after his one and only Cindy Diamond."


Hannibal smiled as he took another draw off of his cigar.


"How about we just throw him a retirement party." Face laughed out as he threw up his hands.


"Come on kid, she's young, average height, thin, alabaster-skinned, red head."


"In case you have forgotten Hannibal, I happened to be in love with an older, tall, gaining a little weight around the middle, well-tanned, silver-haired, MAN!"


"How about a middle aged, slightly balding pilot? Got any love for a guy like that?" Murdock laughed as he threw his arm over Face's shoulder.


"I'm serious you guys, Nick Traduskie is a killer. Ask his last five partners. Oh that's right, you can't, and why might you ask? I'll tell you why, because they are all dead HANNIBAL!" Face all but yelled as he shrugged Murdock's arm off his shoulder and glared at his colonel.


Hannibal sighed as he snuffed out his cigar and walked over to his young lover; putting his hands on the younger man's shoulders he looked Face dead in the eyes.


"Calm down, I'm not going to let anything happen to you. You of all people should know that. The rest of us will be there with you every step of the way. All of us will be within twenty feet of you at all time."


"I appreciate your comforting words and thoughts Hannibal, but that doesn't do much for me. Since I was a sniper, I know just how far away you can be to get a clean shot off." Face growled as he tried to pull out of Hannibal's grip.


Hannibal wasn't having it. As Face tried to pull away he tightened his grip and pulled the younger man to his chest. "I won't let him hurt you Face. I promise no one is going to hurt you." Gently he kissed Face on the lips. "You mean too much to me to let anything happen to you."




"Promise." Hannibal kissed Face again as he pulled him into a strong embrace.


"You guys want a room?" Murdock asked as he leaned up against BA.


"Crazy fools right, you two worse than a pair of school kids." The black man growled, although inside he was happy to see the two together.


'Didn't nobody need to be protected from his own self-doubts more than Face. And no one needed to be reigned in from the jazz more than Hannibal,' BA thought as he watched the two hug.


Face leaned forward as he kissed Hannibal one more time on the lips.


"I'll do it. I still don't like it, but I'll do it."


"That's my favorite con man." Hannibal hugged Face one more time before he let his lover go. Throwing his arm over Face's shoulder, Hannibal smiled at BA and Murdock. "Gentlemen, I suggest we all get to bed early, we have a case to start in the morning."




The plan went into effect the next afternoon, and within a week Face had his first date with Cindy Diamond. Everything was going according to plan except for one major snag; Cindy Diamond was tired of waiting on Nick to show back up and had already started to date again.


Face strolled into the country club where Cindy was taking tennis lessons. She was just coming off the court when Face walked up to her.


"Nice game," he smiled, flashing his best and brightest.


"Thanks," she smiled back at him.


"Joshua Stephens. And you would be....?" Face asked as he held out his hand.


"Cindy Diamond." She placed her hand in his.


"You do sparkle just like the jewel."


When Face raised it to his lips and kissed the back of her hand she almost squealed with delight.


"I was wondering if you would like to join me for a game, my partner didn't show up."


"I'd love to Joshua, but I have a date in an hour."


"We could make it a quick one, and I'll buy the drinks afterward." Face smiled again. "I mean isn't a woman's duty to be make a gentleman wait."


"You know, you're right. A quick match wouldn't hurt."


The two ended up playing several sets before Cindy proclaimed that she had to leave.


"How about those drinks?"


"I'd love to, but I really have to go."


"How about lunch tomorrow?"


"I'd love to Joshua, but..."


"Meet me at DeSha's on the pier. Say 1:00."


"I'd love to. I really would, but I have a date at 1:00 with Mark. As much as I would love to spend the day with you, I just can't leave him. He's really had a hard life."


"I won't tell if you won't." Face smiled again, kissing the back of her hand.


She considered a moment and eyed him hesitantly at her decision. "Alright I'll meet you there at 1:00. But if I can't get rid of him we'll have to cancel. I just can't stand him up. You know he use to be an orphan?"


"Now if that doesn't sound like a con job, I don't know what does." Face smiled at her.


"No, I mean it. He spent his entire childhood at an orphanage. He told me all about it.  Can you imagine how tough that must have been on a young kid?"


'You have no idea.' Face thought to himself.


"I understand completely."


"You don't believe me do you?" She sensed his skepticism.


"No, I believe you, Cindy, really." Face smiled. "But your friend.... Now that is a different story."


"I'll tell you what Joshua. You can check his story out if you want, and if you find out Mark is lying, I'll dump him the same day."


Face smile widened as he reached out and took Cindy's hand.


"Deal. What's his name?"


"His name is Mark Conner and he was a orphan at St. Bartholomew's Home for Boys in Los Angeles."


Face ran the familiar name through his head and then paled as it registered. 'It can't be,' he thought. 'There was no way this could be the same Mark Conner I knew all those years ago.'


"Joshua are you alright? You look like you've seen a ghost."


Quickly Face recovered as he bent down over Cindy.


"I'm fine and I'll see you tomorrow." With that Face brushed the red-head's lips with his own.


Once Cindy left Face silently followed her to see this Mark Conner for himself. From what he could tell from his seat in the vette, this man was dark-headed, short and stocky. Judging from his slightly spreading middle, and the way he carried himself, Face guessed he was probably at the least ten years older than himself. Was it possible this was the same person who had been at St. Bart's? As he leaned back in the car's seat contemplating his next move the older man turned around. Face's heart nearly stopped.


Standing not a hundred feet from him was the Mark Conner he had known as a child. Even from this distance Face could make out the scar than ran from the man's ear to his throat. Face had put that scar there himself with a piece of metal the first time he had ran way from St. Bart's and Conner had tried to drag him back.


Conner was one of the main people that had made his life a living hell in an orphanage named St. Bartholomew's.


Face had only stayed a year at St. Bartholomew's Orphanage for Boys because of the things Mark and one of the priest's had done to him. He had only been six while Mark had been sixteen. He had repeatedly raped all the younger boys; however, he took special interest in assaulting Face.


It had been Mark who had introduced Face to the good Father Thomas. And it was the good Father who had introduced Face into the world of child slavery.


For his good work in bringing in such a find, Mark got the honor of having Face whenever the men were done with him. And when he tried to run away, Mark got the pleasure of punishing him.


These punishments would usually consist of Mark beating the young boy till he couldn't move, then raping him repeatedly. When he was done using the smaller boy he would throw Face in the church's dark cellar; cold, naked and alone. Sometimes leaving him there for up to a week with nothing to eat and little to drink.


This abuse stopped when Face couldn't take anymore and attempted to take his own life by cutting his left wrist on a jagged rock that protruded from the cellar wall.


He would have ended his life that day in the dark dank seller if Sister Mary hadn't decided to can peaches as a treat for the children at Christmas. She had found Face's bleeding, broken body and took him to the hospital emergency room without consulting the priests for fear that the boy would die before they made a decision on what to do.


A short time later, after Face's traumatic confession to the emergency room doctors, Father Thomas was arrested for running a child prostitution ring. Mark Conner was taken to a juvenile detention center, where he would stay until he turned eighteen, thanks to Face's testimony at his trial.


Face had nightmares, carrying this burden with him for years. When he had arrived in Vietnam he was still plagued by them. It had taken time, but the nightmares slowly began to fade, thanks to the team's support and love.


Face looked at Conner closely just to make sure he hadn't been seeing things. Though many years had passed, the two were still complete opposites.


While Face was tall, blonde, tan and lean, Mark was short, black haired, pale and stocky. Where Face was always looking for the best in people, Mark looked for the bad. While performing a con, Face never took more than the person was willing to give him freely. Mark, on the other hand, was in for the kill. He didn't care how much he took; and if he left a widow penniless, then so be it, that wasn't his problem. 


Realizing it was Conner, Face quickly stuck the car into drive and pulled away from the country club. 'Hannibal was just going to have to find another way,' he thought as he worked his way through the afternoon traffic.


There was just no way he could do this. Face gripped the steering wheel as tight as he could, trying desperately not to think of all the things that had been done to him by the other man. The more he tried to push the past, and his feelings, away; the more the floodgates opened.


By the time Face pulled up in front of the beach house he and Hannibal were sharing he could barely function. All he could do was feel the long-gone men touching and fondling him.


Going straight to the bar, Face grabbed a bottle of scotch and sat down on the couch. After taking a large drink from the bottle he began to stare out the picture window, trying desperately to get his emotions under control.


"Face, that you kid?" Hannibal called out as he slid a roast in the oven.


"Face?" When he got no response Hannibal came out of the kitchen and made his way into the living room.




Face didn't even look over at his lover; he just kept his gaze on the ocean view. He wanted to tell Hannibal what was wrong, but he couldn't. And if he opened his mouth right now he knew his emotions would overwhelm him.


"What's wrong, kid?" Hannibal asked again as he knelt down in front of the younger man. "Come on, Face, talk to me."


Not saying a word, Face took a large swallow from the bottle. He could tell by the tone of Hannibal voice that his lover was getting frustrated with him, but he couldn't help it. He just couldn't open his mouth, and the longer he sat there, the more the memories threatened to overwhelm him. 


"Damn it, Face, what's wrong?" Hannibal put his hand over the top of Face's preventing him from lifting the bottle again as he tried to take another drink.


When Face didn't answer or turn to look at him, Hannibal continued. "Look, I know you're worried about Nick, but I'm not going to let him hurt you."


Face wanted to tell Hannibal that it wasn't Nick he was worried about, but he couldn't. He couldn't even open his mouth, so he just sat there staring out at the sea.


Hannibal looked up at his lieutenant. He knew the younger man could be just as stubborn as himself, but this was just pure nonsense. "When you feel like talking to me, I'll be in the kitchen," Hannibal stated flatly as he rose to leave.


"Don't leave, please." The voice was so soft and childlike, Hannibal stopped dead in his tracks. He looked down at the smaller man who was still staring straight ahead. He watched as the tears in the younger man's eyes slowly fell over Face's lower lids, and left wet tracks down his cheeks.


Carefully Hannibal pulled the liquor bottle out of Face's hand and set it down on the coffee table before he sat down beside him. Gently Hannibal pulled the younger man into his arms.


Face could feel Hannibal pull him into his arms. Face reached out and grabbed a hold of his lover's shirt. He was trying to keep his mind in the present with Hannibal, but despite his best efforts, he could feel his mind slipping back even farther. He could feel the other men touching him, rubbing their hands over his body, laughing at him, pushing themselves into him.


Hannibal looked down at Face as he felt the younger man grab a hold of his shirt. The tears were now pouring from the blue-green eyes. Though they were open they were not focused on anything. The trembling in Face's body had become so bad that he was having a hard time holding onto the younger man. Hannibal knew right then that Face was in the middle of a flashback. Now he had to get through to his lieutenant before he lost him completely.


"Templeton. Calm down, I've got you."


Face could feel someone holding him tight, preventing him from moving. He could hear a man's voice whispering in his ear.


"Please, no." Face moaned.


Father Thomas had sold him again; it was always the same every time they sold him. Mark Conner would grab him in his bed and hold him down until they could force a gag into his mouth. Then they would tie his hands and arms so he couldn't fight them. Then they would take him to the man who had bought his body for the night.


"Please stop, Father. I'll be good. Please, Father!" Face cried out as he tried to pull out of Hannibal's grip.


Hannibal was shocked by the words that came out of Face's mouth. He knew that the younger man had been through some bad experiences as a child, but this stunned him. Surely to god, Face wasn't talking about Father Maghill. The kid treated the old man as if he was his biological father.  


