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Alligator Bait

Alligator Bait!

By Leath


Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I don't own the A-Team. I'm just borrowing them.

Summery: This used to be chapter one of "Jesse's Last Mission", but after reading it over again, I realize it really didn't fit. So, I took the chapter out. It is now a short story. Hannibal and the team are on a mission in Louisiana. They have been captured by drug smugglers. These smugglers are about to teach the team a lessen on sticking their noses in other people's business. Guess who they pick to go first?



Somewhere in Louisiana


"Come on, Hannibal! Move it!" BA snapped over Hannibal's shoulder. Hannibal, BA, and Murdock were working franticly to free themselves from a makeshift wood cage that the drug dealers had built to hold them.


"I'm working on it," Hannibal snapped back. Hannibal was gripping the small pocket knife in his hands, trying to cut away the last stubborn strand of rope that held them in their cage. He stopped only for a moment to look up. He watched as the guards marched Face towards the river bed. "Damn," he cursed, as he went back to work. Why couldn't he just keep his big mouth shut? No, he had to go head and tell this guy what he was thinking. Now, they were about feed Face to a pack of hungry alligators. Well, not if he got out of this cage! Hannibal thought to himself, as he worked feverishly on the rope.


BA finally got sick of watching him fight with the rope. He shoved Hannibal aside and pulled the rope apart.


"Murdock, work your way that way, heading upriver. BA, you work your way around the other way, heading downriver toward them. I'll move in from the middle," Hannibal ordered. The three men headed off, each in their own direction with one motive on their minds. And that was to save their friend from being 'gator bait!


In the meantime, Face was doing everything he could talk the men out of this. "Look, take big mouth back there. He is the one that insulted you! I think you are great guys!" He wanted to shoot Hannibal at that moment. Why does he do this to me? What, do I have neon sign over my head that says prefect punching bag?


The men ignored Face. They dragged him to the river, tied one end of a long rope to his wrists and threw the other end over a large limb. Slowly they hoisted Face into the air. He soon found himself hanging over the river with several hungry alligators swimming below him. Several snapped at him, but he managed to keep his feet just out reach - at least for the moment.


The man holding the rope teased the creatures by lowering and raising Face with an evil gleam in his eyes.


"Look, guys. Can't we talk about this?" Face begged. The man holding the rope laughed and with one quick movement, Face found himself hanging just inches above the water. Face pulled his legs close to his chest as he could, yelling, "Hannibal, where are you?" The men just stood around laughing as Face moved around on the end of the rope, like a fish fighting helplessly to get free from a hook.


Hannibal and the team were nearby. Hannibal waited for the others to get into place before he signaled a go. They moved as one, each going for their own target. Hannibal went for the leader. He jumped out of the brush, grabbing the gun of the slug, shoving it high in the air. The leader started to yell at his men.


"Drop him! Drop him, now!"


Face's heart fell as he started to fall himself. He locked eyes on the largest creature in the water and knew he was about to become its lunch. But just before the creature could take a bite out of him, Face felt himself being yanked hard out of harm's reach. Face felt his right arm jerk out of its socket. The moment his arm went out of the socket. Face let out a bloodcurdling scream. He looked over toward the river bank, tears of pain in his eyes, to see BA standing there. He was holding the rope with one hand and a goon in a choke hold with his other. Face tried to smile but was in too much pain to even manage a half smile.


Murdock and Hannibal finished taking out the other men. They helped Face to the ground as Murdock untied his friend's hands. Hannibal asked, "You ok, kid?"


Face looked up at him with disgust and anger in his eyes. If he could, he would have fed Hannibal to alligators himself at that very moment. The guy almost gets him killed and he asks if he is ok? Holding his right arm close to his side, Face pulled himself up and walked off.


"He's ok," BA said. Murdock wasn't so sure. It was something about how Face was moving that told Murdock that the guy was hurt.




The client was safe and sound back at home. Hannibal was counting their money; Amy was working on her story about corruption in the Louisiana Bayou; Murdock was singing a mindless, sappy tune. Face lie in the back of the van, holding his right arm, trying to ignore all of them. He finally sat up, leaned in close to Murdock and said, ominously, "If you don't stop singing, I'm going to hurt you!"


"Easy, Face. It's just a song," Amy said, looking up and wondering what was bothering him.


"It's the theme song of Wally Gater!" Face snapped, and he laid back down. Covering himself with his coat, he ignored the looks he was getting from the others.


"How is the arm?" Hannibal asked.


"It's fine," Face snapped.


Hannibal gave BA a look and said, "It might be a good idea if we swing by Maggie's before heading home."


"Sure," BA said, making a mental note of which turnoff to take.


"I don't need to see Maggie," Face said, raising his head to glare at Hannibal. "And all of this is your fault. You had to tell that guy off! Why? Why do you always have to have the last word?" Face asked.


"Face, I didn't plan...," Hannibal started to say, but Face broke in.


