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It was suppose to be the last day of warm temperatures and sunny skies for the next two weeks

Not So Easy Victim

By Jullian Gray


Rating: NC-17

Summary: Face is attacked at the Langley compound and Frankie learns a lesson.

Warning: Slash, Language, Attempted Rape, Violence.

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It was suppose to be the last day of warm temperatures and sunny skies for the next two weeks. If it hadn't been for that, Face would have been sitting on the couch next to Hannibal watching afternoon football with the rest of the team.


Instead, the thought of not seeing sunshine for a few weeks drove him outside to lounge by the pool at the Langley compound. His long tan body stretched out as he soaked up the sun. God how he longed to be back in California where he could do this year round.


Hell, warm temperatures year round was just one of many reasons to get out of Virginia. Another two reasons were standing several feet away watching his every move.


Twice he had almost gone back inside because of the two Ables staring at him; but the more he thought about them, the more determined he was to stay in the sun. He was the prisoner in the gilded cage, not them; they could stand in the sun all damn day for all he cared.


"Nice day, huh fellas." Face smiled as he turned to lie on his stomach allowing the sun to soak into his back.


"Smart ass bastard," Able 25 snarled to Able 16 as he looked at the young blonde in the blue swim trunks lounging in the sun.


Face smiled as he heard the two start to bitch about him.



Hannibal looked out the patio door as he stretched his back and legs during the halftime show. He smiled when he saw his lover. The kid was beautiful, there was no doubt about it. He lit a cigar and watched the younger man for a few more minutes. God how he loved the young blonde.


Not being able to resist his urge any longer Hannibal went out onto the deck and knelt down next to Face. Making sure to keep back out of Face's reach just in case he was asleep. He knew from years of experience just how Face reacted when he was startled awake. 


Even though he was half asleep, Face knew that someone was standing over him. His body tensed until he heard the soft voice and smell of a cigar.


"Hey kid, you awake?"


 "Barely," Face answered as he raised his head to look at his lover. "I thought you were watching the game."


"Half time."


"You need something Hannibal?"


"Just came out here to make sure you weren't burning yourself to a crisp."


"The sun screen is by your foot if you're really that worried about me." Face smiled as a gleam filled his eyes.


Hannibal reached down and grabbed the bottle after pouring some of the white lotion into his hands then began to massage it into Face's skin. Working his way across the younger man's shoulders and down his back towards his waist.


"You're getting awful spoiled, Lieutenant."


Face turned so he could look his commander and lover in the eyes and smiled even wider.


"And just who is doing it to me, Colonel?"


Hannibal reached over and took Face's chin into his hand forcing his face up so he could lean over and kiss the soft lips.


"Me, and don't you ever forget it."


"Not a chance." Face reached out and pulled Hannibal closer to him "You're stuck with me."


"That goes both ways kid." Hannibal kissed Face again before standing. "Don't stay out here to long, Face. I'm serious, you don't need to get burnt."


"Sure Mom."




"Alright, alright. Wake me up when the game's over and I'll come in." Face stretched before laying his head back down on the lounger and closing his eyes.


Hannibal stood up and looked down at the man he loved. A smile crossed Hannibal's lips as he reached down and ruffled the blonde's hair sending it's golden strands in every different direction.


"Stop!" Face yelled as he reached up and swatted at Hannibal's hands. "Damn it, Hannibal, quit!"


Hannibal laughed as he stepped back to survey his handy work.


"You know you look sexy when you're a mess."


"I look even better when I'm neat and in order." Face fussed as he attempted to put his hair back to rights with his fingers. 


"I love you know matter how you look." Hannibal bent over and kissed the blonde hair. "Enjoy your nap kid."


With that being said Hannibal turned and went back into the house. Face watched his lover go back inside. He thought about getting up and joining the team again but the warmth of the sun on his back was too strong of a pull. Closing his eyes again he drowned out all the other sounds around him and drifted off to sleep.



The two Ables watched the display between the two men with indifference until the colonel went back inside. Both were afraid of Smith, as were most all the other Ables.


All had heard the stories of what the older man had done in Vietnam to protect his men.