Tightening his grip, Hannibal pulled Face into his lap and pushed the blonde head to his shoulder so he could whisper into his ear.  "Face." Hannibal called out again keeping his voice soft and gentle. "I've got you, no one is going to hurt you."


Face continued to struggle against Hannibal's grip trying desperately to get away from the hands that were holding him in place.


"Templeton, it's Hannibal, come on baby."  Keeping his voice soft and gentle Hannibal began to sing. "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine you make me happy…"


Face could hear a familiar voice breaking through the wicked, laughing voices of all the men who were touching him. It was soft and gentle compared to all the others. Soon the other voices began to fade until only the voice of his lover remained. 




"I've got you, Tem" Hannibal moved so he could rub his lover's back.


Slowly, Face released his death grip on his lover's shirt as he began to get his emotions back under control. Feeling safe in the older man's arms Face allowed the tension to drain from his body. As the tension and emotional stress left him, so did his energy. As Hannibal rubbed his back, Face closed his eyes and allowed himself to drift off to sleep.


When Hannibal felt Face's body begin to relax, he knew the smaller would not be awake much longer. Though they rarely occurred anymore, the flash backs were pure hell on his lieutenant, both physically and mentally. 


Carefully Hannibal shifted so he could lay Face down on the couch. Reaching beside him, he pulled a throw pillow onto his lap and rested Face's head on it. Gently he began to stroke the blonde hair as he picked up the phone and called BA.


A few hours later


Face woke slowly to the sensation of someone stroking his hair. Judging by the light and gentle strokes, he knew it was Hannibal.


He could hear the colonel speaking softly to someone from the sound of the baritone voice, knew that it had to be BA. He could hear Hannibal telling BA that the case was over, and as much as he wanted nothing more than to get as far way from Mark Conner as possible, Face knew he couldn't leave a lady like Cindy Diamond at the other man's mercy.


 "I'm pulling us off the case."


"Man, I knew Faceman didn't want to do this, but I didn't realize it was upsetting him this bad."


"I haven't seen him go through this in over a year." Hannibal stopped stroking Face's hair for a moment so he could gently run the back of his hand down the younger man's cheek.


"God help me BA, if I could ever get my hands on the bastards who hurt him so bad, I'd kill them."


"You'd have to stand in line, man."


"I'll call Murdock in the morning and tell him we're done with the case."


"Can't quit.... were not finished." Face answered softly as he reached up and took a hold of the hand Hannibal had resting on his shoulder.


"Hey, Faceman, you alright?" BA asked as he leaned forward in his chair to look at the smaller man.


"Yeah, I'm alright." As Face began to sit up he felt Hannibal's strong arms go around him, supporting him, as he managed to get into a sitting position. "And we can't quit."


"Face, I don't know what happened this afternoon; but I know it involves this case and I'm pulling us off of it."


"I'm alright Hannibal."


"Face, I want to know what happened."


"I don't know. I was driving home and…" Face stopped, knowing if he went any further he would push the memories back into his conscious. He also knew the more he said the more likely it would be that Hannibal would pick up on his lie.


"That's not going to cut it, kid. What happened?"


"I don't know Hannibal." Face dropped his head. "But I don't want to give up on this case."


Sighing deeply, Hannibal put his arm around Face and pulled the younger man closer to him. He wanted to force his lieutenant into telling him what was wrong. It broke his heart to see his young lover like this, especially if he could do something to prevent the pain.


However, he knew it would do no good to demand anything from Face. The kid would open up to him when, and only when, he was ready. In the mean time he would be there any way possible.


"You had me scared, Tem."


"I'm sorry," Face answered softly as he leaned against Hannibal, and smiled up at the blue eyes looking back down at him.


Hannibal sighed deeply as he leaned over and kissed the top of Face's blonde head.


"Why the sudden change of heart on this case?"


"I have a date tomorrow."


"Oh man, you as crazy as that fool in the VA!"


"Come on, BA. She's young, average height, thin, alabaster-skinned, red head." Face laughed softly as he smiled up at his lover.


"You are so in for it young man." Hannibal laughed softly as he put his hand on Face's head and ruffled the blonde hair sending it flying in every direction.


"I'm going upstairs and get in the shower." Face rose to leave the room. He stopped when he felt a light touch on his wrist.


"Dinner will be ready in about an hour. I expect you down to eat."


"Sure." Face smiled as he turned to leave.


"Don't make me come up after you Faceman. Don't like no cold pot roast."


"I'll be down in time."


Once Face was out of the room BA turned to Hannibal.


"He won't be back down will he?"


"Not unless you carry him."


"Just might do it too." BA looked at the stairs Face had just gone up.


Once upstairs Face moved to the master bedroom. After sitting down on his side of the bed, he reached over and picked up a photo of Hannibal. He smiled as he looked at the shining blue eyes and the bright smile that stared back at him.


He wanted to tell Hannibal what had happened, but he couldn't. If he found out what he had done at St. Bart's, Hannibal would never want him again. There was no way any of them would ever want to be near him again.


Setting the photo down with a sigh Face got up and went into the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later he was standing in a steaming hot shower with his head down so the water could stream over his head.


Even though he had just woken up, he now felt tired again. He was just about to reach for the shampoo when he heard the bathroom door open. Instantly he tensed as he heard someone enter the room.


"It's just me, Tem."


"I'll be out in just a few more minutes, Hannibal."


Face jumped when he heard the glass door to the shower open. Before he could turn around, he felt a pair of strong hands on his shoulders.


"Face, what happened this afternoon?"


"I don't know."


Hannibal slid his hands off Face's shoulders and down his body. One arm he wrapped around Face's waist and the other he wrapped around Face’s chest. Pulling the younger man closer he whispered in Face's ear.


"Don't lie to me, Tem. You're a great con man but you can't con me. I would have thought you'd have learned that by now."


Face sighed as he leaned back against his lover's bare chest, enjoying the feeling of being safe in the strong arms.


"I saw someone I haven't seen for a long time today. It just brought back some memories that I would have just assume forget."


"You want to talk about it?"


Face shook his head no.


"I'll be here for you whenever you need to talk."


"No matter where I am, huh?"


"No matter where." Hannibal laughed softly in Face's ear. Tenderly he kissed Face's neck as he pulled him in closer and began to rub his hands up and down the lean body.


"You know BA is downstairs."


"Let him wait." Hannibal slowly moved his hands over Face's chest and stomach. Face leaned back farther into his lover's chest feeling safe from the outside world


Moving carefully so he wouldn't slip, Hannibal turned the younger man around to face him.


"You're beautiful. You know that?"


"So you've told me on more than one occasion." Face smiled up at him.


Gently Hannibal ran his fingertips over the younger man's face as he looked into the blue-green eyes. He saw nothing but love and trust for him in them.


"When this case is over,  I'm taking you away from the city for a while. Just you and me in the country for a few weeks. We'll stay in bed till noon making love, then we'll fish for a few hours; then go back to bed and have just plane old fashioned sex. When we wake up in the morning we'll start all over again. How does that sound?"


"You leave out the fishing and we've got a deal."


"Done." Hannibal captured Face's mouth with his own sealing the deal.


As they kissed Face ran his fingers through the silver hair on his lover's chest. He broke off the kiss by running his lips over Hannibal's chin and neck, slowly making his way down the older man's body to his chest then to his stomach and finally to his penis.


Hannibal gasped slightly when Face's hot mouth closed over him. Gently Face began to suck and lick on his lover. Hannibal reached down and put both of his hands into the blonde hair. As Face began to pick up rhythm, Hannibal began to thrust with his hips sending himself deeper into the hot mouth.


"Oh god, Tem I love you!" were the words that Hannibal yelled as he came.


Hannibal reached down and pulled Face off his knees. Once again kissing the soft mouth that had just brought him so much pleasure.


Gently Hannibal began to run his hands over Face's chest. He smiled as he grazed Face's nipples, and the young man moaned. Recovering Face's mouth with his own, Hannibal slid his tongue into the smaller man's mouth while moving his hands lower to take a hold of Face's member.


The young man moaned even louder as Hannibal began to stroke him. He could feel the young man's body begin to tremble as his orgasm built. Feeling his lover about to climax Hannibal pulled him in even closer to him, plunging his tongue even deeper into Face's mouth.


As the blonde came in his hand, Hannibal held him tight; still supporting him as the orgasm overtook him. Until, finally, he collapsed against Hannibal.


Hannibal released Face's mouth and gently lowered the blonde head to his shoulder.


"Relax, I've got you." Hannibal paused to kiss the blonde head. "And whenever you want to talk about whatever is that's bothering you, know I'll be here for you. Right?"


Face only nodded yes.


"Good, now lets get out of here and eat dinner before BA comes up here looking for us."




The next morning when Face came down the stairs to meet the rest of the team he was dressed in his best gray Armani suit and a light blue shirt that highlighted his eyes.


"Man, would you look at that?" BA whistled at Face as he made his way into the kitchen.  


"I told you he cleans up nicely." Hannibal smiled as he walked over to Face and kissed him gently on the lips.


"You are just so funny, Mr. Smith." Face laughed softly as he straightened his already perfectly straight tie.


"You sure you don't want to share him, Colonel." Murdock chuckled.


"Not a chance Captain, not a chance." Hannibal answered as he put his arm around Face's waist.


"If all of you are finished trying to get into my pants, we need to get going." Face laughed as he pulled out of Hannibal’s grip.


The ride to the restaurant was filled with lighthearted conversations as Hannibal tried to keep Face loose and at ease for his date.


Everything was going fine until Face made his way into the restaurant and saw Mark Conner sitting at the table he had reserved for Cindy and himself.


Hannibal watched Face closely. If he hadn't just got done scanning the room for any possible threat, and turned his attention back to the younger man, he would have missed the look of horror that passed across his handsome features.


"Something wrong, Sir?" Hannibal asked as a waiter walked up to them.


"Yes, John, I believe there is a man sitting at my table." Face turned to Hannibal as he ran his hand through his hair. "If recall I have a date with Miss Diamond, and I don't believe I invited that gentleman to join us," Face answered as he turned to look back at the waiter.


"Could you please have him removed before I have to send my man here to do it?" Face smiled at the waiter.


 "You know I really don't want to make a scene, it really ruins the mood" The young con man smiled even wider as he handed the waiter a one hundred dollar bill. "I'm sure you know what I mean." Face winked.


Face turned his back to the table as three waiters started toward the table Cindy Diamond and Face's childhood tormentor were seated at. If things went as he planned, Mark would be escorted out of the restaurant and he would never have to see the man face to face.


However, just like many of Hannibal's plans, Face's didn't fair much better when put to the test.


Mark Conner was just out of his sight when Face started toward Miss Diamond's table. He put on his best smile and reached his hand out to take hers when all hell broke loose.


"Get away from her!" Conner suddenly sneered in Face's ear as he grabbed the younger man by the arm and spun him around.


"Richie, you son of a bitch." Conner looked at the younger man in disbelief.  Instantly Conner took a swing at Face; only to have it blocked by the younger man, who returned the favor and punched Conner in the gut, sending him to his knees.


Suddenly things went from bad to worse. It was at the exact moment that Conner fell to his knees that 'Nick the Knife' showed up deciding to end the life of his girlfriend's newest suitor. The bullet that was meant for Mark Conner tore through Face's upper shoulder, knocking him to the ground.


From there everything went into slow motion for Face. He watched as Hannibal tackled Nick to the ground and wrestled the gun away from him. He struggle to sit up but was shoved back to the ground. Face looked up into the brown eyes of Mark Conner.


"Long time no see, Richie boy" Mark sneered as he pressed his fingers into Face's wound. Face screamed as the darkness overtook him.


