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Heat 1/


Heat 1/?
by cat

disclaimer: no idea - a little bit of violence, a little bit of blood...


Face was in a very good mood as he drove his corvette towards BA's children's center. He had got everything the big man has asked him for. A baseball game was going to take place and Face had managed to find a sponsor for BA's team, who would pay for everything they needed, even new playing uniforms.

The wind blew through Face's hair as he turned into the street leading to the current location of BA's children's center. Only seconds later the sight of an MP car made him turn his car violently back around. He drove a few streets back and finally stopped. Only then did his heart start hammering, his prior reactions had been automatic. He was sure he had not been seen.

<Oh damn, damn, damn> Face thought. <What now?>

It was obvious what the MPs where observing. The lieutenant reached to his car phone and punched in a number. He could hear the ringing on the other end.

<Come on BA get the phone!>


"BA? Face here. Decker's at the front door."

"Where are you?"

"I've got a ticket for second row. You need to get out of there."

There was a pause on the other end that gave Face time to think what to do. He had come to a decision when the sergeant's voice came back; he had obviously been thinking in the same way because he asked "The front door?"

"Yeah, they won't expect that. I'll come from behind and we take the 'vette."

"Ok, how long?"

Face raised his arm and stared at his watch for a few seconds. "Five minutes."


The line went dead and Face put down the phone. God, he wished Hannibal was here. But the colonel was enjoying a trip with Maggie right now and was not due back for five more days.

That left Face in command and it was his responsibility to take care of everyone.

The lieutenant carefully drove back, trying to get as near as possible to the house where he knew BA was without being seen. He finally left his car right around a corner, only about two hundred meters from the house. The MP's attention seemed to be focused on the house, only a few of them kept the street under watch. Face watched the activities going on closely. Twenty seconds before the time had passed he went back to his car, reappearing seconds later with his hands tightly clenched around a machine gun and a second one slung over his shoulder. He ran into a position he had seen before where he had good cover. Without waiting any longer he raised the gun and fired into the air.

He almost laughed at the reaction. Everyone dived down to the ground or jumped behind anything trying to get cover. He himself went down, not wanting to give away his position too early. In the middle of the confusion the door to the house opened and BA got out, running toward the direction he had seen Face, knowing exactly that the car had to be parked somewhere behind the lieutenant's position.

Face watched as the big man made his way towards him, seeing the first heads being raised again. He jumped up again and fired, this time at the cars behind which the MPs had found cover. Their heads went down again, but now time was running out, the first moment of surprise had passed.

BA reached Face's position and caught the gun Face passed him. Both men were facing the house now, moving backwards, trying to keep an eye on everything, knowing any moment now the situation was going to explode.

Finally they had almost reached the corner. Face fired one more time and gave BA a sign. BA started running towards the place where he expected to find the corvette. Face followed him, still going backwards, when all hell broke loose. Someone started shouting and the first shots were fired at the escaping men. MPs careful not to leave their cover started to follow them and a few shots came quite close to Face before he disappeared around the corner, following BA.

BA turned back and gave Face the opportunity to catch up while watching his back. As soon as the lieutenant had passed him BA turned to make the last few meters to the car. Face had almost reached the driver's side and turned one last time to make sure BA could get there untroubled. He raised his gun against the MPs that appeared at the corner.


Heat 2/???

BA saw him firing a short burst, forcing them to back away. Then suddenly the lieutenant stumbled backwards against the car, almost dropping the machine gun. Instantly BA changed direction, heading to the driver's side. He almost threw Face into the car, forcing him into the passenger's side and started the car. Shots rang out and the sound of bullets hitting the car made BA cringe. Face would not like that.

The corvette jumped forward and made its way unhindered along the street until the next corner, where BA forced it left. Sirens sounded and the first green car appeared in the rear view mirror.

BA cast one glance at Face who had straightened himself. He was pale and one hand was clutched against his side, but the other one still held the gun and now he turned around and fired at the car behind them. It was unaimed due to the fact that they were driving at high speed and he only used one hand. Somehow a bullet must have found its mark because the car behind them started to weave from side to side and finally crashed into a parked car effectively blocking the street. Face collapsed back into his seat, the gun falling down next to his feet.

Worry welled up in BA, now as the heat of the moment cooled down he started to realize what had happened. While driving the car as far away as possible from the danger he tried to get a good look at the lieutenant. He was slumped back in his seat, his eyes closed and his right hand pressed against his ribs. BA could see blood seeping through his fingers but he had no way to tell how bad that injury was.


"Yeah?" Face voice was strained, and casting another glance at him BA could see that he had forced his eyes open again.

"How bad is it?"

"Not too bad I think, but it's bleeding like hell." The lieutenant's voice was losing strength and BA concentrated on the street, trying to fight down a feeling of fear that threatened to overwhelm him. He wished Hannibal was there, he would know what to do.

<I need to get us somewhere safe. Somewhere safe...> An idea started to form.

BA needed only a few more minutes to find a place to hide the corvette. He simply parked it in a big parking garage, knowing it would hardly be found there and still be safe. Now he had a chance to check on Face. BA leaned over and gently forced the hand away from the wound. Face had been right, it was bleeding like hell. From the looks of it the bullet had hit Face on his right side right below the ribs.

"Did the bullet go through?" the sergeant asked.

"No." Face whispered. He was very pale and BA could feel that he had started to shake and recognized the signs of going into shock. He reached under the driver's seat finding the first aid kit there. While he prepared a clean dressing for the wound he told Face his plan, trying to get some reaction from him.

"I'm calling a good friend of mine to get us another car. We need a place to hide and I think I know where."