None of them wanted to take a chance of pissing the colonel off when he could get his hands on them. But now that he was gone the young blonde became fair game.


"You know the only reason Smith keeps him around don't you?" Able 16 growled as he nodded toward Face.


"Sure I do. He's a fucking whore. Bet he puts out for all of them. Probably screwed the whole unit."


"Unit hell. Bet you in Nam he probably put out for the whole camp."


"Hell, you know he did. You seen the way Smith was all over him. Bet you anything he gets a piece of that ass every night."


"You know he does. That's why Smith keeps taking the bugs out of their rooms. So he can have him."


"Shit, ain't just Smith, that big black son of a bitch treats him like a china doll. You ever watch him around Peck? Hell, you'd think he was the only thing to fuck out there."


"Bet he gives a hell of a blow job," Able 25 sneered as he smiled over at his partner.


"You take his mouth, I want a piece of that tight ass." Able 16 rubbed the erection that was growing in his pants.


"Think he would just give it up if we asked?"


"Might, but that would take all the fun out of it. You get his attention and I'll take care of the rest." Able 16 looked up and down the tan body gleaming in the sun.


"Man you've got to be kidding. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have a piece of him; but if Smith finds out about we'd be dead."


"What if he had an accident when we got finished? You know trying to escape."


"No one is going to believe he tried to escape. Come on, he can come and go pretty much as he wants to."


"How about this? He started an argument with us. A few words were said, he threw a punch and we threw a couple. From there it got out of control and he was killed."


"You think we could get away with it?"


"Look, you want some of him or not?" Able 16 impatiently asked as he turned to look at his partner.


"We've got to move quick and get him away from the house so the rest of them won't see."


"Not a problem. Let's move." Able 16 removed his belt and began to make his way toward the sleeping man. The second man followed his partner.


Quietly, Able 16 slid up beside Face. Taking the belt and sliding the open end into the buckle, making a noose, he nodded to Able 25 who took a deep breath and slammed his booted foot into the sleeping man's side.


Face felt the presence of someone behind him, but it was too late to move.


H tried to scream as he felt his rib snap, sending shooting pains through his side, but his air was cut off as something wrapped around his throat.


Instantly, he put his hand to his throat and tried to pull the object away, but he couldn't get his fingers under it.


Able 25 reached down and cut Face's swim trunks from his body with his pocketknife, throwing them in the pool before rubbing his hands over Face's buttocks. Face tried to twist his body around to get better leverage, but was hit in the head.


"Struggle all you want Peck, it only turns me on!" Able 16 laughed in Face's ear as he pulled the belt tighter, forcing Face to sit back on his knees.


"Get up on your feet, Peck." Able 25 grabbed a hand full of blonde hair and pulled Face's head back. "Don't try a damn thing, just get on your feet."


Face slowly began to rise, but before he could make it to his feet, Able 25 punched him in the side of the head sending him to his knees.


"Get on your feet Peck. Damn it, move!" Able 16 pulled the belt around Face's throat so tight that Face's vision began to gray around the edges.  Shakily he got to his feet and tried again to remove the object from around his throat. He was rewarded by another sharp blow to the side of his head.




They only made it a few steps when Able 16 made a major mistake. He stepped up behind Face and grabbed his right nipple, twisting it hard.


"I'm going to enjoy fucking that tight ass of yours, Peck" Able 16 hissed in Face's ear.


This was the only chance Face needed; he slammed his head back as hard as he could into Able 16's face, instantly breaking the other man's nose.


Face felt the belt loosen slightly and swung around grabbing the injured man by the wrist and pulling it up behind his back. Grabbing the elbow, he shoved it up as hard as he could while still keeping pressure on the wrist, instantly snapping the wrist and dislocating the arm from it's socket.


Able 25 rushed Face. Knocking him to the ground and straddling him, he began hitting the lieutenant in the rib cage. Face screamed as he felt another rib snap.


Pushing past the pain, Face slammed his fist into the other man's head, forcing him back until he was able to slam his right foot up into the other man's groin.


Able 25 fell over onto his side screaming in pain when the blow ruptured his testicles.