Hannibal had just knocked Nick unconscious when he heard Face scream. He spun around to see the stocky man who had taken a swing at Face kneeling down beside him. Hannibal dropped Nick and grabbed Conner by the back of his jacket, hauling him away from his fallen lover.


"Get away from him!"


"I'm sorry. He looks just like a friend of mine. I mean, it's silly to think that I would run across someone from St. Bart's orphanage after all these years. I just wanted to see if it was Richie."


"Throwing a punch at someone is a damn funny way of greeting a long lost friend." Hannibal eyed the man.


"I didn't realize it was him, honest sir. I was caught up in the moment of some guy trying to steal my lady. I'm sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen to him."


Hannibal only nodded as he knelt down beside his fallen lieutenant.


"Face. Face can you hear me, kid?"


"Hannibal, we got company!" BA yelled as he made his way through the restaurant. In the distance the colonel could hear the sirens.


"Ahhh shit man. What happened to Faceman?" BA asked as he knelt down.


"Things didn't quite go like I planned," Hannibal commented as he brushed the blonde hair away from Face's closed eyes. "BA, help me get him to the van."


"Is there anything I can do, sir?" Mark asked, his voice full of concern.


"Yeah, you can get out of my way sucker." BA growled as he shoved the dark haired conman aside as he gently picked Face up.


As BA lifted him, Face moaned as the sergeant jostled his injured shoulder.


"Sorry, little brother."


"Look, I don't know who you are; but I'm sure that is my friend from the orphanage. You've got to let me come with you. I have to know if he's going to be alright."


Hannibal stuck his finger into Conner's chest.


"I don't have to do anything, buddy. So you better get that clear right now."


"I'm sorry, it's just I'm sure that is Richie. Please you have to let me come with you. I was his best friend. We were separated when he was sent to another orphanage. Please sir, I've got to know."


"Hannibal, we got to go!" Murdock called from the door of the restaurant.




"Fine, just stay out of the way." Hannibal stopped by the unconscious body of Nick the Knife and tied him up. As he made his way toward the door he grabbed a hold of a stunned waiter.


"Do not let that man go. He's wanted by the U.S. Marshall's office. When the police get here tell them it's Nick Traduskie. They'll know what to do."


"Yes, sir." The stunned waiter turned to watch the silver haired man walk out.


By the time Hannibal made it out to the van, BA had already laid Face down in the back and was climbing into the driver's seat. Murdock was kneeling down beside Face talking to his unconscious friend.


"You take the passenger's seat." Hannibal motioned to Conner as he climbed into the back of the van to be with Face. As soon as the doors closed, BA stomped on the gas and the black van sped from the scene.


"Who's this fool?" BA growled at the man in the seat next to him.


"Says he's a friend of Face's from the orphanage." Hannibal answered as he began to carefully peel Face's jacket off.


"Nice to meet you. I'm Mark Conner." The dark headed man held out his hand to the sergeant.


BA looked at the offered hand and growled as he turned his attention back to the road.


"Where to Hannibal?"


"Take us to the beach house. It's the closest."




Once Hannibal peeled back the jacket, he ripped open Face's shirt sending the small buttons scattering across the van floor. As he checked the wound, Murdock moved closer so he could hand the colonel sterile gauze padding to stop the blood that was pouring out of the shoulder wound.


"How does it look, Colonel?" Murdock asked as he handed Hannibal more pads.


"Looks like it went straight through. Hold his arms down, I'm going to have to apply direct pressure to try and get this to stop bleeding."


Murdock grabbed a hold of Face's arms, pinning them to the younger man's sides as Hannibal pressed down on the wound. Face moaned as pain shot through his injured shoulder. Instinctively he tried to hit the person who was causing him the pain.


"Easy, kid." 




"Just lay still and try to relax. I need to get the bleeding under control, so try not to move your shoulder."


"Bleeding…shoulder?" Face looked over at his right shoulder and groaned.


"Aww, Hannibal, you said you weren't going to let this happen. You know you've just ruined a hundred dollar shirt? And my jacket; do you have any idea what that set me back?"


"Sorry, kid. I'll get you a new suit as soon as you're better. We'll make a day of it. I'll take you to any store you want to go to. Now lie back down and be still."


Hannibal wanted to reach out and touch his lover's hair. But didn't dare take his hands off of the shoulder due to the amount of blood that was pouring out of the wound.


"Face, I'm going to have to press down harder to try and get the bleeding to stop."


Before Face could answer the colonel pressed down on the wound.


"Shit! Stop! Fuck, Hannibal! Stop!" Face yelled and began to struggle as Hannibal pressed down on his shoulder again. "Fuck that hurts! Stop!"


"Hold him, Captain." Hannibal warned Murdock as Face managed to grab a hold of his hands and tried to push them away from his shoulder.


"Do you need me to help, sir?" Mark Conner turned around in his seat. He smiled with fake innocence down at Face as he watched the younger man's face pale.


Face let go of Hannibal's hand as his mind began to panic. He didn't know what Conner was doing in the van, but he not want the other man to touch him. He laid his head back down and closed his eyes. He tried to relax as Hannibal applied more pressure.


"That's it, muchacho. Just be still."  Murdock reached out and took one of Face's hands in his own.


Face kept his eyes closed to avoid Conner's gaze. When the pain became unbearable he did not make a sound. Only when he lost consciousness did any noise pass between his lips.


Twenty minutes later BA pulled the van up in front of the beach house.


"Murdock, go unlock the door," Hannibal instructed. "BA, I need your help getting him inside."


"Can I do anything?" Conner asked.


"Yeah, get out of my way sucker." BA growled as he pushed the black-headed conman out of his way.


With Hannibal's help, BA scooped Face up into his arms and carried him into the house.


Once in the house, BA carried his precious burden upstairs to the large master bedroom. Gently he deposited Face on his side of the oversized bed.


"Han'bl." Face mumbled as he opened his eyes.


"He'll be up here in just a minute little brother. Now you lie still so you don't reopen that wound." BA reached down and took Face's smaller hand in his large one. "You just be quiet now."


Face lay back and closed his eyes as he tried to push passed the pain to gather his thoughts. He thought back to the restaurant. He remembered the gunshot, the gangster, and Mark Conner. Had the other man really been in the van? Or was it just the start of a horrible dream?


Face struggled to sit up. He had to know if the other man was in the house, or if he had just imagined it. There was no way he would be safe if Conner was in the house.


"Easy, Faceman. Easy." BA gently pushed Face back flat on the bed. He frowned as he saw red begin to stain the gauze on the smaller man's shoulder. "You got to be still little brother. You're just going to make your shoulder worse."


"Where's Hannibal?"


"He'll be right up. Now you just be still."


Hannibal quickly gathered up the medical supplies he'd need; including a syringe, which he carefully filled a quarter way with the drug they used to knock out BA before they flew. Hurrying into the master bedroom, he was shocked to see Face struggling to get up.


"Hey, Tem, where do you think you're going?" Hannibal sat down on the bed and put his hands on each side of his lover's face. "You need to lay back and be still."


"Hannibal?" Face reached up and touched the strong hands that were resting on his cheeks.


"Be still, Face." Hannibal leaned over and kissed Face's soft lips. "I'm going to give you something for the pain and it will help you sleep while I clean out that wound and stitch it closed."


"Please, Hannibal. I don't want to be put to sleep," Face begged as he squeezed the colonel's hands.


"Sorry, kid; it's for your own good." Hannibal looked over at BA who administered the sedative to Face.



Conner had quietly slipped into the room. He watched the interaction between the three men. He smiled as he watched the older man nod to the black man who stuck the needle into Richie's arm. These men obviously had his Richie under their control, and with a little effort on his part, he would have his old sex toy back in his bed where he belonged.


Face caught the movement in the corner of the room and saw the black-haired man sneak in. Desperately he turned his eyes back to his lover and long time protector.


"Please, Hannibal, I'll be still. I promise not to move. Please!" Face clutched at the colonel's hands.


"Relax, Face."  Hannibal took one of his hands away from Face's and began to stroke Face's hair. "I'll be right here when you wake up." 


"Please."  Face whispered.


"I won't leave you, Tem." Hannibal leaned over and tenderly kissed Face's lips. "I'll never leave you," he whispered into Face's ear as he sat back up.


Hannibal continued to stroke the blonde hair as he watched Face's eyelids slide closed over the pair of blue-green eyes he loved so much. Hannibal continued to stroke the blonde hair for several more minutes. Once he was sure Face was unconscious he turned to BA.


"Alright, Sergeant, let's get him patched up."


With BA's help, twenty minutes later Hannibal had Face undressed, the wound cleaned out and stitched closed. When they were finished Hannibal washed the blood from Face's body.


"How's he doing, Colonel?" Murdock asked as he stepped past Mark Conner and made his way up to the bed.


"He'll be fine, Murdock. We'll need to make sure he takes it easy for a while, but in a couple of weeks he'll back to his old charming self. That being said, I need to call Maggie and tell her we're going to need a prescription for antibiotics."


"I'm on it, Hannibal." Murdock volunteered and quickly left the bedroom to call Dr. Maggie Sullivan.


"Is there anything I can do to help?" Mark sidled up to the bed.


"Don't remember you being asked to come up here." BA growled at the older man.


Mark Conner held up his hands. "I'm sorry, I just wanted to try and help Richie."


"His name ain't Richie." BA stated flatly.


"Look, I didn't mean any disrespect. He went by Richard when I knew him, but I always called him Richie for short. You know how kids can be." The cunning man smiled.


"Well, Richard goes by Templeton or Face now, Mr....?" Hannibal asked with a raised eyebrow.


"Conner. Mark Conner." The black-haired man extended his hand out to Hannibal.


The colonel looked down at the extended hand. A smirk crossed his face as he reached out and took it with his still blood-smeared one.


"John Smith."


Hannibal's smile widened as the conman looked down at his hand in disgust.


"Nice to meet you, sir." Conner looked down at his now stained hand.


"Hannibal, if you got everything under control in here I'm going to go unload the van."


"Go ahead BA. If I need you I'll send Murdock for you."


BA glared over at Conner as he left the room.


"He sure is a friendly fellow." Conner commented over his shoulder as he watched BA leave.


"Something you better understand about BA, Mr. Conner. He will do everything in his power to protect Face. We all will!"


"I understand how he feels. I always tried to protect Rich– sorry, I mean Templeton."


Hannibal started to ask a question when Murdock ran into the room carrying the cordless phone.


"Hey, Hannibal, I've got Maggie on the line. She needs to talk to you about Face before she can call in a prescription for him."


Hannibal took the phone and headed out the French doors that led out to the balcony.


Murdock leaned over the bed and covered Face with a blanket. Gently he reached out and brushed away the blonde hair that had fallen over Face's closed eyes.


"Hey, Muchacho, when you wake up, me and you will head down to the beach and sit in the sand for a while. Maybe play fetch with Billy. How would that be, Facey?"


 Murdock reached down and touched Face's cheek.


"I'm going to go make lunch so the mudsucker doesn't get any meaner than he already is. So you sleep tight and I'll see you when you wake up."  Murdock leaned down and kissed Face gently on the forehead.


Mark Conner watched the display of affection between the two men with what appeared to be casual indifference. However, mentally he was taking note of everything going on around him. Quietly he looked around the room, taking note of the few photos that were on the dresser.


The first one was of Richie and the older silver-haired man named John with their arms around each other's shoulders smiling for the camera.


The second one was of the four men standing in military dress uniforms, all smiling.


The third was of Richie standing in front of a white corvette smiling.


The fourth was of all four men standing in front of a helicopter in fatigues. A sign in the background read Saigon.


