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The A-Team of Hazzard

The A-Team of Hazzard
by Kamikaze

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: 'The A-Team' owned by Stephen J Cannell Productions; 'Dukes of Hazzard' owned by Warner Brothers and someone else.
Summary: When a distraught Davis appears on Maggie's doorstep, she sends the young girl to her brother's in Georgia. Archive: Yes please.  Just tell me where.  ;)
Warning: There are various mentionings of eps from both shows, but I do give a description of the storylines so you won't be lost.  You don't have to be a fan of both shows, but a little info would help.  Below you will find two links to a page for each show.  ;)  For the Hazzardites: The team, Maggie, Gus, Amy, Billy and Charles Drew are all characters that were in the A-Team series.  Davis, Jake and Carson are my creations. 

To the A-Teamites: All Hazzard characters are from the show, and none have been added.  Oh yeah. The relationship between the characters of the two shows is all mine, obviously.  ;) Note: This is only a test.  Let me know how you like this first part, and I'll decide from that if I'm gonna post more.  Remember VA patients, I'm on 'no mail' status, so please reply directly to Thanx!



The charter bus stopped in front of the Bad Rock sheriff's office, and opened its door.  The lone traveller stepped off, threw her duffel bag over her shoulder, and headed down the main and only road.  She had just stepped onto the porch of the house when the front door opened.  Dr. Maggie Sullivan stared confusedly at the young woman before her.  "Davis?  What are you doing here?"  Looking around, she didn't see the black van.  "Where are the guys?"

Davis Webster, who had been holding everything in since it happened, finally broke down and cried.  "Maggie, they . . . they . . ."

Fearing the worst, the doctor dropped her own suitcase and led the girl into her living room.  "Ssh.  Honey, calm down.  Tell me what happened.  Is everyone alright?"

Davis wiped her eyes.  "They kicked me out, Maggie.  They said I wasn't allowed around them anymore.  I . . . I didn't know where else to go."

Placing her arms around the girl she thought of like a daughter, she held her close.  Anger raised in her as she wondered what could have possessed that Colonel she loved to do such a thing.  "Davis, tell me exactly what happened."

She leaned her head on Maggie's shoulder.  "I don't know.  I was watching TV at the beachhouse when Hannibal stormed in.  He looked really pissed off. He suddenly grabbed me and pulled me to my feet.  He was hollering about 'how dare I betray them' and 'if I was a guy . . .'  Maggie, I didn't do anything, I sware!"

The doctor wondered if Smith had finally gone off the deep end.  She was just reaching for the phone to give him an earful when she spotted the clock.  "Damn, my flight!  Honey, I have to go to a conference in San Deigo .. . ."  It was as if a lightbulb lit above her head.  "Have you ever been to Georgia?"  Davis shook her head, confusedly.  "How would you like to spend the week on a farm?  My brother has a little place two hours outside of Atlanta, and I'll come there after the conference."

The younger woman looked skeptical.  "Maggie, I'm allergic to hay and everything that doesn't talk."

The doctor nodded.  "Yeah, but I'll give you a shot now.  It'll be good for you, get you away from everything for a bit."


Jesse hung up the phone in the kitchen of the Duke farm.  Bo and Luke came in to get some water, they were working on the General Lee again.  Bo looked curiously at his uncle.  "Who was that, Uncle Jesse?"

The older man was pulled from his thoughts.  "That was your Aunt Maggie."

"From California?" Luke asked, disbelievingly.  It wasn't anyone's birthday, and that's when she usually phoned.  "Is everything okay?"

"With her, yes.  She wanted to know if she could send Davis out her right now.  Seems the girl's having some trouble and needs to get away for awhile..   Maggie said she'll be out too, next weekend."

"Ain't Davis that girl Aunt Maggie said was our age?" Bo asked, excitedly. He had already flirted with all the local girls at least three times, and was looking forward to fresh meat.

Luke eyed his younger cousin, suspiciously.  He shook his head and turned to their guardian.  "So, when do we pick her up?"

Jesse yawned just thinking about it.  "Her flight gets into Altanta at two in the morning."

"We'll be there," Luke replied.


Hannibal looked up as the rest of the team entered the beachhouse.  He saw the sour look in Face's eyes, but didn't waver.  He knew he had done the right thing, he was glad he found out what Davis was doing before it endangered all of them.  When the Lieutenant sighed melodramatically, Smith stubbed out his cigar and glared at his Second.  "You got something to say, Lieutenant?"

Peck returned the icy blue glare.  "Well, since you brought it up, Hannibal..   Why the hell did you do it?  Why did you send Davis away?"

Amy Allen never liked these inter-team conflicts when she was with the guys before, and since her return last week, that seemed to be all there was. She placed her hands on Face's shoulders and tried to pull him back. "Come on, Face.  What's done is done.  Take it easy."

"Yeah, muchacho," Murdock agreed.  "Davy was gettin' dangerous.  If she stayed somebody could've gotten hurt."

BA nodded, he could not believe it, but it was really happening. "That's right, li'l brotha.  She's outta control."

Peck threw his arms up.  "I can't believe this!  You're all acting like Davis is the enemy!"

"Lieutenant, where are you going?" the Colonel demanded as the younger man headed for the door.

Peck threw open the door before fixing them all with his blazing blue ice. "I'm going to find Davis and bring her back.  *I'm* not abandoning her!"

"Face, wait," Amy called, running after him.  She wasn't about to let him go alone.


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