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by Closetfan

Rated: PG-13
Summary: Sometimes even moments must be stolen
Warnings: Slash; suggested consensual m/m sex (F/M)
Disclaimer: that this is the usual profitless borrowing of the creations of another, done for fun, with no disrespect intended.


The last rays of sun were fading from the sky, and Face lay on his back staring at, but not seeing, the bedroom ceiling. He allowed himself to be lost for a few more moments in the afterglow.

After a bit, he rolled over onto his side to look at Murdock in the gathering twilight. Why had it been so long? Why didn't he *make* the opportunities to see him, when it made him feel like he did right now? He pushed those thoughts aside as unimportant for the moment and decided to concentrate on Murdock, instead.

He reached over and smoothed his lover's hair, and let his hand linger on Murdock's neck. "When are you gonna get a decent haircut?" he teased. "It hasn't changed in almost fifteen years."

Murdock chuckled softly. "It's tough to compete with you, Face. You never have a hair out of place. Ever." He put his palm on the top of Face's head and rubbed it around enthusiastically. "There," he said, inspecting the unruly mess he'd made of his friend's hair. "I feel better about myself now."

They snickered quietly, and held each other. They knew the time was too short, that these moments were too infrequent. But for now, the world was locked outside and they were happy.

"I dreamed about us last night."

"Yeah?" Murdock smiled. "What were we doing?"

"This." Face grinned.


Yeah. But we were at the beach. It was a gorgeous day. Blue skies, soft breeze...."

"The beach?  Mmmmm, interesting." Murdock's eyes shone mischievously. "I don't know. Always end up with sand in the most unusual places...."

Face laughed. "Yeah, that's true. A bed is better. Guess I just miss California."

"I miss it too."

"I miss this.  Us. Together whenever we want."

"Me, too." Murdock pulled Face to him. They lay closer together, arms wrapped around each other possessively.

Murdock sighed, and rested his forehead against Face's. "I love you."

"I love you, too." Face propped himself up on his elbow and stroked Murdock's face softly, tracing the corners of his eyes, the vague beginnings of crows' feet, with his fingertips. "You look tired. You always look tired lately."

"I'm okay. Guess I'm just not used to a regular job. I haven't done that in a long time."

"On top of Stockwell making us jump through hoops." He lay his hand on Murdock's chest, felt his heartbeat for a moment before speaking again.

"I'm sorry it's so hard on you."

"It's okay. I'm getting used to it." Murdock covered Face's hand with his own. "Just miss you guys." He looked briefly around the darkening bedroom. "It's quiet here at night. Quieter than the hospital, anyway. But I'm getting used to it." He smiled as their eyes met, and reached up to place a gentle kiss on Face's lips. "When are Hannibal and BA coming back?"

Face glanced at the clock on the nightstand and grinned. "Not for a while." His hand traced Murdock's shoulder, his lips and tongue following closely. "Hannibal said they'd keep the Ables busy for a couple of hours," he murmured, placing warm, wet kisses on Murdock's neck. "It'd be a shame to waste all that time."

"I just love Hannibal's plans," Murdock said, smiling in happy surrender.


They were still wrapped around each other, dozing, when the phone rang. Murdock sighed to himself as he picked up the receiver.

"Hello?" He caressed Face's cheek with his thumb, seeming to only half-listen to the caller. "Okay," he said, a sad smile playing across his lips. "Thanks, Hannibal." He rolled over and hung up the phone.

"I don't want to go," Face groaned, burying his face in Murdock's neck.

Murdock ran his hands soothingly up and down Face's back. "I know. I want you to stay." He kissed Face's hair softly. "God knows I do. But you guys took enough of a risk busting out of Langley tonight and coming here to visit me, much less Hannibal and BA agreeing to take the Ables on a scenic tour of greater D.C. so we could be alone for a while."

"I'm sick of this, Murdock." Face sat up and pulled on his jeans. "Sick of Stockwell. Sick of not being my own man...." He stood up and crossed to the window, staring into the night. "Sick of not being with you whenever I want. I hate this, Murdock. I hate it."

Murdock got out of bed and walked over to Face. He stood behind him and rested his chin on Face's shoulder, arms wrapped around his waist. "I hate it too," he said as they both stared out the window of the darkened bedroom, watching autumn leaves floating under the streetlights, carried by the wind. "But we talked about this when I got here, Face. We can't let Stockwell know, can't let him have that little bit of power over us. We can't give him this. Give him us." He turned Face around, hands on his shoulders.  Murdock's eyes were wide and serious, locked on Face's.

"You know he'd play us against each other. Use what we mean to each other to get what he wants. I won't let him do that."

They drew together and stood in each other's arms for a few more moments, savoring the feeling, soaking it up. It would have to last them until they could be together - really together - again.


Face walked down the alley behind Murdock's apartment building to a nondescript, black sedan parked far from the lights. He pulled his jacket closer against the autumn chill, and knew without looking that Murdock was standing at the kitchen window, watching, making sure they got off okay.

"Any trouble?" Face asked as he opened the front passenger door.

Hannibal sat in the back seat, enjoying a cigar and the warm, happy feeling he always got when they messed with the Ables. "Bet we beat them back to the compound," he chuckled.

"Yeah," BA said with self-satisfied grin. "Last time I saw them, they were in Georgetown somewhere tryin to make a "U" turn." He snorted. "Amateurs."

Georgetown's nowhere near here." Face said with mock sternnesss to the other men's barely smothered laughter.

As they pulled away, Face looked up towards Murdock's apartment. As expected, he was standing at the window, watching, his hand pressed against the glass. He stepped away and the kitchen went dark as the sedan pulled out into the street.


"Remember, Face," Murdock had said between kisses as they lingered at the apartment door. "This isn't forever. Stockwell isn't forever.  *We* are."


Face stared out the window and watched the streetlights flash past him on the Beltway with mild interest . His mind was not a million miles away, as it seemed, but only ten. Back in a crummy little apartment, in a tiny bedroom as homey as a former mental patient knew how to make it, feeling safe and at peace.

"You're pretty quiet,"
Hannibal finally said. "Everything all right?"

No." Face closed his eyes and leaned back wearily in his seat, with a small smile. "But it will be."




Interlude by Closetfan



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