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Pirate's – take 2

Pirate Booty

By: Tee


Rating: R

Summary:  Response to "Talk Like A Pirate" from ATSB-2.

Slash: H/F

The usual disclaimer that I know I'm infringing on someone else's copy right, but I mean no harm.





"God!" Face shut the door then leaned against it. "What a day!" He could hear Hannibal chuckling from the connecting bathroom. "Don't you laugh – you're as bad as he is." The offending chuckle only deepened.


Hannibal came out of the bathroom wiping his hands on a small towel. "Which 'he' are you talking about?"


Face ground the heels of his hands into his eyes, fighting back a headache. "You know darn good and well who I mean. It's bad enough what you do to Decker, but you spent the whole afternoon egging Murdock on."


"I liked Captain 'Handlebar Mustache' Murdock, dread pirate of the high seas, complete with eye patch, coat hanger hook hand, and rubber ducky on his shoulder. I wonder if he'll make another appearance."


"If he does, it might just be me you'll have to have committed. You know, you might think some of these things are funny, but you don't have to drive him around in full pirate mode, or sit on stake out with him while he recites the dates and deeds done under the Jolly Roger."


"Poor baby." Hannibal flicked the towel over his shoulder so it landed in the bathroom sink.


"Shut up." Face's words were harsh, but not the meaning. It had been a long day -- a long week, truth be told -- but the bad guys were behind bars, Murdock was safely tucked back in the VA, and BA was off to Long Beach for three days at the Grand Prix. They were alone, for the first time in weeks.


"Come on, me bucko, time to make for home port."


"You're not going to talk like that all night are you?" Face gave a little moan and ran his hand through his hair.


Hannibal moved across the room and stood directly in front of his 'first mate.' "Ahoy, laddie, stand to and prepare to be boarded."


Face shut his eyes and shook his head, but couldn't help chuckling at that one.


Taking both of Face's hands in his, Hannibal led him to the king-size bed. "Now don't you do a thing, me beauty, you're my captive now."


Face raised an eyebrow. "Doesn't that mean I should do my best to fight you and escape?"


"Fight me all you want, but I'll be winning this battle. You're outgunned."


"I am?"


"I'm just going to lower these sails so I can…" He waved a hand, suddenly at a loss on how to complete the sentence.


"Examine my yardarm?"


Hannibal chuckled and quickly undid the buttons down the front of Face's white dress shirt. "Now you're getting into the spirit of it."


"If you can't beat 'em…" Face stopped talking when, after opening his shirt, his partner began to place a line of kisses down his chest.


Hannibal was almost rough as he untucked Face's shirt and then shoved him back on the bed. Face's body bounced a bit, but the assault wasn't done. Hannibal unbuckled Face's belt and then unzipped the expensive dress slacks.  He gave a tug and the pants cleared Face's hips. Hannibal had to stop for just a moment as he pulled off Face's shoes and socks. "Damned un-romantic, shoes and socks," he grumbled.


"Go easy on the …frippery." Face really was trying to go along with the game. "These are expensive pants."


"Of course they are, me hearty, only the best for me first mate." Hannibal began to kiss his way back up those strong muscular legs. He stopped with his hands on the silk briefs. "That's quite a cannon you've got here." His shoved the silk aside and took the warm shaft in his hand, making sure the cannon was primed.

"Oh," Face gasped. "Blimey."


"First we need to be sure the decks are swabbed." Hannibal grinned, before using his tongue to lap at the tiny rose-colored nubs on Face's chest. "From there, we need to," his left hand lowered to cradle the soft sack between his partners legs, "make sure all the brass is polished."


Face's response was both hale and hearty, to be sure, as Hannibal licked and kissed his way up to his partner's warm, receptive lips. The duel was brief and Face surrendered without much of a fight.


Hannibal leaned over his pirate's treasure, hands to each side of the blond head. "Guess what?" His blue eyes sparkled with mischief.


"What?" Face couldn't help but return the smile with one of his own.


"I’m wearing Murdock's eye patch."


Face frowned as he looked up into two brilliant blue eyes and tried to force his brain, which was seriously lacking a good blood flow at the moment, to reason out just where the eye patch was. With a sudden flash of insight, Face squeezed his eyes shut. "Oh, God, tell me you're not wearing the fake mustache, too!"


"You'll see for yourself soon enough." Hannibal gave his best leer and began to strip off his own clothes. "I'm planning on keeping this bounty all to meself." His tone lost some of its teasing. "I'll enjoy a trip on this fair schooner to be sure."


"Let me say this, 'Long John' -- one more wisecrack by the pirate king and I'll scuttle your cruiser before you can anchor in the lagoon."


Hannibal raised an eyebrow.


"I've spent a very long week in the company of the dreadful pirate, HM Murdock.  I'd really like to spend the evening with the, uhm, commander."


With a few deft movements, Hannibal removed the last of his clothes and stretched out alongside his partner, one finger slowly trailing up his arm. "That's 'dread pirate,' not dreadful."


"Matter of opinion."


Hannibal leaned over, pressing their lips together gently. "I still intend to claim my prize."


"Oh, yeah?"


"Aye, me bucko. I'll take no quarter."


And he didn't.



The End.

By Tee

Talk like a Pirate Day is September 19th, matey.

I hope you enjoy.


Pirate Booty by Tee



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