Face staggered to his feet and began to make his way toward the door that would lead him to the safety of his team. He only made it a few steps when he was tackled from behind by another Able, driving him to the ground.


Face curled into a ball and rolled with the force of the blow. Crouching with his back to the mansion wall, he knew what was coming. It was always like this first.... the physical violence, then the sexual assault. His mind fled to a safe spot deep within himself and his instincts took over as he grabbed a hold of the man directly in front of him.


"What the hell was that?" BA asked as he hit the mute button on the TV remote when he heard a crash of patio furniture outside.


Hannibal's face went pale as he remembered his lover outside asleep by the pool. "Face!" He was instantly on his feet running toward the door, BA and Frankie close on his heals.


What he saw when he came out the door tore his heart in two. Face was crouched against the wall naked, a leather belt wrapped around his throat. His body bloody and bruised, his arm wrapped around the throat of a semiconscious Able. Several more Ables were standing over him with their guns pointed at his head.


"Get the fuck away from him!" Hannibal yelled as he made his way toward his lover.


"Colonel Smith we need you to stand down until we get the situation under control."


"I said get the fuck away from him!"  Hannibal shoved the two Ables blocking his way so he could kneel in front of Face.


"Colonel Smith you need to step away." One of the Ables reached for the colonel.


"You heard him, get away!" BA shoved the two men farther back away from his colonel and lieutenant.


As Hannibal knelt down, he saw something that terrified him even more than the young man's physical appearance. His lover's eyes were open but not truly focused on any one thing. They darted back and forth, scanning for the next attack.


"Face, can you hear me?" Hannibal wanted to reach out and stroke Face's bruised cheek but he knew better than to touch him.


"Hannibal?" BA knelt down beside the colonel.


"He's not with us right now." Hannibal turned to look at BA his eyes reflecting the pain he was feeling. "Our lieutenant is in survival mode."


"Frankie, go turn down the bed in Hannibal's room."




"God damn it Frankie, just do as your told!" Hannibal snapped as he pulled his shirt off and turned back to Face.


"Lieutenant Peck, can you hear me? It's Colonel Smith. I need you to listen to me son. I need you to let the man you're holding go. Can you do that for me, Lieutenant?"


Face made no move to release his hostage. He just continued to scan the area around him, his body ready to strike.


"Lieutenant Peck, I need you to let go of that man."


Face eyes turned to look at Hannibal for a second before they began to scan the area again.


Hannibal took a deep breath and centered himself for what he had to do. He had to get through to Face and fast before the Able's became too upset over their fallen comrades.




Face's blue-green eyes instantly locked with Hannibal's blue ones, his full attention now on the silver haired man kneeling before him.




Face blinked once then let go of the now unconscious Able, letting him fall to the ground.


"Stand up." Hannibal tried softly. When that didn't work he went back into command mode.




Face stood as he was told, his back ridged and arms at his side.


"DON'T YOU MOVE A MUSCLE, LIEUTENANT!"  Hannibal snapped as he stood in front of his lover.


"I'm going to put my shirt on you. YOU WILL NOT MOVE. When I am done we're going inside the house and to my room."


Carefully Hannibal walked up to Face and wrapped his shirt over the now trembling body. He noticed the sway as his lover tried to remain at attention. His breath now coming in ragged breaths.


"All right, Lieutenant. Let's MOVE."


Face only made it a few steps before his legs gave out from under him and he collapsed to his knees. He hung his head hung down in defeat.


Hannibal knelt down in front of Face and studied him closely. There was no way the younger man was going to be able to walk. And he could see the adrenaline rush was over, leaving Face's body spent. He was going to have to take the chance that Face wouldn't strike out against him.


"I'm going to pick you up, Lieutenant. It's just going to be me touching you. I promise you, know one else is going to lay a hand on you."


Face didn't acknowledge his lover, but allowed Hannibal to pick him up without any protest or physical violence.


"Colonel Smith we can't allow you to move him until we've done a full investigation." Able 19 stated as he stepped in front of the colonel and reached for Face.


Hannibal shifted his precious burden so that Face was cradled more securely in his arms.


Rising to his full height the colonel looked down at the man blocking his way, his blue eyes blazing.