The last one Mark found the most interesting. It was of Richie lying on a blanket at a beach with his head in the silver haired man's lap, his eyes closed. The older man had one of his hands in Richie's hair and the other one on Richie's shoulder. Both seemed oblivious to the camera.


Mark kept quiet as the guy named Murdock rose from the bed and made his way out of the room. The conman looked around the room as he made his way over to the bed.


He took note of the photo of John Smith smiling for the camera on the nightstand as he sat down on the bed.


As he looked down at the sleeping man, an evil smile crossed his lips.


"You've done pretty good for yourself Richie. In fact, I think you've done well enough to share a little of the wealth. So you make sure you get plenty of rest, Richie boy, because you have a lot of work to do for me." Mark slowly ran his fingers down Face's jaw line.


"In fact, I believe you will be providing me with quite a few extra comforts, sweetheart. I know that you wouldn't want old Johnny here to know about us. Now would you?"


Mark ran his fingers down Face's throat and pulled the blankets back so he could run his hand across Face's bare chest.


"Yes, I believe me and you are going to are going to have quite a bit of fun." The conman snickered as he pinched one of Face's nipples. "You've grown into quite a looker, Richie. No wonder they all want to touch you."


Conner ran his hands lightly over Face's hip.


"Yeah, I think me and you will be spending quite a bit of time together. After all, you owe me a few years of my freedom, Richie boy."


"Yes, Maggie, I promise to watch for infection." Hannibal's voice signaled his impending return.


Mark quickly recovered Face's chest and stood up as he heard John Smith come back in through the French doors.


"Yes, Maggie, I promise to call you if he gets a fever. Yes, Maggie, yes. I promise! Bye Maggie."


'Sometimes Maggie Sullivan could be as bad as a mother hen,' Hannibal thought as he walked over to the bed shaking his head.


"Your self-appointed mother says hi." Hannibal laughed softly as he looked down at Face. When he noticed the other man still standing there, Hannibal raised his eyebrow.


"Any reason you're still up here, Mr. Conner?"


"I just wanted to make sure Richie was okay, Mr. Smith."


"I believe you have been told more than once that his name is Templeton. Or Mr. Peck, if that's too much for you to remember."


"I'm sorry sir, I didn't mean any disrespect. It's just hard to break an old habit."


Mark Conner stared into a pair of intense eyes. He tried to hold their stare, but couldn't. It seemed as though the silver-haired man was staring into his very soul. Quickly, he looked down at Face to avoid the blue eyes.


"Is there anything I can do to help? Richie saved my life, Mr. Smith. I know that the bullet was meant for me, so I'll do anything to help out."


"Don't go making yourself at home, Mr. Conner. If Face doesn't confirm your story, I'll personally dump your ass into the middle of Death Valley. The only reason that you're here at all is because you may be his friend."


"Don't worry, Mr. Smith. When Rich– I mean, when Templeton wakes up, he'll tell you that we were great friends until he got transferred."


"We'll see, Mr. Conner. In the mean time I suggest you go back downstairs.


"Can I help out with anything at all?" Conner persisted, not wanting to leave.


"If I want your help, I'll ask for it! Just get out the hell out of our bedroom!" Hannibal growled as he stared down at the smaller man.


Deciding it wouldn't be prudent to argue, Conner cleared his throat nervously, "Not a problem, sir."  and quickly left the room.


Hannibal watched as the outsider left the bedroom. For some reason the other man made his uneasy. He didn't want this man in their house, but he didn't want to throw him out until Face said he wanted him gone.


Gently, Hannibal lowered the blanket so he could check on the shoulder wound. Convinced that the bleeding had stopped, he recovered Face with the blanket. Reaching down to the end of the bed, he pulled up the comforter and covered the younger man with it also.


After he was sure the younger man was warm enough, Hannibal took off his bloody shirt and made himself comfortable on the bed beside Face. Once he was settled, he carefully pulled Face closer to him so that the younger man's head was resting on his shoulder.


Making sure Face was covered and comfortable Hannibal turned on the big screen TV that sat directly across from the bed. Absently, he began to stroke Face's blonde hair as he watched the Bulls/Lakers game.



Murdock turned around when he felt someone standing behind him.


"Mr. Smith said I should help out. I don't think I introduced myself to you. My name is Mark Conner." He stuck his hand out to the pilot.


Murdock stared at the older man then shrugged. "Whatever."


"Is there anything I can do?"


"Yeah, you could set the table. The plates are over there." Murdock motioned toward the cabinet by the refrigerator. 


"So how long have you guys been living here?"


"I don't live here so I don't know. I think Face got it about two months ago and Hannibal moved in just a short time after that."


"Let me get the names straight. Face is Richie  I mean, Templeton and Hannibal is Mr. Smith?"


"You got it, bub." 


"And Templeton and Mr. Smith stay in this huge house all by themselves?"


"Sometime I'll stay over, or BA will stay the night or weekend. But for the most it's just the two of them. Faceman likes his space."




"Yep. We've been calling him Face since Vietnam. It was a nickname that just stuck with him.  I mean, after you've seen him once, you just can't forget that face."


"Sure, if you say so."


"Come on, you grew up with Face. He must have been a charmer then too."


Mark walked over to the cabinet and pulled out the dishes then made his way to the kitchen table.


"Oh, he was something all right. He never did like being stuck at the orphanage. He use to run away all the time. Father Thomas would always send me to go and bring him back. Yeah, Richie was really something. Use to make up wild stories all the time just to get out of doing things."


Murdock laughed softly. He could just imagine Face as a blonde haired, blue eyed little devil. Running around with the nuns and priests wrapped around his finger.


"I bet he use to get away with alot."


"Oh, he tried, but Father Thomas kept pretty tight control over him. You would never guess some of the stuff Richie would do, or say, to get out of trouble."


"I can just imagine. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff he has tried pull on Hannibal over the years."


"You have got to tell me some of the stuff Richie has done. We could swap stories."


"Done told you once sucker, his name ain't Richie!" BA growled as he came into the kitchen.


"Now, BA, calm down. Mark was just going to tell me some stuff Face did when he was a kid."


"If Faceman wants us to know about his past, he'll tell us."




"Don't BA me fool. I think it's funny that this sucker was supposed to have been Faceman's best friend, but Face ain't never mentioned him."


"We haven't seen each other for a long time. I'm sure that he met alot of new friends once he went to the new orphanage."


"Still ain't right. If Face wants us to know, he'll tell us. 'Sides, we need to check out this sucker's story. I suggest you keep your mouths shut. Both of you." BA glared at the pilot.


Murdock wanted to argue with BA; however, he knew the big man was right. If Face wanted them to know about his childhood he would tell them. He also knew that he shouldn't say anything about the team. If this guy wasn't who he said he was, it could put the whole team in danger. But damn it was so tempting.


"What did you fix for lunch fool?"


"Chicken Stew a la Murdock."


"What is that?"  Conner asked as he finished setting the table.


"Campbell's chicken noodle soup." BA rolled his eyes. 


"BA, when Facey wakes up he's going to be hungry. And you know his little tummy is going to be upset from the sedative."


"Faceman'll be lucky to wake up before tomorrow mornin'. I know he's got some frozen pizza in the freezer. Fix a couple of those."


"Maybe I don't want pizza. Did you ever think about that you ugly mudsucker."


Murdock stuck out his tongue as BA started toward him. The pilot ran out of the kitchen and into the living room as the big black sergeant chased after him.


"I'll fix it!" Conner called out from the kitchen as the large man chased the smaller one around the house.


Conner went to the freezer and pulled out two pizzas. He then thought better of it as he considered the size of the big man and pulled out two more.


He thought about the strange group of people his Richie had gotten in with. They all seemed extremely protective of him. However, if he played his cards right, Richie could be his meal ticket for the next few months. He started whistling as he tore open a pizza box.



2:00 am


Face took a deep breath as he slowly began to wake up. From years of bad experiences, he used all his senses to check out what was going on around him before opening his eyes.


Slowly and carefully he began to move his fingers. As he moved them back and forth he could feel skin and hair. When he inhaled he could smell the familiar scent, cigars and aftershave. Realizing it was his lover, Face opened his eyes to a moonlit-filled room. Once he was sure the rest of the room was safe he began to try and sit up. Face stopped when he felt the arm around his waist tighten, keeping him from moving any further away.


"And just where do you think you're going?" A husky voice asked.


Face looked up to see a pair of bright blue eyes looking down at him.


"Hi, Hannibal." Face smiled up at his lover.


"Hi, yourself." Hannibal smiled down at the smaller man in his arms.


Gently he pulled Face closer to him and kissed to top of his head. Taking in the smell of the sun and shampoo that always seemed to permeate the blonde hair.


"How you feeling?"


 Face sighed as he laid his head back on Hannibal's broad chest.


"Just like I got shot in the shoulder, then someone stuffed me full of sedatives and painkillers."


Hannibal smiled as he reached down and began to stroke the soft blonde hair.


"Sorry, kid, you needed the wound stitched closed and there was no use in you suffering."


"You're so right, Colonel. The upset stomach I'll have in a little while is so much better."


"I can tell by your bitching that you must be feeling alright."


"Sore, tired and nauseous. Just like all the other times your plans go wrong." Face laughed softly as he began to run his long fingers in small circles over his lover's chest and stomach.


Hannibal lay back and enjoyed the sensation of Face's delicate fingers moving over his body.


"Be honest with me, kid. Do you need anything for pain?"


Face closed his eyes and took a mental evaluation of his body. He did hurt, and his shoulder was throbbing; however, he didn't really want to take any pain medication at this time.


"I'm hurting a little, but I should be alright till morning."


"It is the morning, Face."


Hannibal jumped as Face poked him in between two of his ribs.


"Smart ass." Face growled.


"I don't see your ass doing any tricks." Hannibal laughed softly as he grabbed a hold of Face's wrists, preventing him from poking him again.


"You never complained about my ass before."


"And I'm not about to start."


 Face turned his head so he could smile up at his lover.


Hannibal's breath caught in his throat as Face smiled up at him. It was the smile that Face reserved just for him. A smile that reached all the way to the younger man's blue-green eyes. A smile that made his heart beat faster knowing that Face was truly happy, and in love with just him


Gently, Hannibal ran his hand down Face's cheek and jaw line until he had the younger man's face cupped in his hand.


"You are so beautiful, Tem."


"So you've told me on more than one occasion." Face tried to turn away as a blush crept across his cheeks.


Hannibal tightened his grip, preventing his lover from looking away. As he continued to look down on Face, Hannibal once again realized just how much he truly loved the smaller man.


Carefully he shifted his body down in the bed so he could lay on his side with Face's head resting on his upper arm, which allowed him to rest the hand on his lover's side. Slowly Hannibal lowered his mouth to Face's.


"Have I ever told you I loved you?" Hannibal asked allowing his lips to brush his lieutenant's.


As Face opened his mouth to answer, Hannibal quickly captured it, slipping his tongue between the soft lips. With his free hand he gently ran his hand down Face's jaw, throat and chest.


Face moaned as Hannibal ran the tips of his fingers over his nipples. As Face moaned the colonel deepened the kiss exploring ever inch of the warm mouth.


Slowly Hannibal moved his hand lower until he came to the waistband of Face's underwear. Gently, he slid his hand inside the silk boxers and began to cup his lover's balls.


Face shifted so he could run his hands over Hannibal's chest and down his lover's rib cage slowly working his way toward the belt in Hannibal's jeans.


Hannibal moaned as he felt Face take a hold of his penis. He wasn't sure where his lover learned the talent, and didn't know if he truly wanted to find out. All he knew for sure is the younger man could undo his belt and unbutton his pants without him even knowing it.


