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In The Blue

In The Blue

By  FacemanRules


Rated: G

Summary:  Face and Amy: is there something going on, or not...?

Warnings:  Completely innocent. Sort of a very short love story, really.

Disclaimer:  I do not own the A-Team.( I sure wish I did) Stephen Cannell does.




Amy stared across her desk in disbelief. She struggled to find the words that her co-worker Sue obviously was expecting. For weeks now, she had been talking about her new boyfriend and it was clear that Sue was totally won over by this apparently perfect guy. Yesterday, Amy had asked her to bring this Mr. Right to the office for lunch, so she and her equally interested colleagues could finally get the chance to meet Him. Sue had been all to happy to accept. The moment she had walked in, Amy very nearly choked on her coffee. Holding hands with Sue and smiling sheepishly was an all too familiar figure. Sue introduced her impeccably dressed, blond-haired amant to her visibly stunned colleagues and Amy tried to keep her composure as she shook the outstretched hand of Sue's new date: Templeton Peck.


'What on earth...?!' Amy hissed as the group of journalists got ready to leave for the cantina. Sue was talking happily to some other women and Face had moved inconspicuously toward her. She noticed something flicker in his blue eyes and wondered what it was. 'Didn't you know she works at the paper?', she asked incredulously. He said of course he knew, but he hadn't realized she would be in the same department as Amy. ' It's a large building...', he grinned. And yet Amy was not sure she was all that comfortable with the situation. Of course, she had seen him around other women, rather a lot of them, but that had always been on a job and usually in the last minutes of it, just before they left. But never in her office. Never in her actual life. She watched as Sue turned to him, took him by the hand and walked out of the room. She was annoyed, but could not explain why. In the hallway she noticed Face had let go of Sue's hand. He glanced over his shoulder before they disappeared into the elevator. Amy was not sure what was happening here.


Days went by with no news from the team. That was nothing new; she usually checked in with Murdock every now and then, but they only really contacted her when they needed her help with a job. Sue was still head over heels in love with her  handsome lover, but Amy couldn't help reliving the moments in her office. She wondered what exactly she had seen in his eyes in that short exchange of glances. He could not have been afraid she would blow his cover; he knew she would never jeopardize any of the team's safety. It also was not one of the lighthearted, laughing looks he would sometimes have when particularly enjoying one of his master con-acts. It was something different and it was hard to stop wondering about it, especially since it made her feel uneasy. She had never thought about Face that much before and it annoyed her that she did.


About three weeks later the phone rang. As she answered it, a familiar voice on the other end said: 'Hey kid, we have another job. Be ready at 19.00. Wear something nice. You will be having a romantic dinner for two with Face; he'll pick you up with the 'Vette.' She heard Hannibal laugh as he hung up. She sighed. Hannibal never let her in on the details; usually she found out as they went along. Sometimes she thought not even the rest of the team was in on every detail. What was going down this evening? Obviously, the dinner was used as cover-up for something else. Probably, Face would explain the rest of the plan in the car and most likely she would at some point during the evening end up running, or in a firefight, or both. On the other hand, it usually got her the front page...


Exactly at 19.00, her doorbell rang. When she opened the door, she found Face leaning against the doorpost, looking decidedly charming in a tailor-made suit. He flashed one of his bright smiles and offered her his arm. As she took it after closing the door behind her, she felt the holster under his arm and the question whether Sue had any idea who she was dating flashed through her mind. In the car, she inquired after the general outlines of this plan. Face answered in his usual offhand manner while maneuvering the car through the dense traffic. ' Oh, it's nothing really, there's this guy planning on visiting a fine restaurant, you know, extortion and all, and Hannibal figured it would be a good idea if we were to get there first and throw him a surprise party.' Amy thought it superfluous to ask whether this restaurant would be in fact the one where they would be having dinner, but did so anyway. Face smiled brightly at her and said: ' Yes, actually it is. You get  to write down his statements on how much money he owes various restaurant holders in the neighbourhood. You've got yourself another scoop, girl!' Not a word about Sue. No reference to their sudden encounter at her office. For a moment, she wondered if she had actually seen anything in his eyes or that it was just imagination. No. She remembered his look during that split-second very clearly. Maybe it was just because he felt awkward with the whole situation. But why would a born con artist like the Faceman feel awkward in a perfectly harmless, if only a little surprising, situation? Somewhere deep down a thought stirred. She ignored it.