"I'm only going to tell you this once so you better damn well listen little man. You fucking touch him and I will kill you. Now get out of my way!" Hannibal growled his voice low and dangerous.


The Able looked into the older man's eyes, never had he seen such anger and hatred directed toward him. Quickly, Able 19 stepped out of the way and allowed the colonel to pass with his lieutenant.


"Once he's alright, there won't be a place any of you'll be able to hide," BA snarled as he shoved the Able to the ground.


Able 19 stood slowly as he watched the colonel and sergeant take their lieutenant back into the house. He  turned to look at Ables 16 and 25 on the ground reeling in pain and 32 unconscious at his feet. Taking a deep breath, he turned to look at his partner, Able 12, as ran his hands through his hair.


"Better call Stockwell."



Hannibal carried Face upstairs to his bedroom where he gently laid him down on the bed. As soon as Face's body touched the bed he curled up into a tight ball.


"BA, I need…"


"Already on it."  BA quickly moved to the bathroom, dampening wash clothes with warm water.


"Anything I can do, Johnny?" Frankie stepped up to the spot BA had vacated.


"Call Murdock and tell him to get over here now."


"Anything else?"


"Stay out of the way." Hannibal stated as he gently stroked Face's cheek. "BA?"


"Right here." BA shoved Frankie out of the way so he could hand the colonel one of the warm wash clothes. "Man told you to call Murdock. Now move." BA shoved Frankie toward the door.


BA looked down at his little brother. He looked so small and helpless, his perfect body bruised and bloodied.


BA turned away as a tear came to his eye. This wasn't right, they were supposed to be safe here. When they were on one of Stockwell's missions, they were fair game. But here at the mansion they were suppose to be safe.


BA placed his hand on Hannibal's shoulder when the colonel looked up at him he turned and left the room without any comment.


Hannibal watched the big man leave. He knew how BA felt about Face and he couldn't blame the sergeant; after all he loved Face the same way. He only hoped that BA wouldn't do anything stupid while he took care of his lover.


"Tem, it's Hannibal. I know you're in there kid, so I need you to listen to me. It's just you and me here, no one else. You're safe, no one is going to hurt you." Hannibal took a deep breath before he continued.


"I'm going to get this damn thing off your throat then I'm going to clean you off. It'll just be me Tem; no one else is going to touch you, I promise. So you just come back to me."


Hannibal gently kissed Face's forehead before he carefully removed the belt from around Face's neck. His anger swelled as he noted the dark purple and black bruise that now covered the delicate throat.


"They're going to pay for this kid."  Hannibal gently began to wipe down his lovers face and throat carefully, taking note of all the injuries as he made his way down Face's chest and torso.


 He had just finished when Frankie spoke up behind him.


"BA said I should bring these to you."


Hannibal only nodded as he took Face's underwear, T-shirt, and sweatpants from Frankie.


"Is he going to be alright, Johnny?"


The colonel only sighed. He knew Frankie was concerned and wanted to help, but he just didn't have the patience to deal with him right now.


 'Damn it, couldn't he see that he needed to give his full attention to Face.'


"You call Murdock?"


"Yeah, Johnny, he said he would be right over."


Hannibal only nodded as he moved to the bottom of the bed and slid Face's legs into his underwear carefully. He began to work them up Face's long tan legs toward his hips.


Frankie bent over to lift Face by the waist and was instantly knocked to the floor.


"Don't touch him!" Hannibal yelled as he stood over Frankie, his fist in a ball.


"Johnny, I didn't mean…"


"I made him a promise, and so help me God, if it's broken he may not come back. So stay the hell away!" Hannibal yelled as he pulled Frankie up and threw him out of the room, slamming the door shut in his face.


Hannibal took a few deep breaths to calm himself before he moved back to Face's side and finished dressing him.


Afterward, he sat down on the bed and pulled Face into his lap and covered him with several blankets.


He knew it wouldn't be long before Stockwell appeared. But it would be a few more minutes he could have alone with Face.


Softly he began to sing You Are My Sunshine as he stroked the golden hair, his mind already working on a plan to get them away from the situation they were currently in.




BA knew what had to be done even if the colonel didn't. They all wanted their pardons.