There was no answer and BA realized that Face was on the verge of losing consciousness. He had not made a sound while BA detached his shirt from the wound but the pain he was feeling was obvious. BA pressed the dressing against the still bleeding wound as gently as he could but it still evoked a hiss of pain. When he was finished and had put the shirt over the dressing again, he could feel the strain lessen in Face's body. He looked up into blue eyes and saw a small smile cross his friend's face.

"I don't know how Hannibal always does it," Face whispered. "His plans always work and they are a lot crazier then mine."

"I'm not so sure 'bout that," BA mumbled, leaving it up to Face if he referred to the plans or the craziness.

BA reached for the phone now, dialing a number he only needed a few seconds to remember.

Face listened to him talking without recognizing the words. He only heard the rumble of the familiar voice trough the haze of pain and dizziness. How had everything gone so wrong in only a few seconds of time? Everything had been under control until the hit had taken him completely by surprise. Now they were in deep....; the MP on their heels, Hannibal somewhere on holiday and Murdock in the VA. Face tried to think, tried to sort out the situation they where in. When he heard BA had stopped talking he pushed himself upright, trying to ignore the pain. He felt a hand on his shoulder pushing him back in his seat.

"Slow down Faceman, it's alright."

"We need to find a way to contact Hannibal and Murdock...." The strength suddenly left Face and he collapsed back

"It's alright, I'll take care of everything," BA said again, trying to calm his friend. With worry he noticed the stain of blood forming again on the dressing. The wound was obviously still bleeding. He wished his van was here, it was well equipped with medical supplies. Ever since Murdock had been shot some months ago and nearly died Face had taken great care of putting together an emergency kit that contained anything needed in the case of an emergency. But the van was parked somewhere near BA's home and it was way too risky to go there right now. If the MPs found out where his children's center was, they might also know where he lived.

He looked down at his friend a strange feeling deep inside of him. That was not the way it was supposed to be. Face was second in command, the one who took over when Hannibal was not around. And if it was not him it was Murdock who had a crazy idea that would help them out. But right now the fool was securely in the VA without knowing anything about their situation and Hannibal was out of town. The colonel would find out soon that something was wrong....; he had a left a number for emergencies.

But right now it was only BA and Face and there was nothing BA could do but hope that his own plan would work.


Twenty minutes later a time that seemed like hours to the two men they heard a car coming towards them. It startled Face from his state of drifting and his hand went to his gun. The movement caused pain to erupt in his side and he could not hold back a low moan. Again he felt a hand on his shoulder, calming him.

"That's a friend of me," BA said, waiting for Face to relax. He felt the tension ease and added. "I'll go and talk to him. I'll be right back."

Face only nodded and BA left the car walking over to the man who had stepped out of the dark car currently sitting behind the corvette. He was a young black man hardly older than eighteen. BA took his hand and squeezed it. "Thanks for coming, Jimmy. I'm sorry to involve you, but I really need some help."

The young man smiled at him." I'm glad to help you this time. I always hoped there would be a chance for me to make it up to you. "

He pointed at the car behind him. "That's my car you can use it as long as you need it. You said you need a safe place to hide away?"

BA nodded.

"You can come and stay with us. My mom would be glad to help you, I'm sure."

BA shook his head. "Na, Jimmy that's too dangerous. We are wanted and I don't want you to get in trouble again. I already know a place to hide away, I only need your help to get my friend there. He's hurt."

Jimmy nodded and followed BA to the car, seeing the still figure in there. A head turned into his direction and a pair of blue eyes checked him over.

"So that's your friend, BA?"

"Yeah, Face that's Jimmy. We are going to get you in that car over there now, ok?"

Face nodded and BA opened the car door. Face took a deep breath and slowly started to get up. The pain in his side intensified in a way he had not thought possible anymore. He would have fallen back if not a pair of strong arms had caught him and held him upright. BA held him for a few moments until the darkness around Face's eyes faded and he found the strength to straighten up and stand on his feet. He slowly made his way to the other car supported by BA who had to take most of his weight and almost carried him the last few steps.

<Blood loss> BA thought, <He's lost too much blood.>

He settled Face on the backseat and closed the car. Turning to Billy he asked "Can you drive us? I need to make sure his bleeding isn't getting worse."

Jimmy nodded and he gave him the address seeing realization dawning on the young man's face.

"That's a good plan, no one will be looking for you there. But you need something else, wait a second."

He disappeared to the boot of his car, searching for something and returned with a cap.

"You have to cover his hair."

BA took the cap and got into the car next to Face. He covered the mop of golden hair with the cap and seeing the confusion on his friend's face explained, "We're going to a small hotel in a part of town where mainly black people live. We don't want you to attract attention."

The car started moving and Face felt fingers checking on the bandage on his side.

"It's still bleeding, isn't it?" he asked, knowing the answer.

"Yeah." BA tried to keep the worry out of his voice. "It's gonna be alright. In a few minutes we are in a safe place and then we can take care of this."

"Only too bad our meds supplies are in the van. That bullet is still in there." Face whispered. For the first time since it had happened he felt an urge of fear. He was shot, he was still bleeding, they had no medical support and Hannibal was not here, did not even know anything. He fought the rising panic down, he was not alone in here. BA was here and the big man had promised to take care of him. He forced himself to relax and closed his eyes.

BA felt him relax against his shoulder and did not know if it was a good or a bad sign.

"Face?" he whispered.


"We are almost there. Try to stay awake, ok?"


They reached their destination ten minutes later. Jimmy went to get a room and after he came back BA helped Face out of the car. Their room had a door to the outside and Jimmy quickly checked the line of doors to find right one and unlocked it. Halfway to the room BA felt the Face starting to collapse and quickly caught him, lifting him up in his arms and carrying him inside.



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