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Broken News

Broken News
By Closetfan

Rated: G
Summary: Response to the TV News Camera challenge:  Write a story about an A-Team chase in which they are being followed by news helicopters. It can either be about the characters inside the van or about the news coverage of the chase.  The outcome of the chase is up to you.
Warnings: Total fluff.
Disclaimer: I don't do this for the money, which is good, 'cause there isn't any. I do it for the jazz, man; for the jazz.



"Kay, this is Slate Fletcher coming to you live from On the Scene NewsCopter 7 On Your Side, high above the south side of LA, following up on reports of a car chase that is in progress as we speak.

As you can see from this footage from our LiveCam 7 live news camera mounted on our On the Scene NewsCopter 7, there appears to be a black GMC van attempting to elude the police on some of the side roads here in South LA.  If you can see that - yes!

The van is going down that alleyway there, and the police - no, wait - I'm being informed it's the *military* police - they're right behind the van.  You can see the military police paralleling the van up those side streets, and - yes, they're moving in to cut the van off about two streets up.

Wait!  The van is going through a warehouse, pulling into the side street there, just narrowly avoiding the police.  That's the second time we've seen the van pull off like that - it's almost as if the driver knew what was going on...."

"Slate, this is Kay at the NewsChannel 7 New Center."

"Kay, are you there?"

"Yes Slate, can you hear me?"

"Kay? Yes, this is Slate. I can hear you."

"Good. Do we have any information on the occupant of the van from the police?"
"Kay, I have information that the occupant of the van are actually occupants. They are wanted by the military police for the robbery of a bank in - yes - hold on Kay....

Kay, the occupants of the van are wanted for the robbery of a bank over ten years ago in - Saigon? Hanoi? I'm not quite clear. I'm being told this occurred at the end of the Viet Nam war."

"Slate, this is Kay again."

"Yes, Kay."

"The robbery happened over ten years ago? That's an awfully long time. Was anyone killed in the robbery? Isn't there a statute of limitations?"

"I'm afraid I can't answer that, Kay...."

"We'll have to have Sharon Wilburn at the NewsChannel 7 On Your Side Legal Advocates take a look at that issue and follow up on that."

"Kay? Kay, this is Slate again. I've been following these activities, seeing if we can get ahead a little, and as I like to call it, anticipate the action. Try to give our NewChannel 7 viewers a feel for what is going to happen before it happens. Let's see if we can  convince our On the Scene NewsCopter 7 pilot if he can track the military police - yes!  He's indicated to me that he will track the military police, so that we can bring the exciting capture of these fugitives to our NewsChannel 7 viewers as it happens.

And as you can see, the military police seem to be grouping over near the side streets that lead onto the highway. You can see from this shot that the side streets have been totally blocked off. The only other route is the 87th Street Bridge, which as we all know is under construction still, not quite finished. So there's no way that the chase can progress that way...."

"Slate, Kay again."

Yes, Kay."

"Slate, I'm informed by Sharon Wilburn of the NewsChannel 7 On Your Side Legal Advocates that there appears to be no statute of limitation for the military, or at least that's what she's saying.  Sharon, can you tell us if the police, the civilian police, would just as doggedly pursue regular bank robbers, to the extent of what could be a very dangerous chase through the streets of LA?"

"Hi, Kay, this is Sharon Wilburn. That's an interesting question. The only reason that the statute wouldn't run in a civilian case would be if some act of violence caused the loss of a life. As far as I can tell from the limited information I could pull up on these men, this was a non-violent robbery. Actually, this happened so long ago that I haven't been able to pull up much information on the actual robbery on such short notice...."

"Kay, Sharon, this is Slate again -"

"Yes, Slate, this is Kay."

"I'm - yes, I'm going to have to break in here with breaking news from our On the Scene NewsCopter 7 On Your Side chopper. It seems that the van has actually veered away from the side streets - this just happened, Kay - and it appears to be headed for the 87th Street Bridge. Again, the van is headed for the bridge."

"But Slate, isn't that bridge under construction still?"

"I've been able to confirm - yes, you can see from the picture there - there's an entire section of the bridge that's unfinished. There's about a twenty-foot section in the middle which is completely missing, yet the van seems to be headed directly to the bridge - again, that's *towards* the bridge."

"Kay here, Slate. Do you think that the driver of the van is aware of the bridge being unfinished?"

"He must be, Kay. It's a huge section of bridge missing, there are warning signs - you just can't miss it.

The driver of this van seems to anticipate every move that the military has made. It's amazing, Kay. It's almost like the driver had a camera feed to the van but, heh, heh, we know that technology doesn't exist. Maybe some time in the future, maybe the 90's...."