He didn't want to be on the run anymore. He wanted to see his Mamma as a free man, but couldn't see Face put through this. No pardon was worth this.


He just couldn't stand to see his lieutenant hurt. He couldn't take it the pain and he wouldn't let it happen again.


BA grabbed more of the team's gear and stored it in the van. Next he began to restock to weapons locker. He knew he would have to talk the colonel into it, but with Murdock's help, they could be on the road by nightfall at the latest.



Hunt Stockwell read the report as he made his way to the compound where he had the A-team held up.

 This was not going to be good if only half of the report was true. He would have a hell of a time with Smith.


However one thing was clear, Peck would have to be removed. He was far more dangerous than he had given him credit for, which made him too much of a liability.


If he were still in the unresponsive state that Able 19 reported, then it would be a whole lot easier to have him transferred to a hospital where he could dispose of the lieutenant later.


He looked at his watch for the fifth time in twenty minutes. Eleven more hours before he would arrive at the compound. Why the hell did things have to go wrong when he was out of town?



Murdock ran through the front doors of the mansion and almost plowed Frankie over.

"Where are they?" Murdock yelled.


"They? They who?"


"The team. Face, Hannibal, BA. You know, the team!" Murdock yelled.


"BA's out in the garage and Hannibal is with Face up in his bedroom,..."


Murdock ran up the stairs two at a time.


"…but I wouldn't go up there if I were you."


Murdock took a deep breath and knocked softly on Hannibal's door before opening it.




"Come in, Murdock."


Murdock slowly and quietly walked into the room and made his way to the bed where Hannibal was sitting cradling Face in his arms.


"What happened, Hannibal?"


"Looks like two of the bastards outside attacked him."


"How is he?"


The pilot sat down on the edge of the bed and looked down to see a pair of blue-green eyes watching his every move.


"He isn't responding to anything except direct commands."


"Said anything?"


"Hasn't said a word."


"Mind if I try?"


Hannibal gently brushed back a stray hair from Face's forehead before he spoke.


"Hey kid, Murdock's here. Why don't you come out and talk to him for a while?"


When Face didn't respond, Murdock sat down on the bed next to the two men being very careful to stay out of Face's reach.


"Hey, Muchacho, where are you at? I came all the way from across town to see you and you aren't even going to say hi to me? Come on Facey talk to me."


Murdock shook his head as he looked up at Hannibal. Suddenly a thought crossed his mind as he remembered the last time he had seen his best friend like this.


"God Hannibal they didn't…" Murdock couldn't say the word it hurt too much.


"Looks like that's what they were planning, but Face put a stop to it." Hannibal kissed the blonde hair. "You did real good kid, I wouldn't have blamed you if you'd killed both of the bastards."


"Hannibal, you can't mean that." Frankie gasped from the open door.


"Sure he means it sucker, and if they'd have raped him I would have killed 'em. If Faceman don't come out of this soon, I still might."


"Look, I know you're upset, but you're talking cold-blooded murder."


"And you think this is alright?" Murdock stood and got in the younger man's face. "Look at him, Frankie. Look at him! Do you think it's all right for them to do this to Face and get away with it? Because, let me tell you something, it's not!"


"Hannibal, I've been doing a lot of thinking.... We need to leave." BA threw up his hands to stop his colonel from talking. "I know we all want our pardons bad, especially Face, but I can't stand this…" BA motioned down toward the man in Hannibal's arms. "This ain't worth it."


"Gentlemen, do you think you should be talking about this in here?" Murdock pointed toward the lamp on the nightstand. "There do tend to be a lot of creepy crawly buggy things around here."


"Cleared it myself this morning, Captain and I agree with you, BA; it's time to be leaving. How long before you can have the van ready to go?"


"All ready, Hannibal."


"Murdock, you go to Face's room and get every personal thing you can find of his. Get him a couple of changes of clothes. Leave the rest. BA…"


"My stuff is in the van. I'll get your stuff ready."


"Guys you can't be serious. What about our pardons?" Frankie cried out. "I mean, what happened here is way serious, but were talking about our pardons."