Face broke off the kiss and began to run his tongue over Hannibal's jaw and throat, slowly working his way down the older man's body.


"Oh, no you don't."  Letting go of Face's member, Hannibal twisted his fingers in Face's hair and tilted his head back up so he could recapture his mouth.


Once Face was back were he wanted him, Hannibal let go of the blonde hair and slid his hand back down Face's body. 


With one quick movement he pulled the silk boxers over Face's hip. Face moaned again as Hannibal deepened the kiss and took a hold of him again, stroking him harder and faster.


Face could feel himself starting to cum. He tried to slow his lover down, but Hannibal only quickened his actions forcing the orgasm to come; making Face cry out as the wave of pleasure washed over him.


Hannibal could feel Face trying to hold back. He knew how bad his lover needed to be in control of his body. He also knew that Face trusted him, so he increased his stroke pushing the smaller man over the edge. When Face climaxed, Hannibal followed right behind him. Cumming on his lover's stomach and chest.


Slowly, Hannibal broke off the intense kiss. However, before he pulled away he brushed Face's lips with his own.


"I love you, Tem. Don't you ever forget that." Hannibal stated softly as he ran his fingertips over his lover's face.


"And I love you, Hannibal." Face reached up and touched Hannibal's cheek.


The colonel turned his head and  kissed the palm of his lieutenant's hand.


"I'll be right back. Don't you move." Leaning down he gave Face another soft kiss as he pulled Face's boxers the rest of the way off before sliding off the bed.


Face rolled over on his side so he could watch his lover leave the room. Face sighed deeply as he watched Hannibal slide out of his now dirty jeans and underwear, tossing them on the floor along with his own boxers as he headed toward the bathroom.




Templeton Peck always knew he was missing something in his life. However, he never would have imagined that something would be a blue-eyed, silver-haired army colonel.  


After all the shit he had been put through by men, Face couldn't believe that he had fallen in love with one. 'No,' he thought. 'Not just any man, but a man among men.'


The first time he had seen Hannibal all those year ago in Vietnam, he had fallen in love with the older man. There was just something about the silver-haired man that made him feel safe and loved. Even before they had become lovers, the colonel had kept him safe from the men at the base that had tried to abuse him.


And lord knows the bastards had tried. Face could still remember the day his CO was screaming at him, telling him that he was leading the men on, that he was a slut, a whore. And if he was raped, then he got just what he deserved.  As he left the CO's tent with his head down, he had his very first meeting with his future CO and lover.


"You didn't deserve that, kid. "


Face jumped when he felt a pair of strong hands on his shoulders. He quickly spun around, ready to defend himself from yet another assault.


"Sorry, Sir. I didn't realize it was you, Colonel, Sir" Face snapped off a quick salute.


"At ease, Lieutenant."


Face could still remember the smile Hannibal had given him. It was so bright, and his face had been so full of concern. Though at the time he hadn't realized that concern was for him.


"You stick close to me and my men, Lieutenant. I won't let anyone lay a hand on you." With that the colonel turned and left him standing there his mouth hanging open.


Face did what Hannibal told him to do. Later that day, the crazy captain, who had flown his group into the base, showed up and had introduced him to the colonel's sergeant, BA Baracus.




Face closed his eyes as he drifted farther back into his memories.


There had been only one more attempted rape at the base camp. Face shuddered involuntarily as the memory replayed itself in his mind.


It had happened just two days after he had spoken with the colonel. The four of them were to meet for a few hands of poker as soon as Face got back from patrol.


The patrol had run long, and Face had to hurry to meet with the others. As soon as the slick landed he ran to his tent and grabbed a clean uniform. Quickly he made his way back across the base to the showers.


Face had just finished rinsing the shampoo out his hair when three of the men who had been making advances toward him came into the showers.


Face shuddered even harder when he remembered the feral look in their eyes. They were going to rape him. He knew that look too damn well, as he had seen eyes like these all his young life.


Slowly they moved toward him, making rude comments as they advanced on him. Telling him what they were going to do to him, how they were going to take him. The three men had just backed him into a corner and shoved him to the ground when the silver-haired colonel came into the shower looking for him.


Face could still remember the look on Hannibal's face as he approached the three men. It was a look of pure murder. Never in his life had he ever seen someone so angry.


When the three turned to see who was interrupting, the colonel punched the biggest one in the face knocking him straight to the ground.


"I thought I made it clear that NO ONE is to mess with that boy! The next son of a bitch that lays a hand on MY lieutenant answers to ME! Now get the FUCK out of here before I bring all of you up on charges!"


As the three ran from the shower the colonel turned to look down at him. Hannibal helped him up and stood guard at the door while Face finished his shower. The two had walked across the camp together to join the rest of the team for a night of poker and beer.


From that night on, no one in the camp even tried to touch him. And a short time later Face was transferred into Hannibal's unit. The two had become lovers shortly after.


When they had been in the POW camp, Face had been afraid that Hannibal would stop loving him after what the VC had done to him, but he hadn't. If anything, his lover had become even more gentle, caring and protective of him.




"You still with me, Tem?" Hannibal asked softly as he sat down on the edge of the bed and took Face's wrists in his larger hand. With his free hand he stroked the blonde hair that had fallen over his lover's eyes.


"I'm still awake." Face opened his eyes and looked up at Hannibal.


"I didn't hurt you, did I?" Concern filled the colonel's voice


"No, Hannibal, no. I was just thinking."


"You're not lying to me, are you?"


Face pushed himself up on his elbows and kissed his lover. 


"I'm fine. Stop worrying."


"It's part of my job to worry about you." Hannibal pushed Face back flat on the bed using the smaller man's wrists for leverage.


Once Face was flat on his back Hannibal took the washcloth he had been holding and began to clean the semen from his lover's body. After he was finished, he threw the washcloth over onto of his soiled clothes.


"Those don't go there, Mr. Smith." Face stated giving Hannibal a disapproving look.


"I'll pick them up in the morning."


"Hannibal, the carpet..." Face started to whine, but was silenced by a tender kiss.


"I'll clean them up in the morning. And if there is a stain, I'll clean that up too." Hannibal gently rolled Face onto his side before sliding in behind his lover.


As he spooned up to Face, he reached down and pulled the blankets up around both of them. He sighed contentedly and wrapped an arm around his lover's waist.


Once Hannibal was settled in behind him, Face snuggled up closer, resting his head on his colonel's out stretched arm. 


"I love you." Face whispered.


"And I love you too, Tem." Hannibal whispered into Face's ear as he kissed the back of the blonde's neck. "Now go to sleep."




Despite being shot through the shoulder and their extra curricular activities, Face was awake at 6 am and starved to death.


Carefully Face slipped out of Hannibal's grip and made his way quietly across the room to the walk-in closet. Inside he put on a pair of pajama bottoms and a silk robe. He slipped back out of the closet and left the bedroom pulling the door quietly closed behind him.


Once he was out of the bedroom, Face made his way down to the kitchen. He was in the middle of making a pot of coffee when he heard someone come in. Face turned expecting to greet Hannibal and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Mark Conner standing there.


"What the hell are you doing here?" Face hissed as Mark walked up to him.


"Good morning to you too, Richie."


"Don't call me that!" Face growled.


"Haven't you missed me, sweetheart? I know I've missed you." Mark reached out and touched Face's cheek.


Face quickly slapped the other conman's hand away from him and then grabbed the older man by the throat.


"Don't you ever touch me again!" Face snarled as he shoved him away. "In fact get the fuck out of my house!"


"That's fine Richie boy. But tell me this, does the old man up stairs know about us?" Conner smiled as he touched Face's hair.


Face paled for just an instant, but recovered quickly. He grabbed a hold of the older conman and shoved him toward the door.


"That was the past, now get out of my house!"


Conner smiled. He had noticed the younger man pale and knew he had an advantage.


"I don't think so sweetheart. In fact, I think I'll be staying here for quite a while. And with your blessing."


"Like hell you will!" Face snarled. "You're out of here, now!"


Mark Conner twisted out of Face's grip and stuck his finger into the blonde's chest. "Oh, I don't think so, Richie; because I want to know a few things."


Conner poked Face in the chest again until the younger man stepped back.


"Tell me, sweetheart. Was it Father Thomas who made you realize that you loved to be fucked by men, or was it my training?"


"Get out!" Face stated again, though his voice was losing its strength.


"I want to know, Richie. Is the old man as good as me. Does he fuck you hard?"


Face stepped back again. Conner kept advancing until he had Face backed into a corner.


"I plan on staying here for a couple of months, Richie. You owe me that for what you cost me with Cindy. And so help me, if you go against me, I'll make sure that the old fucker upstairs knows just what a fucking slut you are. So I suggest you remember your place and take good care of me, bitch."


With that, Conner slapped the young blonde across the face.


"You keep me happy and I don't tell lover boy upstairs about us. Do we understand each other my little whore?"


Face dropped his head and looked at the floor. As much as he wanted Conner out of his life, he couldn't risk Hannibal knowing what he had done as a child.


He knew there was no way his lover would ever want him again. If Hannibal knew what he had done, it would be over. Conner was right. He was just a whore and a slut. Nothing but a piece of trash to be used and discarded when done with. But if he could just hold on to Hannibal a little longer...


"I'm waiting for an answer, Richie."


"Yes," Face muttered demurely.


"Good. Now how about some breakfast, whore." Conner smiled as he pulled open Face's robe and slid his hands over the younger man's smooth chest. Quickly he grabbed a hold of Face's nipples and squeezed each of them as hard as he could. His fingernails breaking the skin leaving small crescent marks in the soft dark skin.


"Don't fuck this up Richie, boy," he snarled before shoving Face against the wall.


Face bit his lip to keep from crying out as his wounded shoulder slammed into the wall. He watched as Conner walked over to the kitchen table and sat down.


"Remember, bitch, I like my eggs over easy."


Face looked over at the other man. At this minute, he wanted nothing more than to kick his teeth in. Face knew he could do it. Although he didn't like to fight, the Special Forces had taught him how, and taught him well.


'I could just snap his neck,' Face thought as he looked at the other man, but that would mean going against everything Hannibal had taught him.


Taking a deep breath Face walked over to the stove and got the frying pan out of the oven.  


Mark Conner smiled as he watched the young blonde haired man began to cook his breakfast. This had been a whole lot easier than he thought it would be. He thought Richie would have put up some kind of fight. Never would he have imagined he would have given in this easy.


'Isn't love grand?' he mused.




When Hannibal woke, he was surprised not to find Face still tucked into the front of his body. Knowing the kid was injured, he figured that his young lover would have stayed asleep for at least another couple of hours. As he climbed out of bed he could smell the aroma of coffee being brewed.


"Kid's probably starving, John. You should have fed him last night." Hannibal spoke out loud to himself  as he climbed out of bed. He made his way across the bedroom toward the bathroom. On his way he stopped, remembering to pick up the dirty clothes he had thrown on the floor the night before.  


'If he wasn't hurt I'd leave them there just so he'd throw a fit,' Hannibal thought as he pitched the clothing into the dirty clothes hamper.


Quickly he got into the shower, shaved, and dressed in a pair of jeans and a button down shirt. Hannibal made his way downstairs to the kitchen. When he entered the smile quickly left his face and his good mood went south of the border.


There at the table sat Face's friend staring at his lover like he was a piece of meat, while Face was bent over the stove cooking; obviously in pain and completely miserable.


"And just what in the hell do you think your doing, Lieutenant?" Hannibal barked out making both men jump.


Face quickly recovered and plastered a smile on his face.


"Morning, Hannibal." Face walked over to the coffee pot and poured the older man a cup of coffee. When Face reached out to hand the colonel the cup, Hannibal took the cup sat it down on the counter. Then grabbed a hold of Face's wrists and pulled him to his chest.