The first course had come and gone. Nothing had happened. They had had light conversation, as was to be expected from a young pretty couple, but as always Amy noticed the concentration just underneath the innocent attitude. 'How does he do it?', she wondered as she put her fork in the main course. He had not looked around in any obvious manner, but still she knew he was completely aware of the building's layout, the number of guests, where they were sitting and who would be a suspect. The rest of the team had to be around somewhere, but she had not seen one of them. Then again, Hannibal could easily have been their waiter; she rarely recognised him when he showed up in disguise.


Just as she wanted to take the first bite out of her seafood platter, Face kicked her underneath the table. Under his voice he said 'That's our guy coming in right there. Don't move' and in an audible, pleasant voice he added ' Will you excuse me for a moment? I have to use the restroom for a moment', pushed his chair back and followed the newcomer in the direction of the kitchen. Amy sighed. This could not be good. A few minutes later, a noisy conversation was heard from behind the bar, followed by gunshots. This was not good. She heard the growling of BA over the gunfire, grabbed the keys of the Corvette that Face had left on the table, and made her way out of the restaurant among the panicking guests. She started the car and kept the motor running. Suddenly, the side-door of the restaurant burst open and a couple of men dashed out. In the streetlights, she could make out Hannibal, BA and Murdock. They ran to the van that was probably parked behind the building somewhere. Face jumped in next to her and she immediately drove off, while Face fired his gun backwards to the car that followed them in pursuit.


Apparently, Face was luring them away from the rest of the team, but why did this have to happen when she was driving? In between shots, Face yelled at her to take a right at the next crossing. She put her foot on the pedal and raced off, jerking at the wheel to turn right, then instinctively hit the brakes. Almost. 'Keep going!' Face shouted. This was insane. The road was blocked due to a collapsed bridge further down. Amy sped the car through the roadblock and screamed: 'Now what? Got any more bright ideas?' He ducked back inside the car and pointed to a nearly invisible track just to the left of the bridge. 'Keep going for the bridge and at the very last moment turn left into that track. And do try to keep my 'vette in one piece', he added, smiling one of his dazzling smiles at her. She couldn't believe it. Keep his car in one piece? They'd be lucky to make it out of this alive!


The bridge came up ahead. She steered in the direction of the main road, and at the very last moment took a sharp left. The car frictioned against the concrete of the bridge and she could hear Face moaning something about his precious car as she tried to avoid trees and bushes. The vehicle following them tried to make the same turn, but too late. It disappeared over the ridge and plunged into the dark waters below. At the same moment, their car struck a rock. Amy lost control over the wheel and the car spun off in a few random directions before slamming into a tree. Everything became silent.


There it was again. She stared into a pair of blue eyes and she saw it again. Was she hallucinating due to the crash? How much time had passed? She tried to ask, but a familiar voice told her not to try and speak. She realized she was no longer in the car; the cool night air chilled her body except for the parts that were held against something warm. Warm. Suddenly it dawned upon her. He was holding her in his arms. He had wrapped his jacket around her and held her close to keep her warm. 'Car...?' she managed to say. He told her to save her strength; the rest of the team would get here any minute now to take her to a hospital. She nodded faintly and opened her mouth to ask the question that had been bothering her for weeks now. In his eyes she could see she had a reason to ask. But she saw also something else. Fear and uncertainty. In the same moment, she knew he would never say it. He couldn't. But in that moment, the look he threw her confirmed it was definitely there.


In the background, flashlights shone and she heard the rest of the team shout. He looked down upon her one more time, then opened his mouth and called for the others.



In The Blue by FacemanRules



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