"Face means more than some damn piece of paper." BA growled as he looked at a photo of Face smiling, his arm wrapped around Hannibal's shoulder. The colonel was looking at the young blonde, his eyes sparkling as he laughed at him.


BA felt a lump grow in his throat. They had all gone to the beach for the day. Playing in the sand and swimming, they had all been so happy; just like a family should be. He touched Face's image before putting the photo in Hannibal's gym bag.


"Look, Frankie, I know you feel left out. That you're not part of the team, and I'm sorry to say this, but you're not. You've got to understand something, you're a nice kid, but we are a family. We've only had the four of us to look out for each other for too many damn years to count. And I will not give up one of my family so you can maybe–just maybe–get a piece of paper that says you're free."


Frankie stood and stared at Hannibal with his mouth open.


"Now you have a choice to make and I don't care which way you choose. You can go with us or you can stay here. I just need to know so I can do what needs to be done."


"Johnny, I…"


"Stay or go Frankie just one word."


Frankie Santana slumped his shoulders and looked at the colonel.




"You have five minutes to get your stuff packed and down to the van. We leave in six minutes sharp."


"How we going to get out of here, Colonel?" Murdock asked, carrying Face's gym bag.


Hannibal looked down at Face for a few seconds.


"Not a problem, Captain, we'll be leaving by the front gate. BA, I'm going to need your help is just a minute. Murdock how did you get here, someone drive you?"


"Took a cab."


"Good. I need you to take Face's car and meet us at the lake. His keys are in it. Make sure you have all the bugs cleaned out before you get there."


"You mean the lake with the good fishing?" Murdock smiled.


"That's the one, Captain."


"See you all in a few days. And I expect to have a good long conversation with you when you get there, Muchacho." Murdock smiled down at Face. "Take care of him, Colonel."


Hannibal nodded as he carefully moved Face over on the bed so he could stand and pick him up.


"You want me to carry him?"


"I've got him, BA, just grab extra blankets and pillows off the beds. I want to keep him as comfortable as possible. Alright, Face, we're going to be moving kid. Remember it's just going to be me touching you, no one else."


Carefully Hannibal picked the smaller man up and carried him down the stairs and out to the garage where BA kept the van. He was actually surprised to see Frankie standing by it ready to go.


"What's the plan, Hannibal?"


Hannibal climbed into the back of the van and laid Face down across the bench seat. He took a pillow and blanket from BA and made Face as comfortable as he could before sitting down next to him.


"BA, you drive. Make sure you stop at the front gate. Frankie, keep your mouth shut and don't say a word."




"Not a word, Santana. Let's move, BA."


BA drove the van down to the front gate and stopped at the guard shack.


"I need you gentlemen to turn around and go back to the house until General Stockwell arrives."


Hannibal opened the sliding door on the van and stepped out. He stared the young guard up and down.


"I have a injured man in the van and we're going to take him to the hospital."


"Colonel Smith, I understand, however I have my orders."


"If it hadn't been for your people my lieutenant wouldn't be in this shape. Now I suggest you get your boss on the phone and tell him we are going to County General. He can meet us there."


"Colonel Smith…"


"I'm going to give you one minute to open that gate before I have my sergeant get out and you can explain why we aren't on our way."


The young guard looked over at BA who was starting to get out of the van.


"I'll call the general and let him know where you are heading sir."


"That would be a very good idea."


Hannibal climbed back into the van and closed the door.




Twelve hours later they stopped for the night at a small motel.


"BA, you and Frankie go get us something to eat. I'll get Face settled."


Once they were inside the room, Hannibal stretched Face out on one of the two beds before sitting down next to him and pulling the younger man into his lap.


Gently he placed his hand on Face's cheek. He was not completely surprised when his wrist was grabbed. The small hand holding it began to apply extreme pressure.


Hannibal didn't try to pull away; he knew this would only spook Face even worse. Instead, he put his other hand over Face's.


"Tem, it's Hannibal. I need you to let go."


Face loosened his grip and blinked several times but his eyes were still unfocused on any particular thing. When he didn't move, Hannibal closed his eyes and said a silent prayer.


'Please, Lord, help me get through to him.'


"You're safe kid, no one is going to hurt you."