"I asked you a question, Face."


"Making breakfast," Face answered softly. He was surprised by the colonel's aggressive attitude.


Without another word, Hannibal pulled Face's robe off his shoulder and looked at the bandage covering the stitches he had put in the night before. He frowned when he saw the small spot of blood that had soaked through the bandage.  


"I'm alright, Hannibal," Face smiled up at his lover, though the smile didn't reach his eyes.


"Sit down, Face."




"I said it down, and that's an order, Lieutenant."


Face sighed as he realized there was no arguing with his lover. Hannibal had gone over to command mode and there would be no more discussion. This topic was now closed for debate.


"Yes, sir." Face dropped his head and closed his eyes.


Hannibal watched the sudden passive change come over Face. He knew that Face could tell he was upset, but it wasn't like him to give up so easy.


There was also something about the defeated look he had seen in his lover's eyes before he had closed them and dropped his head. Something was terribly wrong, and Hannibal had a very good feeling that the problem was sitting at the kitchen table staring at the two of them.


Face opened his eyes when he felt a gentle touch under his chin, forcing his head up.


"I'm not mad at you, kid; I just don't want you hurting yourself. Now go sit down."


Hannibal smiled when he felt Face relax. Kissing him softly on the forehead, he let go of his lover's face and pushed him toward the table. 




The colonel took note as Face sat as far away from his 'friend' as possible. Before he continued frying the eggs Face had been working on, Hannibal went to the toaster and stuck in two pieces of bread.


While they were browning, he went to the refrigerator and poured Face a glass of orange juice. As soon at he was finished pouring the juice the toast popped up.


Making one efficient sweep of the kitchen, Hannibal plated the toast and carried the orange juice over to Face, setting it down in front of his lover.


"Eat, Lieutenant." Hannibal commanded softly in Face's ear.


"Yes, sir." Face turned his head toward Hannibal's mouth and was rewarded with a kiss on the cheek.


As he stood, Hannibal looked across the table at the dark haired man. He was looking at Face with an expression on his face that made the colonel wary.


He had seen this kind of look before. It was the same look the men at the base camp in Vietnam had when they watched Face walk past. It was a look between lust and hatred. And each time he had seen this look, it was directed toward the man he loved.


Hannibal went back over to the counter and picked up his cup of coffee. As he walked past the stove, he turned it off and moved the skillet to another burner. Once this was done he made his way back to the table where he sat down next to Face, placing his hand on top of Face's smaller one.


"If you're hungry, Mr. Conner, I suggest you get busy; because my lieutenant is not your servant." Hannibal stared at the other man.


Conner tried to stare back at the older man but he could only hold the gaze for a few seconds. He broke eye contact with the blue-eyed man. He quickly looked over at Face, waiting for his victim to take up for him.


"I don't mind, Hannibal." Face started to rise but was stopped when he felt a hand apply firm but gentle pressure on the back of his neck gently pushing him back into his chair.


"I do," the colonel growled.




"You hush and eat."


The command tone was back and Face dropped his eyes. Picking up a piece of toast he took a bite so he would keep his mouth shut and not get himself in trouble with his lover.


"You know, Mr. Smith, Father Thomas would be really proud of you."


Face had just picked up his orange juice and quickly put it back down. He stuck his hand in his lap so Hannibal wouldn't see them trembling.


"And how is that, Mr. Conner?" Hannibal never took his gaze off of the other man, though he knew something was wrong with Face.


"He could never get Templeton to eat." Mark smiled at Face. "He was always in trouble with the good Father. You wouldn't believe all the trouble he got into at six years of age.  I remember one time when he tried to run away, and was being punished, and I –"


"Excuse me." Face quickly got up from the table and ran down the hall to the bathroom, his stomach twisting into knots.


"Hey, Face, how you doing this morning?" BA asked as he walked through the front door.


The lieutenant didn't stop, but hurried past him, slamming the bathroom door shut just as the toast and juice he had eaten came back up, burning his throat as he threw up in the toilet.


"What's wrong with Faceman?" BA asked as he came into the kitchen carrying a couple of boxes of donuts from a bakery by his apartment.


"Something he ate didn't agree with him," Hannibal stated as he rose from the table to go down the hall to check on his lover.


"He sure got sick quick," Mark stated, fake concern for his younger friend filling his voice and features.


"Pain meds make him that way," BA stated as he set the boxes on the table.


"Hey, Hannibal, I brought you the paper," Murdock stated as he came through the front door.


"Put it on the table, Captain. I'll read it later."


"What's going on? Something wrong with Facey?" Murdock asked BA.


"Sick. I say it was that damn sedative Hannibal insisted on giving to him." BA stated flatly as he went to the refrigerator and pulled out a gallon of milk before sitting down at the table.


"I don't know why he pumps Facey full of that stuff."


"'Cause it keeps him quiet. You know how he gets when he's hurtin'. Always got to prove he's alright."


Murdock opened one of the boxes of donuts and sat down next to BA.


"You'd think by now he would realize that the colonel is the one in control."


"Sometimes Faceman's a fool. Just like you." BA growled as he picked up a cream-filled donut.


"I know Father Thomas use to have a hard time making him mind at the orphanage. He was constantly running away."


"How old was Facey when you two were at the orphanage together?" Murdock asked from around a mouthful of powdered donut.


"No one know for sure. But everyone guessed he was about six. He only stayed with us for a year."


"Seems awful young to be trying to run away all the time."


Conner shrugged his shoulders. "Some kids are just like that. They don't have any respect for authority. When someone tries to make him or her do something they don't want to, they just try to get out of it. He used to smart off to Father Thomas all the time. Use to make the old man so mad it wasn't even funny. I guess that is why they transferred him out of St. Bart's."


Murdock nodded. He could remember all the times Face and Hannibal had butted heads over the years. However even though they would yell at each other, Face never disrespected the colonel.




When Hannibal opened the door to the bathroom, he was shocked to find Face sitting on the floor trembling. His face pale and covered with sweat.


"Jesus, Face." Hannibal knelt in front of the blonde and felt his forehead. "Damn, kid, you're freezing."


Carefully Hannibal pulled back Face's robe and looked at the stitches. He was greatly relieved to see the skin around them was healthy and pink with no sign of infection. However, this let him confused. If it wasn't an infection that was doing this to the younger man, then what was making him so sick?


"Come on, kid. Let's get you back to bed."


Gently Hannibal helped Face up to his feet. They only made it a few feet before Face spun back around and dropped back in front of the toilet. As he dry heaved, the world began to become gray around the edges. He felt a pair of strong arms go around his waist and lift him up.


"Hannibal, I'm going to be sick." Face tried to twist out of the colonel's grip


"Shush and be still." Hannibal gently picked up Face and carried the smaller man into the living room, where he carefully laid him down on the couch and covered him with a blanket.


"What's going on, man?" BA came into the room followed by the two other men.


Face took one look over Hannibal's shoulder and saw Mark standing there smiling at him. His stomach began to twist and knot at the thought of the things Mark could tell his friends. He had to get out of the room. He had to get away from the leering smile.


"Please, Hannibal, let me up." Face tried to sit up only to be pushed back down by the older man.


"Be still, Face." 




"I said be still." Hannibal's voice left no room argument. As he placed his hand on top of Face's chest and pushed him flat.


"Murdock, in the upstairs bathroom there's some meds for his stomach. BA, would you get–"


"On it, man." BA turned and went back in the kitchen to get a glass of water


"Hannibal, please. I'm going to be sick."


"Then throw up," Hannibal stated as he reached over and brushed Face's hair out of his eyes, knowing full well that the younger man had nothing left in his stomach to retch up.


"Are these the ones, Colonel?"


Murdock ran into the room carrying two prescription bottles which he quickly handed over to Hannibal. As he looked at the bottles, he noted that not only had Murdock picked up Face's medication for nausea, but also a strong painkiller.


"Good job, Captain."


At the same time BA came out of the kitchen carrying a glass of water and another prescription bottle.


"Picked up his antibiotic on the way over this morning," BA stated as he handed over the bottle and glass of water.


"Alright, Lieutenant. Time for meds."


"Hannibal, I'll be alright." Face tried to smile but even he knew that it wouldn't help.


"I'm not going to argue with you, Face. You can take them on your own, or I can have BA pry your mouth open and shove them down your throat. Your pick." Hannibal stated as he held out the pills.


Face looked over at Conner, who was all but laughing at him. Suddenly he was extremely tired. It never failed. Every time he thought his life was going to start to work out, something would happen to kick him back down.


"I'm waiting, kid. What's it going to be?"


Knowing that he would not win against the older man, Face reached out with a trembling hand and took the medications from his lover and popped the pills into his mouth.


Once the medication was in Face's mouth, Hannibal held up the glass of water to his lips and kept tipping it up until the younger man drank over half of it's contents.


"Now, I want to see under your tongue and your hands."


Face sighed again as he opened his mouth and held up his hands so the colonel could see he was not hiding the meds.


Satisfied that his lover was not palming the medication, Hannibal sat back and looked at his young lover.


"Now do you want to stay down here, or go back to bed?"


"It doesn't matter," Face answered as he rolled over on his side so that his back was to the room and no longer facing Conner.


Hannibal turned to look over at BA and Murdock. Both looked over at him, then down at Face.


"Can I have a talk with you two out on the deck?"


"Sure, Colonel."  BA looked back down at Face.


"You need anything, little brother?"


Face only shook his head, not even bothering to look up.


"You need anything, muchacho, you just yell."


When Face made no move, Murdock shrugged and turned to Hannibal.


"What am I going to do with you?" Hannibal sighed as he tenderly touched Face's cheek before he stood up.


Conner watched the three men walk out onto the deck. Once they were over by the pool he slid up to Face.


"You're blowing it, Richie!" Conner snarled as he reached down and pulled Face's hair, then grabbed the blonde by the jaw so Face was forced to look at him.


"You fuck this up and the old bastard will know all about you, me, Father Thomas and all the other men you let fuck you."


When Face didn't respond, Conner pulled his hair harder and dug his fingers into Face's jaw.


"I don't think you understand just how serious I am Richie, boy. You cost me a good meal ticket and you're going to pay me back. So I suggest you get your shit together and pull this off, you fucker."  Conner smacked Face hard across the cheek before letting him go.


Face watched Conner go back into the kitchen before he closed his eyes and rolled back over to face the backside of the couch. He sighed as the realization sunk in that he would either have to kill Conner or leave the team to get the other man out of his life.


As much as he would love to snap Conner's neck, he couldn't.  Leaving Hannibal and the team would be hard enough, but having them know he was a killer would be too much.


There was another alternative, a small voice in the back of his head whispered.


Face brought his hands out from under the blankets and looked at his left wrist. If he looked really close he could still make out the thin white lines that crossed it. So many years had passed that they were barely visible. If you didn't know that they were there, you would never see them. Absently Face began to scratch at the thin white scars on his left wrist.


That had been the first time, he thought to himself. The second had been when Leslie had left him. However he had joined the army that time, hoping the VC would do it for him. After all, committing suicide was a sin. At least, that was what Father Maghill had told him.


Quickly Face shoved the thought out of his mind. There was no way he could do that now. His belief was only a small part of the equation; the biggest factor was Hannibal. His lover was the one and only thing that kept him from doing anything stupid.


Once out on the deck, Hannibal turned to look at BA and Murdock.


"Alright, gentleman, I want your feelings on this Conner guy."


"Don't like him, Hannibal. Don't like him at all."




"Seems friendly enough, though I think most of it is fake."


"What's Faceman said about him, Colonel?"