"Slate, Kay again. Sharon Wilson, NewsChannel 7 On Your Side Legal Advocates, let me ask you a question. What would the legal implications be if the van fell off of the bridge?   Would the city be liable?  The military police?  Could the van's occupants sue the city if they were injured?"

"You're kidding, right?"

"Sharon, Slate here. That's an interesting question Kay just asked...."

"Oh, good Lord...."


"Sharon! It's Slate Fletcher again here in the On the Scene NewsCopter 7 On Your Side chopper.  Sorry to interrupt, but right now, it appears that the van *is* headed for the bridge....  You can see from these pictures, the van appears to be speeding up - it's - oh, my God Kay!  Did you see that?  Did we get that on the camera?"

"Slate, it's Kay. That's amazing. The van actually *jumped* that missing section of the bridge -"

"I've never seen *anything* like it, Kay. The driver used a mound of sand and gravel being used for concrete shoring as a ramp and actually *jumped* to the other side of the bridge! There's no way the military police will be able to follow from there, and they're going to lose valuable time coming around the highway by way of side streets to catch up."

"Kay again, Slate. What's that noise in the background, there? Are those police sirens?"

"No. Actually, it appears my pilot is very amused by these goings on - he's been doing a super job here, following this chase, anticipating the action, as it were - he's been really great. But he's just - well, Kay, frankly he's howling!"

"That's pretty funny, Slate. How about that, Sharon?"

Hysterical. Can I go now?"

"Well we did want to get back to that interesting question of liability, but since the van didn't actually fall...."


I'll be back for the noon broadcast to bring you up to date on the latest regarding the capture of a ring of car thieves, being indicted today. You'll remember that the case also involved a noted underworld crime boss and the attempted murder of a judge...."

"Yes, we're looking forward to that Sharon. But what if the van *had* fallen?"

"I've got to go...."

"Okay Sharon. We'll see you at noon with the NewsChannel 7 On Your Side Legal Advocates."


"Slate, it's Kay.  What's happening now with this case?  Has the van eluded the military police?"

"Well Kay, it seems that the military police followed the van to the bridge, but are either unwilling or unable to make the same jump.  Maybe Sharon can fill us in later on the legal ramifications of attempting such a jump, should it go wrong.

We're following the path of the van, now, and it seems to be headed for the highway, going north. I've actually been contacted by the military police - it appears that they're following our feed and are getting some valuable information on the whereabouts of this mystery van...."

"Slate?  Sharon.  Now, if the police are using our feed, this could present some interesting legal issues...."

"Right, thanks Sharon. So the van is now heading north and it appears that our pilot is taking us in even closer. Uh, much closer.  Reeally closer."

Slate this is Kay. Is everything okay with the On the Scene NewsCopter 7 On Your Side chopper? It looks like - Slate, are you landing?"

"Well, it appears that way, Kay. I'm not sure what's going on here with our pilot, he's - hey, buddy? Can you tell me why - hold on Kay. I'm getting the NewsChannel 7 Handycam camera to see if we can continue this coverage...."

"Slate, is that your pilot?"

"Yes, it is Kay. It appears he's leaving the chopper...."

"Where's he going, Slate?"

"I don't know. It - my gosh, Kay, he's approaching the van. He's at the - yes, Kay, he's getting in the van. I repeat, the On the Scene NewsCopter 7 On Your Side chopper pilot has gotten in the van of desperate felons on the run from the military police."

"Why did he do that, Slate?  Was he threatened?  Is he in any danger?"

"I don't know, Kay, but it appears that the van is now pulling away!"

"Can we follow this action, Slate?"

"Not without the pilot, Kay...."


"Hey, Hannibal. I gotta say that using that news copter was a great idea."

"Thanks, BA. It was rather inspired, wasn't it?"

"Did the mic work well Face?"

"Yeah, it was great Murdock. Clear as a bell. Didya have fun?"

"Man, it was great. That NewsChopper Channel Side 7 - whatever - nice piece of equipment. How come you can't scam me stuff like that all the time?"

"This was special Murdock. But I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"It's a good thing you could make it to that station in time, man.  Did a good job with Lynch, too, figurin' out where he was gonna be.  Gave real good directions. But whatcha do with the real pilot?"

"Told him I was the station manager, sent him out for coffee."

He bought that?"

"Not all millionaires wear Gucci, Face."

"And those talking heads never figured it out. BA, keep heading north. I think it's clear sailing for a while, and I feel like doing some fishing. I love it when a plan comes together!"


Broken News by Closetfan



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