Face still gave no response.


"Come on, baby, I need you. You've got to come back to me."  Hannibal let go of Face's hand and pulled the blonde head up so it was resting on his chest, hugging him close, then began to stroke Face's hair. "Come on sunshine, I need you."


Sights and sounds slowly began to drift through to Face. At first it was the voice and the gentle touch but the familiar smell of cigars and aftershave pushed Face's mind out of its safe place.


"Colonel?" the voice was only a whisper but it was all Hannibal Smith needed.


'Thank you, Lord.' Hannibal closed his eyes in gratitude.


"Face, it's all right, you're safe baby. But I need you to let go."


"Let go?"


"My wrist, Tem, I need you to let go before you break it."


Confusion crossed the young man's bruised face as he looked down at his hand grasping Hannibal's wrist, which was now slightly purple from the pressure he had been applying. 


A look of horror crossed Face's eyes as he quickly let go of his lover's wrist.


"Why? Sorry… I didn't…" Face stammered.


"It's alright, Tem."


Hannibal kissed the younger man's forehead and wiped away the tears that threatened to spill from own his eyes.


"Face, I need you to take your time and tell me where you're hurting. I've looked you over, but I need to make sure I didn't miss anything."


"Throat's sore," he whispered as he tried to sit up and winced. "Ribs hurt. Feels like a couple are broke." Suddenly Face froze, his face going pale. His body beginning to tremble "Oh god."


"Face, it's alright."


"They tried to … oh god, Hannibal, they tried…" Tears flowed down his cheeks as the memories came crashing down on top of him threatening to overwhelm him.


"Templeton, stay with me." Hannibal pulled Face closer to him and forced the younger man's head back to his chest so he could hold him tighter. "Stay with me, Face. You're safe. No one is going to be able to hurt you. I won't let anyone near you."


Slowly the sobs began to die down and the trembling subsided.  Face took several deep breaths before trying to pull away only to be stopped by Hannibal.


"Relax, Face. Just relax, I've got you."


"I'm all right." Face wiped his eyes with the back of his hand as he tried to sit up again, only to have the older man tighten his grip preventing him from moving away from him.


"Maybe I like you just where your are." Hannibal smiled down at the top of the blonde head as he began to stroke Face's hair with one hand and rub his back with the other.


Realizing that he wasn't going to be allowed to move, Face settled back down and returned his head to Hannibal's chest.  He was just starting to relax when a horrible thought came into his mind.


"I…I didn't kill them did I?" Face began to tremble as the thought of killing the two men who attacked him ran through his mind.


"No, Face, you didn't kill anyone. You did real good kid, I'm proud of you."


Face sighed deeply as he realized he hadn't taken another life. Closing his eyes he took several deep breaths before allowing his body to relax and fall asleep in Hannibal's strong arms.


Listen closely Hannibal smiled when he heard Face's breathing even out signaling that he was asleep. The colonel sighed as he let all the tension drain from his own body. It may take a few days for Face to get back to rights, but he would be all right and that was what mattered.



BA opened the door and looked over at the first bed and smiled as he noticed Hannibal asleep with his arms wrapped around Face. The sergeant knew if the colonel was asleep that his little brother had to have come back to them.


He had not seen Face space out in a long time and he hoped that he never would again. Unlike Murdock, who just went nuts, Face shut down and became dangerous; and possibly deadly if handled the wrong way and that scared him more than anything.


"Hey Johnny…" Frankie started but was stopped by a look from BA the words died on his lips.


"Need to be quiet. They're both asleep."


Frankie looked around BA to the two men in the first bed.


"How can you tell? Face don't look any different than when we left."


"His eyes are closed. Ain't no tension in his body. Besides, Hannibal's asleep. Wouldn't be asleep it Faceman wasn't alright."


"Come on, BA, he's probably just tired. We all are from the that drive."


"Don't matter how tired he is, if Face ain't well, he don't sleep. Seen him go two days before when Face was shot in Nam. Medics finally had to knock him out. Soon as the sedative wore off he was right back beside Face." BA shook his head as he remembered.