"He hasn't said a word about him one way or the other. Murdock, go down to the paper and talk with Amy. See if she can come up with anything on him. BA, I want you to pack a few clothes and stay here at the house for a few days. I want you or myself with Face all the time. I don't want him left alone with this guy. There is something about him our lieutenant isn't telling us."


"Speaking of which, guys, maybe we should get back inside."


As the team came back in, Hannibal walked them to the front door.


"I'll be back this evening. Come on fool, I'll drop you off on the way to my place," BA growled. "I'll pick up dinner on my way back tonight, Colonel."


"Thanks, BA. Just remember it's Friday. No meat."


BA only nodded. He knew Face was Catholic and wouldn't eat anything but fish on Friday. Though he appreciated the colonel's concern for the younger man.


"I remember man, you ain't got to tell me."


Once the two left, Hannibal went into the living room. He reached down to cover Face with the blanket and frowned when he noticed the red mark on Face's cheek. As he looked closer he also noticed a bruise beginning to appear on the younger man's jaw line.


Carefully Hannibal pulled the blanket back down and took a hold of Face's wrists so he could try and wake the smaller man without getting hit.


He was startled when the younger man hissed in pain and tried to pull away from him. As he looked down, Hannibal noticed that Face's left wrist was bleeding and raw. Quickly, Hannibal pulled Face's robe all the way open and looked at the shoulder wound. It was then that he noticed the bruises and small fingernail marks around Face's nipples.


"Face. Face wake up. Come on kid, wake up." Hannibal gently reached up and shook Face's good shoulder.


"Five more minutes, please, Hannibal. I promise I'll run an extra mile. Just let me sleep five more minutes."


"Shit!" Hannibal cursed as he remembered the pain medication he had forced Face to swallow. It would be hours before the younger man would be coherent enough to answer any questions.


"Sir, is there something wrong?" Conner asked as he stepped back into the living room.


"Yeah, you can tell me how this happened!" Hannibal yelled as turned Face's head so the bruise was showing.


"I don't know, I was in the kitchen cleaning up. He was asleep on the couch when I left him."


"How fucking convenient," Hannibal snarled as he stood up. With three quick strides he was across the room. In one swift movement he slammed the other conman against the wall.


"I don't suppose you know anything about that bruise on his jaw either, do you?"


"Mr. Smith…"


"What about the one's on his chest? You know anything about those!" Hannibal yelled as he slammed Conner against the wall again. "How about the fucking fingernail marks?"


"Hey, Hannibal, I forgot my keys." BA called out as he came into the living room. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw his colonel with Face's friend pinned to the wall.


"Did you think that I wouldn't notice? That I wouldn't see them. I know every inch of that man's body. I know exactly were every freckle, mole and scar is. And I know damn well I didn't put those FUCKING bruises on him!" Hannibal screamed into Conner's face as he slammed him into the wall.


"Hannibal! Easy man, you going to kill him." BA grabbed a hold of the colonel and pulled him off.


"BA we going, or not…" Murdock stopped in mid sentence. Quickly he ran over and grabbed a hold of Conner before he could move away.


"Get him out of my sight, before I tear his head off," Hannibal growled as he shrugged his way out of his sergeant's grip.


"You heard the man. Let's move it." Murdock shoved the stocky conman toward the down stairs guest bedroom.


"Look, I didn't do anything. All I was doing was cleaning up the kitchen. Maybe he fell off the couch."


As soon as he finished the statement, Conner knew he had made a mistake when all three men turned to look at him.


Hannibal started after him again, but BA quickly grabbed a hold of him preventing the colonel from doing anything stupid.


"Get him the hell out of here!" BA yelled as he tried to restrain Hannibal.


Judging by the look in Hannibal's eyes Murdock thought it best to get the other man from the room as quickly as possible, before the colonel broke free of BA's grip and ripped Conner to pieces.


"What's going on, Colonel?" BA asked as he tried to hold onto his commander.


Hannibal shook himself loose of BA. After taking several deep breaths he walked over to Face.


Without a word he sat down on the side of the couch and took a hold of Face's wrists so he could turn the left one for BA to see. When he was finished showing the wrist, Hannibal pulled the robe back so BA could see the bruises and nail marks that were now covering the skin around young blonde's nipples.


Carefully he pulled Face's robe closed then covered his lover back up with the blanket. Gently he turned Face's head so BA could see the red mark and the thumb-shaped bruises on his jaw.  


Closing his eyes Hannibal took several more deep breaths, trying to get his anger back under control. At this point he wanted nothing more than to go into the other room and beat the hell out of Conner.


"What's Faceman said about this?" BA asked, as he stared in disbelief at the younger man.


Hannibal opened his eyes and looked at his lover before turning his gaze back to his sergeant.


"He hasn't said a word. I just noticed the marks when we came back in."


"This guy must really have something on him for Face not to say anything to you."


Hannibal put his head in his hands staring down at the floor as he spoke softly to himself. "I thought he trusted me."


Hannibal looked up when he felt a hand grip his shoulders. What he saw when he looked up was a pair of caring and concerned brown eyes.


"He does trust you."


"Then why didn't he tell me?"


"He's trying to protect you."


"Protect me?"


"You know, as well as I do, that if you knew something that would hurt him you wouldn't tell him. Don't lie to me, man, I know you too well." BA added quickly as Hannibal opened his mouth to answer. "Seen you tell him half-truths on more than one occasion to keep his feelings from getting hurt."


"But this, BA." Hannibal tenderly touched Face's bruised cheek. "This isn't a hurt feeling. That son of a bitch put his hands on him."


BA looked down at Face before looking back at Hannibal. It was hard to believe that just a few days ago he had seen the same two men on the couch curled up in each others arms watching an old black and white monster movie, laughing softly and sharing popcorn. Now Face was once again in a drug-induced sleep because of painkillers and Hannibal looked like the end of the world had come.


"We'll help him through this man. Whatever it is, we'll get him through it."


Hannibal only nodded not bothering to take his eyes off Face.


"I'm going to go and take over for the fool. Why don't you lie down for a while? When Face wakes up we'll get this all sorted out."


"I don't want to leave him."


"Didn't say you had to leave 'im. If I remember right, I've seen the two of you sleeping on that couch more than once," BA chuckled softly.


"Nothing's better than a Sunday nap between games." Hannibal smiled up at BA.


BA turned to leave. Just as he made it to the hallway, he stopped to look back at his colonel. The older man had already slid in behind his little brother. His right arm was now under Face's head and his left wrapped across the younger man's waist holding him close.




BA nodded as he turned to go relieve Murdock. When he reached the bedroom door he could hear the conman jabbering on trying to say he hadn't done anything and he didn't know why he was being treated this way.


"Shut up! Don't know one in this house who want to hear you." BA growled as he pushed the door open.


"BA, how's Hannibal?" Murdock jumped up from the chair he was sitting on by the door.


"He's laying down with Face right now."


"Look, I don't know who you people are, but you can't keep me here like this!" Conner yelled.


"That's were you're wrong fool! See you messed with the people I care about and were going to get to the bottom of this as soon as Faceman is up to it."


"He could sleep for hours," Conner spurted out.


"Don't care if he sleeps for days," BA growled as sat down in the chair Murdock had just vacated. 


"I'm going to go check on Hannibal and Face, big guy. I'll be back in an hour to relieve you." Murdock touched BA lightly on the shoulder as he opened the door and stepped out.


Quietly Murdock slipped into the living room. As he looked over at the couple on the couch, his heart skipped a beat. He was glad that Hannibal and Face had found each other.


The two just fit together so well. But deep down inside he still longed to be Face's lover. He would never do anything to break the couple apart. But sometimes, like now, he could just imagine himself in Hannibal's position. Holding Face tight in his arms.


"Hannibal, you asleep?" Murdock approached the couch quietly, intent on covering the two sleeping bodies with a blanket if the older man didn't respond.


"No, just resting my eyes."


Murdock sat down on the coffee table in front of the two men. As he looked at the two, it occurred to him just how much they had been through together as a team. All the fun times and all the hard times, all the pain and suffering they had endured. Yet through it all they were still a team. Still a family.


"Can I ask you a question?"


"I'll answer it if I can, Captain." Hannibal opened his eyes and looked over at the man sitting on the coffee table.


"Whatever this guy says is already done, right? And in the past, right?"




"I mean, we can't go back and change what has already happened to Face right?"


"That's very true, Captain."


"So it doesn't really matter, does it? I mean if it's in the past and we can't change it. Then what's done is done."


Hannibal looked over at the pilot. It always amazed him how everyone took the pilot as a fool, who never paid attention to anything that went on around him. Most people thought of him as some nut that the team kept around as a pity gesture. However, most people didn't know the keen mind that lay behind all of Murdock's antics.


"You're very right, Captain. What is in the past is done and over with. We can't change it."


"So he'll still be our same Faceman. No matter what, right?"


"Yes, Murdock, he'll still our Faceman. No matter what."


Murdock smiled as he got off of the coffee table. "One more thing, Colonel."


"What is it?"


"Can I watch Woody Woodpecker on the big TV in your bedroom?"


So much for insight and wisdom. Hannibal laughed softly to himself.


"Sure, just make sure you take your shoes off. And don't let Face catch you jumping on the bed."


"I will. I mean, I won't. Thanks, Colonel."




Hannibal smiled as he watched the pilot jump up and run out of the room.


Murdock was right. Whatever had happened to Face was in the past. There was nothing he, or the rest of the team could do to change that. The best they could do was be there for the young man and help him through as best they could.


"Everything is going to be alright, Tem." Tenderly he kissed Face on the cheek before he lay back down and closed his eyes.




Six hours later Face woke to the sensation of someone running their fingers through his hair and the sound of two men talking. The first he recognized as BA and the second he was pretty sure belonged to his lover. 


"Hannibal, that you?"


"The one and only."


Face smiled as he rolled over onto his back and looked up into a pair of bright blue eyes.


Sometime during his six-hour nap, Hannibal had moved to a sitting position and had pulled him up so his head was resting on the older man's upper thigh.


"You know you make a great pillow." Face reached up and lightly touched Hannibal's face.


"You feeling any better, kid?"


"Feel like I've slept a month." Face yawned as he closed his eyes and stretched his arms and legs.


"Good, because we need to talk about this Conner guy."


Hannibal watched as the younger man paled before his eyes. Reaching out he took his lover's now trembling hands.


"Look, I know you're scared of this guy for some reason. But we're all here for you, Tem. Nothing he can say will make us feel any different about you."


Face looked up at the man he loved. He wished to God he could believe Hannibal, but he couldn't. Too many years of bad experiences had taught him the hard lesson that people don't back up their words with actions.


Though Face had to admit Hannibal had always came through when he promised. The colonel tried to the very best of his ability to keep his word.  This, however, was different. This was not a scam or plan to keep someone from losing their life savings. This involved their personal life, and he feared that it was more than even Hannibal could accept.


Hannibal noticed the distant look in Face's eyes. He could see the young man beginning to phase out.


"Tem?"  Tenderly Hannibal touched his cheek. "Stay with me, kid."  


Face looked up at him and smiled though it didn't reach his eyes.


"He's right, little brother. Ain't anybody going to make us stop loving you."


Face looked over at the big sergeant. BA noted the sad look in the blue-green eyes. BA leaned forward in his chair he reached out and gently touched the young blonde's arm.


"We're going to be here for you, little brother."


"BA, go get Conner so we can get this over with." Hannibal stroked Face's hair back off of his forehead.


BA squeezed Face's arm as he rose to leave the room.


"Everything is going to be alright, Tem."


Face nodded his head as he began to sit up.


"Where you going?"