"You don't plan any of it. I some times think you just do things on a whim!" Face yelled and he rolled over and closed his eyes. He tried very hard to block everyone else out.




They stopped for dinner and everyone went in but Face. Hannibal came out a few moments later with a sandwich and soda.


"You're missing something great," he said, climbing into the back of the van and turning the seat around to face the younger man. "The lady in there is hitting on Murdock."


"Who cares," Face said, not bothering to look up.


Hannibal pulled the jacket off Face and asked, "You still ticked off at me?"


Face shook his head slowly. He had cooled off a while back and now he was just in pain. He looked at Hannibal and finally admitted, "My shoulder really hurts..."


Hannibal got worried; it had to be bad for to Face to admit it. "Sit up," Hannibal ordered, setting the food aside to give Face the once over. "Your shoulder is dislocated."


"I know," Face said, through clenched teeth. "It popped when BA pulled me out of there."


"Why didn't you say something before this?" Hannibal demanded.


"I was a pissed off at the time. I didn't realize how bad it was until I cooled off," Face said. He closed his eyes as Hannibal moved his hands over the arm. Hannibal felt the muscles in Face's arm jerk out of control.


"I don't want put it back if I don't have to," Hannibal said and he pulled out the first aid kit. He made up a sling out of one his own old shirts and tied up Face's right arm. "We will be at Maggie's sometime tomorrow. Can you wait that long?"


"Yeah, but tell BA watch those bumps. The shocks in back are shot!" Face said, trying to make a joke of things, but nothing seemed funny to him at the moment. He was in pain and even sitting there hurt. It took pure will power for Face not to roll over and start to cry.


"You sit up front; it will be easier on you," Hannibal said, and he helped the younger man to the front of the van. He gave Face something for the pain. Face leaned the seat back a bit and was asleep by the time the others joined them.




BA noticed Face in front and looked at Hannibal. "What's wrong?"


"His shoulder is pulled dislocated. I don't know if it's broken or not; I can't tell," Hannibal said, keeping a close eye on Face.


"We can travel all night. I'll get us to Maggie's by sunup," BA said, going around to the driver's side.


"Yeah, who needs hotels?" Murdock said, climbing in the back of the van, taking Face's place. Hannibal sat behind Face and kept a close eye on him as BA pushed the speed limit to get them to Maggie's by sunup.




At Maggie's, Face sat on the table with Hannibal on one side of him and BA on the other, as Maggie prepared to put the shoulder back in place. "Hold still!" Maggie told Face.


"Easy for you to say," Face said, gritting his teeth as he gripped the edge of the table with his good hand.


Maggie glanced at BA and Hannibal and asked, "You ready?"


"Just do it!" Face yelled in frustration as Hannibal put the stick in his mouth to keep the guy from screaming.


Maggie responded by pulling hard on Face's arm, popping the shoulder back into place. He would jumped completely to the ceiling if Hannibal and BA hadn't been pushing with all their weight to keep him down.


"I'm done." Maggie said.


"Good," Face said in a tight voice, trying hard not to pass out. Despite the medication, it took a few minutes for the pain to die down enough so he could manage to thank her.


"You're welcome," she said, shaking her head. These four men had given her more business in the short time she had known them, than in the four years she had lived here. After restraining Face's arm and making sure he wasn't going to be able to move it around much, she stepped back and warned, "Ok, now don't push it for few days. You could really make it worse if you overdo it."


"Don't worry, Doc. We will take care of him," Murdock said, standing off to the side, smiling.


"I can look after myself, thank you very much," Face said, knowing full well he was better off alone. The last time he was hurt, the three of the three of them had hovered like mother hens. He was so sick of them by the time he was better, he'd shoved them out of his home just to get rid of them.


Murdock stood there, looking hurt and dejected, as Face stood up and tried to slip his shirt back on. Hannibal and BA smiled knowingly, watching him. Face finally groaned and said, "Alright, help!"


"Here," Hannibal said, helping Face with his shirt.


"Thank you," Face muttered, and he walked out.


Maggie just shook her head and handed Hannibal a small bottle of pills. "This for the pain. If he gets worse, bring him back."


"I will and thanks," Hannibal said, giving her a kiss.


She grabbed his arm and said, "John, next time I see you, it had better not be to tend to one of you."


Hannibal smiled and promised, "Deal!" And the team left her office.




Face was in the van opening and closing his fist.


"Don't move it too much," Hannibal told him.


"It was numb, now it's starting to wake up," Face admitted.


"Well, just let it go," Hannibal said.


"Yes, sir," Face said sarcastically.


"I mean it, Face. You need an x-ray. I don't want to use that arm until we get it done," Hannibal ordered.


"Fine, you win but do me a favor," Face said smiling at Hannibal. "Next time, you're the one they use as 'Gator bate!.


"Deal," Hannibal said, smiling as he lit a cigar and climbed into the front seat of the van.


Alligator Bait by Leath



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