"Wouldn't let nobody near him after that. Threatened to beat up any medic who came near him with a needle. Soon as little brother was awake and out of danger, Hannibal crashed for a whole day in a chair right beside him."


"I know Hannibal can be protective of Face, but I couldn't begin to even imagine him being like he was this morning." Frankie shivered as he remembered Hannibal's blue eyes staring at him.


"You just seen a little bit of it, man. I'll give you a piece of advice; don't ever come between Hannibal and Face, especially if one of them is hurt.


"Yeah, know what you mean. Johnny was pretty rough when I tried to help him with Face. Even knocked me down," Frankie stated as he rubbed at his shoulder absently.


BA shook his head as he looked at the young man.


"Tried to touch him, didn't you?"


"Yeah. Why?"


"Hannibal warn you not to touch him?"


"Not really, just screamed at me. Said he'd made a promise to Face. What's that suppose to mean?"


"Sit down, Frankie, there's some stuff you need to know." BA motioned for the younger man to sit down at the small table by the window. As he sat down, BA took out their burgers and began divide the fries as he spoke.


"If you were to have to fight with one of them, which would you choose?"




"Don't act stupid, man, I know you heard me."


Frankie looked BA in the eyes, surely he must be kidding. You would be stupid not to choose Face. He was definitely the smaller and weaker of the two men.


"Well?" BA asked again.


"I'd take on Face any day before I went after Johnny."




"Come on, BA, you don't really want me to answer that do you?"


"I asked you the question didn't I?"


Frankie looked over at the two sleeping men then sighed as he turned his gaze back to BA.


"Look, I know you're going to get mad when I say it. But of the two of them Face is.... well he's.... he's a little.... well, you know.... sissy." Frankie put up his hands to stop BA from commenting until he was finished. "Now don't get me wrong. I like Face, but I'd rather take him on than Johnny."


"Then you're a fool." BA stated flatly.


"Come on, BA, you'd rather fight Johnny instead of Face? You've got to be kidding."


"Hannibal can hurt you, he can hurt you really bad. But Faceman can kill you and not even realize it."


"No way, BA. He can't weigh a hundred and seventy pounds soaking wet. Hell, you have to help him out in most of the fights we get into." Frankie laughed.


"I'm not playing with you fool. Face can, will, and has killed with his bare hands."


Frankie stared over at the bed in disbelief. There was no way Face could be that dangerous. He was just.... well, he was just Face.


"You ever watch Hannibal wake him up then Face falls asleep on the couch or in a chair?"


"Hadn't paid too much attention to it to be honest."


"Think fool." BA took a bit of his hamburger and waited.


Frankie thought back to all the times he had seen the colonel wake his lieutenant. He could see the silver haired man kneeling down and reaching out to touch the blonde's wrists. No, not just touching them.... A light went on in his eyes as he turned back to look at the sleeping men.


"He either stays out of his reach or grabs a hold of his wrists so Face can't move them."


"There's a reason for that. You spook him when he's asleep and he could kill you and not even mean to."


"Face doesn't look that dangerous."


"Something you need to remember, Frankie, just because something is small you shouldn't underestimate it. Face was a member of the Special Forces. He was trained to kill and he can do it in a heartbeat without even thinking about it."


BA took a drink of milk before he continued.


"Hannibal worked with him long and hard to keep him from doing it as a first reflex, but it's still there in his subconscious. So when Hannibal tells you to do something when it concerns Face, you just do it with no questions asked. Got it? "


"Yeah, BA, I got it. Thanks."


"Something you need to remember, Frankie. Just because someone is small doesn't mean they will make a good target or be an easy victim."


Frankie looked out the window and thought over BA's words as he bit into a french fry.


"Hey, you should really try these fries; they're great."


"If you two wake him up, I'll kick both your asses," Hannibal growled as he shifted so he could lie flat on his back while still allowing Face to rest his head on his chest. Gently, he stroked Face's hair a few moments to make sure he hadn't disturbed him before he closing his own eyes and going back to sleep.


"Guess that means no TV, huh?"


"If you want your ass kicked by Hannibal, go right ahead." BA snickered as he took another bite of his hamburger.



The End


Not So Easy Victim by Jullian Gray



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