"I just want to sit up."


With Hannibal's help, Face managed to get into a sitting position on the couch. He smiled when he felt an arm go around his waist and pull him back close to his lover. A gentle tug on his chin made him turn to face a pair of concerned blue eyes.


"I love you Templeton. You just remember that." Hannibal kissed his softly on the lips.


As Conner was marched into the room he realized that any chance he had of using the younger man was over. He figured if he wasn't going to get anything out of this he was going to ruin it for his old victim.


"Well isn't that just touching," Conner sneered. "You must be special, Mr. Smith. I never could get a kiss from him. You know I was his first. Bet he never told you that, did he?"


Hannibal stood up. He was about to advance on Conner when he felt Face take a hold of his hand.


"Though I guess I wasn't enough for you, was I, Richie? No, you see lover boy here had to have more. Didn't you, sweetheart? Liked them older. Didn't you? I know Father Thomas really loved you, didn't he. I remember this one old fellow that kept Richie here for a week. Gave you all types of gifts didn't he?"


Murdock turned to look at Face, his mouth open in disbelief.


Face sat on the couch looking at his friends. Each of them staring back at him. Each of them expressing a different emotion. For Murdock, it was shock. For BA, it was anger. And Hannibal…


Oh God, Hannibal's was the worst. He could see the hurt and pain in his lover's blue eyes.


Face looked over at Mark Conner his long ago tormentor, then back at his team, and hung his head.


"Face why didn't you tell us?" Murdock asked as he looked over at his best friend.


Face put his head in his hand and looked down at the floor. It was over now. There was no way they would want him. He was trash. He knew it, and now they did too.


"Tell me, Richie. When you fuck the old man here, do you think of all the others who were in you? Do you fuck just him, or do you take on all three at the same time? How about it, Mr. Smith? All of us with little Richie there. Come on for old time sake, Richie boy." There was an evil, demonic look in Conner's eyes and pure contempt in  his voice.


"Shut up." Hannibal growled.


"You know, Smith, he likes it rough and hard. Did you know that? Do you fuck him hard, Mr. Smith? Does he beg you for more when you take that cute ass of his."


"Shut up!"


"If you take a belt to him, he really likes it. Don't you Richie? You use to love it when I'd beat that sweet ass didn't you? Have you ever handcuffed him to the bed? You all should try that some day, but make sure he begs. You should hear him beg, Smith, it's quite a rush. Hell gets me hard just thinking about it." Conner sneered as he watched Face crumble to the floor.




"You want to tell him about the time you tried to commit suicide, or should I Richie?" Conner looked over at Face, who was kneeling on the floor with his face buried in his hands.


"We sure had fun that night, didn't we Richie boy? I beat that ass so hard he could barely move. Though, to tell you the truth, I think he enjoyed it. Didn't you, Richie? You loved it when I came inside of you didn't you? Tell him, Richie. Tell them all what a fucking whore you are!" Conner yelled.


"I said shut up!" Hannibal rushed the other man, slamming him into the wall. "You bastard! He was just a baby!"


Hannibal slammed his fist into Conner's jaw. Fury poured through him as his fists continue to pound into Conner's body. He was going to kill the bastard that had hurt the man he loved so much.


The bastard who had caused Face so much pain, misery, so many nightmares. The bastard who had robbed him of his innocence as a child. No, not a child. Face hadn't even been a child yet. He was just a baby when this monster had attacked him.


"Hannibal, stop!" BA grabbed a hold of the enraged man and tried to pull him from Conner's now limp body. "Hannibal, stop it man! You going to kill him!"


At first, all Murdock could do was look on in shocked disbelief until he realized that Hannibal was going to kill the other man. Quickly, he jumped up and grabbed a hold of the colonel's other arm, helping BA drag Hannibal away from Conner.


After several minutes of not getting away from his two team members, Hannibal stopped struggling. He turned to look over at his lover who was now kneeling on the floor, his head in his hands, rocking back and forth.


"Tem?" The colonel shook himself loose from the other two men who finally released him and knelt in front of Face.  Gently, Hannibal pulled his lover's hands down. Tears were streaming down the younger man's handsome face.




"I'm so sorry. Such a whore. Such a whore. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. Such a whore. I'm so…" Face kept repeating over and over.


"Tem, stop it."


"Such a whore. Such a …"


"Templeton look at me!" Hannibal grabbed a hold of Face's head with both his hands and forced him to look up at his face. Face tried to pull away but Hannibal would not let go. "Look at me, Templeton Peck!"


Slowly, Face looked up into Hannibal's face. Instead of seeing the hate and anger he expected to find in the blue eyes; all he saw was sorrow, love and devotion. A love that was directed toward him.


"You are not a whore. Do you hear me, Templeton? You were just a baby, Tem. God help me, you were just a baby."


Hannibal pulled Face into his arms and held the young man close to his chest. Hugging Face as tight as he could, Hannibal repeated his words making sure they got through to his lover.


"Do you realize that you were just a baby?  You were raped. Nothing was your fault." Tears fell from his blue eyes as Conner's words came back to him.


"Oh, God, Face you were just a baby." Hannibal cried out at the thought of all the stuff that had been done to his lover. The emotional pain was tearing his heart in two. He couldn't believe everything Face had been through and was still a functioning person.


When Hannibal heard a moan, he turned to look at Conner who was beginning to move.


"Get him out of our house before I kill him."


"What do you want to do with him, Colonel?" BA asked as he marched over to the fallen man.


BA had asked be he already had plans, he just wanted to make sure it was what Hannibal wanted before he carried them out.


"As far as I'm concerned, you can drown him out in the ocean."


"Please, Hannibal, don't. You're so much better than him." Face begged as he grabbed a hold of Hannibal's shirt.


"Tem, after everything he has put you through, he deserves it."


"Please, Hannibal. Don't let him bring you down to his level. Please." Hannibal looked into the pleading blue-green eyes, so full of fear and pain.


'All this shit he's been through and he's still worried about you. Lord, what did I do for you to have sent me someone this special?' Hannibal thought.


"Alright kid, for you." Hannibal kissed his lover on the top of the head as he pulled Face's head down to his shoulder. "Get him out of here. I don't care where BA. Just make sure he never bothers Face again."


"You got it, Colonel."


BA lifted up Conner by the back of the shirt and man-handled him from the room. "Come on fool. I'm going to need someone to watch this bastard while I drive."


Murdock stopped by the kneeling couple. "Facey? Facey?" Slowly Face looked up at his best friend. "You listen to Hannibal till we get back, alright?"


Face nodded before laying his head back on Hannibal's shoulder. He looked up again when he felt a strong hand on his shoulder. BA smiled down at him as he squeezed his uninjured shoulder.


"Crazy fool's right. You listen to the colonel. Let him take care of you, little brother."


"We'll be back real soon, muchacho. You just remember we all still love you." When Face looked up at him Murdock kissed him on the forehead. "Take care of him, Colonel."


"Always," Hannibal answered as he lowered Face's head back to his shoulder.


Once the three men were out of the room Hannibal stood up and pulled Face to his feet. "Come on, kid. Let's get you something to eat, then upstairs into a hot bath and a warm bed."


"Hannibal, I just woke up."


"And you've had one hell of a afternoon. Now let's move it, Lieutenant."



One week later


Face was stretched out on a beach blanket lazing in the warm sun. He moaned contentedly as Hannibal rubbed the sun tan lotion into his back.


Over the past week the two men had talked in detail about his past. And even though it had been painful for Face tell, Hannibal had been there for him. Holding him and encouraging him to continue, even when he didn't think he could go on.


"I could really get use to this." Face smiled up at his lover.


Hannibal didn't answer but just leaned over and kissed the back of Face's neck causing the younger man to shiver.


"You know we have the whole beach to ourselves."  Hannibal smiled as he slid his fingers into the waistband of Face's swim trunks.


"That's one of the reasons I scammed this house, Colonel. Private beach, remember. Well that, and the fact that the owner is on a business trip overseas for the next two years."


Face smiled over his shoulder as he raised his hips so his lover could pull his swim trunks from his body. Once Hannibal removed the trunks he straddled Face's legs and covered his hands with suntan lotion.


Starting at Face's shoulders he worked the lotion in until he came to his lover's waist. He stopped just long enough to apply more lotion to his hands before sliding his fingers between Face's buttocks. Gently Hannibal slid his finger into Face's opening. He smiled when Face moaned and raised his hips.


Once he was sure that Face was comfortable with the one finger, he slid in a second. Carefully he began to scissor his fingers, stretching Face, preparing him for the right moment.


"Want you, Hannibal," Face moaned.


"Relax." Hannibal leaned forward and kissed the back of Face's neck.


Hannibal smiled when Face raised his hips to meet his gentle stroke.


"Please, Hannibal," Face begged as Hannibal pushed him flat, preventing him from thrusting back onto his fingers.


Face felt Hannibal's fingers leave his body and the weight leave his legs. He was just about protest when he felt Hannibal wrap his arm around his waist, pulling him up and backwards so that he was on his knees.


Hannibal knelt on his knees behind Face. Gently he pulled the younger man back and onto his lap and maneuvered himself into position before he gently pushed himself into Face's opening. Slowly he began to thrust in and out of his lover. Face moaned even louder as Hannibal reached around and took a hold of his penis, stroking it in rhythm with his thrusts.


Hannibal wrapped his free arm around Face's chest and held him close as he pumped in and out. Face moaned louder as Hannibal's fingers brushed against his nipples.


Face could feel his orgasm building as Hannibal thrust in and out of him, brushing his prostate with every stroke. He was doing a fairly good job of holding back when Hannibal whispered in his ear.


"Cum for me, Tem," Hannibal whispered, as he kissed Face's neck.


That simple request was all that it took to make Face cum. As his orgasm began to overtake him he felt Hannibal cum inside of him, which sent him over the edge. He could feel himself falling forward but was stopped by a pair of strong arms wrapping around his chest and waist; holding him onto his lover's thighs, preventing him from falling to the blanket.


Carefully Hannibal laid Face down on the blanket, keeping himself sheathed in his lover's body. Reaching over he grabbed a beach blanket and covered them up around their waists.


"I love you Tem." Hannibal kissed the back of Face's neck and pulled the younger man closer to him. Keeping his now soft penis wedged between Face's buttocks. "Don't you ever forget that, kid."


"I love you too, Hannibal." Face tilted his head back so Hannibal could capture his lips.




From the deck of the beach house, BA and Murdock watched the whole erotic show. The two had just returned from dropping off Conner in the middle of a Chicago housing project. BA had heard Hannibal's promise to Face and he knew he couldn't kill the man either. However, Face never mentioned anything about putting the man where someone else could do the job for them.


After dropping Conner off, BA had put the word out on the street that the white man had hurt his little brother. Most of the people knew the young blonde that helped out BA with the kids at the youth center whenever the team came to town. They also knew that Face was responsible for a lot of funding for special projects in the neighborhood. Like the food bank for the elderly, a clothing store for the poor and after hour tutoring for the children who needed extra help in school.


These people were more than happy to let Conner know how they felt about the mistreatment of one of their friends. BA didn't think that Conner would live through the night, and truth be told, he didn't care. However, he could look Face straight in the eye and tell his little brother that he did not lay a hand on him. Conner was alive when he shoved him out of the van on a dark street corner.


"I guess Facey is going to be alright," Murdock commented to BA, as he looked down at the two men asleep on the beach.


"Done told you more than once Hannibal would take care of him." BA grabbed a hold of Murdock's jacket. "Now let's give them some privacy. Hannibal catch us up here, he'll kick both our asses." BA growled as he shoved the pilot toward the house.





Haunted Past by Jullian Gray



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